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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Adamson Nicky/Stephen How To Give Successful Parties 1991   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Smithmark ab67
Ambuter  Carolyn  Complete Book of Needlepoint 1972   PB good  1.00 craft    Workman Publishing Co. Inc. ab85
American Radio Relay League   The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1977   SB fair 2.99 hobby     QT7
Arnold Rus Flash Photography 1939   HB good 3.99 hobby   Little Technical Library rt29
Asharina Nina    Russian Decorative Art 1987   HB good 27.99 craft   Aurora Art Publishers ab20
Baker Lillian 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry 1978   SB good 1.99 hobby   Collector Bks ab24
Ball John E. Carpenters and Boulders Library Layouts, Foundations, Framing 1978   HB good 2.99 craft   Audel c40
Barnard Nicholas The Complete Home Decorating Book 1994   HB/DC good 4.99 craft   DK  hv10
Belew Elizabeth The Joy of Christmas 1996   HB/DC good 1.00 craft   Penbrooke Pub zz21
Berninger Miriam Flower Arranging 150 Illustrated Concepts 1972   SB good $14.99 craft   M Berninger c76
Better Homes & Gardens   Before & After Decorating 2009   SB good 2.99 craft   Better Homes & Gardens mx15b
Better Homes & Gardens   Color Solutions 2003   SB good 3.99 craft   BH&G mx39
Better Homes & Gardens   Easy Decorating Makeovers 2003   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   BH&G bol2
Better Homes & Gardens   Fences & Gates 2005   SB good 2.99 crafts   Meredith Bks mj22
Better Homes & Gardens   New Cottage Style 2005   SB good 3.99 craft   BH&G mx39
Better Homes & Gardens Editors   Day and Night Fun Projects For Kids To Do 1989   HB good 2.99 craft   BH&G mx48
Better Homes and Gardens   Christmas From The Hearth 1999   HB good            2.99 craft   Meredith Bks db19
Better Homes and Gardens   Collections Projects and Ideas To Display Your Treasures 2002   HB/DC good 4.99 craft   BH&G zp32
Better Homes and Gardens   Patchwork & Quilting 1977   HB good            2.99 craft     mx5
Better Homes and Gardens   Sewing Book 1961   HB good 4.99 craft   BH&G os13
Blandford Percy W The Master Handbook of Sheetmetalwork with Projects 1981   SB good $2.99 craft   Tab Bks c76
Blount Mary Jane Christmas 1991 Home For The Holidays 1991   HB good 2.99 craft   Heritage House mx14
Bonesteel Georgia New Ideas For Lap Quilting 1987 exlibris HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Oxmoor House rt3
Boyles Margaret Country-Style Stencilling 1991   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Meredith Bks mx59
Brennan Rebecca Christmas With Southern Living 1997   HB good 2.99 craft   Oxmoor House mx12
Brennan Rebecca Christmas With Southern Living 1998   HB good 2.99 craft   Oxmoor House c23
Brennan Rebecca Christmas With Southern Living 2002   HB good 2.99 craft   Oxmoor House QT3
Burian Peter National Geographic Photography Field Guide 1999   SB good $1.99 hobby   National Geographic cla4
Carrier/Carroll Rick/David Action! Camera! 1972   HB good 6.59 hobby   Charles Scribner's Sons rt49
Carter Rebecca The Ultimate Scrapbooking Book 2001   HB/DC good 3.99 craft   BN c69
Carter Rebecca The Ultimate Scrapbooking Book 2003   SB good 3.99 craft   Main St hb44
Cavitch Susan Miller The Soapmaker's Companion 1997   PB good 7.79 craft   Storey Books rt85
Chart David Akrasia Thief of Time (D&D) 2001   SB good 3.99 hobby   Eden Studios QT2
Christensen Jo Ippolito The Needlepoint Book 1976   HB good DC worn 2.99 craft   Prentice Hall mx45
Clan House   Scots Kith and Kin and Illustrated Map none given 2nd revised SB good $7.99 hobby   Albyn Press jm1
Cohen Sacha Paint Effects Master Class 2002   SB good 4.99 craft   Hermes House mx41
Collection   Vanessa Holidays In Cross Stitch 1990   HB good 1.99 craft   Oxmoor House mj20
Collector's Information Bureau   Signatures 2000 2000 signed SB good $9.99 hobby     ac45
Conard/Voce ed Candace N./Jo Christmas With Southern Living 1981 1981   HB good 2.99 craft   Oxmoor House rt28
Coney Norma The Complete Soapmaker 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Sterling Pub ac35
Craft Course Publications   Make A Magnetic Put-On 1972   SB good 4.99 craft     mx59
Crafts Media LLC   Award-Winning Scrapbook Pages 2004   SB good 2.99 craft   Leisure Bks mx38
Crafts Media LLC   Scrapbooking Friends & Family Ideas For All Year 2004   SB good 2.99 craft   Leisure Bks mx38
Curtis Tony Antiques and Their Values: Glass 1978   HB good 3.99 hobby   Lyle c5
Danaher Mary-Anne Creating Memories Making A Memory Scrapbook for Life's Special Occasions 1998   HB good 2.99 crafts   Lansdowne Pub QT2
Daniels G. Emery The Home Comfort Handbook 1966   PB good 4.79 hobby   Popular Library dd2
Derieus/Stevenson Mary/Isabelle The Complete Book of Interior Decorating 1954   HB good 39.99 craft   Greystone Press ab30
Domesek Erica PS I Made This I See It I Like It I Make It 2010   SB good 4.99 craft   Harry N Abrams ext20
Dooley ed. Dan   Sewing for Your Home 1974   HB good  2.99 craft    Meredith Corp. ab80
Drucker/Finkelstein Mindy/Pierre Recipes For Surfaces Decorative Paint Finishes Made Simple 1990   SB good 2.99 craft   Touchstone mx16
Eames  Alexandra  Windows & Walls  1980   HB/DJ good  2.99 craft    Oxmoor House cr16
Eastman Kodak Co   Adventures in Indoor Color Slides 1959   SB good $3.99 hobby     bio8
Eastman Kodak Co   Adventures in Indoor Color Slides 1961   SB good $3.99 hobby     bio8
Editors of BH&G   Flower Arranging For Every Day and Special Occasions 1957   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Meredith Pub mj3
Editors of Faithgirlz!   Redo Your Room 50 Bedroom DIYS You Can Do In A Weekend 2015   SB good 2.99 craft   Zonderkidz rom3
Editors of Organic Gardening and Farming   Build-It-Yourself Homestead 1980   SB good $1.25 hobby   Rodale Pr tm24
Editors of Readers Digest   Crafts and Hobbies A Step-By-Step Guide To Creative Skills 1981   HB good 3.99 craft   Readers' Digest zp4
Editors of Sunset Books   Complete Paint and Wall Coverings 1999   SB good 2.99 craft   Oxmoor House mx16
Editors of Time Life Books   Light and Film 1971   HB good 2.99 hobby   Time Life mx14
Ehrhardt Eleanor Charlie Brown's Super Book of Things To Do and Collect 1975   SB good 2.99 hobby   Random House ns23
Endacott Violet Design In Embroidery 1964   HB good 3.99 craft   Macmillan bc18
English Kathleen Christmas With Southern Living 1990   HB good            2.99 craft   Oxmoor House mx6
Epstein/De Armand Samuel/David How To Develop Print and Enlarge Pictures 1947   SB good 3.99 hobby   Grosset & Dunlap ab49
Feininger Andreas The Creative Photographer 1959   HB/DJ good 2.99 hobby   Prentice-Hall Inc. str33
Feldheim Harold The Weak Two Bid In Bridge 1973   HB good 3.15 hobby   Drake Publishers Inc. rt21
Fenollosa Ernest Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art Volume One 1976   SB good 3.99 craft   Dover Pub km27
Fisher Stanley Worchester Porcelain 1968   HB/DC good 6.99 hobby   Ward Lock mx62
Fitzgerald  Oscar Four Centuries of American Furniture 1995   SB good 3.99 hobby   Wallace-Homestead Bks mx10
Ford Motor Company   1969 Car Shop Manual Vol 4 Body Ford 1968   PB good 29.99 hobby   Ford Motor Company ftm5
Forrest Penelope Collecting Stamps A Beginner's Guide for South Africans 1985   HB good 29.99 hobby   C Struik ext2
Foster Walter A Fun Book on Painting and Mixing Colors ????   Softcover fair 5.99 craft     str36
Frager Dorothy The Quilting Primer 1986 second HB good 2.99 craft   Chilton Bks hb22
Freeman Michael  The 35MM Handbook 1985   HB/DJ good 2.99 hobby   Courage Books ab47
Frey Richard L. According To Hoyle 1983   PB good 1.00 hobby   Fawcett Crest rt62
Friedberg Robert 1985 Green Coin Book 1985   HB/DJ good 1.99 hobby   Bell Publishing Co. ab92
Gasser Henry Guide To Painting Techniques of Handling Oil Watercolor and Casein 1964   PB good 4.99 craft   Golden Pr tm21
Georges Gregory 50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques 2001   SB good 3.99 hobby cd included Wiley bc38
Gerbrandt Michele    Memory Makers Great Scrapbooks Ideas Tips & Techniques 2000   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Beaux Arts mx26
Gilliatt Mary  Mix & Match Decorating Book 1984   HB good  2.99 craft    Pantheon Books ab85
Girl Scouts   Brownie Scout Handbook 1952   HB fair 5.99 hobby   Girl Scouts box22
Goldschmiedt Henry Practical Formulas for Hobby or Profit 1973   HB/DC good 5.99 hobby   Chemical Publising Co ab26
Goren Charles   8 Easy Steps to Winning Bridge     PB good 3.69 hobby   Heines Publishing Co. ext11
Goren Charles H. The Fundamentals of Contract Bridge 1981   PB good 1.00 hobby   Pocket Books str28
Goulos Judy Fun Crafts For Kids 1991   SB good 5.99 craft   Mark Pub mx48
Gowland Peter Peter Gowland's Figure Photography 1956   SB good          14.99 hobby   Fawcett mx6
Grafton Carol Belanger Traditional Patchwork Patterns 1975   SB good 2.99 craft   Dover Pub ext20
Griffiths Anna Introduction To Embroidery 1989   HB/DC good 1.99 craft   BDD Promotional Books mj25
Grist Everett Antique and Collectible Marbles Identification and Values 1994   Softcover very good 4.99 hobby     str40
Gross ed. Fred  How To Work With Tools & Wood 1963   PB good 1.00 craft   Pocket Books ac9
Grosso Alicia The Everything Soapmaking Book 2007   SB good $5.88 craft   Adams ac35
Grotz George The Furniture Doctor 1962   HB/DC good $1.99 craft   Doubleday rt53
Guasti Carol A.  Family Circle christmas Treasury 1989 1989   HB good  2.99 craft    The Family Circle ab81
Hallmark   Creative and Thoughtful Gift Giving  2007   HB/DC good 4.99 craft   Hallmark mx31
Hamilton Lindsay The Pleasures of Collecting 1974   HB good DC worn 12.99 hobby   Caxton Pub mx67
Hamilton-Hunt Margaret Knitting Dictionary 1030 Stitches Patterns and Knitting Crochet 1963   SB good 39.95 craft   Mon Tricot mx59
Harris H.E. Harris Postage Stamp Cataloge 1980   PB good 1.00 hobbies   H.E. Harris Publications rt6
Hattersley Ralph Photographic Printing 1977   PB good 1.39 hobby   Prentice-Hall, Inc. rt23
Hemingway Beth Flower Arrangement With Antiques 1965   HB good 2.99 craft   Hearthside Pr jm8
Hemingway Beth Holidays With Hemingway 1985 signed  SB good 5.99 craft   Flower Pub rt20
Henderson/Baldwin Stevie/Mark Great 2X4 Accessories for Your Home 1999   HB/DJ good 2.99 craft   Lark Books ext14
Herter   Herter's Professional Course In Modern Taxidermy 196?   SB fair 5.99 hobby     cr32
Hicks David Living With Design 1979   HB/DJ good 57.99 craft   William Morrow and Company, Inc. ext2 
Hiett Harry 57 How-To-Do-It Charts on Materials Equipment Technique for Screen Printing 1959   SB good $6.99 craft   Signs of the Times xs31
Hilts Len Furniture Repair and Restoration 1982   SB good 2.99 craft   Creative Homeowner mx10
Hiney Mary Jo Ribbon Basics 1995 exlibris HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Sterling Pub bc75
Holme C G Modern Photography 1943   HB good  $48.99 hobby   The Studio LTD rt79
Home Decorating Institute   Bedroom Decorating 1991   HB good 3.99 craft   Creative Pub mx42
Horowitz Shirley Homework 2: Outside 1979   HB good 8.50 craft   Structures Pub bc23
Hudgeons Jr Thomas  The Official Blackbook Price Guide To United States Postage Stamps 2011   PB good 5.95 hobby   House of Collectibles wtm11
Husfloen Kyle Antique Trader Jewelry Price Guide 2001   SB good 2.99 hobby   Krause Pub nb19
Isenberg Anita/Seymour How To Work In Stained Glass 1977   SB good $2.99 craft   Chilton Books rt37
Jacobs Lou  Basic Guide to Photography 1980   PB good 1.99 hobby   Avon Books db20
Jacobs Lou  How To Take Great Pictures With Your SLR 1974   PB good 1.99 hobby   Harper Collins bio5
Jacoby  James Jacoby on Bridge 1989   PB good 1.00 hobby   Pocket Books bc12
Jenkins Steven Discover Cross Stitch 1994   HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Hamlyn c16
Jordan E L Hammond's Guide To Nature Hobbies 1953   HB/DC good            9.99 hobby   Hammond mx3
Jorgensen et al. Eirc Ford Ranger & Mazda Pick-ups Auto Repair Manual 2000   PB good 6.39 hobby   Haynes Publishing Group ac18
Kaplan/Sheinwold Edgar/Alfred How to Play Winning Bridge 1958   HB/DJ good 14.99 hobby   Fleet Publishing corp. rt84
Karouzou Semni National Museum 1977   PB good 4.45 craft   Ekdotike Athenon hb41
Kelsey  H.W. Advanced Play at Bridge 1968   PB good 5.99 hobby   Hart Publishing Company, Inc rt26
Kelsh Nick How To Photograph Your Family 2001   HB good 2.99 craft   Stewart Tabori & Chang c70
Knox  Gerald   Better Homes and Gardens Applique  1978   HB good  2.99 craft    Meredith Corp. ab85
Kowal Bron The Pocket Guide To Photographing Children 1983   HB good 9.99 hobby   Colour Lib Bks mx45
Lamb ed. David Miranda Innes' Country Home Book 1990   HB/DJ good 1.99 craft   Simon and Schuster ext9
Lawrence Michael S. Winning Backgammon 1977   PB good 1.00 hobby   Pinnacle Books db1
Le Clair Charles Color In Contemporary Painting 1991   HB/DC good 5.99 hobby   Watson-Guptill rt79
Leisure Arts   Trash To Treasure The Recycler's Guide Tok Creative Crafts 1997   HB good 2.99 craft   Leisure Arts edu6
Lund Valerie Let's Make Windsocks 1989   SB good 3.75 craft   Central Coast Creations mx59
Mackley Jill Decorating With Flowers 1979   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Chartwell Bks str26
Madden Chris Casson Chris Madden's Guide To Personalizing Your Home 1997   HB/DC good $1.99 craft   Clarkson Potter rt77
Magnet   The Magnet Companion 1972   HB/DC good 5.99 hobby   Howard Baker mx56
Malone Maggie Quilting Shortcuts 1986   PB good 1.00 craft   Sterling Publishing Co. cpu13
Maltin/Greenfield Leonard/Allan The Complete Guide To Home Video 1981   HB/DC good $1.99 hobby   Harmony cr41
Manilow Barry  The Best of Barry Manilow 1987   PB good 8.10 hobby   Hal Leonard Publishing Corp. str39
Markus Rixi Play Better Bridge 1979   HB/DJ good 2.99 hobby   Octopus os25
Marshall Mel How To Repair Reupholster and Refinish Furniture 1983   HB good DC fair 2.99 craft   HarperCollins os7
Martha Stewart Living   Classic Crafts and Recipes Inspired By The Songs of Christmas 2002   HB good 2.99 craft   Oxmoor House mx38
Martin Bob National Geographic The Ultimate Field Guide To Photography 2006   SB good $2.99 hobby   National Geographic hb59
Matlins Antoinette Jewelry and Gems The Buying Guide 1998   SB good 2.99 hobby   Gemstone Pr bc63
McCalls   McCall's Decorating Book 1964   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Random House ab73
McCann E Armitage How To Make A Clipper Ship Model 1995   SB good $9.95 hobby   Dover Pub is6
McElroy Thomas P. The Habitat Guide To Birding 1974   HB good 2.99 hobby   Alfred A. Knopf rt28
McEntree/Siposs Howard/George Fun With Electronics 1976   HB good 2.99 hobby   TAB Books rt36
McKim Ruby 101 Patchwork Patterns 1962   SB good 2.99 craft   Dover Pub mx15b
Mees C E Kenneth The Fundamentals of Photography 1935 exlibris HB Good $9.95 hobby   Eastman Kodak rt35
Memory Makers   Cutting Edge Photo Cropping For Scrapbooks 2003   SB good 2.99 craft     rt18
Memory Makers   Scrapbook Journaling Made Simple 2002   SB good 2.99 craft   Memory Makers mx38
Memory Makers   Scrapbook Lettering 2003   SB good 2.99 craft   Memory Makers mx38
Memory Makers   The Complete Guide To Creating Heritage Scrapbooks 2002 exlibris SB good 2.99 craft   Memory Makers mx38
Miles Marshall How To Win At Duplicate Bridge 1963   PB good $4.99 hobby   Collier Bks c16
Milgrom Melissa Still Life Adventures In Taxidermy 2010 exlibris HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Houghton Mifflin db7
Miller Robert MI Hummel: The Golden Anniversary Album 1984 first HB/DC good 15.00 hobby   Portfolio Press str22
Mitchell Stephen Coins of England and the United Kingdom 1993 28th HB good 4.99 hobby   Trafalgar Sq ab79
Montano Mark The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2008   SB good 4.99 craft   Simon Spotlight mx59
Moynihan/Soderlind Michael/Didrik Lords of Chaos 2003   PB good 9.39 arts   Feral House rt86
Myer Phillip C Creative Paint Finishes For The Home 1992   HB good 2.99 craft   North Light Bks ab66
Nagele/Sutherland/Beney/etal   Photographing America 1981   HB good $1.99 hobby   Colour Library cr39
Nelson Elsa Moderns Around The World ????   Softcover fair 5.99 craft     str36
Newail Christopher The Art of Lord Leighton 1994   SB good 4.99 craft   Phaidon Pr mx35
Noll Edward M. Radio Operators License Handbook 1965   PB good 4.99 hobby   Howard W. Sams & Co. pb24
Norden Mary Beautiful Ribbons 1999   HB good 1.99 craft   Running Pr sse8
Oakley W. The ARCO Workshop Companion 1961   HB good 5.75 craft   ARCO Publishing Co. rt9
Ormsbee Thomas H. Care and Repair of Antiques 1949   HB/DJ good 1.99 craft   Gramercy Publishing Co. vinn
Orthner Donald P Paintings By The Master 2001   SB good $3.99 craft   Ambassador-Emerald cpu1
Parker  Dorothy Ms. Pinchpenny's Book of Interior Design 1979   HB/DJ good  2.99 craft    Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. ab78
Parsons Thomas Designer's Guide To Patterns Scandinavian 1993   Softcover good 2.99 craft     str32
Pattou/Vaughn Albert/Clarence Furniture, Furniture Finishing, Decoratin and Patching 1944   HB good 7.95 hobby   Frederick J. Drake & Co. os13
Pearson David Designing Your Natural Home 2005   SB good 3.99 craft   Harper ac39
Perry George Color Schemes For The Home 1935   PB good 39.99 craft   American Paint Journal Co rt21
Philpott/Oneal Violet/Mary Jean The FunCraft Book of Puppets 1976   SB good 2.99 craft   Scholastic  mx33
Pitch Anthony S. Exclussively Washington Trivia 1984   PB good 1.00 hobby   Mino Publications c5
Post Connie A Beautiful Room Will Change Your Life 2005   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Sixth & Spring Books ab73
Prisant Carol Antiques Roadshow Primer 1999   PB good 1.99 craft   Workman Publishing Co. str3
Reinfeld Fred Second Book of Chess. The Nine Bad Moves and How to Avoid Them 1960   HB poor $2.99 hobby   Sterling Pub zz1
Rhatigan Joe Awesome Things To Make With Recycled Stuff 2003   SB good 3.99 craft   Lark Bks mx51
Rios Julian Kitaj 2007   SB good $16.99 craft   Moyer Bell ac73
Rittner Carl F./Eunice Vase Arrangements for the Professional Florist 1966   PB good 14.99 craft   G.P. Putnam's Sons bio4
Robinson Nick How To Make and Fly Paper Planes 1996   HB good 2.99 craft   Parragon hb42
Rothstein Arthur    Photo Journalism 1956 first HB/DC good $19.99 hobby   AmPhoto gbs5
Sattler Helen Roney Recipes For Art and Craft Materials 2000 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Lothrop Lee & Shepard str45
Sauer Jules Roger Brazil Paradise of Gemstones 1982   HB good $2.99 hobby   Grafica Editora cr2
Scheffler  Carol    Rubber Stamping for the First Time 1999   HB/DJ good  2.99 craft    Sterling Publishing Co. Inc ab85
Schenken Howard Better Bidding in 15 Minutes 1963   HB/DJ good 12.39 hobby   Simon & Schuster rt82
Scurlock William H. The Book of Buckskinning IV 1987   PB good 14.99 craft   Rebel Publishing Co. edu4
Shearer Janet     The Art of Illusion A Trompe L'Oeil Painting Course 2002   SB good $10.85 craft   North Light ab25
Sheinwold  Alfred   Duplicate Bridge 1954   PB good 1.00 hobby   Sterling Publishing Co. str29
Shuman John A. American Art Glass 1987   HB good 6.59 hobby   Collector Books edu3
Silberzahn George How To Master the Sport of Darts 2004   PB good 12.29 hobby   Totem Pointe Books, Inc. rt87
Smith Monte Traditional Indian Crafts 1987   SB good 2.99 craft   Eagles View Pub mx10
Smith Patricia Doll Values Antique & Modern 1979   SB good $2.99 hobby   Collector Bks bc69
Southern Living   Christmas With Southern Living 1994   HB good            2.99 craft   Oxmoor House rt63
Southern Living    Secrets of Style 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Oxmoor House ab9
Spizman Robyn Lollipop Grapes and Clothespin Critters 1985   SB good 2.99 craft   Addison-Weslety str8
Stanforth Deirdre Restored America 1975   HB/DC good 4.99 craft   Excalibur Bks mx15b
Stauffer Jeanne  Quilting Beyond The Norm 2006   SB good 2.99 craft     ext20
Stiles David Playhouses You Can Build 1999   SB good 5.50 craft   Firefly Bks rt40
Stoddard Alexandra Creating A Beautiful Home 1993   SB good 2.99 craft   William Morrow nb52
Stoddard Alexandra Open Your Eyes 1000 Simple Ways To Bring Beauty Into Your Home 1998   HB/DC good 3.99 craft   William Morrow nc2
Stoehr Kathleen    The Complete Home Decorating Idea Book 2007   SB good 2.99 craft   Charles Randall mx38
Strangis Robin Color Idea Book 2007   SB good 4.95 craft   Taunton Pr mx39
Streetman Al 25 Leprechaun Patterns For Carvers 1996   SB good $5.45 craft   Schiffer Pub hb22
Strom/Lewy H/LH Animals On Stamps ????   PB good 25.00 hobby   Philart Productions hb9
Studio Twelve   Flower Loom Projects From Studio Twelve Vol II #362 1972   SB good 28.95 craft     mx59
Taurus Publications   Macrame For Ages 8 and Up 2 1978   SB good 6.50 craft     mx59
Tell City   Primer of Early American Home Decorating Vol 17 ????   HB fair 24.99 craft   Tell City mx15b
Thorne Mrs James Ward American Rooms In Miniature 1962   SB good 2.99 hobby     cr16
Time Life Editors   The Art of Sewing: Novel Materials 1975 exlibris HB good 4.99 craft   Time Life Bks mx47
Time Life Editors   The Art of Sewing: Separates That Travel 1975 exlibris HB good 4.99 craft   Time Life Bks mx47
Time Life Editors   The Art of Sewing: The Personal Touch 1974 exlibris HB good 4.99 craft   Time Life Bks mx47
Torrey ed. Volta Popular Science Monthly Magazine April 1954 1954   PB fair 4.99 hobby   Popular Science Publishing rt94
Torrey ed. Volta Popular Science Monthly Magazine August 1954 1954   PB fair 3.99 hobby   Popular Science Publishing rt94
Torrey ed. Volta Popular Science Monthly MagazineFebruary 1954 1954   PB fair 12.99 hobby   Popular Science Publishing rt94
Tradelius  Paul   The Basics of Radio Control Helicopters 1996   SB good 3.99 hobby   Air Age Pub rt65
Tresidder Jack Masterin Color 1985   HB good            2.99 hobby   Time Life mx2
Tribolet Nancy Stenciling Secrets By Nancy 1998   SB good 3.99 craft   Grace Pub mx59
Tuttle Harris B Color Movies For The Beginner 1949   HB good 2.99 hobby   Ziff-Davis Publishing ab28
Utz Peter Recording Great Audio 1989   PB good 4.99 hobby   Radio Shack rt26
Valle/Caporuscio Betty/Rose Ann Romantic Weddings Create the Wedding of Your Dreams with 100 Projects 1989   SB good 6.25 craft   Plaid Ent mx59
Veevers-Carter Ming Celebration Flowers Designing & Arranging 1990   HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Sterling Pub c76
Vogue Butterick Editors   Window Dressing 2000   HB good 2.99 craft   Butterick Co mx42
Voss Thomas Antique American Country Furniture A Field Guide 1981   HB/DC good $1.99 hobby   Bonanza Bks edu5
Wagner Robert  Van Nostrand's Standard Catalog of Shells 1967 second SB good $7.89 hobby   Van Nostrand ab32
Walter Martin Gem Cutting Is Easy 1972   HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Crown Pub ext20
Warm ed Harvey R. Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 1979   PB good 7.29 hobby   Scott Publishing Co. rt23
Watts ed. Franklin The Complete Christmas Book 1961   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Franklin Watts box38
Weems David Building Speaker Enclosures 1984   PB good 1.00 hobby   TAB Books rt25
Wells Jean   Oh Sew Easy Pillow 2006   SB good 4.99 craft   C&T Pub mx31
Westland Pamela Celebrating Christmas 1995   HB/DC good 2.99 craft   Smithmark Pub mx26
Westland et al. Palema  Decorations Candles & Wreaths 1997   HB/DJ good  2.99 craft    Chartwell Books, Inc. ab85
White  Tracy Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking 2005   SB good 2.99 crafts   Leisure Arts hb9
Wolansky William Woodworking Made Easy 1972   HB/DC good $2.99 craft   Scribners cr41
Wolfgang ed Larry D. The ARRL Advanced Class License Manual 1995 Fourth PB good 1.00 hobby   The American Radio Relay League, Inc rt37
Woman's Day   Book of Granny Squares and Other Carry-Along Crochet 1975   HB/DC good 1.99 craft   Simon & Schuster mj23
Wright Dale R. The ABC's of Picture-taking Ease 1984   PB good 5.79 hobby   Cannon Inc. ab47
Wright  Linda  Holidays in Cross-Stitch 1989 1989   HB good  2.99 craft    Oxmoor House ab85
Yeoman R S 2012 Guide Book of United States Coins 2011   Spiral bound good $6.99 hobby   Whitman Pub mj10
Yeoman R S A Guide Book of United States Coins 2009 2008 62nd ed HB good 2.99 hobby   Whitman Pub rt47
Young Helen Dollmaking For Everyone 1977   HB/DC good 5.99 craft   Barnes hb19
Zalewski Chris Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn 1994   SB good $11.99 hobby   Llewellyn Pub db8
Zenon Paul Magic Tricks 2005   SB good 3.99 hobby   SevenOaks mx18
    The New World Book of Cannons 1993   PB good 49.99 hobby   Halbert's Family Heritage is6