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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Adams Scott The Dilbert Future 1997   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Harper and Bros ab35
Adams Scott The Dilbert Principle 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   HarperCollins bc44
Adams Scott The Joy of Work 1998   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Harper lvs3
Alda Alan Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself 2007   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Random House cr42
Allen Tim  I'm Not Really Here 1996 first HB/DC very good $5.00 humor   Hyperion hb5
Allen Woody Without Feathers 1975   PB good $3.00 humor     c72
Allen  Woody Without Feathers 1983 reprint PB good 1.00 humor     zp26
Anderson Joan Wester Dear World, Don't Spin So Fast, I'm Having Trouble Hanging ON 1982   PB good $1.00 humor   Abbey Press rt69
Anderson Louie Goodbye Jumbo Hello Cruel World 1993 exlibris HB/DC good $3.00 humor   Viking str6
Applebome Peter  Scout's honor 2003   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Harcourt, Inc. rt52
Armour Richard Willard Through Darkest Adolescence 1963   HB good $2.99 humor   McGraw-Hill dm10
Arthur Ella Bentley My Husband Keeps Telling Me To Go To Hell 1954   HB good $2.99 humor   Hanover House ving
Baker Russell Poor Russell's Almanac 1972   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Doubleday cr42
Baker Russell So This Is Depravity 1983   PB good 1.00 humor   Pocket Books rt60
Barry Dave Boogers Are My Beat 2003   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Crown Pub ac22
Barry Dave Dave Barry In Cyberspace 1997   PB good 1.00 humor   Fawcett Columbine c33
Barry Dave Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Crown Pub ab46
Barry Dave Dave Barry Turns 40 1990   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Crown Publishers, Inc. str10
Barry Dave Dave Barry's Bad Habits 1987   SB good $1.99 humor   Holt   bc72
Barry Dave Dave Barry's Greatest Hits 1989   SB good $1.99 humor   Ballantine Books cr37
Barry  Dave Dave Barry in Cyberspace 1996   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Crown Publishers, Inc. cr34
Barry  Dave  Dave Barry is from Mars and Venus 1997   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Crown Publishers, Inc. xs65
Beard ed Jocelyn The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 1998 1998   PB good $1.00 humor   Smith and Kraus nom7
Bennett Alan The Clothes They Stood Up In 2001   HB/DJ good $1.99 humor   Random House rt3
Berenstain Stan/Jan Office Lover Boy 1962   PB good $3.99 humor   Dell Bks pb17
Berenstain Stanley/Janice The Facts of Life for Grown-Ups 1963   PB good 3.79 humor   A Dell Book c28
Berman Edgar The Solid Gold Stethoscope 1976   HB/DC good 2.99 humor   Macmillan cr18
Black  Lewis Nothing's Sacred 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Simon & Schuster bc5
Bloomingdale Teresa  Life Is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans 1984 exlibris HB/DC fair 1.99 humor   Doubleday cr17
Blount Roy Crackers 1980   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Knopf os26
Blount  Roy  Camels Are Easy, Comedy's Hard 1991   PB good 2.99 humor   Villard Books pb25
Blount Jr Roy Camels Are Easy Comedy's Hard 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Villard wtm5
Bombeck Erma All I Know About Animal Behavior I Learned in Loehamann's Dressing Foom 1995   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   HarperCollins gbs2
Bombeck Erma Aunt Erma's Cope Book 1979   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   McGraw-Hill zz1
Bombeck Erma Family The Ties That Bind and Gag! 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   McGraw-Hill nb3
Bombeck Erma Forever Erma 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Andrews McMeel Pub c69
Bombeck Erma Four of a Kind 1989   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   McGraw-Hill Book Co. pb17
Bombeck Erma I Lost Everything In The Post-Natal Depression 1973 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Doubleday bc72
Bombeck Erma I Want To Grow Hair, I Want To Grow Up, I Want To Go To Boise 1989   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Harper and Row bc70
Bombeck Erma Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your Own 1981   PB fair $1.00 humor   Fawcett c25
Bombeck Erma Just Wait Till You Have Children Of Your Own! 1985   PB good 1.00 humor   Fawcett Crest  rt87
Bombeck Erma The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank 1985   PB good $1.00 humor   Fawcett ab7
Boortz Neal Somebody's Gotta Say It 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   William Morrow bc71
Borowitz  Andy Who Moved My Soap? 2003   SB good $1.00 humor   Simon & Schuster cr37
Boyd Neil A Father Before Christmas 1979   PB good 4.79 humor   Corgi Books lkm4
Boynton Sandra Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down 1986   PB good 1.00 humor   Workman Publishing str4
Braude Jacob Treasury of Wit and Humor 1964   hb  $1.99 Humor   Prentice Hall mj30
Brautigan Richard  A Confederate General from Big Sur 1970   PB good 1.00 humor   Grove Press tm32
Breslin Jimmy The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight 1970   PB good $1.25 humor   Bantam Books hb7
Browne Dik Hagar The Horrible Born Leader 1978   PB good 1.00 humor   Tempo Books tm6
Buchwald Art "You Can Fool All Of The People All The Time" 1985   HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Putnam hb11
Buchwald Art I Think I Don't Remember 1987   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Putnam tm37
Buchwald Art Is It Safe To Drink The Water? 1963   PB very good $3.00 humor     jm9
Buchwald Art Lighten Up, George 1991 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Putnam ac17
Buchwald Art While Reagan Slept 1983   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Putnam bc43
Buchwald Art You Can Fool All Of The People All The Time 1985   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   G.P. Putnam's Sons rt88
Buchwald Art You Can Fool All The People All The Time 1986   SB good $1.99 humor     bc53
Buchwald Art  I Think I Don't Remember 1988   Softback good $3.00 humor     hb45
Buchwald Art  Laid Back in Washington 1981   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   G.P. Putnam's Sons db2
Buchwald Art  Whose Rose Garden is it Anyway? 1990   PB good 1.00 humor   Perigee Books rom2
Buckley William Don't Go Near The Water 1956   HB good 2.99 humor   Random House ac8
Buffett Jimmy Swine Not? 2008   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Little, Brown & Co. rt37
Bullard Mike Open Book Little Thoughts From A Big Head 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Doubleday gbs5
Burns George Dear George Advice and Answers From America's Leading Expert on Everything A to B 1985   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Putnam ac50
Burns George   Dr Burns' Prescription for Happiness 1984   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Putnam c71
Burns George    The Most of George Burns 1995   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   BBS Pub pb12
Burns  George Dr. Burns' Prescription For Happiness 1984 book club HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Putnam xs41
Burns  George  100 Years, 100 Stories 1996   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   G.P. Putnam's Sons bc1
Cannon Ralph Jots and Tittles 1989   SB good $8.89 humor   Ruth and Jim Rogers c35
Carey Drew Dirty Jokes and Beer 2000   PB good 1.00 humor   Hyperion pb21
Carey Drew Dirty Jokes and Beer 1997   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Hyperion rom1
Carlin George Brain Droppings 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Hachette Bks tm43
Cerf Bennett Good For A Laugh 1952   HB fair $2.99 humor   Garden City Books str27
Christenson Gary D Fatherhood Is Not Pretty 1986   PB good 1.00 humor     ab18
Chute Carolyn Letourneau's Used Auto Parts 1988   HB/DJ good $2.99 humor   Ticknor & Fields box4b
Clairmont Patsy Sportin' a 'Tude What Your Attitude Says When You're Not Looking 1996   SB good $1.99 humor   Focus On The Family cpu1
Condon Richard  The Vertical Smile 1971   HB good 5.69 humor   The Dial Press ab50
Cosby Bill Childhood 1991   HB good DC fair $5.00 humor   Putnam ftm1
Cosby Bill Fatherhood 1986   HB/DC good dc shows wear $5.00 humor   Doubleday hb1
Cosby Bill Love and Marriage 1989   PB good $3.00 humor     c3
Cosby Bill Love and Marriage 1989 first HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Doubleday zp3
Cosby Bill Time Flies 1988   PB good $1.00 humor   Bantam c25
Cosell Howard Cosell 1974   PB good 1.00 humor   Pocket Books rst1
Crume Vic The Billion Dollar Hobo 1979   PB fair $1.00 humor   Scholastic Book services cla2
Day  Clarence  This Simian World 1936   HB good  2.99 humor    Alfred A. Knopf str12
de Regniers Beatrice Schenk The Abraham Lincoln Joke Book 1965   PB good $1.00 humor   Scholastic Inc. ab2
Delaney Bud/Lolo The Daily Laugh 1973   PB fair 1.00 humor   Scholastic Book Services ms4b
Dershowitz Alan  Chutzpah 1991   HB/DJ good $1.99 humor   Little Brown & Co (T) mj24
Dole Bob Great Political Wit 1998   HB/DC very good $3.00 humor   Doubleday tm42
Dole Robert Great Political Wit 2000   SB good $1.99 humor   Three Rivers Pr dm9
Dowd Maureen Bushworld Enter At Your Own Risk 2005   SB good $2.99 humor   Berkley str40
Dunn Mark Welcome to Higby 2002   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   MacAdam/Cage tm30
Durrell Gerald My Family and Other Animals 1977   PB good $1.00 humor   Penguin Bks km13b
Edison Samuel Rastus on Capitol Hill 1986   PB good 9.99 humor   Hunter House is1
Eggers Dave Created In Darkness 2004   HB good DC fair $2.99 humor   Knopf bc54
Ellenbogen ed. Glenn The Primal Whimper 1989   HB/DJ good 2.99 humor   The Guilford Press cr8
Ephron Delia Hanging Up 2000   PB good $1.00 humor   Ballantine Books tm16
Feirstein  Bruce Real Men Don't Eat Quiche 1982   PB good $1.00 humor   Pocket Books pb26
Foss Rene Around the World in a Bad Mood! 2002   PB good 1.00 humor   Hyperion hb36
Franken Al Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them 2004   SB good 1.99 humor     cr10
Franken Al Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot 1996   SB good $1.00 humor   Delacorte Pr ac63
Friedman Bob What's A Nice Jewish Boy Like You Doing in the First Baptist Church? 1972   PB good $1.00 humor   Regal Bks zz14
Fulghum  Robert   Uh-Oh 1991   HB/DJ good  2.99 humor   Villard Books ab84
Galant  Debra  Rattled 2006   HB/DJ good  2.99 humor    St. Martin's Press c3
Gallery Daniel V Away Boarders Cap'n Fatso Sails The Seas Again 1973   PB good $49.99 humor   Manor Bks xs41
Garagiola Joe  It's Anybody's Ballgame 1989   PB good 1.00 humor   Jove Books hb29
Gardner/Caruso Gerald/Dee The World's Greatest Athlete 1973   PB good $1.00 humor   Scholastic Book Services mor3
Geist Bill The Big Five-Oh! 1997 first HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   William Morrow cpu12
Gold Todd Comic Relief  1996 first HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Avon Books xs41
Golden Harry Ess, Ess, Mein Kindt 1967   PB fair $1.00 humor     pb26
Gorey Edward The Epiplectic Bicycle 1969 third HB/DC good $28.99 humor   Dodd Mead ms16
Graham Michael Banned From Public Radio 1995   SB good $1.99 humor   Pinpoint Press str45
Greene  Bob American Beat 1984 exlibris HB/DC good 1.99 humor   Atheneum cr20
Grizzard Lewis They Tore Out My Heart & Stomped that Sucker Flat 1986   PB good 1.00 humor   Warner Books rt60
Haigh Jane Catch and Release The Insider's Guide To Alaska Men 1997   SB good $1.49 humor   Hillside Pr rel1
Handler Chelsea Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea 2008   HB/DC good $3.75 humor   Gallery Bks nb19
Harmon Rick Never Turn Your Back on Kudzu and Other Southern Wisdom 1993   Softcover good $4.99 humor     ac2
Harris  Leon A. The Fine Art of Political Wit 1964   HB/DJ good 6.99 humor   Bell Publishing Co. cpu14
Heller Joseph God Knows 1984   PB good $1.25 humor   A Dell Book lkm4
Herriot  James  Vets Might Fly 1977   PB good  1.00 humor    Pan Books str11
Hickerson Buddy The Quigmans 1990   PB good 1.00 humor   Harmony Books rel3
Holland Barbara Endangered Pleasures 1995   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Little, Brown and Co. ext8
Hope Bob Bob Hope's Vietnam Story Five Women I Love 1966 first HB/DC fair $5.00 humor   Doubleday str14
Hope Bob Don't Shoot Its Only Me 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Putnam ac26
Huffaker Clair Nobody Loves a Drunken Indian 1969   PB good 19.99 humor   Paperback Library tm5
Ingraham Laura The Obama Diaries 2010   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Threshold Ed c4
Ivins Molly Who Let The Dogs In? 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Random House pqr1
Jacobs Eleanor Why Farm Wives Age Fast No II 1986   SB fair  $1.00 humor     tm11
Jis   Cats Don't Exist 2004   SB good $4.50 humor   Fantagraphics cr30
Johnson Barbara I'm So Glad You Told Me 1996   SB fair $1.00 humor     tm42
Johnson Barbara Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death 1997   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Doubleday ab32
Johnson Barbara Plant a Geranium in your Cranium 2002   PB good 1.00 humor   W Publishing Group mj14
Johnson  Barbara Splashes of Joy 1992   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Word Publishing str45
Johnson   Barbara Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death 1997   SB good $1.00 humor   Thomas Nelson ac75
Kahn Alice My Life As A Gal 1988   Softback fair $1.00 humor     hb33
Kaufman Margo 1-800-Am-I-Nuts and Other True Tales of the Nineties 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Random House c2
Keats John The New Romans 1967 exlibris HB/DC good 1.99 humor   Lippincott cr19
Kelly Walt Songs of the Pogo 1956   HB good 15.25 humor   Simon and Schuster zp32
King Florence Southern Ladies and Gentlemen 1993   SB good $1.99 humor   St Martin's Pr ac62
King Jan It's A Girl Thing 2000   HB/DC good $3.00 humor   Hallmark box11
King Larry Anything Goes! 2000   HB/DC very good $2.99 humor   Warner  ac18
King Larry Tell It To The King 1988   HB/DC good $3.00 humor   Putnam box12
King Larry Tell It To The King 1989   PB fair $1.00 humor   Jove c25
King Larry The Best of Larry King Live 1995   SB good $2.99 humor   Turner Pub c35
Kinsley Michael Curse of the Giant Muffins and Other Washington Maladies 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Summit Books str17
Lederer Richard Anguished English 1987   Softcover good $2.99 humor     hb11
Lederer Richard Get Thee To A Punnery 1989   PB good $1.00 humor   Laurel  c25
Legman Gershon The Limerick 1991   HB/DC good $10.99 humor adult Wings Bks km22
Letterman David  Book of Top Ten Lists 1990   PB good 1.00 humor   Pocket Books db17
Levenson Sam In One Era and Out The Other 1973   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Simon & Schuster os31
Limbaugh Rush The Way Things Ought To Be 1993   PB good $1.00 humor     c25
Linkletter Art I Wish I'd Said That! 1969   PB good 1.00 humor   Pocket Books box48
Linkletter Art The New Kids Say the Darndest Things! 1978   PB good 1.00 humor   Dale Books zp4
Loflin W Jones Prime Rib or Potted Meat? 1998   SB good $2.99 humor   HOPE Inc Pr bc72
Lowry Mark Out of Control 1996   HB/DJ good $2.99 humor   Word Publishing str42
Luciano Ron The Fall of the Roman Umpire 1987   PB good $1.00 humor   Bantam c27
Madden John One Size Doesn't Fit All 1988   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Villard c6
Maher Bill New Rules 2006   PB good 1.00 humor   Rodale cr22
Maher Bill True Story 2000   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Simon and Schuster cpu14
Martin Harold H Father's Day Comes Once A Year…and then it always rains 1960 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Putnam's Sons xs68
Martin Henry R Rowdy Rhymes and Bibulous Ballads Gathered From Many Gay Minstrels 1952?   HB good $4.99 humor   Peter Pauper Press xs44
Matthews Kathy Take A Letter Yourself! 1982   PB good 1.00 humor   Ballantine Books ab57
McCauley Stephen The Object of My Affection 1987   PB good $1.99 humor   Washington Square Press str24
McClanahan Ed  A Congress of Wonders 1996   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Counterpoint rt34
McMahon Ed For Laughing Out Loud 1998   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Warner Bks pqr1
McManus Patrick Never Sniff A Gift Fish 1984   SB fair $1.00 humor   Holt    nb23
McManus Patrick F Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs 1987 first Softback good $3.00 humor     hb15
McManus Patrick F They Shoot Canoes Don't They? 1982   SB good $2.99 humor   Holt rt17
Miller/Willock Perrin/Ruth Continental Cans Etc 1960   HB good $1.99 humor   Kanrom edu5
Moore Michael Dude, Where's My Country 2004   SB good $2.99 humor   Warner Bks zz4
Moore Michael Stupid White Men 2004   SB good $1.99 humor   William Morrow cr2
Moore Michael    Stupid White Men 2002   SB good $1.00 humor   Penguin Bks zz13
Muller Judy Now This Radio Television…and the Real World 2000   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Putnam's Sons os12
Nash Ogden Marriage Lines 1964   SB good $1.00 humor   Little Brown hb41
National Federation of the Blind   The Bell, The Clapper, and the Cord 1994   PB good 1.00 humor   National Federation of the Blind pb6
Newhart Bob  I Shouldn't Even be Doing This! 2007   PB good 1.00 humor   Hyperion cr41
Newman Edwin Strictly Speaking 1975   PB good $1.00 humor   Warner Books Inc wtm10
Northcutt Wendy The Darwin Awards Evolution In Action 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Dutton ac55
Oman Mark Portrait of a Fitness Fanatic 1985   SB good $1.99 humor   Contemporary Bks c71
Orben Robert Blue Ribbon Comedy 1954   PB good 18.99 humor     ab21
Orben Robert Emcee Blockbusters 1952   PB good 17.99 humor     ab21
Orben Robert The Exclusive Comedy File 1955 first PB good 19.99 humor     hb41
O'Reilly Bill The O'Reilly Factor 2000 first HB/DC very good $2.99 humor   Broadway db21
O'Reilly Bill Who's Looking Out For You? 1986   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Broadway zp33
O'Rourke P J Give War A Chance 1992   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Atlantic Monthly bc45
O'Rourke P.J. Age and Guile 1996   PB good 1.00 humor   Atlantic Monthly Press hb22
O'rourke P.J. Parliament of Whores 1991   PB good 1.00 humor   Atlantic Monthley Press rt18
O'Rourke P.J. The American Spectator's Enemies List 1996   PB good 1.00 humor   Atlantic Monthly Press gbs4
O'Rourke P.J. The Bachelor Home Companion 1993   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Atlantic Monthly Press hb54
Paar Jack  I Kid You Not 1960 first HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Little Brown xs41
Pascall Jeremy God, The Ultimate Autobiography 1988   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Salem House Publishers hb43
Patterson J M The Life and Times of Shifty Woody 1980   PB good 49.00 humor     rt38
Perry Tyler Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings 2006   HB good $1.99 humor   Riverhead tm38
Pett Joel Thinking Inside the Box 2000   PB good 8.89 humor   Lexington Herald-Leader str31
Phillips Bob The World's Greatest Collection of Clean Jokes 1974   PB fair 1.00 humor   Vision House str37
Pris George Is It Anyone We Know? 1944   HB fair 2.99 humor   Murry Hill Books Inc. ab35
Queenan Joe Red Lobster White Trash and the Blue Lagoon 1998   HB/DJ good $1.99 humor   Hyperion Books mj20
Radner Gilda It's Always Something 1995   PB good $1.00 humor   Avon Bks ac54
Radner Gilda It's Always Something 1989   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Simon & Schuster km15
Randolph John The Jokes of Texas 1964   Softcover good $4.99 humor     tm35
Reiner Carl  All Kinds of Love 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Birch Lane c4
Reiser Paul Babyhood 1997 first HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Weisbach Morrow hb5
Reiser Paul Babyhood 1998   PB good $1.00 humor   Avon Bks c25
Rivenbark Celia We're Just Like You, Only Prettier 2004   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   St. Martin's Press bc52b
Romano  Ray Everything and a Kite  1998   HB/DJ good  2.99 humor    Bantam Books hb49
Rooney Andrew A Not That You Asked… 1989   HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Random House xs42
Roth Philip Our Gang 1971   HB/DJ good 2.99 humor   Random House ab6
Rowsome Frank Verse By The Side of the Road 1979   SB good $1.00 humor   Burma-Shave Plume box7
Royko Mike Dr Kookie You're Right! 1990 exlibris SB good $1.00 humor   Plume ac63
Safire William Language Maven Strikes Again 1990   HB/DC good 2.99 humor   Doubleday cr9
Salkin Allen Festivus 2005   HB good 1.99 humor   Warner Books rt44
Schirripa Steven R. A Goomba's Guide to Life 2002   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Clarkson Potter str24
Sedaris David Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim 2005   PB good 1.00 humor   Back Bay Books box33
Seinfeld Jerry Sein Language 1993   HB/DC good dc shows wear $5.00 humor   Bantam Books tm12
Seinfeld Jerry SeinLanguage 1998   PB good $3.00 humor     box5
Sharpe Tom   Vintage Stuff 1984   PB good $1.00 humor   Vintage Books eb7
Shulman Max  The Feather Merchants 1959   PB fair 1.79 humor   Bantam Books rt55
Sinbad   Sinbad's Guide To Life 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Bantam c2
Slansky Paul My Bad 2006   HB/DJ good $1.99 humor   Bloomsbury USA mj24
Smith Charles Merrill When The Saints Go Marching Out 1969   HB/DC good $1.25 humor   Doubleday bc47
Smith Lee Fancy Strut 1987   PB good $1.00 humor   Ballantine Books tm29
Steiner ed. Paul The Stevenson Wit & Wisdom 1965   PB good 1.00 humor   Pyramid Books wtm9
Stern Howard Miss America 1995   HB good $2.99 humor   Regan Books rt53
Stolls Amy  Palms to the Ground 2005   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Farrar Straus Giroux cpu12
Sullivan translater Kevin  The Real Japan 1992   PB vg 18.29 humor   The Japan Times pb29
Teichmann Howard Smart Aleck The Wit World and Life of Alexander Woollcott 1976   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   William Morrow c33
The Harvard Lampoon Editors   A Harvard Education In A Book 1991   SB good $2.99 humor   Perigee ac59
Theroux Peter Sandstorms Days and Nights in Arabia 1990   HB/DJ good 2.99 humor   W.W. Norton & Co. str23
Thomas Cal The Wit and Wisdom of Cal Thomas 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Promise Pr hb10
Thurber James Lanterns & Lances 1961 first HB fair $3.00 humor   Harper wtm10
Train John   Remarkable Occurrences 1978   HB/DJ good 1.99 humor   Clarkson N. Potter, Inc. misc8
Trillin Calvin Deciding The Next Decider 2008   HB/DC good $1.99 humor   Random House dm9
Trillin Calvin Uncivil Liberties 1987   SB good $1.00 humor   Penguin Bks dm9
Trudeau G.B. A Tad Overweight, But Violet Eyes to Die For 1981   PB good 1.00 humor   Bantam Books rt83
Trudeau G.B. The President Is a Lot Smarter Than You Think 1980   PB good 1.00 humor   Holt, Rinehart and Winston cr37
Trudeau Gary B Stalking The Perfect Tan 1978   SB good $1.99 humor     xs68
Tucker Ken Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy 2006   PB good 1.00 humor   St. Martin's Griffin cpu14
Tyrrell Jr R Emmett The Liberal Crack-Up 1984   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Simon & Schuster nb20
Ullman Tracey Tracey Takes On 1998 first HB/DC good $5.00 humor   Hyperion xs41
Viorst Judith Its Hard to be Hip Over Thirty 1970   PB fair 1.00 humor   A Signet Book pb8
Walker/Browne Mort/Dik Hi and Lois "Hi Honey, I'm Home!" 1984   PB good 1.00 humor   A Tom Doherty Associates Book gbs2
Ware Runa Erwin All Those In Favor Say Something! 1968   HB good 9.99 humor   Geron-X, Inc. ab3
Webster Jean Dear Enemy 1915   HB fair $8.89 humor   Grosset & Dunlap rt7
Wilder Effie Leland Over What Hill? Notes From The Pasture 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 humor   Peachtree Pub rt59
Wilson Tom Ziggy & Friends 1983   PB good 1.00 humor   A Signet Book pb5
Wilson Tom Ziggy's Ship Comes In 1984   PB good 1.00 humor   A Signet Book hb50
Wintzell's Oyster House   Bits of Wit and Wisdom  1973   Softcover good $9.99 humor     ab5
Wodehouse P.G. Meet Mr. Mulliner 1967   PB good 1.25 humor   Penguin Books ab4
Youngman Henry Insults For Everyone 1979   PB good $1.00 humor     wtm5
    The Best Laughs of The Better Half 1981   PB good 9.99 humor   Ace Books wst1