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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Aaseng Nathan Animal Specialists 1987 exlibris HB good 11.99 animals children Lerner Pub mil1
Adamson Eve Dachshunds For Dummies 2001   SB good $2.99 pets   For Dummies box7
Adamson Eve The Golden Retriever 2005   HB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub mx61
Adamson Joy Living Free 1972   PB good 1.00 animals   Bantam Books jm6
Alderton David Rabbits and Guinea Pigs 1986   HB good $2.00 pets   Tetra Press anm1
Almos Angelia Horse Schools  2007   SB good 4.99 pets   Trafalgar Sq Bks wtm10
Amberson  Rosanne Raising Your Cat 1978   HB/DC good $5.95 pets   Crown Pub nb40
American Kennel Club   American Kennel Club Dog Care and Training 1991   SB good $1.99 pets   Howell Book House zp27
American Kennel Club   The Complete Dog Book 1998   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Howell Book House hb19
American Kennel Club   The Complete Dog Book 1968   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Doubleday ab1 
Ames Felicia The Fish You Care For 1971   PB good $2.00 pets     hb28
Ammen Amy Training In No Time 1995   HB good $2.99 pets   Howell Book House zp27
Amon Aline Reading, Writing, Chattering Chimps 1976   HB/DC fair $1.00 pets   Atheneum anm1
Anderson Marlene This Is The Saint Bernard 1973   HB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub rt4 
ap Evans Humphrey Falconry 1974   HB good DC worn 7.99 pets   Arco Pub mx67
Aubyn Zoe The Riding Handbook 2007 exlibris SB good 2.99 pets   Firefly Bks bc32
Axelrod Herbert Koi and Garden Pools 1987   SB good 1.99 pets   TFH Pub ab61
Axelrod Herbert R Marine Fish 1988   HB good 1.99 animals   TFH Pub c70
Bachleda F Lynne Dangerous Wildlife in the Mid-Atlantic 2001   SB good 7.25 animals   Menasha Ridge Pr str6
Baensch Hans Marine Aquarist's Manual 1987   HB good 2.99 animals   Howell Bk House sac4
Baron Stanley Richard The Desert Locust 1972   HB/DC good 4.99 animals   Scribner mx66
Barrie Anmarie The Guide to Woning a Cockatial     PB good $1.00 pets   T.F.H. Publicationsrt24 rt32
Bartlett Patricia The Hamster Handbook 2003   SB good $1.99 pets   Barron's rt12
Bartlett Richard Geckos A Complete Pet Owner's Manual 1995   SB good 2.99 pets   Barron's  zz21
Bartos Bob The Dog For You America's Most Popular Breeds 1974   PB good $2.25 pets   Dell Bks ext4b
Beauchamp Richard Rottweilers For Dummies 2000   SB good 2.99 pets   For Dummies mx19
Becker Bob It's Easy To Raise and Train A Puppy In Your House or Apartment 1950   SB good 1.99 pets   Doubleday zz25
Becklund  Jack   Summers with the Bears 1999   HB/DJ good  2.99 animals    Hyperion cr34
Benjamin Carol Lea Dog Training in 10 Minutes 1997   SB good $1.99 pets   Howell House xs63
Benjamin Carol Lea Mother Knows Best The Natural Way To Train Your Dog 1985   HB good $2.99 pets   Howell House nb40
Benjamin Carol Lea Second-Hand Dog How To Turn Yours Into A First-Rate Pet 1988   SB good $1.00 pets   Howell Bk House ac49
Berggren Sigvard  Freedom Forest 1962   HB/DC good $2.99 animals   Morrow rt26
Berwick Ray How To Train Your Pet Like A Television Star 1977   SB fair $1.00 pets   Armstrong Pub ac53
Brearley J M This Is The Irish Setter 1974   HB good $2.99 pets   TFH Pub km7
Briggs Anna  Paws For Thought 1997   PB good 1.00 animals   Nat Humane Soc cpu2
Briggs Anna C For The Love of Animals 1990   PB good 1.00 pets     c77
Britton Vanessa Alternative Therapies For Horses 1996   SB good 2.99 pets   Ward Lock Ltd ab48
Brodsky Gary The Mind of the Cat 1991   HB/DC good $1.99 pets   Longmeadow Pr ac29
Buchsbaum Ralph Animals Without Backbones 1953   HB good $7.99 animals underlining Univ of Chicago Pr c35
Buchsbaum  Ralph Animals Without Backbones 1938   HB good 19.99 animals   Univ of Chicago Pr mx61
Burgess Warren The ABC's of Marine Aquariums 1986   HB good  2.50 pets   TFH Pubs rt52
Burnford Sheila The Incredible Journey 1968   PB fair $1.00 animals     mor4
Burris Christopher The Proper Care of Dogs 2000   SB good $1.99 pets   TFH Pub ac53
Buzhardt Lynn Can We Have One? A Parent's Guide To Raising Kids With Cats and Dogs 2008 exlibris SB good $1.99 pets   LA State Univ misc8
Byrnes Gene Dogs A Book of Pictures Information Cartoons Advice and Fun 1946   HB good 9.99 pets   Grosset & Dunlap ns21
Cahalane Victor H Mammals of North America 1961   HB fair $1.00 pets   Macmillan anm1
Cameron W Bruce The Dogs of Christmas 2013   HB/DC good 1.99 pets   Forge Bks tm39
Caras Roger  Harper's Illustrated Handbook of Dogs 1992   SB good $2.99 pets   Collins Ref ac48
Carlson Stig G The Rhodesian Ridgeback 1985   SB good $4.99 animals     hb20
Carolina Bird Club Inc   The Chat Vol 30 No 4 Dec-66   SB good $7.99 animals     zz15
Carpenter Tom The Gardner's Bird Book 1999   HB good $2.99 animals   National Home Gardening Club zz9
Cassidy  Edward  Phosphates in Aquaria  1993   PB good  1.00 pets    Precision Aquarium Testing cr8
Christensen Wendy The Humane Society of the US Complete Guide To Cat Care 2004   SB good 4.50 pets   St Martin's Pr rt15
Climer Jerry How To Raise A Dog When Nobody's Home 1991   SB good $1.00 pets   Penny Dreadful rt91
Coborn John Breeding and Keeping Geckos 1995   HB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub cpu7
Coborn John The Guide To Owning Savannah Monitors 1994   SB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub zz21
Coile D Caroline Pomeranian's For Dummies 2007   SB good $2.99 pets   For Dummies rt27
Corey Paul Do Cats Think? 1978   PB good $1.00 pets   Jove nom3
Corley G F Riding and Schooling The Western Performance Horse 1981   HB/DC good 4.99 pets   Arco Pub mx18
Cornett James Indians and Desert Animals 2000   SB good 2.99 animals   Marketscope Bks box25
Couffer Jack Song of Wild Saughter 1963   HB/DJ good $2.99 animal   Simon and Schuster kpr1
Croke Vicki Animal ER 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 animals   Dutton rt34
Cunliffe Juliette Bichon Frise 2003   HB good 5.99 pets   Kennel Club Bks rel1
Daniel Lois The Faithful Friend Favorite Writings About Owning and Loving Dogs 1968   HB/DC good $1.25 pets   Hallmark  ab68
Darling F Fraser Wild Life of Britain 1947 third HB/DC good $15.35 animals   Collins ext12
Darling Louis The Gull's Way 1965   HB good, exlibris $2.00 pets   William Morrow db9
De Vosjoli Philippe Basic Care of Uromastyx 1997   SB good 2.99 pets   Advanced Vivarium Sys box25
De Vosjoli Philippe The Ball Python Manual 1997   SB good 2.99 animals   Advanced Vivarium Sys dm3
Delmonte Patti Real Food For Cats 2001   SB good 2.99 pets   Storey Pub rt77
Dibra Bashkim Dog Training By Bash 1992   PB good $1.00 pets   Signet Bks ac54
Dodman Nicholas Dogs Behaving Badly 1999 exlibris HB/DC good $3.99 pets   Bantam lkm5
Dudley Ernest An Elephant Called Slowly 1970   PB good $1.00 animals   Pyramid Books rt62
Dugan James World Beneath The Sea 1967   HB/DC good 2.99 animals   National Geographic mx15
Duncan William Cary Dog Training Made Easy For You and Your Dog 1940   HB good DC worn $2.99 pets   Bell Pub c71
Eckstein  Warren How To Get Your Dog To Do What You Want 1994   SB good 2.99 pets   Ballantine Bks mx41
Embery Joan My Wild World 1980   HB/DC good $1.99 animals   Delacorte bc44
Emmens C W  The Marine Aquarium In Theory and Practice 1975   HB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub zz8
Falk John R The Complete Guide To Bird Dog Training 1976 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 pets   Winchester Pr dm3
Farmer III Charles H Sharks of South Carolina 2004   Softcover good $9.99 animals     str38
Farmstead Magazine   Farmstead Magazine's Guide To Animal Husbandry 1987   Softback good $3.00 animals     xs65
Forster Jean The Rottweiler An Owner's Guide 1995   HB good 1.99 pets   Howell Bks ab20
Foster   Rory C I Never Met An Animal I Didn't Like 1987   HB good $1.99 pets   Franklin Watts c68
Fouts/Mills Roger/Stephen T. Next of Kin 1997   HB/DJ good  2.99 animal    William Morrow and Co.  mj9
Fox Michael W Superdog Raising the Perfect Canine Companion 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Howell Bk House bc23
Fox Sue Gerbils 2007   HB good $1.99 pets   TFH Pub rt12
Freeman Muriel The Complete Rottweiler 1984   HB good 2.99 pets   Howell Bks mx19
Friese U Erich Marine Invertibrates 1996   HB good 2.99 animals   TFH Pub zz12
Fusz Ellen   Animal Planet Cockatiels 2006   HB good $1.99 pets   TFH Pub nb41
Gardner Bob Gardner's Treecrab Book 1977   Stapled SC booklet 1.00 animals     ab61
Geller  Tamar  The Loved Dog  2007   HB good $2.99 animal    Simon Spotlight Entertainment c26
Girzone Joseph F. Kara, The Lonely Falcon 1991   PB good 1.00 animal   Macmillan and Co. ab64
Goldbecker/Hart Wm./Ernest H. This is the German Shepherd 1967   HB good $2.99 pets   T.F.H. Publications, Inc. hb36
Goodavage Maria Soldier Dogs 2012   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Dutton dm6
Graham  Ada and Frank An Audubon Reader Bears In The Wild 1981   HB fair $1.00 pets   Delacorte Press anm1
Grant  John B. Our Common Birds and How To Know Them 1891   HB good 15.99 animals   Charles Scribner's Sons vinn
Greenberg Idaz Guide to Corals and Fishes of Fla, Bahamas, Carib. 1977   Softback fair $1.00 pets     anm1
Grogan John Marley A Dog Like No Other 2007   HB good $1.99 pets   HarperCollins tm6
Grogan John    Marley and Me 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   William Morrow ms16
Hadfield Marabel The Manual of Horsemanship 1981   HB good 1.99 pets   Barron's mx22
Hale Mason The Biology of Lichens 1967   HB/DC good 17.45 animals   Hodder & Stoughton str24
Halmi Robert In The Wilds of Africa 1972   SB good 2.99 animals   Scholastic  nb43
Harper Frederick Handbook of Horse Care ???? abridged reprint PB good $9.99 pets   US Pony Clubs ac43
Harper/White Lee/Joyce The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats 2008   SB good 4.99 pets   Metro Bks mx43
Harris Susan E Grooming To Win  1991   HB/DC good $2.99 pets horses Howell Bk House ab62
Harrison James 101 Cat Care Essential Tips 2008   PB good 1.00 pets   DK Pub dm10
Hartnagle Joseph Australian Shepherds 1995   SB good 1.99 pets   TFH Pub nb18
Hawcroft Tim A-Z of Horse Diseases & Health Problems 1990   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Howell Bks mx22
Henkel Friedrich Geckoes 1995   HB good 24.99 animals   Krieger Pub hb54
Herriot James Dog Stories 1987   PB fair $2.00 pets     lvs1
Herriot James James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories 1996   HB/DC good 1.99 animals   St Martin's Pr mx26
Hess Lilo Life Begins For Puppies 1978 exlibris HB fair $1.00 animals   Scribners cr33
Hillenbrand Laura Seabiscuit 2002   Softcover good $3.00 animals     str14
Hillenbrand Laura Seabiscuit 2003   PB good 1.00 animals   Ballantine Books txt3
Holmes John Reading The Dog's Mind 1998   SB good $1.99 pets   Howell House nb40
Holvenstot Luz Irish Setters 1979   HB good 1.99 pets   TFH Pub ns24
Housby Trevor The Concise Illustrated Book of Freshwater Fish 1990 exlibris HB fair $1.00 animals   Gallery cr32
Hunziker Ray Horned Frogs 1995   SB good 2.99 animals   TFH Pub mj14
Jacobs Don Beginner's Guide To Aquarium Plants 1986   HB good 1.00 pets   Tfh Pub sse8
Jacobson Morris K Wonders of Starfish 1977   HB/DC good 2.99 animals   Dodd Mead wtm8
Jenkins Peter Close Friends 1989   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   William Morrow nb34
Jennings Greg  Howell Beginner's Guide To Parrots 1986   HB good $1.99 pets   Howell Bk House ext20
Jensen Albert C Wildlife of the Oceans 1979   HB good $2.99 animals   Abrams cpu1
Katz Jon A Dog Year Twelve Months Four Dogs and me 2002 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 pets   Villard misc8
Kelsey-Wood Dennis African Pygmy Hedgehogs as Your New Pet 1995   HB good $2.99 pets   T.F.H. Publications ab84
Kern  Francis G.  German Shepherds 1990   HB good  2.99 animal    T.F.H. Publications box47
Kilcommons Brian Mutts America's Dogs 1996 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Grand Central Pub dm5
King Bart Cocker Spaniels 1983   HB good $1.00 pets   TRH cr33
Kingdom Jonathan The Kingdom Field Guide To African Mammals 1997   SB good 4.99 animals   Academic Pr c36
Klever Ulrich The Complete Book of Dog Care How To Raise A Happy and Healthy Dog 1989   SB good 1.99 pets   Barron's cr2 
Knox-Thompson Elaine Pony Club Manual No 1 D and C Certificates 1992   SB good $2.99 pets   Ray Richards ac45
Korn Jerry Nature/Science Annual 1977 Edition 1976   HB good 2.99 animals   Time Life Bks hb36
Krieger Marilyn Naughty No More 2011   SB good 4.99 pets   Lumina mx20
Larkin/Stockman Peter/Mike The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Dogs Dog Breeds and Dog Care 2004   SB good 4.99 pets   Hermes House bc66
LeComte/Koechlin-Schwartz Jacques/Dorothee How To Talk To The Birds and The Beasts 1983   HB good DC fair 2.99 animals   Arbor House c36
Levin Mark Rescuing Sprite 2007   HB/DC good 1.99 pets   Pocket Bks rt73
Levin Mark R Rescuing Sprite  2009   SB good $1.99 pets   Gallery Bks c1
Levin  Larry Oogy The Dog Only A Family Could Love 2010   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Grand Central Pub mj18
Loeb/Hlavacek Paul/Suzanne Smarter Than You Think 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Atria Bks db7
Lyons John Lyons On Horses 1991   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Doubleday nb21
Mallinson Jeremy Okavango Adventure In Search of Animals In Southern Africa 1973   HB/DC good 9.99 animals   Norton c11
Malone John The 125 Most Asked Questions About Horses…and the Answers 1994   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   William Morrow c13
Manthey Ulrich Agamid Lizards 1996   HB good  4.75 animals   TFH Pub c15
Margolis  Matthew The Dog In Your Life 1979   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Random House gl7
Marino Betsy Emergency Vets (Animal Planet) 2001   HB good 8.50 animals   Dutton os7
Mason  C. Russell  Picture Primer of Attracting Birds 1952   HB good  3.45 animal   Houghton Mifflin Co. box6
Masson Jeffrey Dogs Never Lie About Love 1998   SB good $1.99 pets   Broadway Bks ac53
Masson Jeffrey Moussaieff Dogs Never Lie About Love 1997   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Crown Pub ser3
Masson  Jeffrey Moussaieff  The Emperor's Embrace 1999   HB/DJ good  2.99 animal   Pocket Books hb88
McCarty Diane Great Danes 1990   HB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub bc49
McFarland David The Oxford Companion To Animal Behaviour 1982 exlibris HB/DC good 3.99 animals   Oxford Univ Pr mx46
McMains Joel M Kennels and Kenneling 1994   HB good $2.99 pets   Howell Book House box7
Mehrtens John M. Living Snakes of the World 1987   HB/DJ good $18.50 animals     North Country Books, Inc. bio9
Michener James A. Creatures of the Kindgom 1993   HB/DJ good 2.99 animals   Random House rt82
Milani Myrna The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs 1993   SB good $1.00 pets   William Morrow nb40
Millan Cesar A Member of the Family 2008   HB/DC good    2.99 pets   Harmony Bks mx6
Millan Cesar Be The Pack Leader 2007   SB good $1.99 pets   Three Rivers Pr ac63
Morn September B Training Your Labrador Retriever 1999   SB good $1.00 pets   Barron's sm5
Morris Desmond Catwatching 1987 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 pets   Crown Pub dm9
Morris Willie My Dog Skip 1996   SB good $1.00 pets   Vintage box4
Morris  Desmond Dogwatching 1987   HB/DJ good 1.99 animals   Crown Publishers, Inc. cr31
Myron Vicki   Dewey The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World 2008   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Grand Central Pub wtm10
Nack William Secretariat 2010   SB good 3.99 animals   Hyperion mx39
Nicholas Anna Katherine Rottweilers 1995   HB good $2.99 pets   T.H.F. Publications rt14
O'Hurley John It's Okay To Miss The Bed On The First Jump 2006 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Hudson St Pr tm48
O'Neil Jacqueline  All About Agility 1999   SB good $1.99 pets   Howell House xs37
Orzeck  Richard   Sometimes It Breaks Your Heart 2000   HB/DJ good  9.79 animals    Purrfect Love Publishing ab85
Owens Paul The Dog Whisperer 1999   SB good $2.99 pets   Adams Media rt17
Paradise Paul African Grey Parrots 1979   HB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub rel3
Paradise Paul R African Grey Parrots 1979   HB good $1.99 pets   TFH Publications ab83
Pavia Audrey An Owner's Guide to The Guinea Pig 1997   HB good $2.99 pet   Howell Book House rt2
Pavia Audrey Dogs On The Web 1997   SB good $1.00 pets   Mis Pr ac48
Pearsall Margaret E The Pearsall Guide To Successful Dog Training 1980   HB good 2.99 pets   Howell str1
Pease Alfred E. The Book of the Lion 1987   HB/DJ good 17.99 animals   St. Martin's Press hb6
Perry Nicolette Symbiosis 1983   HB good $2.99 animals   Blandford Press rt18
Pervier Evelyn Horsemanship Basics For Intermediate Riders 1984   SB good 1.99 pets   Arco Pub box7
Peterson Roger 102 Favorite Audubon Birds of America 1985   HB/DJ good 2.99 animals   Crown Publishers ab33
Peterson Roger Tory Audubon Birds of America 1985   HB/DJ good 2.99 animals   Crown Publishers, Inc. ext11
Peterson  Roger Tory A Field Guide To The Birds Eastern Land and Water Birds 1947   HB good 7.50 animals   HM Co ab63
Pettingill Olin Sewall Ornithology In Laboratory 1970   HB good 5.99 animals   Burgess mx57
Phelps Gilbert Between Man and Beast 1989   HB/DC good 3.99 animals   Random House nom7
Philbrick Helen The Bug Book 1976   PB fair $1.00 animals   Storey Pub mj8
Plaskin Glenn Katie Up and Down The Hall 2010   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Center St ab38
Ponyboy GaWaNi Of Women and Horses 2000   HB/DC good 3.99 pets   Lumina Media mx18
Pough Richard Audubon Water Bird Guide 1951 first exlibris HB good 6.99 animals   Nat Audubon Soc ac55
Premack David Gavagai! Or The Future History of The Animal Language Controversy 1986   HB/DC good $5.00 pets   Bradford Books hb23
Prescott Mary Bullmastiffs 1990   HB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub pqr1
Rach Julie The Conure An Owner's Guide 1998   HB good 1.00 pets   Howell Bks mx20
Raethel Heinz-Sigurd Bird Diseases 1988   HB good $1.99 pets   Tfh Pub  box6b
Reichenbach-Klinke H Diseases of Reptiles 1992   HB good 3.99 animals   TFH Pub ac63b
Ricciuti Edward Killer Animals 1976   HB good DC worn $2.99 animals   Walker & Co box14
Rice Bill Noel The Lovin Lion 1989   SB good 3.50 animals   Branding Iron mx8
Richards Herbert Rottweilers 1984   PB good 4.95 pets   T.F.H. Publications db8
Roberts Mervin All About Chameleons and Anoles 1977   HB good 2.99 animals   TFH Pub box25
Roberts Mervin All About Iguanas 1992   HB good 1.99 animals   TFH Pub mx33
Roberts Mervin F Breeding Zebra Finches 1988   HB fair $1.00 pets   TFH Publications anm1
Roberts Monty The Man Who Listens To Horses 1997   HB/DC good 2.99 animals   Random House mx60
Robinson, Jr D.G. Gerbils 1984   PB good $1.00 pet   T.F.H. Publications rt2
Roder-Thiede Maike Chinchillas 1993   SB good 2.99 pets   Barrons mx55
Ross John Dog Talk Training Your Dog Through A Canine Point of View 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   St Martins Pr box14
Rue Leonard Lee The World of the White-tailed Deer 1962   HB good $2.99 animals   J.B. Lippincott ext9
Rue  Leonard Lee Sportsman's Guide To Game Animals 1968   HB good $2.99 animals   Harper & Row ext7
Russo Louis F. How to Raise and Train An Italian Greyhound 1964   PB good $16.99 pets   T.F.H. Publications, Inc. rt57
Sanderson Ivan T How To Know The American Mammals 1951   HB good 14.99 animals   Little Brown c27
Saunders Blanche The Blanche Saunders' Obedience Training Courses 1982   HB good  $2.99 pets   Howell Bk House ac25
Schaefer Peggy Stories of Dogs and The Lives They Touch 2004   HB good $1.99 pets   Ideals km23
Schaller George B The Last Panda 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 animals   Univ of Chicago Pr ab54
Schmidt W Chameleons Volume I Species 1994   SB good 2.99 animals   TFH Pub os1
Schmidt W Chameleons Volume II Care & Breeding 1995   SB good 2.99 animals   TFH Pub os1
schneider E All About Aquariums 1982   HB good 2.50 pets   TFH Pub c76
Schneider Earl Know Your Cocker Spaniel ????   SB good $1.00 pets   The Pet Library cr33
Schoen Allen Kindred Spirits How The Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change The Way We Live 2002   SB good 2.99 pets   Broadway Bks mj18
Schweitzer Albert The Animal World of Albert Schweitzer 1950   HB good 6.89 animals   The Beacon Press ab51
Scott H Elden 4-H Entomology 1 Collection and Study 1976   SB good    4.99 animals   NC Agricultural Service mx2
Searls Hank Sounding 1982   SB good 2.99 animals   Ballantine Bks ac60
Selsam Millicent E The Courtship of Animals 1964   HB fair $1.00 pets   William Morrow anm1
Serventy D L Handbook of Australian Sea-Birds 1972   HB/DC good 19.99 animals   Reed mx17
Seufer Hermann Keeping and Breeding Geckos 1991   HB good 4.99 pets   TFH Pub ac29
Shojai Amy D New Choices In Natural Healing For Dogs and Cats 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Rodale Pr nb40
Siegal/Margolis Mordecai/Mathew The Pet Owner's Guide to The Golden Retriever 1996 First HB good $2.99 pet   Little, Brown and Company rt2
Siino Betsy Sikora The Hamster 1997   HB good 1.99 pets   Howell Bks mx20
Smith  Vincent The Last Blue Whale 1979   HB/DC good $1.99 animals   Harper & Row hb38
Smithsonian   A Zoo For All Seasons 1979 first HB fair $3.00 pets   Smithsonian Exposition  db9
Snader Meredith Healing Your Horse 1993   HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Howell Bks edu6
Sprung Julian Reef Notes 1993-1994 1996   PB good $11.99 pets   Alfred A. Knopf bio8
Stockton Shreve The Daily Coyote 2008 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 animals   Simon & Schuster tm48
Stoneridge M A  A Horse of Your Own 1980   HB good DC worn 2.99 pets   Doubleday bc25
Sturman/Schults Julie/Dorothy Breeding Cockatiels 1988   HB good $2.99 pets   T.F.H. Publicationsrt24 rt36
Sucher Jaime Shih Tzu A Complete Pet Owner's Manual 2000   SB good 1.99 pets   Barron's sm6
Sucher Jaime J. Shih Tzu 1991   PB good $1.00 pets   Barron's   rt36
Switzer Merebeth Getting To Know Nature's Children Chipmunks & Beavers 1996   HB good $1.99 animal   Scholastic ac45
Teitler Risa Taming and Training Cockatoos 1980   HB fair $1.00 pets   TFH Publications anm1
Tetra Chris Hobbyist Guide To Marine Fish and Invertebrates 1993   HB good 3.25 animals   Voyageur Pr ms14
The Audubon society    Master Guide to Birding  1983   PB good  1.99 animal   Alfred A.Knopf eb7
The Monks of New Skete    How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend 1978   HB/DJ good  2.99 animal    Little, Brown and Co  mj24
Thomas Elizabeth The Hidden Life of Dogs 1995   PB good $1.00 animals   Pocket Bks zz11
Thomas Elizabeth The Social Lives of Dogs 2000 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Simon & Schuster nc1
Thomas Elizabeth Marshall The Hidden Life of Dogs 1993   HB/DC good $1.99 pets   Houghton Mifflin nb42
Thomas Elizabeth Marshall The Hidden Life of Dogs 1996   SB good 1.00 pets   Gallery bc75
Thomas Elizabeth Marshall The Tribe of Tiger 1994 exlibris HB/DC good 2.99 pets   Simon & Schuster nc1
Thomas  Allison  Benji  1975   PB good  1.00 animal    Pyramid Books mor4
Thomas/Berloni Allison/Bill Sandy 1978   HB good 3.49 pets   Simon & Schuster ac50
Todd Ruthven The Tropical Fish Book 1953   SB good  14.95 pets   Fawcett zp30
Vernier  Louise Your First Rabbit 1996   SB good $1.00 pets     cr34
Vine Louis L Your Neurotic Dog 1983 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 pets   Doubleday tm48
Volhard/Bartlett Jack/Melissa What All Good Dogs Should Know The Sensible Way To Train 1991   SB good $1.00 pets   Howell Bk House ac49
Walker Joan Hustace The Rottweiler Handbook 2001   SB good 1.99 pets   Barron's bc49
Walls Jerry  Boas Rosy and Ground 1994   SB good 2.99 animals   TFH Pub os1
Walls Jerry/Maleta Geckos Keeping & Breeding Them In Captivity 1997   SB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub os1
Ward Brian The Aquarium Fish Survival Manual 1985   HB good DC worn 3.99 pets   Barron's  ac18
Wehrmann Stephen Lhasa Apsos 1990   PB good $1.00 pets   Barron's box47
Weston/Ross David/Ruth Dog Problems The Gentle Modern Cure 1993   SB good $2.99 pets   Howell House nb50
Wheat G Collins The World of Ants 1961   HB good 2.99 animals   Golden Pr wtm16
White Jo Ann The Guide To Shih Tzu 1996   HB good 2.99 pets   Howell Bk Hs xs68
White William   The Angelfish: its life cycle 1975   HB fair $1.00 pets   Sterling Publishing anm1
Wilson Meredith Encyclopedia of American Cat Breeds 1978 exlibris HB good   2.99 pets   Tfh Pub box29
Wise Steven Rattling The Cage Toward Legal Rights For Animals 2000   SB good 2.99 animals   Perseus Bks mx26b
Wolter Annette Cockatiels A Complete Pet Owner's Manual 1991   SB good $1.00 pets   Barrons ser2
Wood Richard H. Wood Notes 1984   PB good 1.00 animals   Prentice-Hall, Inc. rt2
Wood  Deborah Little Dogs Training Your Pint-Sized Companion 2004   SB good 2.99 pets   TFH Pub ab42
Youth Howard Worldwatch Paper 165: Winged Messengers The Decline of Birds 2003   SB good $1.99 animals     mj3
Zistel Era Thistle Story of Friendship Between A Raccoon and A Kitten 1967   HB good 28.99 animals childrens Random House tm33
Zoffer/Mazorlig David/Tom Bearded & Frilled Dragons  1998   SB good 4.50 animals   TFH Pub ns21
    Introduction To Mink Ranching ????   Stapled SC booklet 18.45 animals     ab61