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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Aristotle   The Poetics of Aristotle 1942   SB fair $1.00 classics     bc32
Austen Jane Sandition 1976   PB good $4.99 classic   Signet c72
Baum L. Frank The Complete Oz Volume 1 2008   PB vg 19.79 classic   Trilogus Books is1
Boylan Clare Emma Brown A Novel From The Unfinished Manuscript By Charlotte Bronte 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 classics   Viking ac61
Bronte Emily Wuthering Heights 1961   PB good 1.00 classic   Scholastic  mx28b
Buck Pearl S The Good Earth 2001   PB good 1.00 classic   Simon & Schuster hv5
Byock Jesse The Saga of the Volsungs 2002   SB fair 1.00 classic highlighting Univ of CA Pr mx63
Caldwell Erskine God's Little Acre 1957   PB good $1.25 classics   Signet zp9
Cather Willa My Antonia 1977   SB good 2.99 classics   Houghton Mifflin mx37
Chaucer Geoffrey The Canterbury Tales 1982   PB fair 1.00 classic   Bantam mx28b
Chekhov Anton Peasants and Other Stories 1956   PB fair 1.00 classics   Doubleday ac46
Clark Watler Van Tilburg The Ox-Bow Incident 1962   PB fair $1.00 classics     ms4b
Costain Thomas B The Tontine Vol 2 1955   HB good DC poor 2.99 classic   Doubleday c32
Cronin A J The Citadel 1983 exlibris SB good 1.99 classic   Back Bay Bks hb39
Dana  Richard Henry  Two Years Before the Mast      HB/DJ good  2.99 classic    Nelson Doubleday Inc. mj15
de Alvarez Leo Paul The Machiavellian Enterprise 1999   HB/DC good 16.99 classic highliting Northern IL Univ rt34
Dewing HB Procopius Secret History 1993   HB/DC good $21.99 classic   Harvard str26 
Dickens Charles A Book of Christmas Stories 1993   HB/DC good 2.99 classics   Studio Eds bc27
Dickens Charles A Tale of Two Cities 1983 exlibris PB good 1.00 classic   Watermill Classics ab3
Draper Ronald P D H Lawrence 1964   SB good $1.00 classic     bc51
Durant Will  The Story of Philosophy 1953   PB fair $1.00 classic     pb29
Fielding Henry Joseph Andrews 1961   Softback good $3.00 classic     xs60
Fowles John Daniel Martin 1977 fourth HB/DC fair $3.00 classics   Little Brown str16
Galsworthy John The Silver Spoon and Passers By 1969   PB good $1.50 classic   Charles Scribners Sons rt44
Galsworthy John The White Monkey 1968   PB fair 1.00 classic   Penguin tm9
Golding William Fire Down Below 1989 exlibris HB/DC good 2.99 classic   Farrar Straus mx25b
Gray Elizabeth Janet Adam of the Road 2006   SB good 2.99 classic   Puffin Bks rt87
Guest Judith Ordinary People 1976   HB/DC good $2.99 classics   Viking rt32
Hampshire Stuart Spinoza 1962   PB good 1.00 classics   Pelican Books ex59
Hardy Thomas Far From The Madding Crowd 1997   PB good 1.00 classics   Wordsworth box40
Hardy Thomas The Return of the Native 1959   PB fair $1.00 classics     box5
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981   PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam  lvs2
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981   PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam  mj21
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981   PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam  zz10
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981   PB fair 1.00 classic   Bantam  ab69
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981   PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam  ftm2
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981   PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam  is4
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981   PB fair 1.00 classic   Bantam  mj17
Hawthorne Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter 1981 5 copies PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam  km37
Heller Joseph Something Happened 1974 book club HB good DC worn $1.99 classics   Knopf bc27
Henry O The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories 2003 2 copies PB good 1.00 classics   Scholastic  c68
Henry O The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories 2003   PB good 1.00 classics   Scholastic  ab16
Hersey John A Single Pebble 1968 exlibris HB good 2.99 classics   Bantam bc25
Hoagland Edward The Edward Hoagland Reader 1979   HB/DC good 6.99 classic   Random Hs tm34
Homer   The Odyssey 2004   HB good 2.99 classic   BN mx66
Horgan Paul Mountain Standard Time 1962   HB good $2.99 classics   Farrar Straus & Cudahy bc32
Hughes Langston The Panther and the Lash 1992   Softcover very good $4.99 classic     str35
Hughes Thomas Tom Brown's Schooldays 1984 exlibris PB good 1.00 classic   Puffin c44
Hunt Irene No Promises in the Wind 1970 second exlibris HB fair 2.99 classics   Follett ac69
Irving John The World According To Garp 1978   HB good 2.99 classics   Dutton ac17
James Henry The Portrait of a Lady     HB good $1.99 classics   Doubleday bc21
Kerr Jean Please Don't Eat The Daisies 1957 exlibris HB good 3.99 classics   Doubleday mx42
Kipling Rudyard Rudyard Kipling's Verse 1940 definitive edition HB good DC worn 5.99 classic   Doubleday hb34
Kittredge George Lyman The Kittredge Shakespeares Henry IV, part one 1966   Softback good $1.00 classic     sac6
Knowles John A Stolen Past 1983 first HB/DC fair exlibris $3.00 classic   Holt, Rinehart Winston zp20
Lawrence DH Sons and Lovers 1960   PB fair $1.00 classic     str34
Lester Julius To Be A Slave 1988   PB good 1.00 classics   Scholastic  nom4
Mann Thomas The Magic Mountain 1981   HB good  21.99 classic   Franklin sch1
Mansfield Katherine In A German Pension 1990   SB good 1.99 classic   Penguin nb31
Marlowe Christopher Doctor Faustus 1969   PB fair $1.00 classic     c72
Marquand John P Wickford Point 1960   PB good 1.95 classic   Bantam cr17
Maugham W Somerset The Moon and Sixpence 2007   SB good $1.99 classics   BN nom8
Maupin Armistead Significant Others 1987   SB good $2.99 classics   Perennial ac45
McCarthy Cormac All The Pretty Horses 1993   SB good 2.99 classic   Vintage  zz22
Minta Stephen Petrarch and Petrarchism 1980   HB/DC good $119.99 classic   BN Books ab38
Monroe James The People The Sovereigns 1988   HB/DC good $4.99 classics   James River Press xs40
Mulock Dinah Maria The Little Lame Prince and The Adventure of a Brownie 1956   HB good 1.99 classics   Doubleday mx33
Pelikan Jaroslav Faust the Theologian 1995   HB/DC good  $2.99 classic   Yale University Press bc17
Plato   Gorgias 1960   PB good 1.00 classic   Benguin Books rt82
Porter Jane The Scottish Chiefs 1956   HB/DC good $24.99 classic   Scribner ab60
Potok Chaim My Name Is Asher Lev 1983 exlibris PB fair $1.00 classic   Fawcett Crest zp1
Rees Fran Desiderius Erasmus Writer and Christian Humanist 2006   HB good 4.99 classics   Compass Pt Bks zp7
Remarque Erich Maria All Quiet on the Western Front 1987   PB good $1.00 classic     os23
Renwick WL  Edmund Spenser 1964   SB fair $1.50 classic     zp25
Richter Conrad The Awakening Land The Trees The Fields The Town 1970 exlibris HB/DC fair 69.99 classic   Knopf os20
Richter Conrad The Light In The Forest 1990   PB fair $1.00 classic     ms11
Sewell Anna Black Beauty 1968   PB good $1.00 classic     c11
Shakespeare William Hamlet 1965   PB fair $1.00 classic     hb34
Shakespeare William King Lear 1963 exlibris PB fair 1.00 classics   Signet km10
Shakespeare William King Lear 1999   PB good 1.00 classics   Washington Sq Pr box30
Shakespeare William King Lear 1993   PB good 1.00 classic   Washington Sq Pr ab70
Shakespeare William Much Ado About Nothing 1988   PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam ac39
Shakespeare William Richard III 1988 exlibris PB good 1.00 classic   Bantam ab15
Shakespeare William Romeo & Juliet 1999   PB good 1.00 classic   Troll Bks mx28b
Shakespeare William The Works of Shakespeare Vol VII ????   HB good $7.99 classic   Library Publishing cr30
Shakespeare William    MacBeth 1963 exlibris PB fair 1.00 classic   Signet mx19
Shelly  Mary Frankenstein 2001   PB good 1.00 classic   Washington Square Press c72
Shepherd Jean A Christmas Story 2003   HB/DC good 1.99 classic   Broadway mx11
Sidney Margaret Five Little Peppers and How They Grew ????   HB fair $1.99 classic   Goldsmith hb54
Speare Elizabeth George The Witch of Blackbird Pond 1978   PB good 1.00 classic   Laurel Leaf nom8
Spyri Johanna Heidi 1994   Softback fair $2.00 classic     xs60
Styron William The Confessions of Nat  Turner 1967   PB fair $2.00 classic     c75
Swarthout Glendon Bless The Beasts & Children 1970   PB good $3.00 classic movie tie-in   xs44
Taylor Mildred D Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry 1991   PB good 1.00 classic   Puffin Bks nom8
Turgenev Ivan Fathers and Sons 1989   SB good 2.99 classics   Norton bc39
Updike John Rabbit At Rest 1990   HB good 2.99 classics   Knopf mx39
Updike John Rabbit Is Rich 1981   HB/DC good $2.99 classic   Borzoi ab38
Updike John S 1989   PB fair 1.00 classic   Fawcett km38
Updike John The Centaur 1963   HB good DC worn 7.99 classic   Knopf ms7
Updike John Trust Me Short Stories 1987 book club HB/DC good 2.99 classics   Knopf box14
Voltaire   Candide ????   HB good $2.99 classic   Grossett & Dunlap cr30
Voltaire   Candide 2003   SB good 1.99 classic   BN cr11
Wilder Thornton The Eighth Day 1976   PB good $3.00 classic     pb19
Wilder Thornton The Eighth Day 1967 first HB/DC good $4.99 classic   Harper and Row cr22
Wilkerson/Sherrill David/John/Elizabeth The Cross and the Switchblade 1973   PB good 1.00 classics   Spire Books c23
Wister Owen The Virginian 1987   PB good 1.00 classic   Watermill Classics box28
Wouk Herman The Caine Mutiny 1951   HB good $5.00 classic   Doubleday zp17
Wouk Herman War and Remembrance 1980   PB fair $2.00 classic     wst2
Wouk Herman Youngblood Hawk 1962 first HB fair $10.00 classic   Doubleday tm18
Wynbeek David David Brainerd Beloved Yankee 1961   Softback good $5.00 classic     hb33
Wyss Johann David The Swiss Family Robinson 1969 abridged PB good 1.00 classic   Scholastic  rst5
Young Marian C The Young Folks Shelf of Books Vol 5: In Your Backyard 1964 fifth HB good $3.00 classic   Crowell-Collier cla1