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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Acedo Aurelio Cid The Alhambra and Generalife In Focus 2000   SB good 1.00 travel   Edilux ac41
Adams/Speicher Dale/Dale 25 Bicycle Tours in Eastern Pennsylvania 1989   SB good 4.50 travel   Countryman Pr str43
Aistrup Inga Danmark The Four Seasons 1988   HB good $3.89 travel   Host & Sons Forlag rt30
Alsberg Henry The American Guide 1949   HB good $2.99 travel   Hastings House db4
Ames  Evelyn A Glimpse of Eden 1967   HB good 6.39 travel   Houghton Mifflin Co. eb5
Anderson John Gottberg Insight Guides: Nepal 1989   SB good 2.99 travel   APA Pub YA2
Andrusikiewicz  Janusz  Cracow  1994   PB good  5.99 travel    Krakowska Oficyna Wydawnicza eb5
Appalachian Long Distance Hiker's Association   Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers' Companion 2008   SB good 4.72 travel     os3
Automobile Association   Discovering Britain 1982   HB good 3.99 travel   AA YA1
Automobile Association   The Britain Guide and Other Attractions in England 2000   SB good 4.99 travel   NTC Pub Grp mx67
Babovic et-al. Toma Beautiful Bremen 1995   HB good 22.49 travel     ab89
Baedeker   Bali 1996   SB good 2.99 travel   Baedeker zz24
Barrelet/Hubert Marie-Therese/Gerardd The Louvre Museum General Guide Book 1960   SB fair 1.00 travel   Editions L'Indispensable zz10
Bauer Erwin Yellowstone 1993   HB/DC good 3.99 travel   Voyageur Pr YA1
Beckey Fred  Cascade Alpine Guide Climbing and High Routes Stevens Pass To Rainy Pass 1977   SB good 12.95 travel   Mountaineers Bks YA1
Berger Todd Insiders' Guide To Twin Cities 2003   SB good $2.99 travel   Insiders' Guide zz11
Bernstein Ken Sydney Berlitz Pocket Guides 1993   PB good $1.00 travel   Berlitz Publishing Co. db1 
Blanchard Paul Northern Italy From The Alps To Bologna 2001   SB good 11.99 travel   A&C Black km32
Blythe  Ronald Akenfield 1969   HB/DJ good 1.99 travel   Pantheon Books rt85
Bone Robert Maverick Guide To New Zealand 1992 9th SB good 3.25 travel   Pelican Pub c77
Breashears David High Exposure 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Simon & Schuster ab22
Briggs Don VIP's Confidential Guide Tokyo and Hong Kong 1972   HB good $19.99 travel     km23
Brogan D W Life World Library - France 1971   HB good $2.99 travel   Time Life Bks zz9
Brooks Patricia The Penguin Guide To Spain 1990   SB good $1.00 travel   Penguin Bks pb24
Brown ed Ivor A Book of London 1964   HB/DC good $14.99 travel   Collins ab21
Bulkin Rena Washington, D.C. '93  1992   PB good $1.00 travel   G.P. Putnam's Sons bio4
Burnford Sheila One Woman's Arctic 1973   HB/DJ good $2.99 travel   Little, Brown and Company rt50
Calder Ritchie Men Against the Desert 1951   HB good $6.79 travel   George Allen & Unwin Ltd. rt12
Carley Rachel A Guide To Biltmore Estate 1994   SB good $2.99 travel   Biltmore Co zz10
Carley Rachel A Guide To Biltmore Estate 1994   HB/DC good 4.99 travel   Biltmore Co YA3
Carroll David Wonders of the World 1976   Softcover good $1.99 travel     box11
Cary Alice A Trailslide Guide To Hiking and Camping 1997   SB good 1.99 travel   WW Norton mx23
Casey Clifford B Alpine, Texas then and now 1981 #1153/2000 HB good $139.50 travel   Pioneer Books str40
Caverns Supply Company   Carlsbad Caverns National Park ????   SB good 2.99 travel     ac34
Chaitin Peter James A Michener's USA 1981   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Crown Pub c2
Chapin Brenda Boelts Recommended Country Inns Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeaake Region 1992 Fifth PB good $1.00 travel   The Globe Pequot Press rt12
Chester Carole Chicago 1985   HB good $1.00 travel   Gallery ext2
Cilauro/Gleisner/Sitch Santo/Tom/Rob Phaic Tan Sunstroke on a Shoestring 2004   SB good 1.99 travel   Hardie Grant rt50
Clark (ed) Merrian Ford's Freighter Travel Guide Winter 1976-1977 exlibris SB good 9.99 travel   Ford bc52
Clarke Diane A Kid's Guide To Washington DC 1989   SB good 2.99 travel   Gulliver Bks ac44
Clarke Thurston Equator A Journey 1988   HB good $2.99 travel   William Morrow and Company, Inc. str22
Clarke/Evans Nita/Phil London For Beginners 1985   Softcover fair $1.00 travel     tm5
Clewell Gladys D. Lands and Peoples Volume II 1943   HB good 5.99 travel   The Grolier Society ab55
Clunn Harold P. The Face of London C 1960   HB good  7.99 travel    Spring Press box46
Coburn  Broughton  Aama in America  1995   HB/DJ good  2.99 travel    Anchor Books str16
Colberd Frances Japan A Sunset Travel Book 1973   SB good $2.99 travel   Lane Bks cpu1
Cole Robert A Traveller's History of France 1998   SB good 8.25 travel   Interlink Grp ac8
Columbia Record Club   Guided Tours of the World Greece 1961   HB good $2.99 travel   Columbia Record Club str16
Cooke Alistair Alistair Cooke's America 1973   HB good DC poor $2.99 travel   Knopf xs55
Cooper Emmeline/Polly A Visitor's Guide To Savannah 1995   SB good $1.00 travel   Wyrick & Co rt57
Crossette ed. Barbara  America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns 1980 second HB/DJ good $8.99 travel    Congdon & Lattes hb8
Cusumano Camille France A Love Story 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   BN Inc km15
Dalton Dennis The Thames Book 1970 1969   SB good $10.99 travel   Link House Grp zz6
Davies Derek The Greek Islands 1971   SB good 2.99 travel   Kodansha bc45
Davies Nancy Millichap California 1990   HB/DC good 2.99 travel   Gallery Bks YA1
de Costa Riitta Facts about Finland 1988   PB good $7.99 travel   Otava Publishing company rt35
de Groot Van Embden W Life In Europe The Netherlands 1963   HB good 4.99 travel   Fidelier mx26
De Mente Boye Japan Made Easy All You Need To Know About Japan 1996   SB good 2.99 travel   McGraw-Hill bc75
Denniston Jennifer Lonely Planet Grand Canyon National Park 2004   SB good $1.00 travel   Lonely Planet Pub wtm13
DHHS   Access North Carolina 2000   Spiral Bound good $6.99 travel     zp31
Donner Florinda Shabono A Visit to a Remote and Magical World in the Heart of the SA Jungle 1982   HB/DC good 10.99 travel   Bodley Head bc27
Dore Ronald P. Shinohata 1980   PB good 1.00 travel   Pantheon Books mj21
D'Orta Enrika How to Visit Pompeii 1994   PB good $1.00 travel   Falanga Edizioni Pompeiane rt32
Doyle Claire The Insider's Guide To North Carolina's Central Coast and New Bern 1999   SB good 2.99 travel   Insiders Guides xs39
Draffen Andrew Rio de Janeiro 1998   PB good $1.99 travel   Lonely Planet Publications rt82
du Pont  Victor Marie  Journey to France and Spain 1801 1961   HB good  3.99 travel    Cornell University Press ab81
Dudley Ellen   The Savvy Adventure Traveler What To Know Before You Go 1998   Softcover very good $2.99 travel     ext4
Dunn William Enjoy Europe By Train 1974 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Scribner ac27
Durrell Lawrence Spirit of Place Letters and Essays on Travel 1969   HB good $6.99 travel   E.P. Dutton & Company ac4
Edgerton Clyde Walking Across Egypt 1988   PB good 2.99 travel   Ballantine Bks km26
Editor    What I Want To Know About Japan 1996   SB good 2.99 travel   Japan Info Center ab13
Editors of Reader's Digest   Explore America - Historic Places 2000   HB good $2.99 travel   Readers Digest bio5
Ellingham Mark The Rough GuideTo Portugal 1998   SB good 1.00 travel   Rough Guides km32
Elmer Carlos Grand Canyon Country 1983   SB good 2.99 travel   WA Krueger box19
Erickson/Gazaleh-Weevers Patricia G./Sheila Roaming 'Round Holland 1989   PB good 4.09 travel   VanBoekhoven/Bosch ab6
Explorer Publishing   Shanghai Complete Residents' Guide 2007   SB good 2.99 travel   Explorer Pub mx37
Exxon Travel Club   Travel Atlas 1977   SB good $2.99 travel   Exxon zz10
Fiallos Maria Adventure Guide To Honduras & the Bay Islands 2006   SB good 2.99 travel   Hunter Pub zz19
Filley Bette Discovering the Wonders of the Wonderland Trail Encircling Mount Rainier 1991 SB good 5.95 travel Dunamis Hs str4
Finkelstein/London Dave/Jack Greater Nowheres 1990 HB/DC good $2.99 travel Bookthrift Co bc53
Fodor Eugene Fodor's Europe Under 25 1972   SB good $275.99 travel   Fodor sm1
Fodor Eugene et al Fodor's Japan and East Asia 1974 1974   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   David McKay cr31
Fodor   Fodor's Guatemala 2008   SB good 1.00 travel   Fodor str27
Fodor   Fodor's Modern Guides France 1961 1961   HB/DC good $1.99 travel     bc1
Fodor   Fodor's USA Broderbund Edition 1985   SB good 1.99 travel     c27
Fodor   Loire Valley French Chateau Country 1987   SB good $1.00 travel     ac48
Fodor   Pocket Rome What to see and do in the Eyternal City 1996   PB good $1.00 travel   Fodor's jm8
Fodor/Fisher Eugene/Robert C. Fodor's Great Britain 1971 1971   HB/DJ good $9.99 travel   David McKay Company, Inc. rt82
Fodor's   Fodor's San Francisco's 25 Best 2006 no map SB good 1.99 travel   Fodors mx7
Foley Paul Lake Macquarie Reflections Of Our City 2004   SB good $31.99 travel   Lake Macquarie City ac45
Ford Norman D The 50 Healthiest Places To Live and Retire in the United States 1992   PB good $1.00 travel     ha1
Forty Sandra Paris A Photographic Journey 2006   HB/DC good 4.99 travel   BN mx67
France/Brayer Jean/Betsy Of Town & The River A Rochester Guide 1977   PB good 9.79 travel   Rochester Polychrome Press, Inc c9
Frank Arthur Take Your Pet USA A Guide of Accomodations For Pets and Their Owners 1993   Softcover fair $1.00 travel     ext4b
Frank Gerry Gerry Frank's Where To Find It Buy It Eat It In New York 2013   SB good 2.99 travel   Gerry Frankly Speaking nb14
Frankel  Michael L. The Voyage of Sabra  1990   HB/DJ good  2.99 travel    W. W. Norton & Co ab75
Freeman Roger Day Hikes and Trail Rides In and Around Phoenix 1991   SB good $1.00 travel   Gem Guides  pb7
Gange Jared Hikers Guide To The Mountains of Vermont 2004   PB good $1.00 travel   Huntington  nb32
Geis Darlene Let's Travel In India 1961 exlibris HB good 7.99 travel   Travel Pr YA4
Gelman Rita Golden Tales of a Female Nomad 2002   PB good 2.89 travel   Three Rivers Press ab54
Gibbon David China A Picture Book To Remember Her By 1988   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Crescent cpu1
Gibbon David Colonial Virginia A Picture Book to Remember Her By 1988   HB/DJ good 2.99 travel   Crescent tm16
Gibbon David Greece A Picture Book To Remember Her By 1986   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Crescent gbs5
Gibbon David Italy A Picture Book To Remember Her By 1991   HB/DC good 2.99 travel   Crescent os31
Gibbon/Smart David/Ted New York State and Niagara Falls A Picture Book To Remember Her By 1979 exlibris HB good 6.50 travel   Crescent Bks km5
Gillen/MacKenzie William/Patricia New York Chocolate Lover's Guide 1996   HB/DJ good 1.99 travel   City & Company nc2
Gosnell Mariana Zero 3 Bravo 1993   HB/DJ good 1.99 travel   Alfren A. Knopf rt10
Greenberg Peter Don't Go There The Travel Detective's Essential Guide 2008   SB good 2.99 travel   Rodale zz13
Greenberg Peter The Travel Detective Flight Crew Confidential 2002   SB good $1.99 travel   Villard ac44
Grenfell Wilfred T Labrador Looks at the Orient 1928   HB good $3.79 travel   Houghton Mifflin wtm16
Griffin Thomas Kurtz New Orleans A Guide To America's Most Interesting City 1964 exlibris HB good DC fair 9.99 travel   Doubleday ab19
Grossfield Stan  The Whisper of Stars A Siberian Journey 1988   HB/DC good $1.99 travel   Globe Pequot Press bc48
Habe Hans The Wounded Land 1964   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Coward-McCann hb7
Haines Aubrey Historic Sites Along The Oregon Trail 1983   SB good 2.99 travel   Patrice Pr mj31
Hall/Nordhoff James/Charles Faery Lands of the South Seas 2001   SB good 7.45 travel   Alexander Bks mx40
Hamill  Pete  Downtown  2004   HB/DJ good  2.99 travel    Little, Brown and Co. ab71
Hanna Alfred J/Kathryn A Lake Okeechobee 1948   HB good $69.99 travel   Bobbs-Merrill ab21
Hannigan Des AAA Europe TravelBook 2010   SB good $1.00 travel   AAA cr1
Harding  Paul    Lonely Planet Scandinavian Europe 2007   SB good 2.25 travel   Lonely Planet c55
Harper Damien Lonely Planet Shanghai City Guide 2008   SB good 1.99 travel   Lonely Planet ac69
Harris Bill Boston City of Man Dreams 1988   HB/DC good 5.99 travel   Crescent Pub rt79
Harris Kenneth About Britain 1968   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Houghton Mifflin ext4
Harrison Marina Walks In Welcoming Places 1995 exlibris SB good 2.99 travel   Michael Kesend Pub YA2
Harryman/Lasley Elizabeth/Paul Honeymoons A Romantic Travel Guide 1990   SB good 2.99 travel   Plume ac63b
Harvey Sean The Rough Guide To The Dominican Republic 2007   SB good 1.99 travel   Rough Guides hb14
Heacox Kim    Smithsonian Guides To Natural America: The Pacific - Hawaii and Alaska 1995   SB good 1.99 travel   Random House mx18
Heald  Bruce D.  Memories from Hew Hampshire's Lakes and Mountains 2007   PB good 4.65 travel   History Press rel2
Heat-Moon William Least River-Horse A Voyage Across America 1999   SB good $2.99 travel   Houghton Mifflin bc74
Herriot James James Herriot's Yorkshire 1981   SB good $2.99 travel   St Martin's Pr mj27
Herriot James Yorkshire 1979   HB/DJ good 1.99 travel   St. Martin's Press rt85
Heurtin et-al. Pierre-Yves Heurtin Rennes 1997 french HB/DJ good 31.89 travel   Quest-France ab89
Hickey ed Jerrold The Yankee Guide To The New England Countryside 1972 Spring/Summer SB good $14.99 travel   The Yankee zz16
Hinchman Sandra    Hiking The Southwest's Canyon Country 1990   SB good 1.99 travel   Mountaineers Bks bc72
Hobson  Clive Skiing USA 1997   PB good $1.00 travel   Fodor's Travel Publications  ab84
Hodges Allan Washington On Foot 1977   SB good 4.50 travel   Smithsonian Pr bc22
Hoff Lisa New Orleans 1991   SB good 4.75 travel   Cities In Color zp7
Hofmann Paul  The Seasons of Rome 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Henry Holt sm2
Holland/Gawthrop Jack/John Berlin The Rough Guide 1995   Softback good $1.00 travel     sac5
Hopf John T The Complete Picture Guide To Newport RI 1989   SB good $2.99 travel     hb54
Horwitz Tony Baghdad Without A Map 1992   SB good 2.99 travel   Plume km32
Howells John Choose Costa Rica For Retirement 2000   SB good $1.00 travel   Globe Pequot sac2
Hudson Jim Rail Trails Along The Greenbrier River 1998   PB good $4.99 travel   Quarrier Pr box28
Hughes Holly Frommers 500 Places To See Before They Disappear 2008   SB good 2.99 travel   Frommers pqr1
Hunter Publishing   Insiders Guide To Japan 1988 exlibris SB good 1.00 travel   Hunter Pub km31
Hutchings William G  Choose Panama The Perfect Retirement Haven 2007   SB good $1.99 travel   Mission Bay Pub os11
Insight Guides   Austria 1993   SB good 2.99 travel   Apa Prod mx58
Jacques Oliver/Fredonia Africa Called Us 1952   HB/DJ good 6.99 travel   Review and Herald Publishing chr1
Jarrold Publishing   Guide to the Historic Town of Stamford 2000   SB good 2.99 travel   Jarrold Pub db4
Jenkins Peter/Barbara The Walk West A Walk Across America 2 1981 book club HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Morrow bc58
Katusic Ivan Tourist Guide To Yugoslavia 1973   SB good 2.99 travel     ac36
Kay  Linda Romantic Days and Nights In Montreal 1999   PB good $1.00 travel   Globe Pequot Press rt2
Kaye Evelyn Active Woman Vacation Guide 1997 signed SB good $4.99 travel   Blue Panda lkm5
Keating Bern Alaska 1969   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Nat Geo Soc cr35
Kemble John Haskell San Francisco Bay A Pictorial Maritime History 1988   HB/DC good 3.99 travel   Bonanza Bks hb2 
Kennedy Space Center   Kennedy Space Center Tours English Tourbook 1983   SB good 9.35 travel   KSC Pub ac29
King Larry Travel for Fun and Profit 1990   PB good $1.00 travel   Dreams Unlimited, Inc. rt26
Klein ed. Wihelm St. Petersburg 1994   PB good 1.00 travel   APA Productions zp14
Krueger ed. Vicki One Tank Trips with Bill Murphy 1999   PB vg 1.00 travel   Seaside Publishing rt87
Kruger Natalie Frommer's Australia 2000 1999   SB good 1.99 travel   Frommers aod9
Lathrop Elise Early American Inns and Taverns 1977   HB/DJ good 5.59 travel   Arno Press str43
Lauby Linda  The Insider's Guide to North Carolina's Outer Banks 1999   SB good 1.99 travel   Insiders Guides hb39
Leadem Tim West Coast Trail and Nitinat Lakes 1994   SB good 4.50 travel   Douglas & McIntyre str1 
Lenkert Erika California From $60 A Day 1999 second SB good $1.00 travel   Frommer box30
Leprohon Pierre Paris    1976   HB/DC good 5.99 travel   Minerva km31
Leprohon Pierre Venice 1979   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Minerva ext22
Let's Go Inc   Let's Go 2005 Greece 2004   SB good $1.99 travel     rt53
Lewis Paul Beautiful New Hampshire 1982 exlibris SB good 2.99 travel   Beautiful American Pub rt77
Lewis Taylor Biggs Christmas in the Southwest 1973   HB/DC good 2.99 travel   Holt Rinehart Winston pb4
Lewis/Young Taylor Biggs/Joanne B. Christmas in Williamsburg 1972   PB good $2.89 travel   Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. rt63
Lingenhole Walter Vorariberg (German edition) 1983   HB/DJ good 19.89 travel   Pinguin ab88
Lipton Chet/Carolee Walking Easy in the Swiss Alps 1993   SB good 1.99 travel   Gateway mx63
Logan William Bryant The Smithsonian Guide To Historic America 1989   SB good 3.99 travel   Stewart Tabori & Chang km32
Loman Anna Looking At Holland 1966 exlibris HB good $1.00 travel   Lippincott sm1
Lonely Planet   Africa on a Shoestring 1998   PB good $1.99 travel   Lonely Planet Publications rt82
Lonely Planet   Brazil 1998   PB good $1.99 travel   Lonely Planet Publications rt82
Lonely Planet   Eastern Europe 2001   PB good $1.99 travel   Lonely Planet Publications rt82
Lonely Planet   Middle East 2000   PB good $4.09 travel   Lonely Planet Publications rt82
Long E John America's National Capital A Guide In Picture's and Text to Washington DC 1959   HB/DC good 1.99 travel   Doubleday box14
Maclean Fitzroy Portrait of the Soviet Union 1988   HB/DJ good $2.99 travel   Henry Holt and Company str18
Madden Daniel Spain & Portugal Iberian Portrait 1969 exlibris HB/DC good 9.99 travel   Thomas Nelson cpu16
Madison/Stillwell Virginia/Hallie How Come It's Called That? Place Names in the Big Bend Country 1986   Softcover fair $2.99 travel     str40
Magazine   The Churchill London Autumn 1971   SB good $1.99 travel     hb46
Marino John Frommer's Puerto Rico 2012   SB good 4.99 travel   Frommers cla3
Martin Harold H. This Hapy Isle 1978   HB/DJ good 2.99 travel   Sea Island Company hb2 
Maunsell David F Historical Guide To The Green Mountain Country 1969   SB good $4.95 travel     db6
May Stephen Footloose on the Santa Fe Trail 1993   PB good 1.00 travel   University Press of Colorado zp34
Mayes Frances A Year In The World Journeys of a Passionate Traveller 2007   SB good 2.99 travel   Broadway Bks mx33
Mayes Frances Bella Tuscany The Sweet Life of Italy 1999   SB good $2.99 travel   Broadway nb31
Mayle Peter A Year In Provence 1991   SB good 2.99 travel   Vintage mx33
Mayle Peter Acquired Tastes 1993   SB good 1.99 travel   Bantam mx33
Mayle Peter Bon Appetit! 2001   PB good $1.00 travel     cr20
Mayle Peter French Lessons Adventures with Knife Forks and Corkscrews 2002   SB good 2.99 travel   Vintage sm7
McCuddy Robin Ferguson This Is Memphis 1974   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Quest Travelbooks cr39
McDarrah Gloria S./Fred W. Museums in New York 1990   PB good $1.00 travel   St. Martins Press db18
McDowell Jack San Francisco 1980   SB good 2.99 travel   Lane os31
McLaughlin Robert The Heartland: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin 1969   HB fair $1.99 travel   Houghton Mifflin Company bio8
McManners Hugh Crowning The Dragon Adventures in the Chinese Karakoram 1990   SB good $2.99 travel   Grafton bc21
Metz Erin Garrett The Willcox The South's Finest Hospitality Awaits You 2003   HB/DC good 13.95 travel   Garrett Hotel Group mx31
Michelin   The Green Guide Rome Vatican City 2000   SB good 1.99 travel   Michelin Travel Pubns hb41
Mirepoix Camille Lebanon in Pictures 1978 exlibris HB good 2.99 travel   Oak Tree Press mx26
Mitchell James R Gem Trails of California 1986   Softcover very good $7.00 travel     str3 
Mitchell Jr William R Classic Atlanta Landmarks of the Atlanta Spirit 1991   HB/DC good 17.50 travel   Golden Coast Pub mx67
Moeller Bill/Jan Full-Time Rving A Complete Guide To Life On The Open Road 1993   SB good 2.99 travel   Trailer Life Ent tm12
Molden Hanna Arlberg 1986 german HB/DJ good 18.89 travel   Christian Brandstatter ab89
Moorehead  Alan No Room in the Ark 1959   HB/DJ good 2.99 travel   Harper & Brothers ab57
Morath/Miller Inge/Arthur Chinese Encounters 1981   SB good $2.99 travel   Penguin Bks dm2
More Carey Views From A French Farmhouse 1985   HB/DJ good 1.99 travel   Henry Holt and Co. rt33
Moyer Marybeth The Canadian Bed and Breakfast Guide 2006 18th SB good $8.75 travel   Fitzhenry & Whiteside pb29
Muehl  John Frederick Interview with India 1950   HB good 2.99 travel   The John Day Co. ab54
Murie Margaret E Two In the Far North 2003   PB good $3.39 travel   Alaska Northwest Books os8
National Geographic   New England Land of Scenic Splendor 1989   HB/DC good, dc has tear $3.00 travel     hb30
National Geographic Society   The World's Wild Shores 1990   HB/DC good 3.99 travel   National Geographic Soc xs65
National Trust   The National Trust Handbook 1989   Softcover good $1.00 travel     sac3
National Trust For Historic Preservation   Historic Hotels of America Directory 2003   SB good $1.00 travel     c33
Newman Harold Newman's European Travel Guide 1959 exlibris HB/DC good $4.99 travel   Harper c2
Nichols David Ernie's America 1989   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   Random House ab89
Nutting Wallace Ireland Beautiful 1988   HB/DC good 2.99 travel   Random House mx24
O'Briant Don Backroad Buffets & Country Cafes 2003   SB good $1.99 travel   Blair Pub pb20
Orling Merry Vienna 1977   SB good $4.99 travel   Casa Editrice Bonechi km16
Orton Gavin Scandinavia 1980 exlibris HB good 14.99 travel   Silver Burdett ovs1
Osborne Lawrence Paris Dreambook  1992   SB good 5.25 travel   Vintage km27
Panorama   Guided Tours of the World France 1960   HB good $2.99 travel   Columbia Record Club ext1
Patitz Axel Baedeker's Denmark 1987   SB good 1.99 travel   Baedeker's Guides mx27
Patton/Sherwin Marion/Mary Know Your America A Guide To Every State in the Union Volume 1 1978   HB good 3.99 travel maps in book Doubleday mx39
Payne Donald  Through The Great Canadian Wilderness 1996   HB good 4.99 travel   Reader's Digest rt36
Petzet Michael Neuschwanstein Castle 1998   SB good 4.95 travel   Bayerische rt13
Phelan Nancy The Chilean Way 1973   HB/DJ good 12.29 travel   Macmillan ab25
Pindell Terry Last Train To Toronto 1992 first HB/DC good $5.00 travel   Henry Holt hb42
Pizzinini Meinrad Lienz in Geschichte Und Gegenwart 1987   HB good multilingual $5.99 travel   Haymon Verlag str29
Pollworth Pat  Milwaukee City Safaris 2009   SB good 7.45 travel zz15
Poncin G. Belgium's Steeples and Towers 1981   HB/DJ good 16.69 travel   Les Ateliers d'Art Graphique Meddens ab89
Porter Darwin Frommer's England 2004 2003   SB good $1.00 travel   Frommers nb33
Press and Information Office   Facts About Germany 1999   SB good 1.99 travel   German Govt ac25
Pucci Eugenio How To Visit The Excavations of Pompeii 1974   SB good 3.99 travel   Bonechi Ed str44
Quiring James Mount St Helens The Continuing Story In Pictures 1991   SB good 2.99 travel   KC Pub box19
Rae William    Edinburgh The New Official Guide Scotland's Capital City 1994   PB good $1.00 travel   Mainstream Publishing box6
Rand McNally   Discover Historic America 1974   SB good 12.99 travel   Rand McNally YA1
Rand McNally   Texaco Travel Atlas 1976   SB good $2.99 travel     zz16
Rand McNally   The Road Atlas Midsize United States Canada Mexico 2011   SB good 1.99 travel   Rand McNally str21
Randall Sandie Scotland (Eyewitness Travel) 2010   SB good 1.99 travel   DK  xs25
Reader's Digest   Explore America: National Parks 1996   HB good $2.99 travel   Reader's Digest cr10
Reader's Digest   The Most Scenic Drives In America 1997   HB good 2.99 travel   Readers Digest mx28
Readers Digest Editors   American Treasures 1997   HB good $2.99 travel   Readers Digest rt15
Readers Digest Editors   America's Greatest Cities 2001   HB good $2.99 travel   Readers Digest ext22
Readers Digest Editors   Back Roads and Hidden Corners 2000   HB good $2.99 travel   Readers Digest ext22
Readers Digest Editors   Exploring America - Scenic Highways 2002   HB good $2.99 travel   Readers Digest cr14
Readers Digest Editors   Great American Journeys 2000   HB good $2.99 travel   Readers Digest ext22
Readicker-Henderson Ed/Lynn Adventure Guide To Alaska Highway 1998   SB good 2.99 travel   Hunter Pub zz23
Reiber Beth Frommer's Tokyo 1996   SB good 2.99 travel   Frommers mx11
RH Value Pub   Tidewater Virginia A Picture Book To Remember Her By 1988   HB/DC good 3.99 travel   Crescent Bks os28
RH Value Publishing   Alabama A Picture Book To Remember Her By 1991   HB/DC good $1.99 travel   RH Value bc48
Rh Value Publishing   New York A Picture Book To Remember Her By 1988   HB/DC fair 1.99 travel   Crescent  rt21
Ritz Stacy The New Key To Belize 1993 exlibris SB good 2.99 travel   Ulysses Pr km35
Rivinus Marion W Lights Along The Schuylkill ????   HB/DC good $4.99 travel     ab18
Robinson  Bill Best Sailing Spots Worldwide 1991   HB/DJ good  2.99 travel    Hearst Marine Books ab82
Rocher/Dearstyne A Lawrence/Howard Colonial Williamsburg Its Buildings and Gardens 1969   HB/DC good          39.99 travel   Holt Rinehart and Winston mx2
Rogers  Jim  Investment Biker 1994   HB/DJ good  2.99 travel    Random House  xs43
Roth P. Stara Lubovna 1993   HB/DJ good 19.99 travel     ab89
Rouse Jr Parke Williamsburg In Color 1962   SB good            2.99 travel   Colonial Williamsburg mx6
Rundback Betty Bed and Breakfast USA 1992 1992   PB good $1.00 travel   A Plume Book rt20
Saling Ann The Great Northwest Nature Factbook 1991   SB good 2.50 travel   Alaska Northwest Bks hb2 
Santini Loretta Rome and Vatican 1978   PB good $1.99 travel   Plurigraf-Narni-Terni hb42
Sassi Dino Souvenir View Book of Washington 1986   PB good 1.00 travel   L.B. Prince Co. os16
Scanlon Thomas J. Waiting for the Snow 1997   PB good $1.00 travel   Posterity Press rt10
Schaffer/Selters Jeffrey/Andy The Pacific Crest Trail Vol 2: Oregon and Washington 1990   SB good 2.99 travel   Wilderness Pr mj5
Sehlinger Bob The Unofficial Guide To Las Vegas 2006   SB good $1.00 travel   Wiley rel3
Severgnini  Beppe La Bella Figura A Field Guide To The Italian Mind 2006   HB/DC good 2.99 travel   Broadway mx27
Shacky Jimmy Glorida Golf Guide 1994   PB good $1.00 travel   Open Road Publishing  rt38
Shields  Mary  Sled Dog Trails 1984   PB good  4.99 travel    Pyrola Publishing  tm6
Shirer  William L.  Midcentury Journey  1952   HB/DJ good  2.99 travel    Farrar, Straus and Young c73
Simpson Norman T. North America Country Inns and Back Roads 1989-1990 1990   PB good $1.00 travel   Harper & Row rt13
Smith Bradley Escape To The West Indies 1961   HB/DC good $4.99 travel   Knopf anm1
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