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18 Pine Street Series (YA)   Silhouette Yours Truly Romances
1-800-Husband Series    
36 Hours Series
39 Clues Series    
43 Light Street Series   St. Elizabeth Hospital Series
Able Team Series    
Acorna Series    
Adventures In Love   Starfleet Series
Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (YA)    
Adventures of Wishbone (YA)    
Alex Cross Mysteries    
Alex Rider Series   Star Trek Badlands
Alien Nation Series Harlequin Special Edition Series Star Trek Dark Passions Series
Aliens Series    
The American Adventure Series Harlequin Superromance Series  
American Girl Series (YA)    
American Regency Romances Harlequin Temptation Series  
Apache Series   ST: The Captain's Table Series
Artemis Fowl Series (YA) Harry Potter Series (YA) Star Trek Day of Honor Series
The Australians Series   ST: Deep Space Nine Series
Avon True Romance Series
Heart of Texas Series ST: Dominion War Series
Babies & Bachelors Romance Series    
Babylon 5 Series Heart of the West Series Star Trek Enterprise Series
Bachelor Auction Series Here Come The Grooms Series Star Trek Gateway Series
Back To The Ranch Series The Holts, An American Dynasty Series ST: The New Frontier Series
Badge of Honor Series Hometown Reunion Series ST: The Next Generation Series
Bantam Love Stories Super Edition Series Honor Bound Series Star Trek Original Series
Bantam Love Stories: His, Her, Theirs Series   Star Trek Section 31 Series
Battletech Series Horrorland Series (YA) ST: Starfleet Corp of Engineers Series
The Black Berets Series Hotel Marchand Series Star Trek Voyager Series
Black Samurai Series House of Romance Series  
  In Death Series Star Wars Series
Black Stallion Series (YA) Isaac Asimov's Robot City Series  
Blade Series Janet Daily Americana Series The Steepwood Scandal Series
Blossom Street Series Joe Gall Contract Series  
Brotherhood of War Series John of Mars Series Stolen Moments Series
Buckskin Series Kansan Series  
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Series The Kent Family Chronicles Sunfire Romance Series
Candlelight Ecstasy Romance Series    
Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme Romance Series Killmaster Series  
Candlelight Romance Series    
Canyon O'Grady Westerns The Land That Time Forgot Series Super Vietnam: Ground Zero Series
Catteni Series Lassiter Westerns  
Cedar Cove Series   Timetwist Series
Cedar River Daydreams Series    
Changes Romance Series
  Timeweb Series
Cherry Ames, Nurse Series    
The Chronicles of Narnia Left Behind Series  
Circle of Magic Series Left Behind Kids Series (YA) To Have and To Hold Series
Code Red Series   The Trailsman Westerns
The Coltons Series Legends of the Five Rings Series Trueblood Texas Series
Conan Series Leopard People Series  
Cooper's Corner Series Leven Thumps Series Twilight Series
Corps Series Logan's Legacy Series  
Cotillion Regency Romance Series Lone Star Country Club Series Twilight of the Clans Series
Country Club Romance Series    
Coventry Romance Series Lone Star Westerns  
Crosswinds Series (YA)   Underground Zealot Series
Crosswinds Keepsake Series (YA) Love and Laughter Series  
Crystal Creek Series Love & Life Series  
Daniel X Series (YA)   V The Series
Dark Carpathian Series Love Inspired Historical Romance Series  
Dark Shadows Series Love Inspired Suspense Series Velvet Glove Series
Davy Crockett Series  
Death Merchant Series Loveswept Series Venus Series
Deathlands Series Lucky In Love Series  
Delta Justice Series Maitland Maternity Series Vietnam: Ground Zero Series
Doc Savage Series    
Doomsday Warrior Series Malko Series  
Dragonlance Series Maximum Ride Series (YA) Viking Cipher Series
Dreamscape Series Mediterranean Nights Series  
  Midnight Sons Series Wagons West Series
Dune Series Mitford Years Series  
The Executioner Series Modern Love Series Warkeep 2030 Series
Family Secrets Series Montanan Brides Series  
  Montana Mavericks Series Warriors Series
Fear Street Series (YA) Nancy Drew Mysteries (YA)  
First North Americans Series NARC Series Weddings By DeWilde Series
  Nightmare Room Series (YA)  
  Out of the Ashes Series  
  Outlanders Series  
  Oz Series (YA) Welcome To Tyler Series
  Park Avenue Scandals Series  
Forgotten Realms Series Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series (YA) Western Lovers Series
Forrester Square Series Pern Series  
Fortune's Children Petaybee Series Wilderness Series
Fortune's Children: Brides Presidential Agent Series  
Fortune's Children: The Grooms Ranger's Apprentice Series Women's Murder Club Mysteries
  Rapture Romances  
  Raven House Mysteries World of Darkness Series
Fortune's Children: The Lost Heirs Rhapsody Romance Series World's Most Eligible Bachelors Series
  Rotten School Series (YA) X-Men Series
Fortunes of Texas The Royal House of Niroli Series X-Wing Series
Fortunes of Texas Reunion The Scarlet Riders Series Xena, Warrior Princess Series
  The Scorpion Squad  
Ghostwalkers Series Sea Haven Series Young Boba Fett Series (YA)
Goosebumps Series (YA)   Young Indiana Jones Series (YA)
Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Times Series    
The Gunsmith Westerns    
Hard Case Crime Series   The Zack Files (YA)
Hardy Boys Mysteries (YA)    
Harlequin American Premiere Series Second Chance At Love Series Zebra Ballad Romance Series
Harlequin American Series Seekers Series Zebra Bouquet Romance Series
Harlequin Blaze Series Serenade Saga Series Zebra Splendor Romance Series
Harlequin Duets Series    
Harlequin Everlasting Series Serenade Sonata Series  
Harlequin Famous Firsts Series   Zodiac Gothic Romance Series
Harlequin Flipside Series    
Harlequin Gothic Series A Series of Unfortunate Events Series (YA) Zebra Heartfire Romance Series
Harlequin Historical Series Silhouette Bombshell Series  
Harlequin Intrigue Series Silhouette Desire Series Zebra Lovegram Romance Series
Harlequin Kimani Series    
Harlequin Love Affair Series    
Harlequin Medical Romance Series
Harlequin Next Series Silhouette First Love Series (YA)  
Harlequin Regency Series Silhouette Intimate Moments Series  
Silhouette Nocturne Series  
  Silhouette Romance Series  
  Silhouette Shadows Series  
  Silhouette Special Edition Series