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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Aivanhov Omraam Mikhael Golden Rules for Everyday Life 2000 fourth PB vg 6.49 new age   Prosveta ab93
Aivanhov Omraam Mikhael Man, Master of His Destiny 1989 fourth PB vg 6.19 new age   Prosveta ab93
Aivanhov Omraam Mikhael The Powers of Thought 2000 second PB vg 25.79 new age   Prosveta ab93
Aivanhov Omraam Mikhael Who is the Master 1982   PB good 14.89 new age   Editions Prosveta rt39
Allen Gary None Dare Call It Conspiracy 1972   PB good $9.89 newage   Concord Pr bus2
Altea Rosemary The Eagle and the Rose 1995   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Warner Bks nb27
Andrews Lynn V Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   HarperCollins nb25
Ashida Kim Ninja Mind Control 1987   PB fair 8.50 newage   Berkley pb7
Baba Meher Discourses Vol II 1973   PB good 7.45 newage   Kingsport Press rt76
Barks Coleman The Essential Rumi 1995   SB good $5.25 newage   Quality nb1
Baron Will Deceived By The New Age 1991   SB good 6.99 newage   Pacific Pr Pub kpo1
Berg Yehuda Life Rules 2005   SB good 4.95 newage   Kabbalah Pub ac47
Berlitz Charles Without A Trace 1977   HB/DC fair $3.00 newage   Doubleday xs64
Bickle Mike The Omega Course Leader's Guide 2002   SB good 44.95 newage   Forerunner Bks hv5
Blum Ralph H. The Book of Runes 1993   HB good 2.99 new age   St. Martin's Press ac11
Bowler Peter J. Life's Splendid Drama 1996   HB/DJ good 5.89 new age   The University of Chicago Press cla3
Boyle John P The Psionic Generator Pattern Book 1975   SB good 27.50 newage   Prentice Hall zz15
Braverman Arthur Warrior of Zen 1994   Softcover very good $5.99 newage     box9
Brooks Miguel Kebra Nagast The Glory of Kings 1995 exlibris SB fair 17.99 newage   Kingston Pub ab6
Browne Sylvia Adventures of a Psychic 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Hay House xs41
Browne Sylvia End of Days 2008   HB good $2.99 newage   Dutton c76
Browne Sylvia If You Could See What I See 2006   HB/DC good 2.99 newage   Hay House bc75
Burstein/De Keijzer Dan/Arne Inside Angels & Demons 2009   PB good $1.00 newage   Vanguard Pr xs22
Byers Marvin The Final Victory The Year 2000 1999   SB good $1.99 newage   Treasure House os21
Carrington Patricia Freedom In Meditation 1977   HB/DJ good 9.99 new age   Doubleday & Co., Inc. ab64
Carse James Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility 1987   PB/good $1.39 newage   Ballantine Books mj3
Castaneda Carlos Journey To Ixtlan 1974   PB good $4.00 newage     str28
Castaneda Carlos The Wheel of Time 2001   PB good 5.79 new age   Washington Square Press xs65
Cheetham Erika The Prophecies of Nostradamus 1973   Softback fair $1.00 newage     cla1
Chopra Deepak The Return of Merlin 1996   SB good 4.99 newage   Ballantine Bks ab42
Coghill Roger The Healing Energies of Light 2000   SB good $2.99 newage   Journey Eds hb39
Da Samraj Avatar Adi The Pneumaton 2011   SB good $69.99 new age     sch1
Darling David Soul Search A Scientist Explores The Afterlife 1995   HB/DC good 4.99 newage   Villard c80
Deane Ashayana Voyagers 2001   PB good 15.99 new age   Wild Flower Press mj31
Ebon Martin True Experiences in Exotic ESP 1968   PB fair 1.00 newage   A Signet Book cpu6
Elliott Ralph H Reconciliation and The New Age 1973   Softcover very good $5.00 newage     str25
Fearheiley Don Angels Among Us 1993   PB fair $1.59 new age     ab5
Flynn Ted Hope of the Wicked 2000 exlibris SB good 12.25 newage   Maxkol Comm ac60
Gilmore Peter H. The Satanic Scriptures 2007   PB good 14.99 new age   Scapegoat Publishing rt87
Goodman Linda Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs 1998 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Bantam Books ab46
Guillen Michael Can A Smart Person Believe In God? 2004   HB/DC good 2.99 newage   Thomas Nelson mx38
Hart Will The Genesis Race 2003   PB good 3.29 new age   Bear & Co. mj31
Hubbard L. Ron Clear Body, Clean Mind 1990   HB/DJ good 1.99 newage   Bridge Publications, Inc. ab23
Hungry Wolf Adolf A Good Medicine Collection 1991   SB good $2.99 newage   Book Pub Co mj10
Huson Paul Mastering Witchcraft A Practical Guide For Witches, Warlocks, and Covens 1972   PB good 173.99 occult   Berkley QT8
Jacobsen Sharif Growth Mindset 60 Wisdom Lessons To Improve Mindset 2016   SB good 9.95 newage   CreateSpace zz25
Jain Manik Chand Karmic Control Planets 1996   PB good 89.99 new age   Ranjan Publications ab93
Johnsen Linda A Thousand Suns 2004   HB good 18.39 new age   Yes International os24
Jonathan   Jeshurun I 1976   HB/DC new $19.99 newage   Shalom str6
Jones Marie 2013 The End of Days or a New Beginning? 2008   SB good 2.99 newage   New Page Bks mx4
Konivc Barrie Hypno-Astrology Leo July 23 to Aug 22 Unkn   CT good $14.99 New-age   Potentials Unlimited str39b
Kryon Book One The End Times 1993   Softcover fair $5.00 newage     str25
Kubler-Ross Elisabeth Death The Final Stage of Growth 1975   SB good 1.99 newage   Prentice-Hall mx37
Kushi Michio The Book of Macrobiotics The Universal Way of Health and Happiness 1977   SB good $2.99 newage   Japan Pub bc35
Laake Winter The Satanic Paradigm 2011   SB good 19.99 occult mx56
Larrimore Mark The Problem of Evil A Reader 2000   SB good $38.85 newage   Wiley-Blackwell nb28
Le Page Bill Not We But One 2010   PB good 14.99 new age   Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust ab92
LeShan Lawrence The Medium The Mystic and the Physicist 1974   HB/DC good $7.99 newage   Viking bc59
Lewis H Spencer Mansions of the Soul The Cosmic Conception 1965   HB good 12.99 newage   AMORC db10
Lindsey Hal The 1980s: Countdown To Armageddon 1983   PB good $1.00 newage   Bantam box64
Lindsey Hal Planet Earth 2000 A.D. 1994   PB good $1.00 new age   Western Front, Ltd rt35
Lindsey Hal Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth 1974   PB good 1.00 newage   Zondervan Publishing House rt86
Lindsey Hal The Late Great Planet Earth 1970   PB good 1.00 newage   Zondervan Publishing House xs26
MacPherson Dave The Incredible Cover-Up 1991   PB good 4.89 new age   Omega Publications rt69
Mailer Norman Ancient Evenings 1983 book club HB good DC worn $2.99 newage   Little Brown ab64
Makarenko A S The Road To Life Book 1973   HB/DC good $19.99 newage   Progress Pub cr11
McCann Lee Nostradamus The Man Who Saw Through Time 1994   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Greenwich House str23
Medicine Eagle Brooke Buffalo Woman Comes Singing 1991   SB good 5.99 newage   Ballantine Bks edu5
Momen Moojan The Baha'I Faith A Short Introduction 1999 exlibris SB good 5.50 newage   Oneworld pb3
Moody Raymond Reflections on Life After Life 1977   PB good $2.00 newage     rst6
Moore Thomas The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   HarperCollins rt57
Morse Melvin Transformed By The Light 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Villard cr9
Moynihan/Soderlind Michael/Didrik Lords of Chaos The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground 1997   SB good 9.25 occult   Feral House eb3
Mueller F. Max The Dhammapada 1922   HB good 20.99 new age   The Rajput Press bc5
Nanananda Bhikku The Magic of the Mind 1974   SB good 19.99 newage   Buddhist Pub Soc ab92
Nikaya Digha Thus Have I Heard 1987   PB good 5.79 new age   Wisdom Publications ab93
Norman Robert A. Mother Nature, Father Time 1998   PB good 1.00 newage   North Shore Press rt7
Nurbakhsh Javad Love 1976   SB good $9.99 newage   Khaniqahi-Nimatullahi hb23
Occhino MaryRose Beyond These Four Walls 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Berkley nb26
Orloff Judith Second Sight 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Warner Books Inc ac34
Panikkar Raimundo The Silence of God 1989   PB good 56.99 new age   Orbis Books rt27
Rampa Lobsang Feeding The Flame 1971   PB good $4.00 newage     box40
Raphaell Katrina Crystal Healing 1987   Softcover good $10.00 newage     str25
Reader's Digest   The World's Last Mysteries 1978   HB good $2.99 newage   Reader's Digest box63
Redfield James The Celestine Prophecy 1993   HB/DC good $3.99 newage   Warner pb6
Redfield James The Secret of Shambhala 1999   HB good $2.99 newage   Warner Bks nb26
Redfield James The Twelfth Insight 2011   HB/DC good 2.99 newage   Grand Central Pub c80
Rifkin/Howard Jeremy/Ted Entropy A New World View 1985   SC fair $1.00 newage   Paladin db4
Robb Stewart Prophecies On World Events By Nostradamus 1961   PB good $1.00 newage   Ace Bks ab15
Roberts Jane The God of Jane A Psychic Manifesto 1982   HB/DC fair $4.99 newage   Prentice Hall nb27
Samraj Adi Da The Pneumation 2011   SB good $154.99 newage   Dawn Horse Pr sch1
Sepharial   The Manual of Astrology 1972   PB good $8.89 new age   Wholesale Book Corp. rst1
Sherman Harold Your Power To Heal 1972   HB/DC good $11.49 newage   Harper & Row rt19
Shore Farthest The Log of the Angel's Flight 1996   Softcover good $4.99 newage     str32
Sire James W The Universe Next Door 1997   PB good $1.00 newage   Inter Varsity Press str29
Sivananda Swami Practice of Karma Yoga 2004   PB good 5.89 new age   The Divine Life Society rt47
Spare Austin Osman The Writings of Austin Osman Spare: Anathema of Zos, The Book of Pleasure, and The Focus of Life 2010   SB good 10.75 occult   Greenbook Pub rt17
Stearn Jess The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes 1968   HB good 2.99 new age   Doubleday & Co. Inc. hb41
Stone Jr Perry Unleashing The Beast 2003 signed SB fair $4.99 newage   Voice of Evangelism nb28
Trivedi Mridula/T.P. Saturn the King Maker 2010   PB good 4.79 new age   UBSPD ab92
Virtue Doreen Divine Prescriptions 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 newage   Renaissance Bks rt45
Von Daniken Erich Return to the Stars 1970   HB good 2.99 newage   Souvenir Press tm38
Von Werder Rasa Can Female Power Save The Planet? 2006   HB/DC good $34.99 new age   iUniverse ab84
Walker Brian Hua Hu Ching The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu 1994   Softcover very good $5.99 newage     rt13
Ware trans. James R. The Sayings of Confucius 1955   PB good 1.99 new age   New American Library rt37
Wiesenthal Simon The Sunflower On The Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness 1998   SB fair $1.00 newage   Schocken ab72
Williamson Marianne A Return To Love 1993   PB good 1.00 new age   HarperPerennial rt19
Williamson Marianne A Return To Love 1992   SB good 2.99 newage   HarperCollins sm1
Wong Angi Ma Feng Shui Dos & Taboos 2000   PB fair $2.99 newage     jm8
Zahava Irene Hear The Silence Stories By Women of Myth Magic and Renewal 1986   SB good $1.00 newage   Crossing Pr nb25
Zukav Gary The Seat of the Soul 1990   SB good $2.99 newage   Simon & Schuster box63