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Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Edition Condition Price Type Print Publisher Location
Adby Peter Mr Noah's Ark ???? Pixie HB good $6.99 childrens   Collins nb24
Adler Carole S A Tribe For Lexi 1991 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Atheneum dm3
Adler David A Jeffrey's Ghost and the Leftover Baseball Team 1984 exlibris HB good $1.00 childrens   Henry Holt xs15b
Aiken Joan  The Wolves of Willoughby Chase 1987   PB good 1.00 children   A Dell Book rt29
Ainsworth Judy Gail The Lost Smile 1971   HB good $2.29 children   Hale House xs42
Albright Molly Best Friends    1988 exlibris HB good $1.99 childrens   Troll db16
Albright Molly The Dream Team 1988 exlibris HB good $15.50 childrens   Troll sac2
Albright Molly The Room of Doom 1989   HB good 1.25 children   Troll Communications bc47
Aldredge Edma Wags and Woofie 1928 exlibris HB/DC good $74.99 children   Ginn and Co ac75
Aldridge James   A Sporting Proposition 1973   HB good $2.99 children   Little, Brown and Company chr1
Alfonsi Alice Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie For President 2004   SB good $1.00 children     bc5
Alvarez Julia  Before We Were Free 2002 exlibris HB good $1.99 children   Knopf rt35
Anckarsvard Karin Doctor's Boy 1965 exlibris HB good $4.99 children   Harcourt  ab51
Anderson A.M.  Friday the Arapaho Indian 1951   HB good 14.99 children    Wheeler Publishing Co. mj7
Anderson C.W. The Crooked Colt 1954   PB good $3.59 children   Weekly Reader Books pb26
Anderson Phoebe M A Place For Penny 1960   Softcover fair $1.99 childrens     str23
Anderson Phoebe M Jesus 1960   Softcover good $2.99 childrens     str23
Anderson Phoebe M The First Christmas 1960   Softcover good $2.99 childrens     str23
Anderson ed. Grace Fox The Hairy Brown Angel and Other Animal Tails 1977   PB good 1.00 children   Victor Books str42
Andrews Mary Evans Lanterns Aloft 1955   HB good 4.09 children   Longmans, Green and Co. sch1
Annixter Jane/Paul Wapootin 1976   HB good $1.99 childrens   Coward McCann c6
Arnold  Francena H. Not My Will 1990   PB good $1.00 children   Moody Press cla4
Bach Alice Mollie Make-Believe 1976   PB good 1.00 children     tm4
Bagert Brod The Gooch Machine Poems for Children To Perform 1997 signed HB good $4.99 children   Boyds Mills Press str25
Bailey Bernadine North Carolina 1950 revised HB/DC good $5.99 childrens   Whitman ac13
Bailey Bernadine Virgina 1951 revised HB/DC good $5.99 childrens   Whitman ac13
Bakeless Katherine Spies of the Revolution 1962   PB good $1.00 childrens   Scholastic ac55
Balch Glenn White Ruff 1964   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services hb51
Balliett Blue Chasing Vermeer 2004   HB good $1.99 children   Scholastic Inc. rt77
Bang Molly Selphine 1988   HB good $1.00 childrens   William Morrow and Company rt27
Banks Lynne Reid The Mystery of the Cupboard 2001   PB good $1.00 childrens   HarperCollins rt77
Bannon  Laura  Who Walks the Attic? 1962   PB good 1.00 children   Albert Whitman & Co. c46
Barber Tiki, Ronde Kickoff! 2008   SB good $1.99 childrens   Scholastic kpo3
Barnard Seymour A Child's Garden of Relatives 1950   HB good $4.69 children   Rinehart c32
Barnes John Losers In Space 2012   HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Viking bc47
Barnes Steven Great Sky Woman 2006 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 fantasy   Ballantine Bks eb3
Barrett G Arthur Barbecue Cookbook The Fine Art of Outdoor Cooking 1972   HB good $4.69 cookbook   Gourmet International eb9
Barrie Monica Queen Knights 1985   PB good $1.00 romance    Pocket c34
Bartholomew Barbara  Anne and Jay 1982   PB good 1.00 children   A Signet Book db11
Bartolini Roberto The National Museum of Florence ????   SB fair $2.99 nonfiction     km16
Bartolomeo Christina Cupid and Diana 1999   SB good $1.99 fiction   Scribner nb30
Bates Barbara S The Happy Birthday Present 1951   HB fair $2.99 children   Wonder Books str44
Bates Betsy That's What TJ Says 1982 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 children   Holiday House cr21
Bates Betty Ask Me Tomorrow 1987   HB/DJ good 2.99 children   A Holiday House Book ab2
Bates Stephen A Church At War Anglicans and Homosexuality 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 gay interest   I B Tauris ovs1
Baudouy Michel-Aime Old One-Toe 1959   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services box18
Bauer Joan Backwater 2000   HB good $2.99 childrens   Putnams zp12
Bauer Joan Hope Was Here 2000   HB vg $2.99 childrens   Scholastic Inc. rt2
Bauer Marion Dane A Taste of Smoke 1993 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Clarion Bks dm3
Baumann Hans I Marched With Hannibal 1962 exlibris HB/DC good $4.99 childrens   Henry Walck str14
Bawden Nina Henry 1988 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 childrens   Lothrop hb57
Bearman Jane David A Bible Heroes Library Book 1965   HB/DC good $19.99 children   Jonathan David ab17
Beatty Hetty Burlingame Blitz 1961   Softcover good $2.99 childrens     rst3
Beauchamp/Beauchamp/Gray Wilbur/Gertrude/William All Around Us Book B 1951   HB good $1.99 children   Scott Foresman rt63
Beausay William Boys! Shaping Ordinary Boys Into Extraordinary Men 1994   HB/DC good $2.99 parenting   Thomas Nelson mb1
Bechdolt Jack Oliver Sounds Off! 1953 exlibris HB good $8.99 children   Julian Messner ab32
Bechdolt Jack   Oliver Sounds Off! 1962   PB good $4.89 children   Scholastic Book Services str23
Beckett Fiona Champagne and Sparkling Wine 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Ryland Peters & Small eb9
Beers V. Gilbert The ABQ Book 1973   HB good $2.99 children   The Southwestern Company rt63
Beim Jerrold Beach Boy 1952   HB fair 59.59 children   Harcourt, Brace and Co. box44
Beirne Piers Criminology 1999 third SB good $2.99 education hightlighting Westview Pr km15
Belitz Charlene The Power of Flow 1998   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   Harmony hb59
Bell Gertrude A Ladder For Silvanus 1975   HB good $1.99 childrens   Independence Prs kpr2
Bell Louise Price Grimpo and Grumpy 1964   HB good $4.99 childrens   Bethany Press xs5
Bell Mary Reeves The Secret of the Mezuzah 1995   Softcover good $2.99 childrens     rst1
Bell Nancy Death Splits A Hair 2006   PB good $1.00 mystery   Worldwide xs41
Bell William Forbidden City 1996   PB good $1.00 childrens   Laurel Leaf rst6
Bendick Jeannie Lightning 1972   Softcover good $1.99 childrens     hb8 
Benjamin Linda Beloved Outlaw 1986   PB fair $1.00 romance    Zebra pb20
Bennett Charles E Bennett's Latin Series: A Latin Composition For Secondary Schools 1896   HB fair $5.99 vintage   Allyn & Bacon nb29
Bennett Charles E Bennett's Latin Series: A New Latin Composition 1919   HB good $4.99 vintage   Allyn & Bacon nb29
Bennett Charles E Bennett's Latin Series: Caesar's Gallic War Books I-IV 1903   HB good $9.99 vintage   Allyn & Bacon nb29
Bennett Charles E Bennett's Latin Series: Cicero's Selected Orations 1904   HB good $3.99 vintage   Allyn & Bacon nb29
Bennett Charles E Bennett's Latin Series: Virgil's Aeneid Books I-VI 1904   HB good $6.99 vintage   Allyn & Bacon nb29
Bennett Laura Gilmour By All That Is Sacred 1991   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks c33
Bernstein Marcelle The Russian Bride 1987   PB good $3.25 romance    Ivy Books pb14
Bernstein/Feferman Jane/Linda Seven Minutes In Heaven 1986   PB poor $1.00 children teen Fawcett pb15
Berrouet Jean-Charles Here's To Nantucket 1987   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Quinlan Pr zp33
Berry Erick Robert E Peary North Pole Conqueror 1963 exlibris HB good $1.99 childrens   Garrard Pub hb52
Berry Joy What To Do When Your Mom or Dad Says Be Careful! 1983   HB good $1.40 children   Grolier Enterprises rel3
Berry Joy What To Do When Your Mom or Dad Says Do Something Besides Watching TV! 1982   HB very good $1.99 children   Grolier zp31
Bethancourt T. Ernesto Nightmare Town 1979   HB/DJ good $2.99 children   Holiday House rt50
Bethell Jean How to Care for Your Dog 1969   HB good $2.99 children   Four Winds Press rt57
Better Homes and Gardens   Encyclopedia of Cooking: Barbecue to Brisling Sardine 1970   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Meredith Bks rt23
Betz Betty Manners For Moppets 1962   HB fair $1.99 children   Grosset & Dunlap os31
Betz Eva K Young Eagles 1965 exlibris HB good $6.99 childrens   St Anthony Guild Pr db16
Biemiller Carl L Escape From The Crater 1974 first HB/DC fair exlibris $3.00 childrens   Doubleday wtm12
Bierhorst John Spirit Child 1984   HB good 1.99 children   William Morrow and Company txt2
Bigley John Gourmet Getaways A Taste of North America's Top Resorts 1997   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Callawind Pub nb29
Billam Rosemary Fuzzy Rabbit 1984   PB good 1.00 children   Random House str3
Billam Rosemary Fuzzy Rabbit in the Park 1986   PB good 1.00 children   Random House ab42
Binchy Maeve Heart and Soul 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Anchor Bks nb32
Bingham Charlotte The Kissing Garden 1999   PB fair $1.00 romance    Bantam c77
Binkley Bob How Many Donkeys? A Turkish folk tale 1971 exlibris HB fair $1.99 childrens   Scott Foresman os10
Birnbaum Cara Universal Beauty The Miss Universe Guide To Beauty 2006   HB good $2.99 selfhelp   Thomas Nelson os28
Bisagno John R Power of Positive Living 1970   PB good $1.00 religion   Baptist Sunday School xs16
Bishop Curtis Lonesome End 1963   HB good $4.89 childrens   J.B. Lippincott rt34
Bishop  Claire Huchet  Twenty and Ten 1978   PB good  1.00 children    Puffin Books tm2 
Bitton-Jackson Livia My Bridges of Hope 2002   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic ext1
Black Ethan All The Dead Were Strangers 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Ballantine Bks rt84
Black Veronica A Vow of Chastity 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   St Martin's Pr bc3
Blackburn Edith H. One Bit of Land 1955   HB good 1.99 children   Aladdin Books bc23
Blair Catherine A Perfect Mismatch 2002   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra c34
Blake Jennifer Fierce Eden 1990   PB fair $1.00 romance    Ivy Books db1
Blake Jennifer Love's Wild Desire 1983   PB fair $1.00 romance    Warner Bks os7
Blake Jennifer Roan 2000   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira os7
Blake Sarah The Postmistress 2010   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Putnam c14
Blankenhorn David Fatherless America  1996   SB good $1.00 nonfiction   Harper os11
Blatchford Claire H Nick's Mission 1994 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Lerner Pub os17
Bledsoe  Lucy Jane Heads Up At Clear Lake 1989   PB good 1.00 children   Quercus corporation rt95
Blegvad Lenore The Great Hamster Hunt 1969   HB good $1.99 children   Weekly Reader wtm7
Blevins Win So Wild A Dream 2004   PB good $1.00 romance    Forge Bks c78
Bloor Edward London Calling 2006 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 children   Knopf ab70
Blue Rose My Mother the Witch 1980   PB good $1.00 children   Weekly Reader Books rt23
Blume Judy Tiger Eyes 1981   HB good DC worn $2.99 childrens   Bradbury Pr sm4
Blumenthal Susan J Prevention's Ultimate Guide To Women's Health and Wellness 2002   HB good $2.99 health   Rodale Bks xs55
Bly Robert Iron John 1992   SB good $1.99 fiction   Vintage Bks os11
Boissard Janine A Matter of Feeling 1981   PB fair $1.00 childrens     hb2
Bon Appetit Magazine   The Best of Bon Appetit Volume Two 1985   SB good $1.99 cookbook     bc18
Bonds Chaplain Dave The Night God Hid My Viagra 2005   SB good $6.99 religion   Silver Pilgrim Pr bc49
Bone Ian The Song of an Innocent Bystander 2002   HB/DC good $1.99 children   Dutton cr33
Boston Women's Health Book Collective   Our Bodies Ourselves 2005   SB good $2.99 health   Touchstone os15
Boswell Thomas Why Time Begins On Opening Day 1984 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 sports   Doubleday str23
Bottner Barbara Let Me Tell You Everything 1991   PB good $1.00 children   Archway rt84
Bourjaily Vance Nye Confessions of a Spent Youth 1961   PB fair $1.00 fiction   William Morrow xs16
Bowersock Melissa Love's Savage Destiny 1984   PB good $1.00 romance    BMI xs31
Boy Scouts of America   The Big Bear Cub Scout Book 1984   PB good 1.99 children   Boy Scouts of America hb39
Bradley Celeste Rogue In My Arms 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    St Martin's Pr ms7 
Bradley Duane Here's How It Works 1962   HB good $3.99 education   Lippincott km16
Bradley Marion Zimmer Ghostlight 1995 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fantasy   TOR  box14
Bradley Marion Zimmer Lady of the Trillium 1995 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fantasy   Spectra bio6
Bradley Muriel Destiny's Star 1982   PB good $1.00 romance    Pocket xs16
Brady Joan God On A Harley 1996   PB good $1.00 fiction   Pocket c78
Brancato Robin F. Sweet Bells Jangled Out of Tune 1982   HB good $2.99 children   Alfred A. Knopf rt47
Brandeis Madeline The Little Indian Weaver 1928   HB fair $1.99 childrens   Grossett & Dunlap mj23
Brandt Ann Crowfoot Ridge 2000   PB fair $1.00 fiction   Harper zp23
Branscum Robbie The Girl  1986   HB good $2.99 children   Harper & Row os25
Bray Libba The Sweet Far Thing 2007   HB good $2.99 fiction   Delacorte Pr km15
Breitner Sue The Bookseller's Advice     HB/DJ good 9.99 children   The Viking Press ab2
Brennan Allison Stalked 2012   PB good $1.00 mystery   Minotaur Bks nb33
Brennan Matthew Headhunters Stories From the 1st Squadron 9th Calvary in Vietnam 1965-1971 1987 book club HB good DC worn $9.99 military   Presidio Pr km16
Bridges Sue Ellen All Together Now 1979 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Knopf cr18
Briggs K M Hobberdy Dick 1977   HB good $1.99 childrens   William Morrow str26
Bright Elizabeth A Heritage of Passion 1982   PB good $1.00 romance    Paradise Pr box9
Brightman Homer Walt Disney's Goofy and His Wonderful Cornet 1964   HB good $5.99 children   Western Publishing Co. vind
Broadbent Michael Pocket Guide to Wine Vintages 1993   HB/DC good $1.00 cookbook   Fireside Bks box42
Brodie Ian Cameras In Narnia 2005   SB good $1.00 children     cr6
Brokaw Tom Boom Voices of the Sixties 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Random House hb8
Brown Joan Winmill Penross Manor 1986 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Word Bks tm35
Brown Sandra A Kiss Remembered 2002   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Warner Bks box30
Brown Sandra Envy 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Warner Bks box4
Brown Sandra Fat Tuesday 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Warner Bks ms7 
Brown Sandra Smash Cut 2010   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket hb38
Brown Sandra The Alibi 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Grand Central Pub box4
Brown Sandra The Switch 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Warner Bks ms7 
Brown Vashti/Jack Proudly We Hail 1968   HB good $12.99 children   Houghton Mifflin ab24
Brown  Fern G. Jockey-or Else! 1978   HB good 1.99 children   Weekly Reader Books ab8
Bruyere Toni Marsh For Gourmets With Ulcers 1980   HB good DC worn $2.99 cookbook   WW Norton km16
Bryant Laree Arizona Captive 1989   PB fair $1.00 romance    Zebra db7
Buck Gayle The Desperate Viscount 1993   PB fair $1.00 romance    Signet rt69
Buehr Walter Harbors and Cargoes 1955 exlibris HB good $1.00 childrens   Putnam tm44
Bugliosi Vincent Till Death Do Us Part 1978   HB good $2.99 mystery   WW Norton rt45
Bulla Clyde Robert Shoeshine Girl 1975   HB good $1.00 children   Crowell cr23
Bulock Lynn Less Than Frank 2008   PB good $1.00 mystery   Steeple Hill os23
Burch Robert King Kong and Other Poets 1986 exlibris HB/DC good $1.25 children   Viking ab37
Burch Robert Renfroe's Christmas 1969 third exlibris HB/DC good $1.00 children   Viking Press cr16
Burgess Mallory Beloved Honor 1995   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra c77
Burman Ben Lucien Seven Stars For Catfish Bend 1956   HB good $12.99 childrens   Funk & Wagnalls str1
Burnett Frances Racketty-Packetty House 1975   HB good 2.79 children   J.B. Lippincott Company txt2
Burris Burmah Mother Goose Rhymes ????   HB good $18.99 childrens   Collins Pub db1
Busbee Shirlee Deceive Not My Heart 1984   PB fair $1.00 romance    Avon Bks os7
Busbee Shirlee Spanish Rose 1986   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks c78
Buscaglia Leo  The Fall of Freddie The Leaf 1983   HB/DC good $1.99 children   Holt Rinehart & Winston str40
Bush Charles W How To Hear God Speak 1975   PB good $11.99 religion   Impact Christian xs16
Bushnell Candace 4 Blondes 2002   PB good $1.00 romance    Signet c78
Bushnell Candace Trading Up 2005   PB good $1.00 romance    Hachette Bks sf2
Cadnum Michael Zero at the Bone 1996   HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Viking bc54
Cailliet Emilie Journey Into Light 1968   HB good DC worn $6.99 religion   Zondervan hb15
Cain Ann C Cooking Light Way To Lose Weight 2003   HB good $2.99 health   Oxmoor House os11
Calabrese Salvatore Classic Cocktails 1997   HB/DC good $1.99 cookbook   Sterling mb1
Caletti Deb The Nature of Jade 2007 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 children   Simon & Schuster nb2 
Caletti Deb The Secret Life of Prince Charming 2009 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 children   Simon & Schuster rt7
Callen Gayle The Lord Next Door 2005   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon c14
Calvert Patricia Yesterday's Daughter 1986 exlibris HB/DC good $1.00 childrens   Atheneum ab87
Cameron Stella A Cold Day In Hell 2007   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira hb47
Cameron Stella All Smiles 2000   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira str3
Camp Candace Impulse 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Harlequin nb33
Campbell Hope Peter's Angel A Story About Monsters 1976   HB/DJ good $2.99 children   Four Winds Press hb39
Campbell Soup Co   All-New Low-Carb Cookbook 2004   HB good $1.99 cookbook     zp8
Campbell Soup Co   Campbell's 100 Best Recipes 1976   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Campbells xs37
Campbell Soup Co   The Creative Cook 1978   HB good $1.99 cookbook   Campbells ovs1
Campolo Tony Revolution and Renewal How Churches Are Saving Our Cities 2000   SB good $2.99 religion   Westminster zp21
Canby et al Henry et al Mastering Good English 1948   HB good $26.99 vintage   Macmillan mb1
Candappa Beulah Tales of South Asia Fools or Wise Men 1993   Softcover good $3.99 childrens     cla2
Candappa Beulah Tales of South Asia How Things Began 1993   Softcover good $3.99 childrens     cla2
Candappa Beulah Tales of South Asia Out of this World 1993   Softcover good $3.99 childrens     cla2
Cane Emma A Town Called Valentine 2012   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks c33
Cardillo Joe Pulse 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Dutton rt8
Carew Jocelyn Follow The Shadows 1979   PB fair $1.00 romance    Avon Bks pb14
Carlow Joyce Defiant Captive 1998   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra c78
Carlson Dale  James Budd The Mystery of the Madman at Cornwall Crag 1984   PB good $1.00 children   Western Publishing Company, Inc. ac8
Carlson Melody Becoming Me Diary of a Teenage Girl 2000   SB good $1.99 childrens   Multnomah Bks ac44
Carlson Natalie Savage Time For The White Egret 1978   HB good $1.25 children   Scribners str11
Carlson Natalie Savage Chalou 1967   HB good $2.99 childrens   Weekly Reader c72
Carlson Natalie Savage The Empty Schoolhouse 1965 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Harper and Row ac62
Carmer Carl Windfall Fiddle 1950 exlibris HB good $4.99 childrens   Knopf hb11
Carr Philippa The Miracle at St Bruno's 1972   HB good $1.99 romance    Putnam box9
Carr Robyn Sunrise Point 2012   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira ms7 
Carr Robyn The Hero 2013   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira nb35
Carrol Shana Live For Love 1984   PB fair $1.00 romance    Jove db7
Carrol Shana Rebels In Love 1985   PB fair $1.00 romance    Jove db7
Carroll/Martens Lewis/Anne Coulter Alice In Wonderland 1965   SB good $1.99 play   Dramatic Pub Co str36
Carter Alden R American Revolution: Birth of the Republic 1988 exlibris HB fair $1.99 childrens     db21
Carter Alden R American Revolution: Colonies In Revolt 1988 exlibris HB fair $1.99 childrens     db21
Carter  Ashley Against All Gods 1983   PB good $1.99 romance    Star  pb20
Carter  Ashley Heritage of Blackoaks 1981   PB fair $1.00 romance    Fawcett Crest pb14
Carter  Ashley Rogue of Falconhurst 1983   PB fair $4.85 romance    Fawcett Crest pb20
Carty Charles Why Squander Illness 1974   SB good $2.99 religion   Tan Bks km16
Cassidy Catherine Taste of Home Christmas 2012   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Taste of Home com1
Castellucci  Cecil Boy Proof 2005 exlibris HB/DC good $1.00 children   Candlewick os13
Castle Philippa The Masked Stranger 1987   PB good $1.00 romance    Warner Bks c78
Cates Kimberly Angel's Fall 1996   PB fair $1.00 romance    Pocket box45
Catherall Arthur    Kidnapped by Accident 1969   HB good $1.99 childrens   Lothrop db10
Causey   Beth G.   South Carolina Legends 1969   HB good 74.95 children   Hope Publishing Co. rt34
Cavallaro Ann Blimp 1983   HB good $2.99 children   Lodestar Books rt44
Cavanna Betty Banner Year 1987 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   William Morrow bc74
Cavanna Betty Going on Sixteen 1985   HB good $2.99 children   Dodd, Mead & Company hb41
Cebulash Mel The Boatniks 1970   PB fair 1.00 children   Scholastic rt2 
Cebulash Mel  Herbie Rides Again 1974   PB good 1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services ac4
Cebulash Mel   Monkeys, Go Home! 1967   PB good $1.00 children movie tie-in Scholastic bc22
Chadwick Cleo The Scarlet Spinster 1988   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra db1
Chadwick Elizabeth Widow's Fire 1990   PB good $1.00 romance    BMI rt69
Chadwick Roxane Amelia Earhart Aviation Pioneer 1987   HB fair exlibris $1.99 childrens   Lerner ms13b
Chaffin/Butwin Lillie/Miriam America's First Ladies 1789-1865 1979   HB fair exlibris $1.99 childrens   Lerner ms13b
Chavetz Henry Thunderbird and Other Stories 1964   HB good $1.99 children   Pantheon rt76
Cheifetz Dan The Washer in the Woods 1970   HB fair 3.25 children   The Lion Press ab53
Chen Da Colors of the Mountain 2001   SB good $2.99 fiction   Anchor Bks nb33
Cherryh C J The Book of Morgaine ???? book club HB good DC worn $2.99 fantasy   Doubleday edu6
Chesterton G K St Francis of Assisi 1987   SB good $1.00 religion   Image str37
Chiarello Michael Recipes From Michael Chiarello's Napa 2001   SB good $2.99 cookbook   NapaStyle eb9
Child Julia Mastering The Art of French Cooking 2001   HB/DC good $11.49 cookbook   Knopf km15
Child (editor) Lee First Thrills 2010 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 collection   Forge Bks os21
Children with Disabilities   An Exceptional View of Life 1977   PB good $1.00 children     xs55
Children with Disabilities   An Exceptional View of Life 1977   PB good $1.00 collection   Potomac Pub xs16
Children's Television Workshop   The Great Space Chase 1990   Softcover good $3.99 children     chr1
Childress  Alice  A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich 1982   PB good  1.00 children    Avon Books xs53
Chmielewski Wendy Women In Spiritual and Communitarian Societies In America 1992   SB good $2.99 nonfiction   Syracuse Univ Pr ac5
Choldenko Gennifer Al Capone Does My Shirts 2004   SB good $2.99 children     rst1
Chopra/Ford/Williamson Deepak/Debbie/Marianne The Shadow Effect 2011   SB good $3.99 selfhelp   HarperOne c36
Christopher Matt Earthquake 1977   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic Inc. ab2
Clark Ann Nolan Third Monkey 1956   HB good $23.99 children   Viking Press rt18
Clark Mary Higgins All Through The Night 1999   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket hb38
Clark Mary Higgins Loves Music Loves To Dance 1992   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket hb38
Clark Mary Higgins Moonlight Becomes You 1997   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket os23
Clark Mary Higgins Pretend You Don't See Her 1998   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket xs16
Clark Mary Higgins The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories 1992   HB/DC good $1.99 mystery   Simon & Schuster km14
Clark Mary Higgins Two Little Girls In Blue 2006   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Simon & Schuster nb32
Clark Mary Higgins We'll Meet Again 2000   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket cr17
Clark Perry PG Wodehouse's Uncle Fred Flits By 1949   SB good $17.99 play   Dramatic Pub Co ac32
Clark Perry We Shook The Family Tree 1947   SB fair $17.99 play   Dramatic Pub Co mj28
Clark/Carey Ann Nolan/Frances A Child's Story of New Mexico 1960   HB accaptable $6.99 childrens   The University Publishing Company rt36
Clarke  Mollie  Congo Boy  1973   PB good  1.00 children    Scholastic Book Services ms12
Clay Catherine Lee Season of Love 1969 exlibris HB/DC fair $5.00 childrens   Atheneum str19
Cleaver Vera The Mimosa Tree 1977   PB good $1.00 children   Signet ab86
Clermont Shana Natchez 1981   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra is1
Clink Tony The Layguide How To Seduce Women More Beautiful Than You Ever Dreamed Possible 2004   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Citadel c36
Clymer Eleanor A Search For Two Bad Mice 1982 exlibris HB/DC good $1.00 childrens   Atheneum str20
Clymer Eleanor The Horse in the Attic 1983 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Simon & Schuster ac62
Coatsworth Elizabeth  Old Whirlwind  1974   PB good  1.00 children    Scholastic Book Services xs53
Coble Colleen Distant Echoes 2005   SB good $2.99 fiction inspirational Thomas Nelson km14
Coffman Virginia The Curse of the Island Pool 1975   PB poor $1.00 romance    Signet rt69
Cohalan F D Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich 2007   HB good $3.25 history   McCaffrey Pub km15
Cohen Richard    Don't Mention The Moon 1983   HB good $2.99 fiction   Putnam mb1
Cohn/Levithan Rachel/David Dash & Lily's Book of Dares 2010 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Knopf tuv1
Cole Joanna Asking Abut Sex and Growing Up 1988   HB good $1.99 children   Morrow Junior Books rt42
Cole William Graham Sex In Christianity and Psychoanalysis 1955   HB fair $1.99 religion   Oxford Univ Pr km14
Coleman William Chesapeake Charlie and the Stolen Diamond 1981 exlibris PB good $1.99 children   Bethany House str21
Coleman William L Chesapeake Charlie and the Bay Bank Robbers 1980   PB good $1.00 children   Bethany Fellowship wtm7
Collier James Lincoln Jump Ship To Freedom 1981 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 children   Delacorte Press bc62
Collier Jane The Year of the Dream 1965   SB good $1.00 childrens   Scholastic PBs ac10
Collins Gary The Hour Magazine Cookbook 1985   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Putnam os1
Collins Jackie American Star 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Simon & Schuster bc18
Collins Jackie The Bitch 1984   PB fair $1.00 romance    Pocket db1
Colman Hila Benny The Misfit 1973 exlibris SB fair $1.00 childrens   Scholastic rt36
Colver Anne Theodosia Daughter of Aaron Burr 1963 exlibris HB good $1.99 children   Holt Rinehart and Winston bc74
Conford Ellen Me and the Terrible Two 1974   HB good $2.99 childrens   Little Brown sac1
Conlon Carter Yikes! 2006   HB/DC good $12.79 children     ac4
Conrad Helen Stranger's Embrace 1992   PB fair $1.00 romance    Zebra db1
Conrad Pam Prairie Songs 1985 exlibris HB/DC fair $2.99 childrens   HarperCollins dm5
Constable Kate The Singer of All Songs 2004 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Levine Books km1
Cook Melva Christmas at Kyle's House 1964   HB good $3.99 children   Broadman Pr ext17
Cook Thomas H Mortal Memory 1994   PB good $1.00 mystery   Bantam ab50
Coombs Charles   Cleared for Takeoff 1969   HB/DJ good $3.89 children   William Morrow & Company cpu16
Coombs Patricia The Magic Pot 1977   HB good $1.99 children   Lothrop Lee & Shepard str26
Cooper  Margaret  The Great Bone Hunt 1967   HB good $3.89 children   The Macmillan Company str40
Copeland Kenneth One Word From God Can Change Your Life 2002   SB good $1.99 religion   Harrison House km14
Corcoran Barbara I Am The Universe 1986 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Atheneum str24
Corcoran Barbara Sam 1967   SB good $3.50 childrens   Atheneum km13
Corcoran Brabara Allegro Born…Allegro Dead 1981   HB good 1.25 children   Atheneum xs68
Cornwell  John Breaking Faith The Pope The People and The Fate of Catholicism 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 religion   Viking zp8
Correa Shan Gaff 2010 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Peachtree Pub xs35
Counts Julie Retired Military Almanac 1999   SB good $1.99 military   Uniformed Services nb36
Courter Gay Code Ezra 1987   PB fair $1.00 fiction   Signet os23
Covey Stephen R The 8th Habit From Effectiveness To Greatness 2004 DVD included HB/DC fair $2.99 selfhelp   Free Press hb11
Coward  Noel Short Stories Short Plays and Songs 1955 first PB good $1.99 collection   Dell ac9
Cowin Dana Food & Wine: Best of the Best 2012   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Food & Wine Mag xs63
Coxe George Harmon The Fifth Key 1947   PB good $5.49 mystery   Dell rt69
Craig  M. Jean The Donkey Prince 1999   HB good 1.99 children   Barnes & Noble ab49
Crankshaw Edward Gestapo 1970   PB fair $1.00 history   Pyramid Bks sac3
Crayder Teresa Cathy and Lisette 1964 exlibris HB fair $1.99 childrens   Doubleday pb4
Cresswell/Collins/Long Jasmine/Colleen/Kathleen It's A Wonderful Christmas 2007   PB good $1.00 romance    Harlequin zp23
Crichton Jennifer Family Reunion  1998   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Workman Pub bc25
Crocker Betty Betty Crocker's Casserole Cookbook 1981   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Western Pub wst2
Crook Beverly Courtney Fair Annie of Old Mule Hollow 1980   PB fair $1.00 childrens     hm1
Cross Gillian On The Edge 1985 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.00 children   Holiday House rt50
Crow Sandra Lee Penguins and Polar Bears Animals of the Ice and Snow 1985   HB vg $2.99 children   National Geographic Society rom1
Crozier Eric The Mastersingers of Nuremberg 1964   HB/DJ good $29.99 children   Henry A. Walck, Inc. rt55
Crume Vic The Sky's The Limit (Disney movie tie-in) 1975 exlibris PB fair $1.00 childrens     c34
Crumpacker Bunny Old-Time Brand-Name Desserts 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Smithmark Pub eb9
Csida Joseph This Place To Honor 1985   PB good $1.00 romance    Bantam c34
Culinary Arts Institute   Quick Dishes For The Woman In A Hurry 1981   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Delair Pub tm27
Culloch Margaret  Second Year Nurse  1964   PB good 1.59 children   Scholastic Book Services bio3
Cunningham Chet The Silver Mistress 1981   PB good $1.00 romance    Dell c34
Cunningham Fay Sleeping Dogs 2014   PB good $1.00 mystery   Worldwide ab50
Cunningham Julia Come To The Edge 1978   PB good $1.00 children   Avon Camelot Books tm40
Cunningham Julia Flight of the Sparrow 1980 exlibris HB good $1.99 children   Pantheon pb1
Cusumano Camille France A Love Story 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 travel   BN Inc km15
Daheim Mary Destiny's Pawn 1984   PB fair $1.00 romance    Avon Bks c77
Dahl Borghild The Cloud Shoes 1957 exlibris HB good $9.50 children   Dutton bc62
Dailey Janet Because of You 2012   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra hb45
Dailey Janet Calder Promise 2005   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra nb36
Dailey Janet Santa In Montana 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra c72
Dain/Davis/Rogers Claudia/Dee/Evelyn Silent Night 2004   SB good $1.00 romance    Leisure Bks ac10
Daly Eileen Barbie and Skipper Go Camping 1977   HB good 3.49 children   A Whitman Book rom1
D'Amelio Dan Silvabamba 1977   PB fair 3.79 children   Fearon-Pitman Publishers, Inc c11
Damon Lee Again The Magic 1982   PB good $1.00 romance    Paradise Pr c34
Dana Maggie Best Friends #3: Racing For The Stars 1988   SB good $1.00 childrens   Troll cla1
Dane Lauren  The Best Kind of Trouble 2014   PB good $2.70 romance    HQN sf2
Danforth William I Dare You! 1976   HB good $1.99 religion   I Dare You Committee xs37
Daniel  W H Turf Managers Handbook 1979   HB good $4.99 gardening   Harvest Pub  nb35
Daniels  Aubrey Bringing Out The Best In People 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   McGraw-Hill zp2
Daniels  E J Perplexing Questions Regarding Life After Death 1972   SB good $3.49 religion   Christ for the World km16
Danzinger Paula This Place Has No Atmosphere 1986 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Delacorte Press bc62
Darby Gene Leonard Equals Einstein 1967   HB good $9.99 children   Field Ed Pub tm52
Davidson/St John/Kernan Carolyn/Cheryl/Jenna Wed Under Western Skies 2006   PB good $1.00 romance    Harlequin db4
Davis Diane Wicker Call Back The Dawn 1985   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks hb5
Davis Thomas The Christmas Quilt 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Rutledge Hill Pr bc21
Davis  Burke King Snake 1989   PB good 1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services cpu6
Davis   Jenny Good-bye and Keep Cold 1989   PB fair $1.00 childrens     zp26
De Angelis Barbara How Did I Get Here? 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   St Martin's Pr os15
De Angelis Barbara Real Moments 1994   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   Delacorte Pr os15
De Groot Roy Andries Revolutionizing French Cooking 1976   HB good $1.99 cookbook   McGraw-Hill mb1
de Jarnette Harriette Still Grows The Stars 1986   PB good $1.00 romance    BMI rt69
De Jourlet Marie Windhaven's Glory 1985   PB fair $1.00 romance    Pinnacle c77
De La Ramee Louise A Dog of Flanders and Other Stories 1965 reprint HB fair $1.99 children   Grolier box34
De Mane Erica Pasta 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Simon & Schuster eb9
de' Medici Lorenza The de' Medici Kitchen 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Collins Pub ovs1
DeFelice Cynthia The Ghost of Cutler Creek 2004   HB/DJ good 1.99 children   Farrar, Straus and Giroux rt82
Dennis Wesley Flip 1972 tenth SB good $1.25 children   Scholastic edu4
DePaola Tomie Here We All Are 2000   HB good $1.00 childrens   Putnam str26
Deveraux` Jude Heartwishes 2012   PB good $2.70 romance    Pocket c78
Deveraux` Jude Highland Velvet 1988   PB fair $1.00 romance    Pocket db7
Deveraux` Jude The Duchess 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Pocket xs25
Devine Louise Lawrence Benjie Engie 1950 Jr Elf HB good $1.99 childrens   Rand McNally nb24
Dewey Jennifer Owings Clem The Story of a Raven 1986   HB/DJ good $2.99 children   Dodd, Mead & Company rt15
Dickinson Peter Play Dead 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Mysterious Pr c9
Dickson Helen Up Canada Way 1942   HB good $5.00 childrens   DC Heath str14
Dier Debra MacKenzie's Magic 2001   PB good $1.00 romance    Leisure Bks c78
Dietmeier Mel Potato 1972   HB good $19.29 children   Addison-Wesley tm35
Diggs Lucy Everyday Friends 1987   SB good $1.00 children     rel2
Dillon Lucy Walking Back To Happiness 2011   HB good $2.99 fiction   Berkley mb1
Dillon Patricia    Love Alone 1981   PB good $1.00 romance    Jove c34
Dillow Linda Intimate Issues 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   WaterBrook Pr tm35
Dineen ed. Robert L. Lincoln His Words and His World 1965   HB good 4.99 children   Country Beautiful Foundation, Inc. ab7
Disney Walt Pinocchio Favorites 1973   HB good 5.95 children   Grolier Enterprises tm19
Disney   Walt Disney's Cinderella 1974   HB good $1.00 childrens   Disney rt24
Dock V Thomas Principles of Business Data Processing with BASIC 1979   HB good $2.99 computers   Science Research xs37
Doctorow E L Lives of The Poets 1990   PB good $1.00 fiction   Avon Bks ab50
Donaghy Rev Thomas J My Guardian Angel Helper and Friend 1994   HB good $2.99 childrens   Catholic Book Pub os14
Donnelly Jennifer A Northern Light 2004   SB good $1.99 childrens   HMH km13
Doocy Steve The Mr and Mrs Hppy Handbook 2006   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   William Morrow nom2
Douty Ester M. Charlotte Forten Free Black Teacher 1971   HB/DJ good 2.99 children   Garrard Publsihing Co. ab61
Downs Jr Frederick Aftermath A Soldier's Return From Vietnam 1984 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 military   WW Norton ac48
Drake David Queen of Demons 1999   PB good $2.70 fantasy   TOR c8
Drake Shannon Reckless 2006   PB good $1.00 romance    HQN c78
Drake Shannon The King's Pleasure 1998   PB good $2.70 romance    Zebra ab52
Drivon Laurence The Civil War On Consumer Rights 1990 signed HB/DC good $4.99 nonfiction   Conari Pr ext5
Druist Miriam Wildlife on the Farm 1977   HB good $2.99 children   Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc. ab2
Drury Joan Those Jordan Girls 2000   SB good $1.99 fiction   Spinsters Ink os11
Dubowski Cathy East Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Magic Wishing Pebble 1987   PB good 1.00 children   Random House ab42
Duncan Cleo Fiddlesticks Joins The Family 1968   Softcover good $1.99 childrens     str5
Duncan Cleo Woofy Is Forgiven and The Prodigal Son 1966   Softcover good $1.99 childrens     box25
Durstewitz Mark A Code Red On Starship Englisia 1983   PB good $1.00 children   Chariot Books pb15
Dutton  Sandra The Magic of Myrna C Waxweather 1987 exlibris HB/DC good $1.25 children   Atheneum ab37
Dwelle Mary Myers Round About In England 1961   HB good $15.99 childrens   Heritage Pub km16
Dyer Ceil More Wok Cookery 1987   SB good $1.99 cookbook   HP Books wst2
Eastman Kodak Co   Using Photography To Preserve Evidence 1976   SB good $9.99 professional   Eastman Kodak bc18
Easton M Coleman Swimmers Beneath The Bright 1987   PB good $1.00 scifi   Warner Bks zp31
ECHL   East Coast Hockey League 1998-99 Official Guide 1998   SB good $1.00 sports     db4
Eckhardt Linda West Great Food Catalog 1996   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Random House nb35
Editors of Reader's Digest   Explore America - Historic Places 2000   HB good $2.99 travel   Readers Digest bio5
Edwards Julie Mandy 1973   PB good $3.00 childrens     c69
Edwards Samuel Daughter of Gascony 1979   PB good $2.99 romance    Ace Bks c77
Edwards-Jones Imogen Hotel Babylon Inside The Extravagance and Mayhem of a Luxury Five-Star Hotel 2004   SB good $2.99 travel   Blue Hen nb31
Egan Jennifer The Keep 2006   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Knopf nb34
Eggerichs Emerson Love & Respect 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   Integrity Pub pb21
Eisenberg Arlene What To Expect The Toddler Years 1994   SB good $2.99 parenting   Workman Pub hb33
Eldridge John Wild at Heart Field Manual 2002   SB good $2.99 selfhelp hightlighting Thomas Nelson km16
Elgin Suzette Haden Success With The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense 1989   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Prentice Hall nom2
Elias Horace J Fred Flintstone and the Marvelous Money Machine 1979   PB good $1.00 children   Ottenheimer nb18
Elliott L. M.  Annie Between The States 2006   Softcover good  $4.99 children     edu3
Ellis Ella Thorp Celebrate The Morning 1972 exlibris HB good $6.99 childrens   Atheneum c9
Ellis Mary Jackson Fingerplay Approach to Dramatization 1966   HB good $4.99 children   T.S. Denison & Co., Inc. ac10
Ellis Mel   Flight of the White Wolf 1970   HB/DJ good $2.99 children   Holt, Rinehart and Winston rt59
Englander Nathan The Ministry of Special Cases 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Knopf bc28
Erdrich Louise The Round House 2013   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Harper mb1
Erickson Phoebe WildWing 1959   HB/DJ good $1.99 children   Harper & Brothers rt77
Erickson Russell Warton and The Contest 1986   HB/DC good $4.39 children   Lothrop Lee & Shepard rt85
Erno Richard B Billy Lightfoot 1969   HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Crown Pub str26
Esquivel Laura Like Water For Chocolate 1995   SB good $2.99 fiction   Anchor Bks kpo1
Evanovich Janet Naughty Neighbor 2008   PB good $1.00 romance    Harper c77
Evanovich Janet Plum Spooky 2009   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   St Martin's Pr xs25
Evans/Dade Karen L.B./Pat You Must Remember This 1997   HB good 1.99 children   Hyperion pb27
Evenhuis Gertie What About Me? 1976   HB/DJ good $2.99 children   Thomas Nelson, Inc. rt53
Evers Christopher The Old-House Doctor 1986   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Overlook Pr nb36
Everson Cory Cory Everson's Fat-Free and Fit 1994   SB good $2.99 health   Perigee Bks xs37
Eyerly Jeqannette The Girl Inside 1970   PB good $1.00 children   Berkley Publishing Corp. hv3
Ezard John The Guardian Year 1997 1997   SB good $2.99 collection   Fourth Estate sac2
Fabio   Pirate 1993   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks zp23
Fair Sam Sammy Joins A Circus ???? Pixie HB good $7.99 childrens   Collins nb24
Fairchild Sally Ports of Call 1999   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira xs42
Fall Thomas Edge of Manhood 1964   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services hb16
Family Circle   Illustrated Library of Cooking Vol 1 1972   HB good $1.99 cookbook   Rockville House xs25
Farina Richard    Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me 1970   PB fair $1.00 fiction   Dell xs16
Farland David The Runelords 1998   HB/DC good $2.99 fantasy   TOR c6
Farooki Roopa Corner Shop 2009   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   St Martin's Pr c75
Farr Diane    Once Upon A Christmas` 2008   PB good $2.70 romance    Signet str32
Feather Jane A Husband's Wicked Ways 2009   PB good $1.00 romance    Pocket eb9
Feiler Bruce America's Prophet Moses and the American Story 2009   HB/DC good $2.99 religion   William Morrow str3
Feintuch David Midshipman's Hope 1994   PB good $1.00 scifi   Aspect hb5 
Feldman Ellen   God Bless The Child 1999   PB good $1.00 mystery   Mira box4
Fenner Carol Randall's Wall 1991 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Macmillan rel3
Ferguson/Gedney/King JoAnn/Mona/Valerie Murder At Almack's 2003   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra db4
Ferrara Christopher EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong 2006   SB good $2.99 religion   Good Counsel Pub nb36
Fettke editor Tom The Hymnal For Worship and Celebration 1986   HB good $2.99 religion   Word Bks sse8
Figgie Jr Harry E Bankruptcy 1995 The Coming Collapse of America and How To Stop It 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Little Brown db12
Firman Peter Pinny and the Bird 1986   HB good $2.95 children   Viking nb18
Firman Peter Pinny Finds A House 1986   HB good $4.70 children   Viking nb18
Fisher-Price   Fisher-Price Talk To Me Book Dumbo's Day At The Circus 1978 Bk 3 Spiral bound fair $9.99 children     sch2
Fitch Janet White Oleander 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction Oprah Book Little Brown xs55
Fitzpatrick Nancy` Cooking Light Cookbook 1994 1994   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Oxmoor House zp8
Fleischer Jane Sitting Bull Warrior of the Sioux 1979   HB good exlibris $3.00 children   Troll txt1
Fleischman Sid McBroom The Rainmaker 1973   HB good $2.99 children   Grosset & Dunlap db9
Fleischman Sid The Ghost On Saturday Night 1974   HB good $1.99 childrens   Little, Brown and Company rt37
Fleming  Robert Loren Alf Winner Take Alf 1989   PB good 1.00 children   Macmillan, Inc str3
Fletcher Inglis Men of Albemarle 1970   PB fair $1.00 romance    Bantam zp1
Fletcher Lucille Night Watch 1972   SB good $4.99 childrens   Scholastic ac52
Foer  Jonathan Safran Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 2011   SB good $2.99 fiction   Mariner Bks ac4
Foerster Richard    Chelsea 62 1997   SB good $2.99 poetry   Chelsea Assoc kpr2
Fonda Jane  Cooking For Healthy Living 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Turner Pub cr17
Forster/Shayne/Foster/Randell Suzanne/Maggie/Lori/Kimberly Sinful    2000   PB good $1.00 romance    Jove box9
Forte Imogene Nature Crafts Simple Pleasures with Natural Treasures 1985   Softcover fair $2.99 childrens     pb6
Forte Imogene Paper Capers With Paper, Scissors, Glue and You 1985   Softcover fair $2.99 childrens     pb6
Fosburgh Lacey Old Money 1983   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Doubleday ms7 
Foster Alan Dean The Man Who Used The Universe 1983 book club HB good DC worn $2.99 scifi   Doubleday ac4
Foster Charles Psychology For Life Today 1962 second HB good $2.99 education   American Tech Soc km14
Foster Richard J Streams of Living Water 2001   SB good $4.18 religion   HarperOne mb1
Fowler Susi Gregg Albertina The Practically Perfect 1998   SB good $1.00 childrens   Troll str26
Francis Dick In The Fram 1989   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket sf2
Francis Pope The Joy of the Gospel 2014   HB/DC good $2.99 religion   Beacon Pub mb1
Franzen Jonathan    The Corrections 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction Oprah Book Farrar Straus Giroux km14
Freeman Don Space Witch 1959   SB good $2.99 children   Xerox Pub ab49
Freeman Lucy Fight Against Fears 1951   PB good $3.99 selfhelp   Lancer Bks ab52
French Thomas A Manual of Engineering Drawing For Students and Draftsmen 1966   HB good $18.99 professional   McGraw-Hill bc14
From the Editors of Alloy.COm    Do You Know How To Flirt? 2001   PB good $1.00 children   Alloy Books rel1
Frost Michael Study Guide for The NET The HOBET The HELP Entrance Exams 2003   SB good $1.00 education   Educational Resources rt84
Funke Cornelia   The Thief Lord 2002   HB good $1.99 children   Scholastic ab75
Gaeddert LouAnn Your Former Friend, Matthew 1984 exlibris HB fair $1.00 childrens   Dutton cr30
Galvin Matthew Ignatius Finds Help 1988   HB/DJ good 5.07 children   Magination Press ab60
Gange Jared Hikers Guide To The Mountains of Vermont 2004   PB good $1.00 travel   Huntington  nb32
Gardner John Reynolds Stone Fox 1980   HB good $1.00 childrens   HarperCollins ab8
Gardner Joy Fortune's Bride 1983   PB fair $1.00 romance    Tapestry rt69
Garis Howard Uncle Wiggily and the Alligator 1953   HB good $5.99 childrens   Tell-A-Tale str32
Garner Elizabeth The Ingenious Edgar Jones 2009   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Crown Pub xs7
Garrels Anne   Naked In Baghdad 2004   SB good $2.99 history   Picador str38
Garrigue Sheila All The Children Were Sent Away 1976 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Bradbury Pr sm3
Garwood Julie Come The Spring 1997   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Atria Bks xs25
Garwood Julie The Ideal Man 2011   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Dutton ms7 
Gassenheimer Linda Eat Up Slim Down Annual Recipes 2008 2006   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Rodale Bks km16
Gault William Campbell Showboat in the Backcourt 1976 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Dutton cr4
Gavin Rick Beluga 2012   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Minotaur Bks c34
Gay  Romney A Home For Sandy 1955   HB good $9.99 childrens   Heath xs5
Gear  Kathleen/W Michael People of the Silence 1997   PB fair $1.00 fantasy   TOR rst6
Gee Donald Now That You've Been Baptized In The Spirit 1972   PB good $4.99 religion   Radiant Bks xs16
Gee Shirley McCann Bedtime Bible Story Book 2000   PB good $1.00 children     rel
Gentry Georgina To Seduce A Texan 2009   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra str32
George Elizabeth Missing Joseph 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Bantam tm27
George Jean Craighead Frightful's Mountain 2001   PB very good $3.00 childrens     ac5
Gerritsen Tess The Keepsake 2009   PB good $2.70 horror   Ballantine Bks bc38
Gerritsen Tess The Silent Girl 2012   PB good $2.70 mystery   Ballantine Bks eb9
Gibson Eva Colleen 1995   PB good $1.00 childrens inspirational Bethany House sf2
Gidal Sonia/Tim Follow The Reindeer 1959 exlibrary HB fair $1.99 childrens   Pantheon ms12
Gifaldi David Rearranging and other stories 1998   HB good $2.99 childrens   Atheneum Books ms4b
Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.   Girl Scout Badges and Signs 1983   PB good 1.00 children   Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. tm9
Gladwell Malcolm Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking 2007   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   Back Bay Bks eb9
Glines Carroll V. Helicopter Rescues 1966   PB good 1.79 children   Scholastic Inc. ms12
Gobhai Mehlli To Your Good Health A Russian Folk Tale 1973   HB/DC good $7.99 childrens   Holiday House rom2
Godfrey Neale A Penny Saved 1996   SB good $1.99 parenting   Touchstone tm27
Godfrey Rebecca The Torn Skirt 2002   SB good $1.99 childrens   Harper bc17
Gold Mark S The Good News About Panic Anxiety and Phobias 1989   HB/DC good $2.99 health   Villard os15
Golden Tell-A-Tale Book   Daffy Duck Space Creature 1977   HB fair $3.00 childrens     hb53
Golden Tell-A-Tale Book   Disney Babies 1 To 10 Count Again 1987   HB good $2.00 childrens     hb53
Golden Tell-A-Tale Book   Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and the Lucky Goose Chase 1986   HB good $2.00 childrens     hb53
Goldin Augusta Straight Hair, Curly Hair 1966   HB fair $1.99 children   Crowell str25
Goldman William The Color of Light 1984   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Warner Bks bc18
Goldstein Richard    Homocons The Rise of the Gay Right 2003   SB good $2.99 gay interest   Verso hb59
Golomb Ruth Goldfinger The Hair Pulling Habit and You 2000   SB good $10.35 selfhelp   Writers Coop mj21
Goodkind Terry    Temple of the Winds 1997   HB good DC worn $2.99 fantasy   TOR  c4
Gore Kristin Sammy's House 2008 exlibris SB good $1.99 fiction   Hyperion hb15
Gorog Judith    On Meeting Witches At Wells 1991   HB/DC good $1.99 children   Philomel Books cr20
Gourmet Magazine Editors   The Best of Gourmet  1992   HB/DC good $3.99 cookbook   Gourmet  bc36
Gourmet Magazine Editors   The Best of Gourmet  1994   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Random House com1
Gourmet Magazine Editors   The Best of Gourmet  1996   HB/DC good $3.99 cookbook   Random House cr16
Gragg Rod Covered With Glory The 26th NC Infantry at the Battle of Gettysburg 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 military   HarperCollins tm30
Graham Billy Hope For The Troubled Heart 1991   SB good $1.00 religion   W Pub  nb33
Graham Marteen Dee Ariane 1984   PB fair $1.00 romance    Dell ac2
Grahn Judy Mundane's World 1988   SB good $2.99 fantasy   Crossing Pub nb36
Grant Doug Doug Grant's Complete Physique A Program For ENERGY 1997   SB good $1.99 health   Infinity os18
Grape Jan  Austin City Blue 2003   PB good $1.00 mystery   Worldwide os23
Gray Ginna Building Dreams 2006   PB good $1.00 romance    Silhouette ac2
Gray/et al William S. Guidebook to accompany the New Friends and Neighbors 1956   HB good $39.99 childrens   Scott, Foresman and Company rt26
Greeley Andrew M Contract With An Angel 1998 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Forge Bks cpu2
Greeley Andrew M Thy Brother's Wife 2009   SB good $1.99 fiction   Forge Bks os11
Green Paul I Am Eskimo Aknik My Name 1989   SB good $2.99 childrens   Alaska Northwest rt34
Greene Carla I Want To Be A Teacher 1957   HB good $4.99 childrens   Childrens Pr ext4
Greene Shep The Boy Who Drank Too Much 1979 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 childrens   Viking hb33
Greene  Graham The Human Factor 1988   PB good $1.00 mystery   Pocket ab50
Greene/Vaughan Bert/Denis The Store Cookbook 1974   HB good DC worn $5.65 cookbook   McGraw-Hill kpo4
Greenhalgh Stewart Bobtail's Birthday ???? Pixie HB good $5.55 childrens   Collins nb24
Greenway Kate Book of Games 1976 second HB good $3.99 childrens   Viking rt18
Greenwood Leigh Laurel 1995   PB good $1.00 romance    Leisure Bks nom1
Greeson Janet   Kenny Wild's Hair 1989 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Franklin Watts ac62
Griffiths Robert First Vouage Out 1967   PB good 2.95 children   American Education Publications c14
Grimm Brothers The Golden Goose 1954   HB good $9.99 childrens   Little Golden Bk xs5 
Grogan John Marley A Dog Like No Other 2007   HB good $1.99 pets   HarperCollins tm6
Gross Gwendolen When She Was Gone 2013   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Gallery Bks nb32
Gruman Jessie Aftershock 2007   SB good $1.99 health   Walker & Co os21
Gurney Gene/Clare Monticello 1966 exlibris HB fair $1.99 childrens     db21
Haas Ben The Foragers 1978   PB fair $1.00 fiction   Pocket ac2
Haas Dorothy The Secret Live of Dilly McBean 1986   HB/DJ good 2.99 children   Bradbury Press ac15
Haas Robert Cher Forever Fit 1991   HB/DC good $2.99 health   Bantam zp19
Hacker Andrew Higher Education? 2010   HB good $2.99 nonfiction   Times Bks bc24
Hacker Andrew    Two Nations Black and White Separate Hostile Unequa 1993   SB good $1.99 nonfiction   Ballantine Bks rt85
Haddix Margaret Peterson The House on the Gulf 2004 first HB good $2.99 children   Scholastic Inc. ms13
Haddix Margaret Peterson Turnabout 2000 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Simon & Schuster tm5
Hadley Arthur The Straw Giant 1986   HB/DC good $2.99 history   Random House kpr2
Hagan Patricia Golden Roses 1983   PB fair $1.00 romance    Avon Bks str32
Hagan Patricia Love and Fury 1986   PB fair $1.00 romance    Avon Bks rt69
Hagan Patricia Love and War 1983   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks zp7
Hagan Patricia Love's Wine 1985   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks zp7
Hagan Patricia Passion's Fury 1995   PB fair $1.00 romance    Harper xs42
Hale Edward Everett The Man Without a Country 1960   HB good $1.99 children   Franklin Watts, Inc. hb40
Hall Parnell The Sudoku Puzzle Murders 2008   PB good $1.00 mystery   Worldwide cr17
Hallstead William F Tundra 1984 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Crown wtm2
Hambly Wilfrid D Desert Boy 1957 exlibris HB good $1.99 children   Benefic Press str25
Hamilton Alan The Queen Mother 1983   HB good exlibris $1.00 children   Hamish Hamilton tm37
Hamilton Donald Night Walker 1964   PB fair $1.00 mystery   Gold Medal tm35
Hamilton    Virginia Sweet Whispers Brother Rush 1982 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 children   Philomel bc62
Hammond-Harwood House   Maryland's Way Cook Book 1964 third HB good DC worn $13.75 cookbook     rt32
Hannah Kristin Summer Island 2002   PB good $1.00 romance    Ballantine Bks rt83
Hansen Patricia Fish and Seafood Cookbook 1979   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Ideals Pub wst2
Hanson June Andrea Winter of the Owl 1983   PB good $1.00 childrens   Apple bc55
Hargis Barbara Kinney Two To Grow On 1967   Softcover good $1.99 childrens     box25
Hargrove Jim Diego Rivera Mexican Muralist 1990   HB good exlibris $3.00 children   Childrens Press txt1
Harmon Michael The Last Exit To Normal 2008 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Knopf c55
Harpham Wendy Schlessel After Cancer 1994   HB/DC good $2.99 health   WW Norton box14
Harris Blake J Console Wars 2014   HB/DC good $2.99 computers   IT Bks os12
Harris Lee The Christmas Night Murder 1994   PB fair $1.00 mystery   Fawcett Crest ab50
Harris Robie H Rosie's Secret Spell 1991   SB fair  $1.00 children     ab3 
Harris Ruth Husbands and Lovers 1985 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Scribner c14
Harris Thomas Hannibal 2000   PB good $1.00 horror   Dell ac2
Hart Carolyn G Death On Demand 1992   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Doubleday ms7 
Hart Carolyn G Mint Julep Murder 1995   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Bantam ab72
Hart  Jessica The Fool Stories Book Two Dreaming of Dreams 1996   HB good 1.99 children   International, Inc. ab93
Hart/Neporent Leisa/Liz Abs of Steel Flatter Firmer Abs In Just Four Weeks 1997   SB good $2.99 health   Summit Pub xs37
Hart/Neporent Leisa/Liz Buns of Steel Total-Body Workout 1995   SB good $2.99 health   Grand Central Pub tm4
Harvey  Kevin Jane No Girls Allowed 1972   PB good 1.00 children   Action Books ab24
Harvin ed Eleanor B The Sesame Street Book of People and Things 1970   HB good $1.99 children   Little Brown ac9
Haskins Suzan The International Living Guide To Retiring Overseas On A Budget 2014   HB/DC good $13.55 nonfiction   Wiley zp8
Hatcher Robin Lee Midnight Rose 1992   PB good $1.00 romance    Leisure Bks os25
Hauser Thomas   Agatha's Friends 1983   PB fair $1.00 mystery   Avon Bks pb14
Hawkins Alexandra After Dark With A Scoundrel 2011   PB good $1.00 romance    St Martin's Pr str32
Hawkins Karen Much Ado About Marriage 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Pocket nb34
Hawley Noah The Good Father 2012 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Doubleday xs37
Haynes Betsy Boy Talk #2: Dude In Distress 1995   SB good $1.00 childrens   Random House cla1
Hays Wilma Pitchford George Washington's Birthdays 1963   HB good $1.99 children   Coward-McCann, Inc. rt4
Hays Wilma Pitchford Little Lone Coyote 1961   PB good $4.99 children   Little, Brown and Company box49
Hays Wilma Pitchford Monsters and Oil Wells Don't Mix 1976   HB good $1.99 children   Xerox Education Publication ha1
Hays Wilma Pitchford The Goose That Was A Watchdog 1967 first HB good $1.99 childrens   Weekly Reader tm42
Haywood Carolyn Away Went the Balloon 1973   HB good 1.99 children   William Morrow & Co. os28
Haywood Carolyn Eddie's Menagerie 1980   PB good 1.59 children     pb29
Haywood  Carolyn Eddie The Dog Holder 1966   HB good 1.00 children   William Morrow and Co. Inc. ab61
Hazelton Elizabeth Baldwin The Haunted Cove 1971 book club HB good $5.00 childrens   Weekly Reader tm36
Hazen Lynn E Shifty 2008   HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Tricycle Pr db21
Headley Justina Chen Nothing But The Truth  and a few white lies 2006   HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Little Brown & Co tm46
Hearon Shelby Painted Dresses 1981   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Atheneum km15
Heberden MV Engaged To Murder 1981   PB good $4.99 mystery   HarperCollins cr17
Heide Florence Parry/Roxanne Mystery at Keyhole Carnival 1977   HB good $2.99 childrens   Weekly Reader rel2
Hellstern Melissa Getting Along Famously 2008   HB/DC good $1.99 selfhelp   Dutton c36
Helps Racey Little Tommy Purr ???? Pixie HB good $9.99 childrens   Collins nb24
Henkes Kevin Bird Lake Moon 2008 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Greenwillow Bks rt21
Henner Marilu Party Hearty 2003   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Harper xs42
Henry Marguerite King of the Wind 1952 signed HB good DC worn $99.99 childrens   Rand McNally dm5
Henry Marguerite Misty of Chincoteague 1967   SB good $2.99 children   Scholastic bc74
Hepburn Susan    Stop Smoking In One Hour 2000   HB/DC good $40.99 health cd included Thorsons bc12
Herbert April The Tailgate Cookbook 1970   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Galahad Bks mb1
Herron Rita Sleepless In Savannah 2003   PB good $1.00 romance    LoveSpell rt19
Hester Joseph Philosophy For Young Thinkers 1987 second SB good $10.95 education   Trillium Pr zp21
Heuman William Missouri River Boy 1959   HB good $3.79 children   Dodd Mead ab66
Hewett Lorri Dancer 1999 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Dutton wtm4
Hewitt John P Dilemmas of the American Self 1989   SB good $1.00 nonfiction   Temple Univ Pr hb21
Hickman Janet The Thunder-Pup 1981   PB good 1.00 children   Weekly Reader Books box47
Highlights For Children   Storm's Fury and Other Horse Stories 1992   SB good $1.00 children     cr6
Hill Napoleon The Master-Key To Riches 1965   PB fair $1.00 nonfiction   Fawcett Crest xs16
Hill Reginald Child's Play 2010   SB good $2.99 mystery   Felony & Mayhem os11
Hill Reginald Exit Lines 2010   SB good $2.99 mystery   Felony & Mayhem os11
Hiscock Bruce Tundra The Arctic Land 1986 exlibrary HB good $1.99 childrens   Atheneum Books jm7
Hoag Tami Dust To Dust 2002   PB good $1.00 mystery   Bantam os23
Hodgson David Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 2011   SB good $2.99 computers   Prima Games nom2
Hoetzsch Otto The Evolution of Russia 1966 first US HB/DC good $4.99 history   Harcourt Brace and World ac46
Hoff B J The Tangled Web 1988   SB good $1.00 mystery   Accent Bks db4
Hoffman Mable Crockery Cookery 1987   SB good $1.99 cookbook   HP Books com1
Hoffmann ETA Coppelia 1971   HB fair exlibris $2.99 childrens   Franklin Watts rt2
Hogan Eve Eschner Intellectual Foreplay 2000   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   Hunter House zp1
Holderness Lisa Kraft Best-Ever Holiday Recipe Collection 2000   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Meredith Bks zp8
Holeman Linda Search of the Moon King's Daughter 2002 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Tundra Bks str42
Holland Barbara The Pony Problem 1977   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services ext9
Holloway Dave Aruba  2006   HB/DC good $2.99 true crime   Thomas Nelson is1
Hollyday Joyce On The Heels of Freedom 2005   SB good $2.99 religion   Crossroad Pub ab2
Holman Felice Silently The Cat and Miss Theodosia 1967 exlibris HB good $2.99 childrens   Macmillan km16
Holmes Marjorie How Can I Find You, God? 1975 first HB/DC good $2.99 religion   Doubleday c15
Holt Cheryl My Only Love 2006   PB good $2.70 romance    Zebra sf2
Holt Victoria Lord of the Far Island 1975   HB good DC worn $2.99 romance    Doubleday zp7
Honeywell   Residential Controls Handbook Vol 1: Thermostats Limit Controls Switching Relays Electric Heating Replacement Data ????   SB good $29.99 professional     km16
Honeywell   Residential Controls Handbook Vol 3: Domestic Oil-Burner Controls  ????   SB good $29.99 professional     km16
Hooks Bell Teaching To Transgress Education as the Practice of Freedom 1994   SB good $21.75 education   Routledge zp21
Hooper ed. Van B. Religious Christmas Stories for Children 1961   HB fair 2.99 children   Ideals Publishing Co. rt94
Hoover H M Another Heaven Another Earth 1981 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Viking ac64
Hoover H M The Winds of Mars 1995 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Dutton box54
Hope Laura Lee The Bobbsey Twins' Wonderful Secret 1931   HB good DC worn $19.99 vintage   Grosset & Dunlap nb29
Hope  Anthony The Prisoner of Zenda 1985   PB good 2.10 children   Longman rt78
Horton Mary ABC and Counting Rhymes 1963   HB fair $1.00 children   Wonder Books tm40
Hougen Richard T Look No Further 1955 3rd signed HB good DC worn $4.99 cookbook   Abingdon Pr km15
Hough Richard    Flight to Victory 1985   HB good $2.99 children   HarperCollins West rt1
Houston Julian New Boy 2005 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Houghton Mifflin db6
Howard Linda Killing Time 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Ballantine Bks bc52
Howard Linda Kiss Me While I Sleep 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Ballantine Bks c75
Howell  Hannah Highland Warrior 2004   PB good $2.70 romance    Zebra box42
Howell  Jean  To Love A Stranger 1985   PB good $1.00 romance    BMI box45
Howells John Choose Costa Rica For Retirement 2008   SB good $1.99 nonfiction   GPP Travel cr33
Hrdy Sarah Blaffer The Woman That Never Evolved 1983   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Harvard Univ Pr os12
Hubbard Charlotte Missouri Magic 1992   PB fair $1.00 romance    Zebra str32
Hudson Jan Dream of Me 1995   PB good $1.00 romance    Pinnacle ac2
Huff Tanya Wizard of the Grove 1999   PB good $2.70 fantasy   DAW gbs4
Hughes Francis X-Men Gambit and the Shadow King 1994   HB good $2.99 children   Random House hb27
Hughes Monica The Isis Pedlar 1983 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Atheneum dm3
Hughes Pat Guerrilla Season 2003 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Farrar Straus and Giroux rt63
Hughes Shirley Haunted House 1978   HB/DC good $1.50 childrens   Prentice Hall ab34
Hunt Angela Unspoken 2005   SB good $2.99 fiction   Thomas Nelson eb9
Hunt Tate Campbell's Recipes To Remember 2002   HB good $1.99 cookbook   L W Press zp8
Hunter Elizabeth Robespierre 1962   Softcover fair $1.00 childrens     str23
Hunter Erin Warriors Sunset Book 6 2007   PB good $1.99 children   Harper Trophy rt4
Hunter Jillian A Bride Unveiled 2011   PB good $1.00 romance    Signet str32
Hunter Jillian The Duchess Diaries 2012   PB good $1.00 romance    Signet ac2
Hunter Madeline Ravishing In Red 2010   PB good $2.70 romance    Jove sf2
Hunter Madeline Sinful In Satin 2010   PB good $2.70 romance    Jove ac2
Hurley William Dan Frontier Goes Hunting 1962 exlibris HB good $19.99 childrens   Benefic Pr nb49
Hurwitz Johanna The Law of Gravity 1978   HB good 1.00 children   William Morrow and Co. Inc. ab61
Hutchings William G  Choose Panama The Perfect Retirement Haven 2007   SB good $1.99 travel   Mission Bay Pub os11
Hutchison Robert Food and the Principles of Dietetics ????   SB good $19.99 health   BiblioBazaar rt21
Hyman Mark S The UltraSimple Diet 2009   SB good $1.99 health   Gallery Bks xs42
Ihne/Streeter   Machine Trades Blueprint Reading 1963   SB Spiral Binding good $4.99 professional   American Tech Soc bc14
Illinik CJ Najila 2007   SB good $2.99 fiction   Kregel Pub km15
Immer Andrea Great Wine Made Simple 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Broadway eb9
Irwin Inez Haynes Maida's Little Camp 1940   HB good DC worn $9.99 vintage   Grosset & Dunlap nb29
Irwin Inez Haynes Maida's Little School 1926   HB good $19.99 vintage   Grosset & Dunlap nb29
Isadora Rahcel Ben's Trumpet 1979   PB good 1.00 children   Scholastic Inc. zp9
Jackson C Paul Bud Plays Junior High Football 1957 exlibris HB good $3.48 children   Hastings House cla2
Jackson Lisa Devious 2012   PB good $1.00 mystery   Zebra hb38
Jackson/Coffman/Adams/Plumley Lisa/Elaine/Kylie/Lisa Santa Baby 2002   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra xs60
Jacobs Jonnie Murder Among Us 1998 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 mystery   Kensington mb1
Jacobson Jennifer Richard The Complete History of Why I Hate Her 2010 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Atheneum tm5
James Samantha My Rebellious Heart 2013   PB good $2.70 romance    Avon Bks c78
James Samantha The Truest Heart 2005   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon str9
Jance J A Deadly Stakes 2013   PB good $2.70 mystery   Pocket nom3
Jance J A Exit Wounds 2003   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   William Morrow kpo4
Jane Maby C. Mystery on Nine-Mile Marsh 1969   PB good 1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services cpu6
Jansson Tove Comet In Moominland 1998   Softcover good $2.99 childrens     cpu3
Janzen Tara Crazy Sweet 2006   PB good $1.00 romance    Dell nb33
JC Penney   Microwave Cookbook ????   HB good $2.99 cookbook     wst2
Jenkins Peter Close Friends 1989   HB/DC good $2.99 pets   William Morrow nb34
Jenkins Philip The New Faces of Christianity 2006   HB good $2.99 religion   Oxford Univ Pr tm2
Jensen Kenneth Pacifism and Citizenship Can They Coexist 1991   SB good $1.00 nonfiction   US Inst of Peace box14
Johnson Linda Carlson The Values Library Responsibility 1990   HB good $2.99 children   The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. rt38
Johnson Paul E Psychology of Religion 1959   HB good $2.99 religion   Abingdon Pr hb11
Johnson Tory Women For Hire The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Job 2002   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Perigee Bks box14
Johnson   Lissa Halls Runaway Dreams 1985   SB fair $1.00 childrens   Regal Books ac50
Johnson   Lois Walfrid Mystery of the Missing Map 1994   SB good $1.99 childrens   Bethany House ac60
Johnson   Lois Walfrid The Disappearing Stranger 1990   SB good $1.99 childrens   Bethany House ac60
Johnson   Lois Walfrid The Hidden Message 1990   SB good $1.99 childrens   Bethany House ac60
Johnson/Holmes/Laurens/Wilks Susan/Dee/Stephanie/Eileen Rough Around The Edges 1998   PB good $1.00 romance    St Martin's Pr box9
Johnston Julie In Spite of Killer Bees 2001   HB/DJ good 2.99 children   Tundra Books hb8
Johnston Louisa M Mystery Hotel 1968 2nd HB/DC good $8.99 children   Albert Whitman km23
Johnston Norma   The Crucible Year 1979 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 children   Macmillan bc61
Jones Adrienne Sail, Calypso! 1968   HB good $2.99 children   Little, Brown and Company eb6
Jones Diana Wynne Castle In The Air 1991 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Greenwillow Bks ac63
Jones Evan D A Patient's Guide To The Aging Eye 1987   SB good $1.00 health   Carolina Eye Center eb9
Jones Mary Alice Bible Stories for Little Children 1969   HB fair 1.00 children   Rand McNally ab44
Jones Patrick Nailed 2006 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Walker & Co box7
Jong Erica How To Save Your Own Life 1978   PB good $1.00 selfhelp   Signet zp23
Jong Erica Parachutes and Kisses 1984   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   NAL os12
Jordan Hope Dahle Three Desperate Days 1975   PB good 1.00 children   Scholastic Book Services box49
Joseph Regina  The Brazilian Bikini Body Program 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 health   St Martin's Pr xs42
Joseph Taylor Crossing Back 2010 signed SB good $4.99 childrens   Four Star ac53
Judson Clara Ingram Boat Builder 1940   HB good $5.00 childrens   Scribners xs35
Junior League of Denver   Colorado Cache Cookbook 1981   Spiral Bound SC $2.99 cookbook     nom5
Kane Harriett Thomas The Smiling Rebel 1955   PB good $3.99 romance    Curtis Bks xs60
Kannenberg Cyndee Guide To Microwave Cookbook 1978   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Ideals Pub com1
Karlsberg Elizabeth How To Make (And Keep) Friends 1991   SB good $1.00 children     is6
Karpinske Stephanie Today's Kitchen Cookbook 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Meredith Bks eb9
Kassirer Norma Magic Elizabeth 1966   PB good $6.95 children   Scholastic Book Services pb1 
Katahn Martin One Meal At A Time 2008   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   WW Norton nb32
Katona Christie Cappuccino/Espresso The Book of Beverages 1994   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Bristol Pub eb9
Katz Michael The Price of Citizenship 2002   SB good $2.99 nonfiction   Holt    os1 
Kay Ellie Heroes At Home 2008   SB good $1.99 military   Bethany House hb15
Kehret Peg Cages 1991   HB/DJ good  $2.99 children   Cobblehill Books hb51
Keita Fatou The Smile Stealer 1996   PB good 5.00 children   NEI zp9
Keller James Stop Look and Live 1954   HB good $1.99 selfhelp   Hanover House km16
Kellerman Jonathan    The Conspiracy Club 2003   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Ballantine Bks edu6
Kellogg Majorie Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon 1968 book club HB good DC fair $3.00 childrens   Farrar Straus ac3
Kellogg Company   The Kellogg's Cookbook 1978 first HB good $25.50 cookbook     zp8
Kemp Gene No Place Like 1983 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Faber and Faber cr4
Kennedy Alexandra Losing A Parent 1991   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Harper eb3
Kennedy Mary Jenny Sam and the Invisible Hildegarde 1954   SB fair $1.00 childrens   Scholastic mj10
Kenner Julie The Givenchy Code 2005   SB good $2.99 fiction   Pocket nb30
Kent  Deborah  Jody  1983   PB good 1.00 children   Scholastic Inc. ha1b
Kenyon E W The Blood Covenant 1969   PB good $4.99 religion   Kenyons Gospel Min xs16
Keppel Charlotte Loving Sands Deadly Sands 1976   PB fair $1.00 romance    Dell xs64
Kerner Otto Illinois Land of Lincoln Inland Empire 1961   SB good $4.99 history   State of IL km16
Kerr Graham Graham Kerr's Minimax Cookbook 1992   HB/DC good $3.99 cookbook   Broadway Bks rt23
Kerr M E Is That You Miss Blue? 1981   PB good $1.00 children   Laurel-Leaf Books db5
Kerr M E Little Little 1991   PB good $1.00 children   Harper km9
Kerr M E Night Kites 1987   PB fair  $1.00 children     rt90
Kerr Melissa Fell Back 1989 exlibris HB/DC fair $1.99 childrens   Harper & Row ac10
Keuthen Nancy Help For Hair Pullers 2001   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   New Harbinger Pub mj21
Khalsa Dharma Singh Food As Medicine 2002   HB/DC good $2.99 health   Atria Bks c47
Kidd Sue Monk The Secret Life of Bees 2003   SB good $1.99 fiction   Penguin Bks nom3
Kidder Rushworth M How Good People Make Tough Choices 2009   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   Harper c36
Kijewski Karen Stray Kat Waltz 1998   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Putnam tm27
Kilgo James Daughter of My People 2000   SB good $1.99 fiction   Berkley os11
King Billie Jean Pressure Is A Privilege 2008   HB/DC good $1.99 sports   Life Time Media km15
King Deborah Cloudy 1990   HB good $1.99 children   Philomel Books tm9
Kingsley Katherine Lillies On The Lake 2001   PB good $1.00 romance    Dell c78
Kingsolver Barbara The Poisonwood Bible 1999   SB good $2.99 fiction Oprah Book Harper os11
Kirk Cynthia The Lady and the Lion 2001   PB good $1.00 romance    Dorchester Pub rt69
Klauser Henriette Anne Write It Down Make It Happen 2001   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Fireside Bks zp1
Kleypas/Quinn/MacGregor Lisa/Julia/Kinley Where's My Hero? 2003   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks nom1
Klosky Justin Organize and Create Discipline 2013   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   Avery eb3
Knickerbocker Peggy Olive Oil From Tree To Table 1997   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Chronicle Bks tm27
Knippel Dolores Poems For The Very Young Child 1932   HB fair $3.99 children   Whitman Pub nb25
Knowlden Stephen Low-Fat 1994   SB good $2.99 cookbook   BN bio9
Koenig John B. Benny Pumpkin 1964   HB good 28.99 children   Daughters of St. Paul xs68
Koenig Norma E All About Arthur 1967   Softcover good $2.99 childrens     str23
Koenig Norma E One Night 1967   Softcover good $2.99 childrens     str23
Komp Diane M A Child Shall Lead Them 1993   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   HarperCollins tm4
Konigsburg E L From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler 2007   SB good $1.00 childrens   Scholastic ab22
Koontz Dean The Good Guy 2008   PB good $2.70 horror   Bantam xs55
Kopp Heather Harpham I Went To The Animal Fair 1993   HB/DC good $1.99 selfhelp   Pinon Pr mj16
Kopp Wendy    One Day All Children… 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   PublicAffairs ac61
Korman Gordon Shipwreck Book One: Island 2003   PB good $1.00 childrens   Scholastic tuv2
Kotb Hoda Ten Years Later: Six People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Lives 2014   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Simon & Schuster zp1
Kraft   Helmut Diseases of Chinchillas 1987   HB good $1.00 pets   TFH Pub nb36
Kraft Foods   Ultimate Cheesecakes 1996   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Pub International wst2
Krahn Betina The Mermaid 1997   PB good $1.00 romance    Bantam c14
Kramer Herman Bernard The Book of Destiny 1975   SB good $7.99 religion   Tan Bks km16
Kramer Remi The Legend of LoneStar Bear 1988   PB good $1.99 children     Northwind Press rt63
Krause Elliott A Why Study Sociology? 1980   SB good $3.45 education   Random House os11
Kraynak Joe The Complete Idiot's Guide To Netscape Communicator 4 1997   SB good $2.99 computers   QUE is5
Krentz Jayne Ann Summer in Eclipse Bay 2002   PB good $1.00 romance    Jove db8
Kritlow William Crimson Snow 1995   SB good $2.99 mystery   Thomas Nelson nb30
Kronschnabel Darlene The Country Bread Cookbook 1979   SB good $1.99 cookbook   Ideals Pub wst2
Krumgold Joseph …and Now Miguel 1953   HB good $2.99 children   Thomas Y. Crowell Company ab53
Kube-McDowell Michael Exile 1992 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 scifi   Ace Bks os25
Kundson R R Fox Running 1975   PB good $2.89 children   Avon Books db14
Kurtz Howard Reality Show 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Free Press rt23
LA Tech University   BLS For Healthcare Providers 2004   SB good $2.99 health   Amer Hrt Assoc os28
Lab Steven Explaining Criminal Justice 2003   SB good $1.99 nonfiction   Roxbury Pub box14
Lamb Arnette Threads of Destiny 1998   PB good $1.00 romance    Pocket cpu8
Lamitina Gwyn Surrogacy or Conspiracy The Lamitina Story 2009   SB good $1.99 nonfiction   Lamitina nom2
Lancaster Lydia After Tomorrow 1984   PB good $1.00 romance    Warner Bks zp7
Lancaster Lydia Her Heart's Honor 1980   PB fair $1.00 romance    Warner Bks zp7
Lane Christopher Tonopah 1999   SB good $2.99 childrens inspirational Zondervan tm48
Larsson Stieg The Girl Who Played With Fire 2010   PB good $1.00 mystery   Vintage zp31
Larsson/Rudstrom Carl/Lennart A Farm 1976   HB/DJ good $1.99 children   G.P. Putnam's Sons c79
Lasater Bonnie BH&G Good Food and Fitness 1981   HB good $1.99 cookbook   Meredith Bks ab48
Lasch Christopher Haven In A Heartless World 1995   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   WW Norton os11
Lasker Joe Merry Ever After 1976   HB good $1.99 children   Viking Press rt4
Last Days Ministries   The Last Days Newsletter Vol 4 No 1 Jan-Mar 1981   SB good $6.99 religion     km16
Lathen Emma Death Shall Overcome 1974   PB fair $1.00 mystery   Pocket pb14
Latimer John The Last Pharaoh 1970   HB good $2.99 children   Thomas Nelson, Inc. rt28
Laughlin Florence Mystery Mountain 1964   HB good $1.99 children   Macrae Smith Company ab12
Laurens Stephanie The Brazen Bride 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon nb33
Laurens Stephanie The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae 2012   PB good $2.70 romance    Avon c14
Laurens/Foley/Chase Stephanie/Gaelen/Loretta Royal Bridesmaids 2013   PB good $2.70 romance    Avon Bks pb26
Laurensen Niels Getting Pregnant What You Need To Know Right Now 2000   SB good $1.99 health   Touchstone bc16
Lauritzen Jonreed The Ordeal of the Young Hunter 1954   HB good $1.25 childrens   Little, Brown and Company pb4
Lawhead Stephen R Arthur 1990   PB good $2.70 fantasy   Avon Bks str3
Lawless Joann A Strange Stories of Life 1977   HB good $2.99 children   Raintree tm9
Lawrence Brother The Practice of the Presence of God 1969   PB good $1.00 religion   Spire Bks os1
Lawyers Coop   Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976 Cumulative Supplement 1980 Volume 24 1980   SB good $12.99 professional   LCP ms7c
Lawyers Coop   Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976 Cumulative Supplement 1981 Volume 22 1981   SB good $12.99 professional   LCP nb36
Lawyers Coop   Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976 Cumulative Supplement 1985 Volume 11 1985   SB good $12.99 professional   LCP ms7c
Lee Linda Francis Dove's Way 2004   PB good $1.00 romance    Ballantine Bks ac10
Lee  Sandra Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cocktail Time 2009   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Wiley ms7c
Leete-Hodge Lornie Mark and Mandy in Spain 1978   HB good 1.00 children   Peter Haddock Ltd. ab61
Lehrer Jim The Phony Marine 2006   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Random House c47
Leigh Elizabeth Mountain Moonlight 1997   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra c33
Leigh Roberta The Savage Aristocrat 1978   PB good $1.00 romance    Fawcett Crest zp7
Leman Kevin Were You Made For Each Other? 1991   HB/DC good $1.00 selfhelp   Delacorte Pr os15
Lemmon Robert S All About Birds Allabout Books 11 1955   HB/DC good $1.79 children   Random House eb3
Leodhas Sorche Nic Always Room For One More 1965 signed HB/DC good exlibris $4.99 childrens   Holt Rinehart ac9
Leonard/Briscoe Rhoda/William S. Sleeky the Otter 1964   HB good $5.29 childrens   Field Educational Publications, Inc rt33
Les Tina Dorothy May Day 1967 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   Crowell hb25 
Lessenberry D D College Typewriting Intensive Course 1948   HB good $2.99 vintage   South-Western Pub is5
Leuret Francois Modern Miraculous Cures 1957 exlibris HB good $2.99 health   Farrar Straus and Cudahy mb1
LeVarre Deborah Captive Mistress 1983   PB fair $1.00 romance    Zebra db7
Levitt Peggy God Needs No Passport 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 religion   New Press ab56
Levy Elizabeth Father Murphy's First Miracle 1983   PB good $1.00 children   Random House xs52
Lewis Hunter A Question of Values 2007   SB good $1.99 selfhelp hightlighting Axios Pr str38
Lewis Hunter The Beguiling Serpent 2007   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Axios Pr cr33
Lewis Jean Santa's Runaway Elf 1977   HB good $1.00 children   Rand McNally tm40
Lewis  Frank Johnny's Secret 1975   HB good $2.99 children   Junior Elf chr1
Lexau Joan M. The Rooftop Mystery 1968   HB good $1.99 children   Harper & Row rst6
Leyva Meredith Married to the Military 2003   SB good $1.99 military   Fireside ac22
L'Heureux  John A Woman Run Mad 1988   HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   Viking km15
Libby Bill Star Pitchers of the Major Leagues 1971   HB fair 1.99 children   Random House ab6
Lieberman David J Get Anyone To Do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again 2000   HB/DC good $1.99 selfhelp   St Martin's Pr c36
Lifton/Fox Betty Jean/Thomas Children of Vietnam 1975   HB good $3.00 childrens   Atheneum cla1
Lindbergh Anne Morrow The Prisoner of Pineapple Place 1988 exlibris HB good $1.00 children   Harcourt  zz9
Lindquist Willis  Haji of the Elephants 1976   HB good 1.00 children   McGraw Hill ab61
Lindsay Gordon Will Christians Go Through The Great Tribulation? 1970   SB good $19.95 religion   Christ for the Nations km16
Lindsey Johanna A Man To Call My Own 2003   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Atria Bks ms7 
Little Golden Book   Walt Disney's Cinderella 1986   HB very good $1.00 childrens     wtm10
Little Golden Books   Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street 1985   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   David and Goliath 1974   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   Pooh The Very Best Easter Bunny 1997   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   The Country Mouse and The City Mouse 1961   HB fair $25.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   Very Busy Barbie 1993   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   Walt Disney's Bambi   1984   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   Walt Disney's Bambi Friends of the Forest 1975   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1984   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Little Golden Books   What's Up in the Attic? 1987   HB fair $1.00 childrens   LGB jm7
Lively Kenneth US Foodservice Presents Recipes Fro Today's Menus 1996   HB good $2.99 cookbook   Heritage Pub c3
Livingston Nancy Quiet Murder 1995   PB fair $1.00 mystery   Worldwide c77
Locke John The De-Voicing of Society 1998 exlibris HB good $1.99 nonfiction   Simon & Schuster c15
Loeb Jacques The Mechanistic Conception of Life 1964   HB/DC good $9.99 nonfiction   Belknap kpr2
Lofty Carrie What A Scoundrel Wants 2008   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra ab56
Long Laura  David Farragut Boy Midshipman 1950 exlibris HB good $1.99 childrens   Bobbs-Merrill rt42
Longshore Martha Hearts of Gold 1994   PB fair $1.00 romance    HarperCollins cer1
Lord Bette Bao Spring Moon 1991   PB good $1.00 mystery   Harper ab50
Lorrimer Claire The Chatelaine 1982   PB fair $1.00 romance    Ballantine Bks os7
Lorrimer Claire The Wilderling 1983   PB good $1.00 romance    Ballantine Bks sf2
Lottman Eileen After The Wind 1979   PB good $1.00 romance    Dell xs42
Lowell Elizabeth Blue Smoke and Murder 2009   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks str32
Lowell Elizabeth Forget Me Not 2010   PB good $2.70 romance    Avon Bks zp7
Lowery Lynn Sweet Rush of Passion 1977   PB fair $1.00 romance    Bantam c77
Lowry Lois See You Around Sam! 1996   HB/DC good $2.99 children   Houghton Mifflin ab25
Lucas Jannette May The Earth Changes 1937   HB good $9.99 childrens   J.B. Lippincott rt23
Luhrmann Winifred Only Brave Tomorrows 1989 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Houghton Mifflin bc74
Lukacs John Democracy and Populism 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Yale Univ Pr cr21
Lunn Janet Shadow in Hawthorn Bay 1987   HB/DJ good $2.99 children   Scribner rt27
Lust John B Lust For Living How To Live and Grow Younger Healthier and Happier 1953   HB good $9.99 vintage   Benedict Lust Pub km14
Lutyens Mary Cleo 1974 exlibris HB/DC fair $6.00 childrens   Stein and Day db12
Lyall Gavin Venus With Pistol 1971   HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   CBC xs42
Lyle Sparky The Bronx Zoo 1980   PB good $1.00 sports   Dell ac9
M L   Lilted Legends and Children's Chanties 1941   SB fair $9.99 vintage     km16
MacDonald Betty Hello Mrs Piggle Wiggle 1957 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Lippincott box4b
MacDonald Betty  Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle 1987   PB good $1.99 children     tuv3
MacDonald Betty  Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm 1987   PB good $1.50 children   Scholastic Inc. rt35
MacDonald George The Princess and the Goblin and The Princess and Curdie 1970   HB good $10.99 children     American Education Publications vink
MacDonald Sarah Holy Cow An Indian Adventure 2004   SB good $1.99 fiction   Broadway Bks os11
MacGregor Ellen Miss Pickerell Goes On A Dig 1966 exlibris HB good $1.99 childrens   McGraw-Hill hb40
MacGregor  Ellen  Miss Pickerell Goes To the Artic 1954 exlibris HB fair $2.99 childrens   McGraw-Hill ac14
MacGregor/Pantell Ellen/Dora Miss Pickerell and the Supertanker 1978 exlibris HB/DC fair $2.99 childrens   McGraw-Hill str25
MacGregor/Pantell Ellen/Dora Miss Pickerell and the Supertanker 1980   PB good $1.00 children   An Archway Paperback zp23
MacKellar William Mystery of Mordach Castle 1970   HB good 2.99 children   Follett Publishing Company ac15
MacLachlan Patricia The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt 1988 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   HarperCollins tuv1
MacNeil Robert Burden of Desire 1993   PB fair $1.00 romance    Dell c77
Macomber Debbie 6 Ranier Drive 2006   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira nb32
Macomber Debbie 92 Pacific Boulevard 2009   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira box4
Macomber Debbie Midnight Sons Vol 3: Falling For Him/Ending In Marriage 2010   SB good $2.99 romance    Mira nb30
Macomber Debbie The Christmas Basket 2002   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Mira mb1
Maggio Carole Ultimate Facercise 2011   SB good $2.99 health   Perigee Bks eb9
Magorian Michelle Good Night Mr Tom 1982 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 childrens   HarperCollins str5
Mallery Susan    Hold Me 2015   PB good $2.70 romance    HQN rt69
Malouf David Ransom 2011   SB good $2.99 fiction   Vintage Bks nb30
Mapes Creston Dark Star Confessions of a Rock Idol 2005   SB good $2.99 fiction   Multnomah nb30
Marbach Ethel Dandelions, Fireflies, and Rhubarb Pie 1984   HB/DJ good $1.99 children   The Upper Room tm1
March Emily Nightingale Way 2012   PB good $1.00 romance    Ballantine Bks sf2
March Jessica Illusions 1988   PB fair $1.00 romance    Warner Bks mj5
Marino Nan Neil Armstrong Is My Uncle & Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me 2009   SB good $1.00 childrens   Scholastic str4 
Marriott Janice Letters to Lesley 1991   HB good $2.99 children   Knopf Books zp22
Marryat   Masterman Ready 1994   PB good 1.00 children   Bloomsbury Books c23
Marsden John Checkers 1998 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   HMH mj10
Marsh Ellen Tanner Sable 1985   PB fair $1.00 romance    Jove rt69
Marshall Edward M Jump-Starting America 1995   HB/DC good $2.99 nonfiction   Grass-Roots Pub ab9
Martens/Goodin Anne Coulter/Peggy Take Care of My Little Girl 1951   SB fair $34.99 play   Dramatic Pub Co hb59
Martin Charles   The Dead Don't Dance 2004   SB good $2.99 fiction   Thomas Nelson nb31
Martin Dorothy More Answers For Peggy 1959   PB good $2.99 children   Moody Pub box18
Martin Dorothy Wider Horizons For Peggy 1964   PB good $1.79 children   Moody Pub str31
Martin Gus Juvenile Justice Process and Systems 2005   HB good $34.95 education   SAGE Pub ab9
Martin Lee Deficit Ending 1992   PB fair $1.00 mystery   Worldwide cr17
Martin Marcia South of Paradise 1993   PB good $1.00 romance    Jove c77
Martin Steve  Shopgirl 2001   SB good $1.99 fiction   Hachette Bks os11
Marx Herbert L Television and Radio in American Life 1953 exlibris HB good $5.50 nonfiction   HW Wilson os12
Masur Harold Q The Legacy Lenders 1967 book club HB/DC good $2.99 mystery   Random House km16
Matthews Carole The Chocolate Lovers' Club 2009   SB good $2.99 fiction   St Martin's Griffin nb33
Maupin Armistead Further Tales of The City 2007   SB good $2.99 fiction   Harper nb30
Maupin Armistead Maybe The Moon 1993   SB good $2.99 fiction   Harper nb30
Maupin Armistead Michael Tolliver Lives 2008   SB good $2.99 fiction   Harper nb30
Maupin Armistead Tales of the City 1994   SB good $2.99 fiction   Harper nb30
Maxey Kathi The Duck That Was A Chicken 1994 signed HB/DC good $9.99 childrens   Carlton db19
Maxted  Anna Behaving Like Adults 2003 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 fiction   William Morrow lkm4
Maxwell Edith Just Dial A Number 1971   PB good  $1.00 childrens     zp26
Mayer Mercer Professor Wormbog's Gloomy Kerploppus 1977   HB good $53.97 childrens   Golden Books ac45
Mayes Frances Bella Tuscany The Sweet Life of Italy 1999   SB good $2.99 travel   Broadway nb31
Mayes Frances Under the Tuscan Sun 2003   SB good $2.99 fiction   Broadway nb30
Maynard Roy 22 Automatic 1993   SB good $2.99 mystery   Crossway Bks nb31
Maynard Roy 38 Caliber 1992   SB good $2.99 mystery   Crossway Bks nb31
Maynard Roy The Old Man 1994   SB good $2.99 mystery   Good News Pub bc5
Mazer Norma Fox After The Rain 1987 exlibrary HB good $2.99 childrens   Morrow sac1
Mazer Norma Fox When She Was Good 1997 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Arthur Levine str42
Mazer  Anne  The Oxboy 1993   HB/DJ good 1.99 children    Alfred A Knopf ab54
Mazer  Norma Fox  I, Trissy  1977   PB good  1.39 children    Laurel-Leaf Library  ab36
McBride Karyl Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing The Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers 2009   SB good $6.99 selfhelp   Atria Bks nb30
McCall Dinah Bloodlines 2005   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira kpo4
McCarthy Ed Wine For Dummies 1995   SB good $2.99 cookbook   Hungry Minds eb9
McCarthy Wil The Collapsium 2000   SB good $3.99 scifi   Gollancz mj26
McCauley Stephen The Easy Way Out 1993   SB good $1.99 fiction   Simon & Schuster nb31
McCloskey Robert  Homer Price 1968   SB good $1.99 children   Scholastic  zz1
McCloskey Robert  More Homer Price 1969   SB good $1.99 children   Scholastic  zz1
McCourtney Lorena Canyon 1998   SB good $1.99 romance  inspirational Multnomah nb33
McCullough David 1776 2005   HB/DC good $2.99 military   Simon & Schuster xs7
McCullough Karen A Gift For Murder 2012   PB good $1.00 mystery   Worldwide hb45
McDaniel Lurlene Angels Watching Over Me 1996   PB good $1.00 children   Bantam  box64
McDonald Gregory Flynn's World 2003 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Pantheon ftm5
McGarry Terry Illumination 2001   HB good DC worn $2.99 fantasy   TOR ab39
McGee-Cooper Anne You Don't Have To Go Home From Work Exhausted! 1992   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   Bantam c36
McGloskey Susan The Real McCoy 2006   PB good $5.65 children   Rigby ha1b
McGovern Ann Woody Woodpecker Takes A Trip 1978   HB fair $1.99 childrens   Little Golden Book tm25
McGovern Ann  Treasury of Christmas Stories 1965   SB good $1.00 collection   Scholastic PBs os21
McGovern  Ann The Defenders 1970   Softcover good $1.99 children   Scholastic Inc. ms4b
McGraw Dr Phil Real Life  2008   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   Free Press bio9
McGraw Robin What's Age Got To Do With It? 2010   SB good $2.99 selfhelp   Thomas Nelson mb1
McHugh Elisabeth Raising a Mother isn't Easy 1983   HB/DJ good 1.99 children   William Morrow & Co. ftm5
McInnes John Drat The Dragon 1973   HB good $2.99 childrens   Garrard Pub Co str27
McKee/Harrison/McCowen/Lehr/Durr Paul/M.L./Annie/Elizabeth/William Up and Away 1966   HB accaptable $3.39 childrens   Houghton Mifflin Company rt40
McKenzie Ellen Kindt A Bowl of Mischief 1992   HB/DC fair $1.99 childrens   Henry Holt ac10
McKernan Victoria The Devil's Paintbox 2009 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Knopf dm3
McKillip Patricia The Moon and the Face 1985 exlibris HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Atheneum kpo1
McKinnon K C Candles on Bay Street 1999   HB/DC good $1.99 fiction   Doubleday tm26
McLane LuAnn He's No Prince Charming 2009   PB good $1.00 romance    Signet zp7
McLean Allan Campbell Ribbon of Fire 1962   HB/DC fair $3.00 childrens   Harcourt Brace & World rst3
McLeish Kenneth Tales of the British Isles England 1993   Softcover good $3.99 childrens     cla2
McMillen S I None of These Diseases 1970   PB good $1.00 religion   Spire Bks nb34
McNeill John J Taking A Chance On God 1996   SB good $1.99 religion   Beacon Pub bc27
McNulty Faith Arty the Smarty 1962   HB good $19.95 children   Wonder Books kpo1
McPherson Fiona The Memory Key 2004   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   BN nom2
McPherson William A Course In General Chemistry 1921   HB good $9.99 vintage   Ginn and Co nb29
McVey R Parker Mystery at the Ball Game 1985   SB good $1.99 childrens   Troll cr11
Meacham Leila Tumbleweeds 2013   SB good $2.99 fiction   Grand Central Pub nb30
Medearis Angela Shelf Seven Spools of Thread A Kwanzaa Story 2000 signed HB/DC good $4.99 childrens   Whitman Pub str19
Medeiros Teresa A Kiss To Remember 2002   PB good $1.00 romance    Bantam nb32
Merehurst   The Complete Chicken Cookbook 2000   HB/DC good $3.99 cookbook   Murdoch Bks ms7 
Merrett John The True Story of  Albert Schweitzer 1964   HB fair 1.99 children   Childrens Press bus2
Meyer Carolyn    Denny's Tapes 1987 exlibris HB/DC fair $2.99 children   McElderry bc62
Meyer Stephenie Eclipse 2007   HB/DC good $2.99 childrens   Little Brown & Co dm3
Meyer/Romano Danny/Michael The Union Square Café Cookbook 1994 signed HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Ecco com1
Meyers Robin Why The Christian Right Is Wrong 2008   SB good $2.99 religion   Jossey-Bass edu5
Michaels Fern Crown Jewel 2003   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Atria Bks ab66
Michaels Fern Finders Keepers 1998   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Kensington km2
Michaels Fern Late Bloomer 2003   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Atria Bks mb1
Michaels Fern Listen To Your Heart 2000   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Kensington box6b
Michaels Fern Mr and Mrs Anonymous 2012   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra nb32
Michaels Fern Sins of the Flesh 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra nom3
Michaels Fern Vanishing Act 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra zp31
Michaels Fern Yesterday 1999   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Kensington cr14
Michaels Jillian Master Your Metabolism 2009   HB/DC good $2.99 health   Harmony com1
Michaels/Bass/Noonan/Rossiter Fern/Elizabeth/Rosalind/Nan Making Spirits Bright 2011   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra nom1
Michaels/Bostwick/McMahan/Noonan Fern/Marie/Janna/Rosalind Snow Angels 2009   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra hb15
Michaels/Henley/Chamberlin/Evanick Fern/Virginia/Holly/Marcia Let It Snow 2003   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra box9
Michelson Florence The More the Merrier 1964   HB good 5.79 children   Western Publishing Co. ab61
Milan Albert R Breast Self-Examination 1980   SB fair $1.00 health   Workman Pub zp1
Miles Betty The Real Me 1974 exlibris HB fair $1.00 childrens   Borzoi hb33
Miles Miska Tree House Town 1974   HB good 1.99 children   Little, Brown and Co. cr4
Milhouse Katherine The Egg Tree 1950   HB good 4.79 children   Charles Scribner's Sons ab48
Millan Cesar Cesar's Way 2007   SB good $1.99 pets   Three Rivers Pr ac10
Millburn Cynthia Spin A Dream 1962   PB good $1.00 children   McGraw-Hill Book Co. rt37
Miller Kathy C Finding Contentment in a Disappointing World 1988   SB good $1.99 selfhelp   NavPress hb59
Miller Linda Lael Springwater Wedding 2001   HB/DC good $2.99 romance    Atria Bks mb1
Miller Linda Lael The Christmas Brides 2010   PB good $1.00 romance    Harlequin ac13
Miller/Shalvis/Monroe/Angell/Johnson Linda Lael/Jill/Lucy/Kate/Cat He's The One 2013   PB good $1.00 romance    Kensington ac51
Millman Dan  The Four Purposes of Life 2011   HB/DC good $2.99 selfhelp   HJ Kramer hb59
Mills Donia Whiteley The Rules of the Game 1969 exlibris HB/DC good $17.25 children   Viking hb23
Mills Tessa Little One ???? Pixie HB good $9.99 childrens   Collins nb24
Mills Tessa Rusty and Dinah ???? Pixie HB good $6.99 childrens   Collins nb24
Milne A.A. When We Were Very Young 1970   PB good 1.00 children   A Dell Yearling Book ftm2
Milton Hilary Blind Flight 1982   PB good $1.00 children   Scholastic   cpu16
Miner  Jane Claypool Dreams Can Come True 1981   PB fair 1.00 children   Scholastic ext11
Minger Miriam Wild Roses 1996   PB good $1.00 romance    Avon Bks zp7
Monk Karyn The Prisoner 2001   PB good $1.00 romance    Bantam hb15
Moon Floyce  A Horse Named Amber 1965   PB good 9.99 children   Convention Press ab50
Moore Aurora Savage Heart 1982   PB good $1.00 romance    Pinnacle c77
Moore Bernard Wines of North America 1983   HB/DC good $3.99 cookbook   Chartwell Bks bc68
Moore Peter One Lord One Faith 1994   SB good $1.00 religion   Thomas Nelson str37
Moreno Mike The 17 Day Diet 2010   HB/DC good $2.99 health   M Print com1
Morressy John The Humans of Ziax II 1974   HB/DJ good 1.99 children   Walker & Co. hb19
Morris Willie My Dog Skip 1996   SB good $1.00 pets   Vintage box4
Morrison Colin Christmas In Ireland 1990   SB good $1.99 collection   Irish Amer Bk Co nb31
Mortman Doris The Lucky Ones 1998   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra c33
Mortman Doris True Colors 1995   PB good $1.00 romance    Ivy Books xs42
Mosco Maisie For Love and Duty 1992   PB fair $1.00 romance    HarperTorch os7
Mosco Maisie The Scattered Seed 1991   PB fair $1.00 romance    HarperCollins db7
Moss Marissa Amelia's 6th Grade NoteBook 2005   HB good $1.99 children   Simon and Schuster rt77
Mother Teresa   Mother Teresa In My Own Words 1997   HB/DC good $1.99 religion   Gramercy ab9
Mott Carolyn The Children's Book on How To Use Books and Libraries 1968 exlibris HB good $3.25 childrens   Scribners ac69
Moulton Nancy Defiant Destiny 1982   PB fair $1.00 romance    Avon Bks rt69
Mulock Dinah Maria The Little Lame Prince/The Adventures of Brownie 1956   HB fair $1.99 children   Children's Classics bc32
Murphy Robert The Golden Eagle 1965   HB good 4.89 children   E.P. Dutton & Co. Inc. hb43
Murray Andrew Helps To Intercession 1970   SB good $4.35 religion   CLC km16
Murray  E P Savage Whisper 1985   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra c33
Murtagh Terence Space  1984   HB good  $1.00 children   Ladybird Books is6
Mycoskie Pam  I'm Listening The Butter Busters Cookbook Companion 1995   HB/DC good $2.99 cookbook   Grand Central Pub ext4
Myers Anna Captain's Command 2001   SB good $1.00 children     is6
Myers David G What God Has Joined Together? 2005   HB good $1.99 gay interest   HarperOne xs16
Myers Walter Dean Tales of a Dead King 1983   HB good $1.00 childrens   William Morrow ab8
Myrus Joyce Island Enchantress 1990   PB fair $1.00 romance    Zebra rt69
Myrus Joyce Temptation 1994   PB good $1.00 romance    Zebra nb32
Mystery   The Mystery Method How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed 2007   HB/DC good $3.50 selfhelp   St Martin's Pr c36
Nance John Lobo of the Tasaday 1982 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Pantheon cr16
Natoli Joseph Tracing Literary Theory 1987   SB good $2.99 education   Univ of IL xs64
Naylor Thomas The Vermont Manifesto 2003   SB good $10.50 history   Xlibris xs59
Nazario Sonia Enrique's Journey 2007   SB good $3.59 fiction   Random House eb9
Needleman Jacob Time and the Soul 2003   SB good $1.00 selfhelp   Berrett-Koehler str38
Neggers Carla The Harbor 2015   PB good $1.00 romance    Mira zp6
Neggers Carla Trying Patience 2014   PB good $1.00 romance    Harlequin nb33
Neigo Mike Best In Camp 1977   HB good 1.99 children   Whitman hb39
Nelson Theresa Ruby Electric 2003 exlibris HB/DC good $1.99 children   Atheneum cr34
Nesbitt Barbara The Other Side of the Sun 1989   Softcover good $9.99 childrens     box24
Nickson Jeanne Shadow of the Condor 1994