Chris has this little spaceman in his building set. Well, the hand broke off and I got some krazy glue to fix it with.

††††††††††† The other night before going to bed I got him out and started to glue him. (There is a new tube that is supposed to just let one drop out at a time.) I glued his hand on and started to lay him up to mend but, he stayed with me. I pulled and he wouldnít let go. Feeling my skin coming off I knew he had me in a tight spot. I told myself not to worry that I had some instant glue remover that was supposed to work in sticky situations like this.

††††††††††† I got it out and put it all around him and me and we soaked it together like it said to do. When it came time to say goodbye and I tried, believe me I did! He wouldnít budge! I knew then that the bush off with this remover bit didnít work to well.

††††††††††† Itís getting late, Iím getting tired and am ready to go to bed, but I donít like the idea of going to bed with a strange man, a spaceman at that. I didnít think that we would be too comfortable together. I could just picture Chris confronting us together in the morning. He wouldnít give me a chance to say anything on my behalf, he would just try and part me and this spaceman forever along with a good part of my finger.

††††††††††† So, I turned the card over that the glue came in to read what to do in a case like this before calling the cops in. (PANIC?) It reads to soak anything in nail polish remover. Knowing I have nothing to lose (but this man) and everything to gain (my freedom), I go in search of polish remover, to find that I have just a little bit left in the bottle. After we take a good long soak, (remover is painful to open wounds) I find that trying hard Iím able to scrape him lose from me. Free at last! I never had a man cling so tight before!

††††††††††† My wounds will heal and I figured he got the worse of it all as he has an arm that canít move and patches of my skin stuck to him forever.

††††††††††† It only goes to prove, donít fool around with a spaceman late at night when youíre in a krazy mood. Things can get pretty sticky.

††††††††††† One day later he has lost his hand again. I still have sores on my finger and am not about to have another close encounter with him.