Do you have an extensive collection of books, movies or music? Do you need a way to keep up with what books you have? Do you want to keep a list of books you've read and books on your wish list? Do you want to be able to locate all the movies in your collection starring the same actor? Want to hear a particular song on one of the vast number of CDs you own but can't remember what album it's on? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Dreamalot Books Library Program is the easy, inexpensive answer for you.

The DBLP is easy to use. You set up your library in the Options Tab. You can customize the types of books, movies and music to whatever is suitable for your personal collection, set up the number of records available to optimize search time, and even change the picture on your opening screen.

After setting up your options you're ready to list. You can list your books by Title and add all the relevant information into the record. You can even add special notes and a picture of the cover.

Once you've got your books listed, you're ready to Search. You can search by Title, Type, Author or other listed detail. If you're not sure about the exact Title you can even search by a word in the title. The search will give you a counted list of all records that match your search parameters. From this list you can edit or delete the record. A Print List button will allow you to print your list if you choose.

Your collection of Movies can be listed just like your books. Only the details are different. More space is given to Actors Names so you can list all the Actors in the Movie. You can also add a Picture of the cover or of your favorite actor.

After you've listed all your Movies, the Movie Search feature allows you to search your entire movie collection by Title, Type, Actor or any other detail you may have listed. Just like with the Book Search you can edit or delete records from the counted search list or print your list of G-rated Movies.

For the music buffs, the DBLP allows collectors to list all their albums by Type, Artist and other specific details. You can even list all the songs on any particular album and add a picture of the album jacket.

The Music Search works the same as the Books and Movies. If you want to know which album featured any particular favorite song all you need to do is search for the song title. You'll get a counted list of all the albums that have your song. You can get lists of all your Country Western or Rock 'n Roll albums or all of your Vinyls or CDs.

The Stats Feature allows you to see how many records you have for each Type of items you have in each of the active categories. You can print the Stats so you can compare your library with your best friend's.

The Help Feature gives you step-by-step instructions on how to utilize all the neat features of the DBLP. As an added bonus feature, the help also gives instructions on how to customize your Help. So if you don't want to use the Location space for listing the location but need the space for some other detail, you can make a notation of the change in the Help.

The Dreamalot Books Library Program is a wonderful asset to any collector. It can be purchased as a downloadable file for only $19.99. Simply use the link below to make a payment and receive an executable set up file.

Click Here For Install Instructions After Purchase