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Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Kalla Daniel Resistance 2006   PB good $1.00 horror   TOR dm12
Koontz Dean The Mask 1988   PB fair $1.00 horror   Berkley ext17
Levin Ira Son of Rosemary 1997   HB good DC fair $1.99 horror   Dutton km21
Newman Kim Anno Dracula 1994   PB fair $1.00 horror   HarperCollins zz9
Rice Edward Mother India's Children 1980   SB good $1.99 nonfiction   Friendship Pub ac62
Saar/Novak Erik/Viveca Inside The Wire 2005   HB/DC very good $1.25 military   The Penguin Press mj1
Sabatini Rafael Captain Blood 1976   PB fair $1.00 fiction     pb1
Sabatini Rafael Captain Blood 1998   SB good $2.99 action   McBooks Pr ac53
Saberhagan Fred Berserker Man 1980   PB good 2.00 scifi     cpu9
Saberhagan Fred The Veils of Azlaroc 1978   PB good 2.99 scifi     ab17
Sabersky/Acosta Rolf H./Allan J. Fluid Flow A First Course in Fluid Mechanics 1964 Second HB good $9.99 education   The Macmillan Company rt39
Sabin Oliver C Christology 1915   HB fair 12.99 vintage   Prang Co vinI
Sabin Oliver C Sacred Science 1904 first HB good 149.99 vintage   Scribners vinI
Sabin   The Gregg Reference Manual  1985 sixth HB/DC good $1.99 education   McGraw-Hill cr39
Sachar Louis Dogs Don't Tell Jokes 2000   PB good $1.00 childrens   Scholastic Inc. rt3
Sachs Marilyn Amy Moves In 1965   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services eb1
Sachs Marilyn Beach Towels 1982   HB/DC good  $1.99 fiction   Dutton Juvenile mj14
Sackett Susan A Taste of Passion 1992   PB good $2.00 romance     box31
Sackett Susan Passion's Gold 1987   PB very good $3.00 romance     c55
Sadeddin kadhim Iraq Wonders of the World     HB good 49.99 history      db17
Sadler Barry Casca: Soldier of Gideon 1988   PB poor $4.75 military   Jove Books str26
Sadler Barry Razor 1988   PB fair $1.00 action   Diamond Bks ac37
Sadler Barry The Shooter 1987   PB fair $1.00 action   Tor Books ac37
Sadler Mark  Deadly Innocents 1986   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   Walker & Co ab72
Safer Morley Flashbacks On Returning To Vietnam 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Random House ac41
Safire William Before The Fall 1988   SB good $1.99 history     bc45
Safire William Freedom A Novel of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 military   Doubleday ac43
Safire William Language Maven Strikes Again 1990   HB/DC good 2.99 humor   Doubleday cr9
Safire William Sleeper Spy 1995   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   Random House rt43
Safire  William Safire's Political Dictionary 1987   PB good 3.39 nonfiction   Ballantine Books rt86
Sage Sheryl Passionate Surrender 1993   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks db4
Sagebrush Scholars   Our Wyoming Heritage 1990   SB good $3.99 history   Achievement Pr str39
Sager Esther From Moment To Moment 1983   PB fair $1.00 romance     c46
Sager Esther Only Til Dawn 1982   PB fair $1.00 romance   Jove Books km11
Saha ed Arthur W The Years Best Fantasy Stories 13 1987   HB/DC good 2.99 scifi   DAW Books ab72
Sahadi Lou Super Sundays I--XII 1987   HB/DJ good $1.99 sports   Contemporary Books mj20
Sahadi Lou  The L.A. Dogers 1982   PB good 1.00 sports   Quill cr41
Sahakian William/Mabel Ideas of the Great Philosophers 1971   Softcover good $3.99 nonfiction     str24
Sahelian  Ray Bottom Line's Mind Boosting Secrets 2007   HB good $2.99 selfhelp   Bottom Line Bks ext20
Sahgal Ajay Pool 1994 first HB/DC good $3.00 fiction   Atlantic Monthly Press os14
Sainsbury/Kreitman ed. Peter/Norman Methods of Psychiatric Research 1963   HB good 1.99 education   Oxford Univ Press ab75
Saint H F Memoirs of an Invisible Man 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Atheneum hb37
Sakharov Vladimir High Treason Revelations of a Double Agent 1980   HB/DC good $3.35 history   Putnam xs22
Sakol Jeannie Flora Sweet 1977   PB good $1.00 romance   Ballantine Books km11
Sala Sharon Blood Ties 2011   PB good 1.00 romance   Mira ha1b
Sala Sharon Missing 2004   PB good $1.00 romance   MIRA c31
Sala Sharon Swept Aside 2010   PB fair $1.00 romance   Mira Books zp16
Sala Sharon The Chosen 2005   PB good $1.00 romance   Mira km18
Sala Sharon The Warrior 2009   PB good $2.70 romance   Mira ext16
Sala  Sharon Nine Lives 2006   PB good 1.00 romance   Mira  c68
Salassi Otto R Jimmy D Sidewinder and Me 1990   PB good $1.00 children   Knopf box41
Salend Spencer J Creating Inclusive Classrooms 2007 sixth SB good $7.99 education   Prentice Hall ac44
Salerno/Vanderburth Nan F/Rosamond M Shaman's Daughter 1981   PB good $1.00 romance   Dell ab27
Salesian Missions   The Salesian Collection 1989   HB good 15.99 religion   Salesian Missions box3b
Salesian Missions   The Salesian Trilogy 2007   HB/DJ new 15.95 religion   Salesian Missions bc44
Saliers E A Modern Practical Accounting Advanced 1947   HB/DC fair $6.99 vintage   Am. Tech Soc. ac18
Saliers Earl A. Modern Prqactical Accounting Elementary 1947   HB/DJ good 9.79 vintage   American Technical Society ab2
Saline Carol Dr Snow How The FBI Nailed An Ivy League Coke King 1988   HB/DC good $3.99 true crime   NAL nb34
Salinger Steven D. Behold the Fire 1997   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   Warner Books rel3
Salinger/Gross Pierre/Leonard Mortal Games 1989   PB good $1.00 action   St. Martin's Press tm19
Salinger/Gross Pierre/Leonard Mortal Games 1988   HB/DJ good $2.99 action   Doubleday rt59
Salinger/Gross Pierre/Leonard The Dossier 1984 book club HB/DC good $1.99 action   Doubleday ac23
Salisbury Barbara G Just Add Water 2008   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Horizon ab50
Salisbury Carola Count Vronsky's Daughter 1983   PB good $2.98 romance   Fawcett c35
Salisbury Carola The Shadowed Spring 1981   PB good $1.00 romance   Fawcett c36
Salisbury Harrison The Shook-Up Generation 1959   PB good $3.99 nonfiction   Crest Bks rt74
Salisbury Harrison E Behind The Lines- Hanoi 1967   Softcover good $3.00 history     ac8
Salisbury Harrison E The Shook-Up Generation 1959   HB/DC good $6.39 nonfiction   Michael Joseph rt49
Salisbury Harrison E. The Gates of Hell 1975   HB/DJ good 1.99 fiction   Random House mj4
Salisbury Harrison E.  The Great Black Dragon Fire 1989   HB/DJ good 1.99 nonfiction   Little, Brown and Co. os22
Salkin Allen Festivus 2005   HB good 1.99 humor   Warner Books rt44
Sallis James The Killer Is Dying 2011 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Walker Bks os12
Sallis Peter Fading Into The Limelight 2007   SB good $3.99 biography   Orion Pub ac63
Sallis Susan Come Rain or Shine 1998   PB fair $1.00 mystery     box31
Salmans Sandra Prostate Questions You Have Answers You Need 1996   SB good $1.99 health   Peoples Med ac44
Salmans Sandra Your Eyes Questions You Have Answers You Need 1996   SB good $1.99 health   Peoples Med Soc km23
Saloutos Theodore Populism Reaction or Reform? 1968   Softback fair $1.00 history     hb6
Salter Anna Fault Lines 1999   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket ms7 
Salter Anna Shiny Water 1997   PB good $3.00 mystery     tm22
Salter Anna Truth Catcher 2008   SB good $2.99 mystery   Pegasus nb36
Salter James Cassada 2000   PB good $1.00 fiction   Counterpoint ab3
Saltman David Gilda An Intimate Portrait 1992   HB/DC good $1.99 biography   Contemporary Bks bc36
Saltman Jules Teen Love Teen Marriage 1968   PB good $8.99 parenting   Tempo Bks box21
Saltman Jules Your New Baby…and You 1966   HB/DC fair $1.00 parenting   Grosset & Dunlap nom7
Salvadori Mario Why Building Stand Up The Strength of Architecture 2002   SB good $2.99 nonfiction   WW Norton wtm3
Samachson Dorothy/Joseph Good Digging The Story of Archaeology 1964 exlibris HB good $2.99 history   Rand McNally nc1
Samartin Cecilia Broken Paradise 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Atria bc25
Samet Jonathan My House Is Killing Me 2001   SB good $1.99 health   Johns Hopkins bc37
Sameul Barbara No Place Like Home 2002   HB/DJ good 1.99 fiction   Ballantine Books rt86
Sammon Bill Meet The Next President 2007 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 history   Threshold Ed km7
Sammon Bill Misunderestimated 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Regan Books sac5
Sammon Sean A Heart That Knew No Bounds 2000   SB good $2.99 religion   Alba House sm1
Sammon  Bill  At Any Cost  2002   PB good  1.00 nonfiction    Regnery Publishing, Inc. xs40
Sample Tex U.S. Lifestyles and Mainline Churches 1990   PB good $1.00 education   Westminster/John Knox Press rt2
Sampson Anthony The Changing Anatomy of Britain 1982 first HB/DC good $5.00 nonfiction   Random House hb18
Sampson Anthony The Midas Touch 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 business   Dutton bc65
Sampson Anthony The Money Lenders 1983   Softcover good 3.00 business     hb26
Sampson Anthony The New Europeans 1968   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Hodder and Stoughton xs53
Sampson Mark Modern Sharking 2008   PB good $14.59 sports   Geared Up LLC bio9
Samraj Adi Da The Pneumation 2011   SB good $154.99 newage   Dawn Horse Pr sch1
Sams Ferrol Down Town 2008   SB good $1.00 fiction   Penguin Bks ac53
Sams Ferrol Epiphany 1994   HB/DJ good 2.99 fiction   Longstreet Press str18
Sams Ferrol Run With the Horsemen 1982   HB good $2.99 fiction   Peachtree Pubishers, Ltd rt55
Sams Ferrol When All The World Was Young 1992   PB good 1.00 fiction   Penguin Books rt88
Sams Ferrol When All The World Was Young 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Longstreet ab9
Sams  Ferrol  Run with the Horsemen 1984   PB good  1.00 fiction    Penguin Books mj25
Sam's Club Members    Fresh Fast and Fabulous 2010   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Sam's Club nb50
Samson Jack Line Down! 1973   HB good 1.99 sports   Winchester Press ab94
Samson Joan The Auctioneer 1981   PB good 1.00 fiction   Avon Books box11
Samson Richard W The Mind Builder A Self-Teaching Guide To Creative Thinking 1965   HB fair $3.00 nonfiction   Dutton and Co tm9
Samuel Barbara A Piece of Heaven 2003 first exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 fiction   Ballantine ac16
Samuel Steve Rock Paper Scissors 2000 signed  HB/DC very good $7.99 action   Simon & Schuster wtm16
Samuels Dorothy Filthy Rich 2001   Softcover good $2.99 fiction     zp33
Samuels Gertrude Of David and Eva 1978   PB fair $1.00 romance     ab16
Samuelsson Marcus Yes Chef A Memoir 2012   HB/DC good $2.99 biography   Random House ext18
Sanborn Mark The Fred Factor 2004   HB/DC good $1.99 selfhelp   Currency  str21
Sanborn Will A. New Technicolor Dreams 2007   PB good 19.79 collection   WAS1 Productions rt3
Sanborn Will A. That Old Time Religion 2007   PB vg 14.99 scifi   WAS1 Productions db6
Sand  Froma The Daughters of Longing 1969   PB fair $1.00 fiction     rst5
Sand  George   Consuelo A Romance of Venice 2007   SB good $13.95 fiction   Norilana Bks ac33
Sandalow Marc Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Life Times and Rise To Power 2008 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 biography   Modern Times sm7
Sandars Dori Her Own Place 1994   PB good 1.00 fiction   Fawcett Columbine tm14
Sandars Leonard  The Hamlet Ultimatum 1991   PB good 1.00 action   Warner Books ac1
Sandberg Peter Lars King's Point 1978   PB fair $1.00 action     wtm14
Sandberg Sheryl Lean In Women Work and The Will To Lead 2013   HB/DC good $8.99 business   Knopf bc37
Sandburg Carl From Daybreak to Good Night 2001   PB good $2.79 children   Annick Press zp25
Sandburg Carl Remembrance Rock 1948   HB good 37.85 vintage   Harcourt Brace and Co. str17
Sandburg  Carl  Always The Young Strangers 1953   HB good  2.99 biography    Harcourt, Brace and Co. box43
Sanders Annie Goodbye, Jimmy Choo 2006   PB good $1.45 romance   5 Spot str33
Sanders Bill Flash 5 f/x & Design 2001   SB good $2.99 computer   Coriolus Grp bc68
Sanders Bill What Teens Need Most from Their Parents 1997   PB good 1.00 parenting   Spire is3
Sanders Catherine M Surviving Grief… And Learning To Live Again 1992   SB good $1.00 selfhelp   Wiley ab43
Sanders Dori  Her Own Place 1993   HB/DC good $1.99 fiction   Algonquin Bks ac59
Sanders J. Oswald Heaven Better By Far 1994   PB good $1.00 religion   Public Affairs bio5
Sanders Lawrence Capital Crimes 1989   PB fair $1.00 action     pb8
Sanders Lawrence Capital Crimes 1989   HB/DC good $3.00 action   Putnam hb45
Sanders Lawrence Love Songs 1989   PB fair $1.00 action     hv2
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Alibi 2002   HB/DC good $2.99 action   Putnam str24
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Caper 1994   HB/DC good $1.99 action   Putnam sm3
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Chance 2001   PB fair $2.00 action     box48
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Dare 2003   HB/DC good $1.25 mystery   G.P. Putnam's Sons mj1
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Dilemma 2000   PB good $3.00 action     tm22
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Folly 2001   PB good $3.00 action     pb28
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Folly 2000   HB/DC fair 1.99 action   Putnam box16b
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Gamble 1997   HB good $3.00 mystery   GP Putnam's Sons hb7
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Luck 1992   PB good $3.00 action     ms4b
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Puzzle 1996   HB/DC very good $5.00 mystery   GP Putnam's Sons hb11
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Puzzle 1996   PB good $3.00 action     tm22
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Risk 1993   PB good $3.00 action     hb31
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Risk 1993   HB/DC good $3.00 action   Putnam zp16
Sanders Lawrence McNally's Secret 1992   HB/DC fair, exlibris $1.00 action   Putnam hb40
Sanders Lawrence Private Pleasures 1994   PB fair $1.00 action     pb28
Sanders Lawrence Stolen Blessings 1989   PB fair $1.00 action     pb28
Sanders Lawrence Sullivan's Sting 1990   PB fair $1.00 action     tm22
Sanders Lawrence Sullivan's Sting 1990 first HB/DC fair $3.00 action   Putnam tm10
Sanders Lawrence The Case of Lucy Bending 1982   PB good 1.00 horror     wtm2
Sanders Lawrence The Loves of Harry Dancer 1986   PB good $3.00 action     pb28
Sanders Lawrence The Passion of Molly T 1984 book club HB/DC fair $1.00 action   G P Putnam's Sons sf1
Sanders Lawrence The Passion of Molly T. 1985   PB good $3.00 action     c8
Sanders Lawrence The Seventh Commandment 1991   HB/DC good  $5.00 action   Putnam hb46
Sanders Lawrence The Sixth Commandment 1980   PB fair $1.00 action     pb28
Sanders Lawrence The Tangent Factor 1980   PB good $3.00 action     pb28
Sanders Lawrence The Tangent Objective 1983   PB fair $2.00 action     pb28
Sanders Lawrence The Tenth Commandment 1981   PB fair $1.00 action     zp22
Sanders Lawrence The Third Deadly Sin 1982   PB fair $1.00 action     tm22
Sanders Lawrence The Timothy Files 1988   PB fair $1.00 action     pb9
Sanders Lawrence The Tomorrow File 1983   PB fair $1.00 action     pb27
Sanders Ronald   Shores of Refuge 1988   HB/DJ good 2.99 history   Henry Holt and Co. os12
Sanders Toby How To Be A Compleat Clown 1978 exlibris HB/DC fair $5.00 nonfiction   Stein & Day str36
Sanders  Kathy Frightfully Fun Halloween Recipes 2000   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Pub Intl  ms6
Sanders  Lawrence Caper 1987   PB good 1.00 mystery   Berkley Books db20
Sanders  Lawrence The Eight Commandment 1986   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   G.P. Putnam's Sons str20
Sanderson Ross W Church Cooperation in the United States 1960   HB good $74.95 religion   The Assoc. of Council Secretaries str26
Sanderson Susan Case Studies for the Medical Office: Capstone Billing Simulation 2009 Fifth SB fair $8.99 education     cr29
Sanderson   Private Pilot Course 1975   Boxed Set $9.99 professional     box66
Sandford John Bad Blood 2010   HB/DC good $2.99 horror   Putnam box54
Sandford John The Night Crew 1997   PB good 3.00 horror     c5
Sandifer Linda Reveled Ends of Sky 2000   PB good 1.00 romance   A Tom Doherty Assoc. Book ha1b
Sandifer Linda P. Heart of the Hunter 1987   PB good 1.00 romance   Avon Books pb27
Sandiford/Burgess Kay/Alan Shattered Night 1984 book club HB/DC good 2.99 true crime   Warner is2
Sandler Martin W Island of Hope The Story of Ellis Island and the Journey to America 2004   HB/DC good $16.99 history   Scholastic rt34
Sandler Ronald L Character and Environment 2007   HB/DC good $15.50 nonfiction   Columbia Univ lkm5
Sandoz Mari Miss Morissa 1955   HB/DC fair $3.99 fiction   McGraw-Hill tm37
Sands Leo G Mobile and Marine Station License Manual 1965   SB good $9.39 professional   Howard Sams & Co ac69
Sands Lynsay The Chase 2004   PB good $1.00 romance    Leisure Bks box42
Sands Lynsay The Husband Hunt 2012   PB good $2.70 romance   Avon Bks dm1
Sands Lynsay The Key 2012   PB good $2.70 romance   Avon Bks ac40
Sands Lynsay The Reluctant Reformer 2002   PB good $1.00 romance    Dorchester Pub box42
Sands Lynsay The Switch 2006   PB good $1.00 romance   Leisure Bks ac25
Sands Lynsay What She Wants 2002   PB good $2.70 romance   Leisure Bks ext16
Sanford Agnes The Healing Light 1983   PB good $1.00 religion   Ballantine Bks box16
Sanford Don A Conscience Taken Captive 2001   SB good $98.95 religion   Seventh Day Baptist hb1 
Sanford Jenny Staying True 2010   HB/DC good $2.99 biography   Ballantine Bks zz2
Sanford Linda The Silent Children 1985   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   McGraw-Hill rt38
Sanford William The Vietnam War Soldier at Con Thien 1991 exlibris HB good $1.99 children   Capstone Pr km21
Sanford  John A. Between People 1981   PB good 1.00 selfhelp   Paulist Press c3
Sang Cheung Shun Cauchy 3 - Prose, Poems and Essays 2004   PB good $14.95 collection   Book Surge LLC 4htsss
Sangster W E They Met At Calvary Were You There….? 1956 signed HB good $9.99 religion   Abingdon Press vinM
Sangster William The Craft of Sermon Construction 1989   SB good $1.99 religion   Marshall Pickering ac36
Sansay Leonora Secret History or The Horrors of St Domingo and Laura 2007 highlighting SB good $14.99 fiction   Broadview Pr sm2
Santana Deborah Space Between the Stars 2005   HB/DJ good 1.99 biography   Ballantine Books ftm1
Santangelo Antonio Mental Issues and Human Ontogeny 2003 aigned Softcover very good $4.99 health     c40
Sante  L R   Principles of Roentgenological Interpretation 1949   HB good 4.99 professional   Edward Broghers vinS
Santesson ed Ians Stefan The Days After Tomorrow 1971   HB good 2.99 scifi   Little, Brown and Company ab84
Santini Loretta Rome and Vatican 1978   PB good $1.99 travel   Plurigraf-Narni-Terni hb42
Santmyer Helen Hooven …And Ladies of the Club 1985   PB good $1.00 romance   Berkley Books ac14
Santmyer Helen Hooven Farewell Summer 1989   PB good $3.00 romance     tm37
Santmyer Helen Hooven Herbs and Apples 1985   PB good $3.00 romance     pb10
Santmyer Helen Hooven Herbs and Apples 1985   HB/DC fair $1.99 fiction   Harper & Row cr26
Santmyer Helen Hooven The Fierce Dispute 1987   PB good $2.00 fiction     jm6
Santovec Mary Lou  Making More Changes Editor's Choice 1996   SC good $2.99 education   Magna Pub str11
Sapir Richard Ben The Body 1983   HB/DJ good 1.99 action    Doubleday and Co. Inc. cpu5
Sapir/Murphy Richard/Warren The Destroyer: 4 Mafia Fix 1973   PB fair $1.00 action   Pinnacle Books hm1
Sapphire   Push 1997   SB good $1.99 biography   Vintage gbs5
Sarah The Duchess of York   My Story 1996   HB/DC good 5.00 biography   Simon and Schuster db4
Sardar/Davies Ziauddin/Merryl W. Why Do People Hate America? 2002   HB/DJ good 1.99 nonfiction   MJF Books rel3
Sargent Craig The Savage Stronghold 1986   PB fair 1.00 action     ab16
Sargent Dave/Pat Pansy The Pack Rat 1998   HB good $2.99 children   Ozark Pub ext14
Sargent John Henry 105 Modern Parables For Young Folks 1940   HB good $4.99 vintage   WA Wilde vinE
Sargent Katherine Cajun Lover 1985   PB fair $1.00 romance     box3
Sargent Katherine The Triumph of Andrea 1982   PB good $1.99 romance     xs4
Sargent Pamela Watchstar 1980   HB/DC good 2.99 scifi   Pocket Books ab67
Sargent Patricia Mortal Encounter 1979   PB poor but readable $1.00 action     box48
Sargent Sarah Weird Henry Berg 1993   SB good $1.00 childrens   Random House str20
Sargent, Jr David M Buffy's Revenge 1998 signed Softcover very good $4.99 childrens     str26
Sarno Ronald Using Media in Religious Education 1987   PB/good $1.99 education   Religious Education Press cr12
Sarotte Georges Like A Brother Like A Lover 1978   HB/DC good $2.99 gay interest   Anchor Bks  
Sarton May A Reckoning 1981   PB/good $1.25 fiction   W W Norton & Co Inc mj2
Sarton May Anger 1982   PB fair $1.00 selfhelp     box35
Sarton May Journal of a Solitude 1977   PB fair 1.00 biography     nom2
Sarton May Kinds of Love 1980   PB good $1.00 fiction   W.W. Norton & Company xs24
Sartre Jean-Paul Nausea 1964 reprint SB good $2.99 classic     tm1
Sass Herbert Ravenel Look Back To Glory 1933   HB good 24.99 vintage   Grosset & Dunlap lkm5
Sassi Dino Souvenir View Book of Washington 1986   PB good 1.00 travel   L.B. Prince Co. os16
Sasson Jean Princess A True Story of Life Behind The Veil in Saudi Arabia 2010   SB good $2.99 biography   Windsor-Brooke c76
Sasson  Jean Princess Sultana's Daughters 1994   HB/DJ good 1.99 nonfiction   Doubleday & Co. Inc. rt98
Sasson  Jean P. Princess 1992   HB/DJ good 1.99 nonfiction   William Morrow & Co. c44
Sassoon Beverly Fantasies 1990   PB fair $1.00 romance     c21
Sassoon Rosemary The Practical Guide To Children's Handwriting 1983   SB good $2.99 education   Thames & Hudson tm52
Satinwood Deborah Angel Fire 1992   PB fair $1.00 romance     pb4
Satller Veronica The Bargain 1987   PB good $2.00 romance     wtm2
Satran Pamela Redmond Babes In Captivity 2004   SB good $1.99 fiction   Gallery Bks mb1
Satris Stephen Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial Issues In American History Vol II 1988 exlibris HB good $1.99 education   Dushkin Pub wtm7
Satterthwait Walter Masquerade 1998   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   St. Martin's Press box36
Sattler Helen Roney Recipes For Art and Craft Materials 2000 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Lothrop Lee & Shepard str45
Sattler Veronica Promise of Fire 1989   PB fair $1.00 romance     xs38
Sauer Erich The Triumph of the Crucified A Survey of the History of Salvation in the NT 1955   HB good $2.99 religion   Eerdmans Pub c13
Sauer Jules Roger Brazil Paradise of Gemstones 1982   HB good $2.99 hobby   Grafica Editora cr2
Sauer Julia Fog Magic 1970   SB good $1.00 children     ab84
Saul John Brain Child 1988   PB fair 1.00 horror     pb8
Saul John Midnight Voices 2003   PB good 1.00 horror   Ballantine Books pb7
Saul John The Birds of Prey 1978   HB/DJ good  1.99 mystery    Mcgraw-Hill mj14
Saul John The Blackstone Chronicles 6: Asylum 1997   PB fair 1.00 horror     db11
Saul John The Manhattan Hunt Club 2001   PB good 3.00 horror     hb29
Saul John   Second Child 1990   HB/DC good 2.99 horror   Bantam Books ac1 
Saul  John Shadows 1992   HB/DJ good 1.99 horror   Bantam Books cr27
Saul  John  Suffer the Children 1986   PB good 1.00 horror   Dell Publishing Co. Inc. box16b
Saul  John   Guardian 1994   PB good 1.00 horror   Fawcett Crest rt91
Saul  John   Midnight Voices  2002   HB/DJ good  2.99 horror   Ballantine Books ab80
Saul  John   The Blackstone Chronicles 1998   PB good  1.00 horror    Fawcett Columbine ext4b
Saunders Blanche The Blanche Saunders' Obedience Training Courses 1982   HB good  $2.99 pets   Howell Bk House ac25
Saunders Blanche Training You To Train Your Dog 1952   HB good $2.99 pets   Doubleday vinH
Saunders Kate Bachelor Boys 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 romance   St Martin's Press ac56
Saunders Kate Night Shall Overtake Us 1994   PB good $3.00 fiction     box34
Saunders Kate Night Shall Overtake Us 1994   HB good $2.99 fiction   A Dutton Book rt29
Saunders Lowell 101 Q's & A's For Teens 1971   PB good $9.99 religion   Accent Books str31
Saunders Lowell Past Lives With Present Lessons 1975   PB good $5.75 religion   Baptist Pub hb59
Saunders Sally Love Pauses 1978   HB good DC fair $2.99 poetry   Golden Quilt c1
Savage Charlie Takeover 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Little Brown and Co kpo3
Savage Christina Hearts of Fire 1984 book club HB/DC good $5.00 romance   Bantam xs30
Savage Christina Hearts Of Fire 1984   PB fair $2.00 romance     c46
Savage David G Turning Right The Making of the Rehnquist Supreme Court 1992   HB/DC good $1.99 history   Wiley tm11
Savage Douglas  Incident in Mona Passage 1995   PB good $3.00 action     eb7
Savage Elizabeth But Not For Love 1970   HB/DC good $3.99 fiction   Little Brown xs52
Savage Les Hangtown 1956   HB fair $1.00 fiction   Ballantine xs66
Savage Michael Abuse of Power 2012   PB good $2.70 action   St Martins Pr zp25
Savage Michael The Enemy Within 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Thomas Nelson ext11
Savage Michael The Savage Nation 2004   SB good $1.99 nonfiction     cr23
Savage Michael The Savage Nation 2003   HB/DC good $1.99 nonfiction   WND Books bc47
Savage Mildred In Vivo 1964 book club HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Simon & Schuster xs69
Savage Mildred Parrish 1958   HB fair $2.00 fiction   Simon and Schuster c22
Savage Terry New Money Strategies For The 90s 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 self-help   HarperCollins str2
Savage Terry Terry Savage Talks Money 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 business   Longman str11
Savage Tom Scavenger 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 action   Dutton nb2
Savage Tom The Inheritance 1998 first HB/DC good exlibris $5.00 action   Dutton Books box3b
Savan Glenn White Place 1988   PB good $1.00 romance   Bantam Books c31
Savard Liberty Shattering Your Strongholds 2001   SB good $2.99 religion   Bridge-Logos dm5
Saville  Malcolm  Susan, Bill and the Vanishing Boy 1976   PB good  1.00 children    Knight Books str28
Savinio Alberto Tragedy of Childhood 1991   HB/DC good $12.69 biography   Marlboro Press cr21
Savino Carl S From Air Force Blue To Corporate Gray 1999   Softback good 2.00 business     hb26
Savitt Sam The Dingle Ridge Fox and Other Stories 1978   HB good 1.00 children   Dodd, Mead & Co. ab61
Savitt Sam Wild Horse Running 1973   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic c22
Savitz/Leslie Gail/Stephen W. Kidney Stones Handbook 1999   PB good $21.99 self-help   four Geez Press rt4
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SC Historical Society   The South Carolina Historical Magazine Vol 100 No 2 Apr-99   SB good $5.99 history     sm3
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Schwartz  Karl/Joanne Microsoft Windows 3.1 IBM PC  1992   PB good $1.00 computer   Dictation Disc Company rt46
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Schwarz Christina  Drowning Ruth 2000 first HB/DJ good 1.99 fiction   Doubleday ab2
Schwarz Haller How To Look Good On Paper 1988   PB fair 1.00 business     c27
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Scofield C I Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth 1996   PB good $13.69 religion   Eagle Books ac37
Scoppettone Sandra Everything You Have is Mine 1991   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   Little, Brown & Co. rt66
Scortia Thomas N The Prometheus Crisis 1975   HB/DC fair $2.00 action   Doubleday hb10
Scortia Thomas N. Earth Wreck! 1981   PB good 1.00 sci-fi   Fawcett Gold Metal str41
Scortia/Robinson Thomas N./Frank M. The Prometheus Crisis 1976   PB good 1.00 action   Bantam Books c46
Scortia/Robinson Thomas/Frank The Glass Inferno 1974 book club HB/DC good $1.99 action   Doubleday hb26
Scot Paul Staying On 1977   PB good $2.00 fiction     c21
Scott Alexandria Southern Seduction 2007   PB good $1.00 romance   Corgi Books hb46
Scott Alicia At The Midnight Hour 1998   PB good $1.00 romance     c8
Scott Amanda Border Wedding 2008   PB good $2.70 romance   Forever zz10
Scott Amanda Dangerous Lady 1999   PB good $1.00 romance   Zebra ext16
Scott Amanda Highland Spirits 1999   PB good $2.70 romance   Zebra zz10
Scott Angelica For The Love of Sarah 1995   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Donald Fine ab37
Scott Deloras Addie's Lament 1995   PB fair $1.00 romance     hb28
Scott Fela Dawson Ghost Dancer 1992   PB fair $1.00 romance     pb11
Scott Franklin D. Sweden The Nation's History 1988   PB good 14.89 education   Southern Illinois University Press pb25
Scott Gavin A Flight of Lies 1980   HB/DC good $3.00 action   St Martin's Press eb5
Scott Jack Denton The Gulls of Smuttynose Island 1977   HB good $1.99 childrens   Putnam  kpr2
Scott Jack S A Death In Irish Town 1985 first HB/DC good exlibris $3.00 mystery   St Martins Press os1
Scott Justin Normandie Triangle 1981   HB good DC fair $2.99 action   Arbor House hb56
Scott Leonard B. Forged in Honor 1996   PB good 1.00 action   Ballantine Books rt90
Scott Melissa Dreaming Metal 1998   SB good $1.99 scifi   TOR ac47
Scott Melissa Five Twelfths Heaven 1985   PB poor 1.00 scifi     gbs2
Scott Melissa The Kindly Ones 1987 book club HB/DC good 5.00 scifi   Bren Books hb25
Scott Otto J The Exception 1968 first PB good $1.99 nonfiction   McGraw-Hill os13
Scott Paul Book I The Raj Quartet The Jewel in the Crown 1979   PB good $3.00 action     os21
Scott Paul Book III The Raj Quartet The Towers of Silence 1979   PB good $3.00 action     os21
Scott Paul The Jewel In The Crown 1984   PB good $1.00 fiction   HarperCollins tm10
Scott Paul The Raj Quartet Vol 2: The Day of the Scorpion 1998   SB good $4.99 fiction   Univ of Chicago Pr st1
Scott R C Manipulation A Land Force Warrior Chronicle 2007   HB/DC good $4.29 horror   BookSurge tm46
Scott Robert Married To Murder 2004   PB good $1.99 true crime   Pinnacle Bks km10
Scott Theresa Bride of Desire 1990   PB fair $1.00 romance   Leisure Bks zz10
Scott Theresa Dark Renegade 1994   PB poor $1.00 romance     hb43
Scott Willard America Is My Neighbor 1988   SB good $1.00 biography     bc23
Scott Willard Murder Under Blue Skies 1998 first HB/DC good $5.00 mystery   Dutton hb57
Scott  John A. What I Have Written 1994   HB/DJ good  2.99 erotic    W.W. Norton & Co. eroa
Scott  Justin Rampage 1985 book club HB/DC fair $2.00 action   Simon & Schuster gbs4
Scott   Justin The Widow of Desire 1989   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   Bantam Books xs41
Scott/Angwin Lucy/Meredith Time Out For Motherhood 1986   HB/DC good $2.99 parenting   St Martin's Press tm37
Scott/Jan/Freeman Eileen P./James E./Roger D. Can't Your Child See? 1985 Second PB good $1.49 selfhelp   Pro-ed rt26
ScottForesman Staff   Problem of the Day w/Answer Key Grade 5 1994   Spiral bound good $9.99 education     ext14
Scottoline Lisa Dirty Blonde 2007   PB good $1.00 mystery   Harper zz6
Scottoline Lisa Killer Smile 2005   PB good $1.00 mystery   Harper nb42
Scottoline Lisa Lady Killer 2008   PB good $1.00 mystery   Harper nb42
Scottoline Lisa  Devil's Corner 2007   PB good 1.00 mystery   Harper box41
Scottoline  Lisa  Killer Smile 2005   PB good 1.00 mystery   HarperTorch jm6
Sculley John Odyssey Pepsi To Apple A Journey of Ideas 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 business   HarperCollins lkm2
Scully Diana Men Who Control Women's Health 1980   HB/DC fair $1.00 health   Houghton Mifflin str34
Scully ed James Modern Poetics 1965   PB good $1.00 education   McGraw-Hill db16
Scurlock William H. The Book of Buckskinning IV 1987   PB good 14.99 craft   Rebel Publishing Co. edu4
Seabury Press   More Than Words Junior High School Resource Book 1955   HB good 7.50 education     ab45
Seale William The White House Garden 1996   SB good $1.99 history   White House Historical Soc db7
Sealy Shirley Only With Love 1978   Softback  fair $1.00 romance     hb20
Seamands David A Healing For Damaged Emotions 2002   PB good $1.00 selfhelp   David Cook wtm3
Searle Mike Crackdown 2 Official Game Guide 2010   SB new $2.99 computers   Prima sm6
Searles John Boy Still Missing 2001 first HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   William Morrow ab95
Searles John Boy Still Missing 2005   SB good $1.99 fiction   William Morrow ac33
Searls Hank Blood Song 1984 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 fiction   Villard Books cr13
Searls Hank Firewind 1981   HB/DC fair $1.00 action   Doubleday wtm13
Searls Hank Overboard 1977   HB/DC good $2.00 fiction   Norton zp18
Searls Hank The Crowded Sky 1960   HB fair $1.00 fiction   Harper and Bros zp17
Searls Hank  Altitude Zero 1991   HB/DC good $1.99 mystery   W W Norton & Co Inc mj4
Sears Barry Mastering The Zone 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 health   William Morrow ac35
Sears Barry Omega RX Zone 2005   PB good $2.95 selfhelp   Regan Books hb11
Sears/Thompson William/Lynda The ADD Book 1998   Softcover good $4.99 health     ext9
Seaver George  Albert Schweitzer The Man and His Mind 1947   HB good 1.99 biography   Harper & Brothers cr1
Seawell Molly Elliot A Virginia Cavalier 1924   HB good 29.99 vintage   Harper & Brothers ab19
SeBastian Margaret Lord Dedringham's Divorce 1978   PB good $1.00 romance     zp11
SeBastian Margaret Miss Letty 1977   PB good $1.00 romance     box18
SeBastian Margaret That Savage Yankee Squire! 1977   PB good $1.25 romance   Warner Books bc12
SeBastian Margaret The Poor Relation 1978   PB good $1.00 romance     zp11
SeBastian Margaret The Young Lady From Alton-St Pancras 1977   PB good $2.99 romance   Popular Library rt98
Sebastian Tim Spy Shadow 1989   PB poor but readable $1.00 action     box48
Sebhat Enzira Harp of Glory 2010   SB good $9.25 religion   St Vladimirs Sem bc32
Sebold Alice The Almost Moon 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Little Brown GL4
Sebold  Alice  The Lovely Bones 2002   HB/DJ good 1.99 fiction   Little, Brown and Co. wtm12
Sebranek/Kemper/Meyer Patrick/Dave/Verne Writers Inc 2000   SB good $1.99 nonfiction   Great Source c76
Sedar/Greenberg Irving/Harold Behind The Egyptian Sphinx 1960   HB/DC good 6.99 nonfiction   Chilton ab23
Sedaris David Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim 2005   PB good 1.00 humor   Back Bay Books box33
Sedaris David Holidays On Ice Stories and Essays 1998   SB good $2.99 fiction   Back Bay Bks dm9
Sedaris David When You are Engulfed in Flames 2008   HB/DJ good 1.99 collection   Little, Brown and Co. rt25
Sedges John The Long Love 1949   HB fair $3.00 vintage   John Day Co vinF
Sedgwick Anne Douglas The Little French Girl 1924 ninth reading copy only $1.00 vintage   Houghton Mifflin vinA
See Carolyn Blue Money 1974   HB/DJ good 4.19 nonfiction   David McKay Co. cr1
See Lisa    Flower Net 1998   PB good $1.00 action   HarperCollins edu2
See  Lisa Snow Flower and the Secret Fan 2006   PB good 1.00 fiction   Random House nc2
Seed Diane The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces 2004   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Ten Speed Pr box63
Seeley Mabel Eleven Came Back 1943 book club HB/DC fair   $1.99 vintage   Doubleday db20
Seeley Mabel Woman of Property 1947   HB good $1.99 vintage   Doubleday bc7
Seely Fred B Resistance of Materials 1947 3rd ed 7th printing HB good, writing $9.99 vintage   Wiley & Sons vinL
Seely Samuel Electronic Engineering 1956   HB good $19.99 education   McGraw-Hill Book Company rt10
Segal Brenda Lesley Aliya 1978   PB fair $1.00 romance     zp4
Segal Erich Acts of Faith 1992   HB/DC fair $2.00 fiction   Bantam Books hb21
Segal Erich Acts of Faith 1993   PB good $2.00 fiction     ab4
Segal Erich Doctors 1988 book club HB/DC fair $3.00 fiction   Bantam Books sac4
Segal Erich Love Story 1970   HB/DJ good 1.99 romance   HarperCollins mj1
Segal Erich Man Woman and Child 1980 book club HB/DC good dc shows wear $3.00 fiction   Harper and Row tm20
Segal Erich Man, Woman and Child 1980   PB fair $1.00 fiction     mor1
Segal Erich Oliver's Story 1977   PB good $1.00 fiction     pb8
Segal Erich Oliver's Story 1977 book club HB/DC good $1.00 fiction   Harper and Row wtm10
Segal Erich Only Love 1998   PB good $1.00 romance   Berkley Books xs40
Segal Erich Only Love 1997   HB/DC good $3.00 fiction   GP Putnam's Sons hb21
Segal Erich Prizes 1995 first HB good $5.00 fiction   Fawcett Columbine rst3
Segal Erich Prizes 1996   PB good 1.00 fiction   Ivy Books ab52
Segal Erich The Class 1986   PB fair $1.00 fiction     zp5
Segal Erich The Class 1986   PB good $1.00 fiction   Bantam  box64
Segal Harriet Shadow Mountain 1990   HB/DC good exlibris $1.00 romance   Donald J Fine tm24
Segal  Lore Her First American 1985   HB/DJ good 2.99 fiction   Alfred A. Knopf rt30
Seger Linda    Making A Good Script Great 1994   SB good $1.99 professional     wtm15
Seger Maura Empire of the Heart 1984   PB good $1.00 romance     c46
Seger Maura Forbidden Love 1983   PB good $3.00 romance     tm32
Seger Maura Rebellious Love 1983   PB good $1.00 romance     xs52
Seger Maura Starbright 1986   PB good $1.00 romance     os3
Seger Maura Veil of Secrets 1996   PB good $1.00 romance   Topaz ac69
Segersten Alissa The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook 2007   SB good $14.20 cookbook   Whole Life Pr ac61
Sego Michael A Who Gets The Cookies? III 1977   SB fair $5.75 history   Kings Court Com wst2
Sehlinger Bob The Unofficial Guide To Las Vegas 2006   SB good $1.00 travel   Wiley rel3
Seidel Kathleen Gilles More Than You Dreamed 1991   PB good $1.00 romance    Pocket zp1
Seidel/Crichton Arthur H./David R. What The General Practitioner Should Know About Trade Secrets and Employment Agreements 1995   HB good 17.99 professional   ALA-ABA os10
Seidman Steven Embattled Eros Sexual Politics and Ethics in Contemporary America 1992   SB good $2.99 nonfiction   Routledge zp26
Seidman Steven The Social Construction of Sexuality 2003   SB good $1.00 nonfiction underlining WW Norton str38
Seierstad Asne A Hundred & One Days 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Basic Books gbs1
Seierstad Asne The Bookseller of Kabul 2004   SB good $1.99 biography   Virago Press str1
Seifert Elizabeth Doctor On Trial 1959   HB fair $3.00 fiction   Dodd Mead zp18
Seigel Fred The Prince of the City 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Encounter Bks ac38
Seigmung ed. Otto H. The Merck Veterinary Manual 1979   HB good 2.99 professional   Mercy & Co. Inc. ab45
Seinfeld Jerry Sein Language 1993   HB/DC good dc shows wear $5.00 humor   Bantam Books tm12
Seinfeld Jerry SeinLanguage 1998   PB good $3.00 humor     box5
Seixas Judith S. Living with a Parent Who Drinks Too Much 1979   HB/DJ good 1.99 self-help   Greenwillow Books eb8
Sekulow Jay Alan The Christian The Court and the Constitution 2000   SB good $1.99 religion   American Center For Law zz15
Sela Owen The Kiriov Tapes 1973 first US HB/DC good $2.99 action   Pantheon db18
Selby Robin Anne The Easterley Inheritance 1975   PB fair $1.00 romance     tm33
Selby/Girling Samuel/Brian Standard Mathematical Tables 1965 student ed HB good $2.99 education   Chemical Rubber Co rt77
Selden Charles J The Consumerist Manifesto Handbook 2011   HB good $1.99 nonfiction   Sterling ac59
Selden ed. Linda J. Complete Home Decorating 2004   HB good 1.99 nonfiction   Lowe's Companies, Inc. mj29
Seldes George Witness To A Century 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 biography   Ballantine Bks nb35
Seldin Peter How Administrators Can Improve Teaching 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 education   Jossey-Bass bc54
Seldin Peter The Teaching Portfolio 1997 second PB good 1.00 professional   Anker Publishing Co. Inc. str27
Seldin/Swesnik Maury/Richard Real Estate Investment Strategy 1970   HB/DC good $2.99 professional   John Wiley & Sons km3
Seles/Richardson Monica/Nancy Ann Monica From Fear To Victory 1996   HB/DC good 2.99 biography   Harper Collins rt30
Self Will My Idea of Fun 1993 first HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Atlantic Monthly wst2
Seligman Joel The High Citadel The Influence of Harvard Law School 1978   HB good DC worn $2.99 education   Houghton Mifflin box66
Seligman Martin What You Can Change & What You Can't 1993   HB/DJ good 1.99 self-help   Alfred A. Knopf cr13
Seligman Martin    Authentic Happiness 2004   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Atria Bks rt12
Selinko Annemarie Desiree 1953   HB fair $4.99 vintage   William Morrow cr6
Sell H T Studies of Great Bible Characters 1923   HB fair $4.99 vintage   Revell Co vinO
Sellens Alvin Sellens of Kansas A Genealogy of a Pioneer Family 1977   SB good $49.99 nonfiction   Mennonite Pr pb13
Sellers Con Sweet Caroline 1979   PB fair $1.00 romance     hb23
Sellers  Michael P.S. I Love You 1982   HB/DJ good 1.99 biography   E.P. Dutton   hb17
Sellers/Neilan Joseph/David Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Lab Manual 2002   SB fair  $1.99 computers     cr24
Sellman ed. Erik G. Effective Collection Letters That Bring in the Money Today 1934   HB good $29.99 vintage     zp34
Selsam Millicent E The Courtship of Animals 1964   HB fair $1.00 pets   William Morrow anm1
Selsam  Millicent E. Plants That Heal 1959   HB good 4.79 nonfiction   William Morrow and Co. ab20
Seltman Charles Approach To Greek Art 1960   PB good $2.99 nonfiction   E P Dutton str22
Seltzer Richard The Name of Hero 1981   HB/DC good $2.99 action   Tarcher ac71
Selzer  Richard   Moral Lessons  1987   PB good  1.00 professional    Simon and Schuster ab75
Semple Maria Where'd You Go, Bernadette 2013   SB good $2.99 fiction   Back Bay Bks cr34
Senate Melissa The Solomon Sisters Wise Up 2003   PB good 1.00 fiction   Red Dress Ink ac15
Senate Select Committee   The Senate Watergate Report 2005   SB good $2.99 history   Carroll & Graf ac26
Seneca Pasquale Spanish Conversation and Composition 1923   HB good $9.99 vintage   Ricordea Publishing hb46
Senehi Rose Render Unto The Valley 2012 signed SB good $15.99 fiction   KIM Pub ac23
Senior Class   Arx Alma School Yearbook 1949   HB good $99.99 history     zz13
Senn J.A. What Should I Write My Report On? 1995   PB good $3.79 education   Scholastic   rt63
Senn J.A.  325 Creative Prompts For Personal Journals 1999   PB good $2.25 education   Scholastic   rt63
Sennett Bob  Complete World Bartender Guide 1984   PB fair $1.00 cookbook     zp28
Sennott Charles M. Broken Covenant 1992   HB/DJ good 1.99 biography   Simon and Schuster is7
Senter Ruth Startled by Silence 1986   HB good $2.99 religion   Guideposts rel2
Senter Ruth   Talks and Skits For Women 1974   Softback fair $1.00 religion     pb7
Sepharial   The Manual of Astrology 1972   PB good $8.89 new age   Wholesale Book Corp. rst1
Seranne/Wilson Ann/Joan The Copco Pots & Pans Cookbook 1968   HB/DJ good 9.89 cook book   Doubleday & Co. Inc. tm12
Sergel Kristin Dino 1956   SB fair $4.85 play   Dramatic Pub vinJ
Serle Rebecca When You Were Mine 2013   SB good $2.99 childrens   Simon Pulse dm5
Service Robert The Best of Robert Service 2001   PB good 1.00 poetry   McGraw-Hill rt55
Serway/Beichner Raymond A./Robert J. Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2000   HB good $6.89 education   Saunders College Publishing cpu14
Sessions Ken Miniature Projects for Electronic Hobbyists 1973   PB good 1.00 hobby   Tab Books rt66
Seth Vikram A Suitable Boy 1993 first US HB good $2.99 fiction   HarperCollins is3
Seth  Ronald Milestones in Russian History 1968   HB/DJ good 4.99 history   Chilton Book Co. rt53
Setlowe Richard The Haunting of Suzanna Blackwell 1984 first HB/DC good $5.00 fiction     eb1
Seton Anya Avalon 1968   PB fair $1.00 romance   Trafalgar Sq km12
Seton Anya Dragonwyck 1977   PB good $1.99 romance   Fawcett nb18
Seton Anya Foxfire 1974   PB good $4.99 fiction   Pyramid Bks km24
Seton Anya  Avalon 1965   HB/DJ good 2.99 action   Houghton Mifflin Co. ab28
Seton Ernest Thompson Krag and Johnny Bear 1902   HB good $9.99 vintage   Scribner  vinN
Severe Sal  How To Behave So Your Children Will Too! 2000   HB good $2.99 parenting   Viking box47
Sewell Anna Little Big Classic: Black Beauty 1938   HB good $2.99 vintage   McLoughlin Bros ext21
Sexton Linda Gray Mirror Images 1990   PB good $1.00 romance   Knightsbridge Pub hb18
Sexton Linda Gray Private Acts 1991   HB/DC good $5.00 fiction   Little Brown str16
Seymour Ana The Rogue 2000   PB good $3.00 romance     tm23
Seymour Arabella Passion in lthe Blood 1985   HB/DJ good 2.99 romance   G.P. Putnam's Sons ab51
Seymour Gerald Condition Black 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 action   William Morrow ac64
Seymour Gerald Harry's Game 1975 first US HB fair $1.99 fiction   Random House db19
Seymour Gerald In Honor Bound 1985   PB good $2.00 action     box36
Seymour Gerald Kingfisher 1985   PB fair $1.00 action   Avon Bks db5
Seymour Gerald The Contract 1981   PB good 1.00 mystery   Fontana rt90
Seymour Gerald The Running Target 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 action   William Morrow km1
Seymour Janette Purity's Ecstasy 1978   PB fair $1.00 romance   Pocket Books km11
Seymour Miranda The Goddess 1979 first US HB/DC good exlibris $5.00 fiction   Coward McCann and Geoghegan hb17
Seymour-Smith Martin Who's Who in Twentieth Century Lit. 1977   PB good 1.00 history   McGraw-Hill bc39
Seyton Marion   The Hole in the Hill 1960   HB good 1.00 children   Follett Publishing Co. cr18
Shaara Jeff The Steel Wave 2008   HB/DC good $2.99 military   Ballantine Books edu5
Shaara Lila The Fortune Teller's Daughter 2008 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Ballantine Bks ac59
Shaara Michael For Love of the Game 1999   PB good $1.00 sports   Ballantine Books hb37
Shaara Michael The Killer Angels 1996   SB good $1.99 military   Ballantine tm36
Shaberman Ben  The Gegan Monologues  2009   PB good  7.59 collections    Apprentice House  box6
Shachtman Tom To Be or Not To Be Amish Rumspinga 2006   pb 1.99 nonfiction   North Point Press mj26
Shackleton Ernest The Heart of the Antarctic 2000   PB good 1.00 history   Signet Books c5
Shacky Jimmy Glorida Golf Guide 1994   PB good $1.00 travel   Open Road Publishing  rt38
Shade Sheryl A Lady at the Table 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   Thomas Nelson ac25
Shadwell Bertrand America and Other Poems 1899 exlibris HB fair $145.00 vintage   Donnelly eb8
Shaffer Louise All My Suspects 1994   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Putnam c2
Shaffer Mary Ann The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society 2009   SB good $1.99 fiction   Dial Pr hb43
Shaffer Mary Ann The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society 2008   HB/DC good $1.99 fiction   The Dial Press sm6
Shaffer/Gordon Susan/Linda Why Boys Don't Talk and Why We Care 2000   SB good   1.99 parenting       os22 
Shafran Andy Creating Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics 1998   SB good $2.99 computer   Muska & Lipman tuv1
Shaftesbury Edmund Instantaneous Personal Magnetism 1936   HB good 11.79 vintage   The Ralston society mj9
Shagan Steve The Discovery 1985   PB fair $1.00 action     box36
Shagan Steve The Formula 1979   HB/DC good 2.99 action   Morrow db16
Shagan Steve Vendetta 1986   HB/DC very good $5.00 action   William Morrow and Co db2
Shagan Steve  The Formula 1983   PB fair 1.00 action   Bantam Books pb15
Shakarian Demos The Happiest People On Earth 1975   HB poor $29.99 nonfiction   Steward Pr cr14
Shakespeare William Hamlet 1965   PB fair $1.00 classic     hb34
Shakespeare William The Works of Shakespeare Vol VII ????   HB good $7.99 classic   Library Publishing cr30
Shakow Zara Curtain Time! Plays, readings, sketches, cantatas, and poems for Jewish programs 1985   Softback good $5.00 play     hb35
Shaler Robert C.  Who They Were : Inside The World Trade Center  2005 signed HB/DC good $5.99 history   Free Press  zz4
Shales/Miller Tom/James Andrew Live From New York Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live 2003   SB good $2.99 nonfiction   Back Bay Bks ac53
Shalvis/Leclaire Jill/Day In Name Only 2003   PB good $1.00 romance   Harlequin os22
Shamblin Gwen The Weigh Down Diet 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 health   Doubleday tm45
Shammas Namir Crash Course in Turbo C++ 1993   PB good $1.25 computers   Que ftm2
Shand W M Reports of Cases Heard and Determined by the Supreme Court of South Carolina 1929 Vol 150 HB good $99.99 vintage   R L Bryan Co bc47
Shand W M Reports of Cases Heard and Determined by the Supreme Court of South Carolina 1929 Vol 148 HB good $99.99 vintage   R L Bryan Co bc47
Shand W M Reports of Cases Heard and Determined by the Supreme Court of South Carolina 1929 Vol 147 HB good $99.99 vintage   R L Bryan Co bc35
Shand W M Reports of Cases Heard and Determined by the Supreme Court of South Carolina 1929 Vol 149 HB good $99.99 vintage   R L Bryan Co bc35
Shandler Sara Ophelia Speaks 1999   SB good $1.99 self-help     xs68
Shane Grant Laing Chronicle 97 1996   HB good $2.99 nonfiction   A DK Publishing Book str44
Shanklin Imelda Octavia Selected Studies 1926   PB good 14.99 vintage   Unity School of Christianity ab24
Shankman Sarah Digging Up Momma 1998   HB good $2.99 mystery   pocket books    str18
Shankman Sarah He Was Her Man 1994   PB good $3.00 mystery     ac10
Shann Renee Detour To Destiny 1972   PB fair $1.00 romance     pb3
Shann Renee The Man of Her Dreams 1973   PB fair $1.00 romance     pb9
Shanner William   A Guide to Logical Thinking 1954   PB good $7.99 selfhelp     ac7
Shannon Colleen The Wolf of Haskell Hall 2001   PB good $1.00 romance   Love Spell pb3
Shannon Dell Crime File 1974   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   William Morrow & Co. ab72
Shannon Dell Double Bluff 1982 book club HB/DC good $1.99 mystery   Doubleday c43
Shannon Dell More By Shannon 1982   HB/DJ good 2.95 mystery   Nelson Doubleday os16
Shannon Dell Murder by the Tale 1987   HB good $2.99 fiction   William Morrow and Company, Inc. rt1
Shannon Dell Murder Most Strange 1981   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   William Morrow zp13
Shannon Dell Spring of Violence 1973 book club HB/DC good $4.99 mystery   Doubleday c8
Shannon Dell With A Vengeance 1966 book club HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Doubleday c8
Shannon Doris Cain's Daughters 1978   HB/DC poor $1.00 fiction   St. Martin's Press zp10
Shannon Doris Hawthorn Hill 1977   PB fair $1.00 romance     tm17
Shannon  Dell Murder With Love 1971   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   William Morrow & Co. ab87
Shapiro Evelyn    The Women Say The Men Say 1979   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   Delacorte Pr xs61
Shapiro Howard M Picture Perfect Weight Loss 2000   HB good $2.99 health   Rodale Bks ac36
Shapiro Irwin Lassie Finds A Way 1957   HB fair $3.99 children   Simon and Schuster str11
Shapiro Irwin Tall Tales of America 1958   HB fair $1.25 children   Guild Press, Inc. vinc
Shapiro Jerrold Lee The Measure of a Man 1993   HB fair $2.99 parenting   Delacorte Press ac16
Shapiro Leonard  Big Man On Campus John Thompson and the Georgetown Hoyas 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 sports   Henry Holt bc42
Shapiro Robert L The Search For Justice 1996   HB/DC good 2.99 true crime   Warner Books pb12
Shapiro  Stanley  A Time to Remember  1986   HB/DJ good  2.99 fiction    Random House  mj2
Shapiro ed William E. The Young Peoples Book of the Year 1969 1969   HB good $8.09 history   Grolier Inc. rt19
Sharenow Robert My Mother The Cheerleader 2007 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 children   Harper bc36
Sharkey Don  White Smoke Over The Vatican` 1947   HB good $2.99 vintage   Bruce Pub mj15
Sharkey Joe Bedlam 1994   HB/DJ good $2.99 nonfiction   St. Martin's Press str22
Sharman Bill Sharman on Basketball Shooting 1965   HB/DC good $17.99 sports   Prentice-Hall mj1 
Sharman Sydney Psychiatry, The Ten Commandments, and You 1974   HB/DJ good $2.99 religion   Dodd, Mead & Company hb39
Sharp John D Electric Steelmaking 1967   HB good 9.99 professional   CRC Press os14
Sharp Margery Britannia Mews 1946   HB fair $1.00 vintage   Little Brown and Co vinC
Sharp Margery Cluny Brown 1944   HB good $3.00 vintage   Little Brown vinI
Sharp Margery Something Light 1960 book club HB/DC good dc shows wear $3.00 fiction   Little Brown and Co hb2
Sharp Margery The Gypsy in the Parlour 1953   HB fair $3.00 romance   Little Brown and Co tm35
Sharp Marilyn Masterstroke 1981   HB/DC good $5.00 action   Marek str15
Sharp Marilyn Sun Flower 1980   PB good $1.00 action   Fawcett Crest tm4
Sharp Marlyn Sunflower 1979   HB/DC good $5.00 action   Marek Publishing tm16
Sharp Paula Crows Over A Wheatfield 1996 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Hachette Bks nb34
Sharp Zoe Third Strike 2009   PB good $1.00 mystery   Minotaur Bks edu2
Sharp/Kirk Walter R/Grayson Contemporary Intional Politics 1940   HB good 3.89 professional   Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. ab88
Sharpe Alice If Wishes Were Heroes 1997   PB good 1.00 romance   Silhouette ab93
Sharpe Tom   Vintage Stuff 1984   PB good $1.00 humor   Vintage Books eb7
Sharpe/Zwicker Kevin/Steven Politics of Discourse 1987   SB good $14.99 history     os1
Sharpton/Hunter Al/Karen Al on America 2002   HB/DJ good 1.99 nonfiction   Dafina Books bc52b
Shatner  William Tekwar 1990   PB fair 1.00 scifi     cr6
Shatner  William   Tek Lords 1992   PB good  1.00 scifi   ACE Books c23
Shatner  William   Tek Vengence 1993   PB good  1.00 scifi   ACE Books os22
Shatner  William   TekLords 1991   HB/DJ good 2.99 scifi   An Ace/Putnam Book lkm2
Shatner  William   The Return  Star Trek  1997   PB good  1.00 scifi   Pocket Books  pb18
Shatner/Kreski William/Chris Star Trek Memories 1994   PB good 1.00 biography   HarperPaperbacks db13
Shattan  Joseph  Architects of Victory  1999   PB good  1.00 history    The Hertiage Foundation ftm4
Shattuck Jessica  The Hazards of Good Breeding 2003   PB good 1.99 romance   W.W. Notron and Co. ms16
Shaughnessy Tom Cisco A Beginner's Guide 1999   PB good 1.99 computer   Osborne/McGraw-Hill ab55
Shaver Jessica Gianna 1999   PB good 1.00 nonfiction   Living Books kpo4
Shaver Jessica Gianna 1998   SB fair $1.00 fiction   Tyndale  ext4
Shaw Bernard Satin Joan/Marjor Barbara, Androcles & The Lion 1952   HB/DC good $5.00 plays   Modern Library tuv3
Shaw Brian    China The Great Unknown 1971   SB good $2.99 history   NAL dm1
Shaw Diana Sweet Basil Garlic Tomatoes and Chives The Vegetable Dishes of Tuscany and Provence 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Harmony dm2
Shaw Irwin Bread Upon the Waters 1981   HB/DJ good 2.99 fiction   Delacorte Press rt98
Shaw Irwin Lucy Crown 1956   HB good $2.99 fiction   Random House gbs2
Shaw Irwin The Top of the Hill 1979   PB good 1.00 action   Dell hb36
Shaw Irwin The Young Lions 1948 second HB/DC good dc shows wear $5.00 fiction   Random House hb5
Shaw Irwin The Young Lions 1976   PB good $1.00 fiction   A Dell Book tm28
Shaw Kathern Make-Believe Matrimony 2001   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra ab35
Shaw Lau Rickshaw Boy 1945   HB good $2.99 action   Reynal & Hitchcock rt57
Shaw Linda Ballad In Blue 1979   PB good $1.00 romance   Ballantine bc12
Shaw Linda The Satin Vixen 1981   PB good $1.00 romance     box41
Shaw Mark  The John F. Kennedys A Family Album 1983   HB/DJ good 1.99 biography   Greenwich House xs63
Shaw Ron Pilot Your Life How To Create The Career You Want 2006   Softcover very good 2.99 business     pb21
Shaw Steven A. Turning the Tables 2006   PB good 1.00 nonfiction   Harper  ftm5
Shaw Tucker A Man's Place Is Behind The Bar Killer Cocktail Recipes 2008   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Chronicle Bks eb9
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Shaw  Irwin Five Decades 1982   PB good $1.00 fiction     ab69
Shaw/Barry William/Vincent Moral Issues In Business 2006 tenth SB good $1.99 business   Cengage Learning nb7
Shea Lisa Hula 1995   PB good 1.00 fiction   Delta Trade Paperbacks rt29
Shea Robert Shaman 1991   Softcover good 4.99 fantasy     c74
Shea Robert  Shike Book 2 Last of the Zinja 1981   PB fair $1.00 action     ab5
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Shearer Janet     The Art of Illusion A Trompe L'Oeil Painting Course 2002   SB good $10.85 craft   North Light ab25
Shearing Joseph The Heiress of Frascati 1966   PB good $4.99 romance   Berkley Publishing ab15
Sheats Cliff Lean Bodies 1995   SB good $1.00 health     os9
Shedd Charlie Talk To Me! 1976   PB good $1.00 self-help     cr6
Sheed F J Marriage and the Family ????   PB good $4.99 religion   Canterbury c16
Sheed Wilfrid Clare Booth Luce 1982   PB/good $1.99 fiction   Dutton Adult mj5
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Sheehan David V The Anxiety Disease 1990   PB fair $1.00 health     nom8
Sheehan Jacqueline Lost & Found 2007   SB good $1.99 fiction   William Morrow bc70
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Sheffield Charles Tomorrow and Tomorrow 1997   HB like new 94.00 sci fi   The Easton Press bc10
Shehadeh Raja Palestinian Walks Forays Into A Vanishing Landscape 2008   SB good $2.99 history   Scribner cr11
Sheindlin Judge Judy Keep It Simple, Stupid 2000   HB/DJ good 1.99 self-help   HarperCollins db7
Sheindlin Judy Don't Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining 1997   SB good $1.99 nonfiction   Harper zz12
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Shelby Philip Gatekeeper 1998   HB/DC good $2.99 action   Simon & Schuster rt93
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Sheldon Henry C. History of the Christian Church Vol. IV. The Modern Church. Part second. 1894   HB fair $9.99 vintage   Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. ving
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Sheldon Sidney Are You Afraid of the Dark? 2004   HB/DJ good $2.99 mystery   William Morrow   hb88
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Sheldon Sidney Memories of Midnight 1990   PB fair $1.00 fiction     is4
Sheldon Sidney Nothing Lasts Forever 1994   PB good $3.00 fiction     box8
Sheldon Sidney Tell Me Your Dreams 1998   PB good $3.00 romance     c9
Sheldon Sidney The Best Laid Plans 1997   HB/DC good 2.99 mystery   Morrow rt55
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Sheldon Sidney The Doomsday Conspiracy 1991 first HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   William Marrow and Co. ext5
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Sheldon Sidney The Sky Is Falling 2000   HB/DC very good $3.00 romance   William Morrow and Company xs31
Sheldon Sidney The Sky Is Falling 2001   PB good $3.00 action     c16
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Sheldon Sidney Windmills of the Gods 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   William Morrow box65
Sheldon Sidney  Memories of Midnight 1990   HB/DC good $1.99 romance   William Morrow mj9
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Sheldon Walt  Troubling of a Star 1953   HB fair $2.99 fiction   Sears Readers  db18
Shell Donald   The House of Lords 1988   HB/DC good $3.99 history   Rowman & Littlefield bc32
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Shelley  Elizabeth   Caravan of Desire  1980   PB good  1.00 romance    Pocket Books  c27
Shelly  Mary Frankenstein 2001   PB good 1.00 classic   Washington Square Press c72
Shelly/Cashman/Forsythe   Windows 95 Complete Concepts and Techniques 1997   Softcover good $1.99 computers     ac15
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Shelton Jess Daktari 1966   PB poor $1.00 mystery   Ace Bks zp23
Shemin Robert How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not? 2008   HB/DC good $2.99 business   Crown Pub ac73
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Shepard Charles E Forgiven The Rise and Fall of Jim Bakker and The PTL Ministry 1989   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Atlantic Mthly Pr km5
Shepard Fern Candidate For Romance 1948   reading copy only $5.00 vintage   Arcadia House vinE
Shepard Karen An Empire of Women 2000   HB/DC good $1.99 fiction   Putnam Adult mj12
Shepard Lucius The Jaguar Hunter 1987   Trade-size PB good 3.00 scifi   Bantam Books box3
Shepard  Karen  Don't I Know You? 2006   HB/DJ good 1.99 mystery   William Morrow zp32
Shepherd Jack The Adams Chronicles 1976   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Little Brown & Co ac35
Shepherd Perdita A Promise in the Wind 1982   PB good $1.00 romance     tm33
Shepherd Perdita Mornings In Heaven 1982   PB very good $2.00 romance     c46
Shepherd Sheri Rose Fit for Excellence 1998   PB good $1.00 self help   Creation House rt3
Shepherd    Jack The Adams Chronicles 1989   SB good $2.99 history   Smithmark bc51
Shepherd/Arisian ed. Deborah/Khoren Humanism and Postmodernism 1994   PB good 5.95 nonfiction   NACH rt37
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Sheridan Jane My Lady Hoyden 1981   HB good $2.99 fiction   St Martin's Press ac68
Sheridan/Dowdney Donna Richards/Donna Lee How To Write and Publish Articles In Nursing 1986   HB fair $1.99 education   Springer Publishing zp30
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Sherlock John The Golden Mile 1986   HB/DC good 1.99 action   Viking Press pb8
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Sherman Dan  The Traitor 1987   HB/DC fair $2.00 action   Donald Fine wtm11
Sherman Dan  The White Mandarin 1982   HB/DC good $2.99 action   Arbor House ac70
Sherman David Lazarus Rising 2004   PB good $2.70 scifi   Del Rey xs7
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Sherwood John A Bouquet of Thorns 1989   HB good $3.00 mystery   Charles Scribner's Sons box12
Sherwood John Bones Gather No Moss 1994   HB good $3.00 mystery   Charles Scribner's Sons box12
Sherwood John Menacing Groves 1988 book club HB/DC fair $3.00 mystery   Scribners tm30
Sherwood Rebecca Wild Rose of Donegal 1983   PB good $3.99 romance     cr7
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Sherwood Valerie Lovely Lying Lips 1983   PB fair $1.00 romance     hb47
Sherwood Valerie Rash Reckless Love 1982   PB fair $3.00 romance     c18
Sherwood Valerie This Loving Torment 1977   PB fair $1.00 romance     box41
Sherwood Valerie This Towering Passion 1981   PB good $2.00 romance     gbs3
Sherwood Valerie This Towering Passion: Vol 1: The Lovers 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 romance   Severn House bc54
Sherwood Valerie Windsong 1986 book club HB/DC good $5.00 romance   Pocket Books hb46
Sherwood Valerie Windsong 1986   PB good $1.00 romance    Pocket box45
Sherwood  Valerie  Lovesong  1985   HB good  $2.99 romance    Pocket Books str29
Shevchenko Arkady Breaking With Moscow 1985   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Knopf zz3
Shibukawa Ikuyoshi Designer's Guide To Color 5 1991   SB good $1.00 hobby   Chronicle Books str20
Shideler Margaret E. Scattered Seeds 1991   PB good $5.99 Poems   Megs Publishing Company rt33
Shields Brooke Down Came the Rain 2005   HB/DJ good 2.99 biography     Simon & Schuster bio6
Shields Carol  The Stone Diaries 1995   PB/good  $1.25 fiction   Penguin ( mj15
Shields Jody The Crimson Portrait 2006   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Little Brown cr1
Shields Jody The Fig Eater 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Little Brown nb34
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Shields  Mary  Sled Dog Trails 1984   PB good  4.99 travel    Pyrola Publishing  tm6
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Shilts Rancy Conduct Unbecoming 1993   HB/DJ good 1.99 military   St. Martin's Press bc35
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Shilts Randy And The Band Played On 2000   SB fair $1.99 history   Stonewall Inn km19
Shimabukuro Mark Sporting News Official Baseball Register 1993   SB good $1.99 sports   Sporting News box54
Shiner Lewis Frontira 1984   PB good 1.00 sci-fi   Baen Books ab68
Shinn Florence Scovel The Game of Life and How To Play It 1941   SB good $1.00 vintage   Gerald Rickard ab79
Shinn Florence Scovel The Game of Life and How To Play It 1978   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   DeVorss & Co zp1
Shinn George Good Morning Lord 1977   HB/DC good $1.99 religion   Hawthorn Bks edu4
Shinn George The Miracle of Motivation 1981   HB/DC good $1.99 selfhelp   Tyndale House box35
Shinn Sharon    General Winston's Daughter 2009   SB good $2.99 romance   Speak ac63
Shiplett June Lund Thunder in the Wind 1983   PB fair $1.00 romance    Signet zp6
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Shirer  William L.  Midcentury Journey  1952   HB/DJ good  2.99 travel    Farrar, Straus and Young c73
Shirley J Clyde Uncommon Victory 1974 Gubernatorial Campaign of James B Edwards 1978 signed HB good DC fair $24.99 history   R L Bryan Co box30
Shirley Jo Ann Wonderful Ways To Prepare Italian Food 1978   SB good $1.99 cookbooks   Ayres & James str37
Shirrefs Gordon D Mystery of the Haunted Mine 1966   PB good $14.59 children   Scholastic rt63
Shobin David The Unborn 1981   HB good 2.99 horror   The Linden Press xs15b
Shoebridge Marjorie A Wreath of Orchids 1978   PB good $1.00 romance   Playboy Press dd2
Shoebridge Marjorie Bride of the Saracen Stone 1987   PB good $2.00 romance     jm8
Shoebridge Marjorie Reluctant Rapture 1986   PB good 1.00 romance   Leisure Fiction pb5
Shoemaker Bill Fire Horse 1995 first  HB/DC fair, exlibris $2.99 mystery   Fawcett Columbine db9
Shoemaker/McClurg Morrell M./William M. The Building Estimator's Reference Book 1977   HB good 2.99 professional   Frank R. Walker Company rt39
Shoesmith Kathleen A Mallory's Luck 1971   PB fair $1.00 romance     pb14
Shoesmith Kathy Reluctant Puritan 1980   PB good $1.00 romance   Ace Bks bc25
Shofner David Soul Winning 1981   SB good $3.45 religion   AMG Pub ac62
Shogan Robert A Question of Judgement 1972   HB/DJ good 6.29 history   The Bobbs-Merrill Co. jm6
Shojai Amy D New Choices In Natural Healing For Dogs and Cats 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Rodale Pr nb40
Sholes Jerry  Give Me That Prime-Time Religion 1979   HB/DC good $1.99 religion   Hawthorn Books ab87
Sholevar G Pirooz Self-Assessment of Current Knowledge In Child Psychiatry 1975   Spiral Bound good $34.99 education   Med Exam Pub Co ab70