Welcome To Dreamalot Books Writers' Corner

It has been discovered (although I'm pretty sure not recently) that not only do some book lovers like to read but they also enjoying writing. So for your reading and writing pleasure Dreamalot Books would like to present to you some of the brilliant works of our local authors. If you would like to join the list, please email your written work of art to orderbooks@dreamalotbooks.com with your name and a short bio and we'll be more than happy to add it.
Happy Reading and Writing!

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Two Kisses
By Rachel Carrington

Local Author of More Than 40 Published Books

Interview With Gremmy, The Bookstore Gremlin
I Never Should Have Gotten Out Of Bed This Morning
By Cherry R. Collins

Owner of Dreamalot Books, Sometimes Writer, All-The-Time Book Addict

My Krazy Encounter With A Spaceman
By F. M. Hamilton
(better known as Ms. Ginger)

Long-time and much-loved patron of Dreamalot Books.

Rachel's Vermont Ghost Story
True Tale of a Tail
By Judie Stohler

Resident of Goose Creek. Writer and lover of all books. The first story was written last Halloween for her granddaughter. The second about another family member.