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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Alberson Sarah The Blue Sea Cookbook 1968   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbooks   Hastings House Pub edu4
Albyn/Webb Carole/Lois The Multicultural Cookbook For Students 1993   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Oryx Pr xyz1
America's Chicken Association   The Chicken Cookbook 1979 31st PB fair $1.00 cookbook     c16
Ashley Maureen Italian Wines 1990   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Sainsbury ac33
Atkins Robert Dr Atkins New Diet Cookbook 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   M Evans and Co wtm9
Avon   The Avon International Cookbook 1983   HB good $1.99 cookbooks     cla1
Bagg  Elma W.  Cooking Without a Grain of Salt  1964   PB good  1.00 cook book    Bantam Books str5
Beard James The New James Beard 1981   HB good $2.99 cookbooks   Knopf bc68
Beard  James    100 of the World's Greatest Recipes 1976   HB good $6.99 cookbook   Philip Morris Inc. c31
Better Homes & Gardens   Lunches and Brunches 1963   HB good $4.99 cookbook   Meredith Press rt23
Better Homes and Gardens   Five Seasons Cranberry Book 1971   HB good $2.99 cookbook     GL4
Bon Appetit   American Regional Favorites 1986   HB good  2.99 cookbook    The Knapp Press ab80
Bon Appetit    Favorite Restaurant Recipes 1987   HB/DJ good  2.99 cookbook   The Knapp Press ab85
Bon Appetit    Recipe Yearbook 1987 1987   HB/DJ good  2.99 cookbook   The Knapp Press ab85
Bremer Mary Moore New Orleans Creole Recipes 1966 22nd Spiral Bound SB $5.99 cookbook   D Thompson wtm13
Broadbent J M The Complete Guide To Wine Tasting and Wine Cellars 1984   HB/DC good $1.99 cookbook   Simon & Schuster bc41
Brown Helen Evans West Coast Cook Book 1952 reprint HB good $3.99 cookbooks   Little Brown edu4
Bruyere/Robey  Toni/Sidney For Gourmets with Ulcers 1971   HB/DJ good  2.99 cookbook   W.W. Norton & Co. ab79
Bunker Edith All In The Family Cookbook 1971 signed PB fair $9.99 cookbook   Popular Lib pb15
Byrn Anne The Cake Mix Doctor 1999   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Workman Pub  ac61
Carter John Mack Good Housekeeping's Recipes for 1981 1982   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbooks   Hearst Bks bc68
Chen Joyce Sushi 1984   PB good 9.75 cooking   Joyce Chen Inc. rt2
Child Julia The French Chef Cookbook 1971   PB good $1.00 cookbook   Bantam ext4b
Chroman Nathan The Treasury of American Wines 1976   HB good $2.99 cooking   Rutledge-Crown bc48
Claiborne Craig Benson & Hedges 100s presents 100 of the World's Greatest Recipes 1976   Spiral Bound HB $1.99 cookbook   Philip Morris pqr1
Clegg Holly Trim and Terrific American Favorites 1996   Spiral Bound HB good $2.99 cookbook   Clarkson Potter bc26
Crocker Betty Betty Crocker's Dinner Parties 1975   PB good $1.25 cookbook   Bantam Books wtm7
Crocker Betty Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book 1950 first sixth prt HB Spiral fair $19.99 cookbook   McGraw-Hill sch2
Crocker Betty Foods Men Like 1970   HB good 4.99 cookbook   Golden Press c74
D'Adamo Peter Cook Right f4r Your Type 2000   SB good $2.99 cookbooks   Berkley hb45
de la Falaise Maxime Seven Centuries of English Cooking 1992   Softcover good $7.99 cooking     str8
Deacon Richard Microwave Cookery 1981   SB good $1.00 cookbook   HP Bks is6
Deighton Len ABC of French Food 1990 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Bantam Bks tm27
Dollywood Inc   Dollywood Country Christmas Recipes 1999   Spiral Bound SB  $9.95 cookbook   Cookbook Pub cr11
Duff Gail/Mick Food from the Country 1981   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Macmillan London Limited os11
Duffy Patrick Gavin Official Mixer's Manual 1940   HB good $49.95 cookbook   Blue Ribbon Bks dm8
Editor-Ferguson Editor-Ferguson Publishing Food (Ferguson's Careers in Focus) 2000   HB/ good $1.99 cookbook   Ferguson Publishing Company mj6
Eisenhower Julie Nixon Saturday Evening Post Family Cookbook 1978   SB good $1.99 cookbooks   Saturday Evening Post bc68
Esko Edward/Wendy Macrobiotic Cooking For Everyone 1981   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Japan Pub rt57
Feinman Jeffrey The Fabulous Egg Cookbook 1979   PB good $1.00 cookbook     c16
Ferguson Judith Microwave Baking 1987   HB good $1.99 cookbook   Crescent ab13
Finamore Roy  One Potato Two Potato 2001   HB/DC good $4.99 cookbooks   Rux Martin bc68
Fort Bragg Officers' Wives Club   Bragg About Cookbook ???? sixth Spiral Bound SC $9.99 cookbook   Worth Pr ac61
Fort Bragg Woman's Club   The Bragg - About Cook Book ????   Spiral bound good $24.99 cookbooks   Worth Printing zp3
Foster ed.  Lee  The New York Times Correspondents' Choice:  1974   HB/DJ good  2.99 cookbook   Quadrangle ab83
General Electric    The General Electric Microwave Guide & Cookbook 1977   HB/DJ good  2.99 cookbook Random House rt45  
Gilbert Francois Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide 2009   HB good $3.99 cookbook   Vinipresse nc2
Given Meta Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking 1957   HB good $39.99 cookbook   J.G. Ferguson and Associates rt15
Goddard Winifred M Whitcombe's New Everyday Cookery 1966   HB good $99.99 cookbook   Whitcombe & Tombs hv1
Gold Star Test Kitchen   Microwave Cooking For Today's Living 1982   HB good $2.99 cookbook     tm44
Goldbeck Nikki/David American Wholefoods Cuisine 1984   SB fair  $1.99 cookbook   Plume box40
Gourmet Magazine Editors   Gourmet's Menus For Contemporary Living 1985   HB/DC good $3.99 cookbook     tm44
Green Robert Lamont Live With Style 1978   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Coward McCann & Geoghegan box40
Greene Bob  The Best Life Diet 2006   HB/DC good $1.99 cookbook   Simon & Schuster mj3
Halliday/Noble Evelyn/Isabel Hows and Whys of Cooking 1928   HB good $6.99 cookbook   Univ of Chicago wtm9
Hazelton Nika Standen The Art of Danish Cooking 1964   HB/DC good $4.75 cookbook   Doubleday bc72
Hinman/Snyder Robbie/Millie Lean and Luscious and Meatless 1991   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Clarkson Potter bc73
Hirschfeld Florence Cooking With Love 1965   HB good $1.99 cookbook   Houghton Mifflin cr33
Hogan Julie    Kenmore Microwave Cooking Auto Recipe 300 1983   Spiral bound HB good $2.99 cookbooks   Benjamin Co bc68
Holmes Anne Goodale The Calphalon International Cookbook 1977   PB good $2.19 cookbook   Commercial Aluminum Cookware Company rt38
Hurlburt  Sarah  The Mussel Cookbook 1977   HB/DJ good  2.99 cookbook   Harvard University Press ab79
Immer Andrea Wine buying Guide for Everyone 2002   PB good 1.00 cook book   Broadway Books nom3
JC Penney   Microwave Cookbook Unkn   HB good $2.99 cookbook   JC Penney rt49
Johnson Becky Fondue Fabulous Food Easy Entertaining 2002   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Anness GL4
Kay Sophie Yogurt Cookery 1979   PB good 2.69 cook book   Bantam Books box8
Kenmore   Kenmore Microwave Cookbook 1984   Spiral Bound HB $2.99 cookbook   Kenmore ac71
Kerr Graham Graham Kerr's Swiftly Seasoned 1997 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 cookbooks   Putnam bc68
Kientz Leon The Fish and Oyster Book ????   HB good $19.99 cookbook   Hotel Monthly Press ab20
Knox  Gerald M.  Hamburger & Ground Meats Recipes  1980   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Better Homes and Gardens tm19
Kolpas Norman Pasta Presto 100 Fast and Fabulous Pasta Sauces 1988   SB good $2.99 cookbook   McGraw-Hill dm2
La Bonne Femme   A Series of French Cooking Lessons  1970   PB good $6.99 cookbook   Potpourri Press box15
Larousse   Larousse Gastronomique 1966 7th HB/DC good $52.99 cookbook   Crown eb8
Lawson Nigella Forever Summer 2003   HB/DC good $4.99 cookbooks   Hyperion bc68
Leonard/Crosby  Laura/Ruth  The Garland Cookbook 1946   HB/DJ good  8.99 cookbook    Chester R. Heck str34
Lewis Lisa Special Diets For Special Kids 1998   Spiral Bound HB $2.99 cookbook   Future Horizons ac61
Lichine Alexis Alexis Lichine's New Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits 1973   HB/DC good $1.99 cookbook   Knopf mj20
Lin Tsuifeng/Hsiangju Cooking With Chinese Flavor 1956   HB/DC good $19.99 cookbook   Prentice-Hall vinp
Loo Miriam B. Worlds of Cooking Fun 1981   PB good 9.99 cook book   Current, Inc. ha1
Magic Chef   The New Magic of Microwave Cookbook 1978   SB fair $1.00 cookbook   Magic Chef sm6
Mahatma Rice   30 Minute Meals ????   SB good $1.00 cookbook     ab44
Marks Copeland The Korean Kitchen Classic Recipes 1999   SB good $2.99 cookbooks   Chronicle Bks cr41
McCall's Magazine   McCall's Index and Recipe Reminder 1979   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Advance Pub is6
McCarthy Ed Wine For Dummies 2006   SB good $2.99 cookbook     hv1
McCully Helen Things You've Always Wanted To Know About Food & Drink 1972   HB good DC worn $9.99 cookbook   Holt Rinehart & Winston box40
McNamara/Lombardo Karen/Michelle The Low-Fat Kroger Cookbook 1996   PB good $8.45 cookbook   Wellness Inc. rt36
Metropolitan Life Insurance   New Metropolitan Cook Book 1973   SB good $1.00 cookbook     ab44
Morris  Mary  The Large Print cookbook 1983   HB good  3.99 cookbook   Chivers Press mj21
Nidetch Jean Weight Watchers International Cookbook 1977   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Dutton ac71
Nidetch Jean Weight Watchers Program Cookbook 1975   HB good DC fair $2.99 cookbook   Hearthside Pr rt89
O'Connor Hyla Quick and Easy Gourmet Recipes 1968   HB good $1.99 cookbook   Arco Pub ab13
O'Connor Sharon Menus and Music 1986   SB good $2.99 cookbooks   Audio Partners bc68
Ojakangas Beatrice Gourmet Cooking For Two 1980   HB good $1.00 cookbook   Crown Pub cr19
Ornish Dean Everyday Cooking With Dr Dean Ornish 1996   HB good $2.99 cookbook   HarperCollins box40
Osterizer   Spin Cookery Blender Cook Book 1968   SB good $2.25 cookbook     str8
Ottenheimer Editors   Fat Free Mix n Match Meals 1994   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Ottenheimer Pub kpo4
Pam Mycoskie Butter Busters 1993   PB/good  $1.99 cookbook   Butter Busters Publishing Inc mj14
Panhellenic Society   The Panhellenic Holiday Cookbook 1971   Spiral Bound SB  $24.99 cookbook   Panhellenic Society c69
Peanut Promotions   Peanut Recipes From South Carolina 1977   Softcover very good $9.99 cookbook     os14
Pickoff  Louise  You Can Cook for 1 (or Even Two) 1961   HB/DJ good  2.99 cook book    Gramercy Publishing Co. mor2
Pope ed. John A.  Great Recipes For Good Health 1988   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Reader's Digest rt63
Pratt James Norwood The Wine Bibber's Bible 1971   SB good $2.99 cookbook   101 Productions zz5
Publications International   Quick Fixes From Brand Name Mixes 2003   Spiral Bound HB good $2.99 cookbook     rt94
Quat  Helen  The Wonderful World of Freezer Cooking  1964   HB/DJ good  2.99 cook book    Hearthside Press  ab82
Raveson Ferne Galley Guide For Gourmets 1974   HB/DC good $1.99 cookbook   Dodd Mead ext12
Richardson Joan  Wild Edible Plants of New England 1981   PB good $6.89 cookbook   DeLorme Publishing Company rst1
Roberts  Michael  Fresh From the Freezer 1990   HB/DJ good  2.99 cook book    William Morrow and Co.  lkm5
Robinson Capt. Jan Kids Caribbean Coloring Cookbook 2004 signed Softcover very good $4.99 cooking     zp31
Romashko Sandra The Savory Shellfish of North America 1977   SB good $1.00 cookbook     cr33
Rosen Michael Cooking From The Heart 2003   HB good $3.99 cookbooks   Broadway Bks bc68
Rosen Michal The Royal Table 1980   PB good $8.99 cookbook   Aviraz vind
Rosengarten David It's All American Food 2003   HB good $4.99 cookbooks   Little Brown bc68
Ross Elaine Menus For Entertaining 1970   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Hastings House bc72
Salisbury Barbara G Just Add Water 2008   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Horizon ab50
Schoenfeld Jo-ann The Ready Aim Cookbook 1976   PB good $1.99 cookbook   Hopkinson and Blake ext7
Seed Diane The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces 2004   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Ten Speed Pr box63
Segersten Alissa The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook 2007   SB good $14.20 cookbook   Whole Life Pr ac61
Seligson Susan   Going With The Grain 2002   HB/DC good $4.99 cookbook   Simon & Schuster xs59
Sennett Bob  Complete World Bartender Guide 1984   PB fair $1.00 cookbook     zp28
Seranne/Wilson Ann/Joan The Copco Pots & Pans Cookbook 1968   HB/DJ good 9.89 cook book   Doubleday & Co. Inc. tm12
Shaw Diana Sweet Basil Garlic Tomatoes and Chives The Vegetable Dishes of Tuscany and Provence 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Harmony dm2
Shirley Jo Ann Wonderful Ways To Prepare Italian Food 1978   SB good $1.99 cookbooks   Ayres & James str37
Simmons Adelma Grenier Herb Gardening In Five Seasons 1964 signed HB/DC good $14.99 cookbooks   Van Nostrand edu4
Simon Andre  Cheeses of the World 1965   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Faber and Faber tm43
Sinclair Wilson Festival of Meat Cookery 1971   HB good $6.50 cookbook   Western Pub ext2
Smith Jeff The Frugal Gourmet 1984   HB good $2.99 cookbook   William Morrow ac72
Smith Jeff The Frugal Gournet Whole Family Cookbook 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   William Morrow bc69
Southern Living Magazine   Southern Living 1991 Annual Recipes 1991   HB good $3.99 cookbook   Oxmoor House tm44
Stehle Audrey P Southern Living Microwave Cooking Made Easy 1983   HB good $1.99 cooking   Oxmoor House ext9
Sunset   Fresh Ways With Pasta 1990   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Sunset Pub ab13
Sunset   Microwave Cook Book 1981   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Sunset Pub ab13
Sunset   Vegetable Cook Book 1983   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Sunset Pub ab13
Taik Aung Aung Under The Golden Pagoda The Best of Burmese Cooking 1993   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Chronicle Bks box40
T-Fal Corp   Cooking With T-Fal 1993   Spiral Bound HB $4.25 cookbook     pb4
The Scottsdale Girls Club Auxiliary   Calico Cactus Cookbook 1980   Spiral bound good $4.99 cookbook     str13
The Spice Islands Home Economics Staff   The Spice Islands Cook Book 1965 Fifth PB good $1.00 cookbook   Lane Books rt37
Tupperware   Tupperware Stack-Cooked Meals 1990   Spiral Bound HB $2.99 cookbook   Tupperware ab93
Wagenvoord James Doubleday Wine Companion 1983   HB/DC good $1.99 cookbook   Doubleday bc49
Wagner Bonita From The Butcher's Block 1972   HB fair $2.99 cookbook   Westover c30
Waldo  Myra The Complete Book of Wine Cookery 1965   PB good 1.00 cook book   Bantam Books ab69
Wall Drug Gang   CookBook ????   Spiral bound good $14.99 cookbook     ac17
Walton Stuart The Cook's Encyclopedia of Wine 2003   SB good $2.99 cookbooks   BN Books zp19
Wells Olivia Kindig Southern Living 1990 Annual Recipes 1990   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Oxmoor House zp30
Wesler Cathy Cooking Light Cookbook 1990 1990   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Oxmoor House dm1
Wesler Cathy Cooking Light Cookbook 1993 1993   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Oxmoor House dm1
White-Westinghouse   Microwave Oven Cookbook 1979   HB good $4.49 cookbook   White-Westinghouse rt49
Wilton McKinley/Norman Pictorial Encyclopedia of Modern Cake Decorating 1969 Sixth HB good $29.99 cookbook   Wilton Enterprises, Inc. eb8
Wilton   Wilton Yearbook 1977 Cake Decorating 1977   Magazine good $2.99 cookbooks     cla1
Women's American ORT District VII   The Sport of Cooking 1975   HB good $6.99 cookbooks     hb40
Women's Club of Pittsford NY   Hearts & Flour 1988   HB good $2.99 cookbook     hb88
Wright Chris  The Beer Journal 2007   SB good $7.99 cookbook wtm16
Zak Victoria The Magic Teaspoon 2006   SB good $1.99 cookbooks   Berkley nb20
Zapp Maryann The Microwave Cookbook and Primer 2013   Spiral Bound HB $2.99 cookbook   Good Books hv1
Zavin/Stuart Theodora/Freda The Working Wives' Salaried or Otherwise Cook Book 1963   HB/DC good $1.99 cookbook   Crown Pub bc72
    All American Cooking Volume Three 1997   Softcover very good $1.00 cooking     tm3
    Best of the Best Cookbook Recipes 2011   HB vg 20.85 cookbook   Food & Wine Books cpu13
    Better Homes and Gardens Jiffy Cooking 1967   HB good  2.99 cookbook   Meredith Corp. ab81
    Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender's Guide 1982   HB/DJ good $1.99 cookbook   Warner Books mj25