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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Ackerman Diane Cultivating Delight A Natural History of My Garden 2002   SB good $1.99 gardening   Harper Perennial str45
Baker  Jerry  Talk to Your Plants 1974   PB good  1.00 gardening   Pocket Books box35
Bender ed. Steve The Southern Living Garden Book 1998   PB good $1.99 gardening   Oxmoor House str44
Better Homes & Gardens   Landscape Planning 1963   HB good 2.99 gardening   BH&G mx15 
Better Homes & Gardens   New Complete Guide To Landscaping 2002   HB good 2.99 garden   BH&G nc2
Bibby ed.  Francis M. The Gladiolus 1935   HB good  11.89 gardening    New England Gladiolus Society rt83
Black T E God's Way Gives The Correct Signs and Dates for Planting Business Fishing Hunting and One Hundred Other Things 1973   Stapled SC booklet 9.99 gardening   T E Black xs39
Carpenter Tom Perennials 2002   HB good $2.99 gardening   National Home Gardening Club zz9
Crockett James Underwood Roses 1978   HB good 1.99 gardening   Time Life Books cr29
Daniel  W H Turf Managers Handbook 1979   HB good $4.99 gardening   Harvest Pub  nb35
Derrick Tony Garden Plants For Free 1990   HB/DC good 2.99 gardening   Gallery Bks zp34
Editors of Organic Gardening and Farming   The Home Workplace 1981   SB good 4.99 gardening     cr8
Editors of Organic Gardening Basics   Vegetables 2001   SB good 1.99 gardening   Rodale Bks QT5
Everett T H New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening Vol 1 A-Art 1960   HB good 2.99 garden   Greystone Pr aod9
Everett ed. T.H.  New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening 1967   HB/DJ good  2.99 gardening    Greystone Press rt34
Greer Jennifer Container Gardening 1999   SB good 2.99 garden   Oxmoor House com1
Gregory Ken M Eureka Daylily 2005 Reference Guide Vol 15 2005   Spiral Bound SB good 38.99 gardening   Garden Eureka zz11
Lee Frederic The Azalea Book 1958   HB good 3.99 garden   Van Nostrand mj3 
Luebbermann Mimi Shade Gardens 1999   HB good $2.99 gardening   National Home Gardening Club zz9
McCullagh James C The Solar Greenhouse Book 1978   HB/DC good $3.99 gardening   Rodale Pr ab46
McGourty ed. Frederick Bonsai for Indoors 1977   PB good 4.99 gardening   Plants & Gardens ab28
McHoy Peter Practical Small Gardens 2003   SB good 3.99 garden   Hermes House ac61
Nash Helen  The Complete Pond Builder  1996   HB/DJ good $2.99 gardening    Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. mj18
Nehrling Arno Easy Gardening With Drought-Resistant Plants 1968   HB/DC good 2.99 garden   Hearthside Pr mx14
Nicolas J H  A Year in the Rose Garden 1936   HB good 3.99 gardening   Doubleday mx22
Polomski Robert Month-By-Month Gardening in the Carolinas 2001   SB good 2.99 gardening   Cool Springs Pr ab5
Reader's Digest   Creative Garden Design 1990   HB good $5.00 gardening   Reader's Digest bio
Reader's Digest Editors   Success With House Plants 1979   HB good   $2.99 gardening   Reader's Digest dm5
Rockwell ed. F.F. 10,000 Garden Questions 1959   HB fair 9.99 gardening   Doubleday & Company, Inc. rt94
Simon Laura Dear Mr Jefferson Letters From A Nantucket Gardner 1998   HB/DC good 2.99 gardening   Crown Pub tm6
Sinnes A Cort Solving Garden Problems Flowers 1999   HB good $2.99 gardening   National Home Gardening Club zz9
Stevens  G A Garden Flowers In Color 1934 exlibris HB good 4.99 garden   Macmillan nb35
Taylor/Gregg Kathryn/Edith Winter Flowers in Greenhouse and Sun-Heated Pit 1969   HB/DC good 5.99 gardening   Scribner cr15
Tiedjens Victor The Vegetable Encyclopedia and Gardener's Guide 1943   HB good 2.99 garden   New Home Lib dm5
Time Life   Foliage House Plants 1972   HB/DJ good 2.99 gardening   Time Life Books txt2
Time Life Books   Annuals  1988   HB good 2.99 gardening   Time Life Books ab73
Time Life Books   Perennials 1988   HB good 2.99 gardening   Time Life Books ab73
Titchmarsh Alan  Gardening Techniques 1981   Spiral Bd SC $2.99 gardening   Simon & Schuster zz10
US Dept of Agriculture   1970 Yearbook of Agriculture Contours of Change 1970   HB good 1.99 gardening     tm40
US Dept of Agriculture   1974 Yearbook of Agriculture Shopper's Guide 1974   HB good 1.99 gardening     wtm13
US Dept of Agriculture   Yearbook of Agriculture 1959: Food 1959   HB good 1.99 gardening     mor4
Wherry Edgar Wild Flower Guide Northeastern and Midland United States 1948   HB good 4.99 garden   Doubleday nb29
Wigmore Ann  The Sprouting Book 1986   PB good 4.49 gardening   Avery Publishing Group Inc. is1
Wittrock Gustav The Pruning Book 1971   HB good 2.99 gardening   Rodale Bks zz19
Yankee Magazine   Panty Hose Hot Peppers Tea Bags and More For The Garden 2005   HB good 2.99 garden   Yankee Bks mx13