Western Lovers Series


1 Diana Palmer Betrayed By Love Ranch Rogues
2 Anne Stuart Blue Sage Ranch Rogues
3 Lindsay McKenna Chase The Clouds Ranch Rogues
4 Lee Magner Mustang Man Ranch Rogues
5 Rebecca Flanders Painted Sunsets Ranch Rogues
6 Kathleen Eagle Carved In Stone Ranch Rogues
7 Doreen Owens Malek A Marriage of Convenience Hitched In Haste
8 Ginna Gray Where Angels Fear Hitched In Haste
9 Joyce Thies Mountain Man Hitched In Haste
10 Dixie Browning The Hawk and the Honey Hitched In Haste
11 Elizabeth August Wild Horse Canyon Hitched In Haste
12 Joan Hohl Someone Waiting Hitched In Haste
13 Barbara Kaye Ramblin' Man Ranchin' Dads
14 Pamela Bauer His and Hers Ranchin' Dads
15 Rita Clay Estrada The Best Things In Life Ranchin' Dads
16 Judith Duncan All That Matters Ranchin' Dads
17 Cathy Gillen Thacker One Man's Folly Ranchin' Dads
18 Margot Dalton Sagebrush and Sunshine Ranchin' Dads
19 Mary Lynn Baxter Moonbeams Aplenty Denim & Diamonds
20 JoAnn Ross In A Class By Himself Denim & Diamonds
21 Ann Major The Fairy Tale Girl Denim & Diamonds
22 Lass Small Snow Bird Denim & Diamonds
23 Suzanne Ellison Soul of the West Denim & Diamonds
24 Diana Palmer Heart of Ice Denim & Diamonds
25 Ginna Gray Fools Rush In Kids & Kin
26 Curtiss Ann Matlock Wellspring Kids & Kin
27 Annette Broadrick Hunter's Prey Kids & Kin
28 Shirley Larson Laughter In The Rain Kids & Kin
29 Debbie Bedford A Distant Promise Kids & Kin
30 Cathy Gillen Thacker Family Affair Kids & Kin
31 Lisa Jackson Yesterday's Lies Reunited Hearts
32 Georgia Bockoven Tracing On A Window Reunited Hearts
33 Ann Major Wild Lady Reunited Hearts
34 Marilyn Pappano Cody Daniels' Return Reunited Hearts
35 Debbie Macomber All Things Considered Reunited Hearts
36 Annette Broadrick Return To Yesterday Reunited Hearts
37 Patricia Rosemoor Ambushed Reckless Renegades
38 Lynn Erickson West of the Sun Reckless Renegades
39 Evelyn A Crowe A Wild Wind Reckless Renegades
40 Caroline Burnes The Deadly Breed Reckless Renegades
41 Helen Conrad Desperado Reckless Renegades
42 Lindsay McKenna Heart of the Eagle Reckless Renegades
43 Anne Stuart Rancho Diablo Once A Cowboy...
44 Jackie Merritt Big Sky Country Once A Cowboy...
45 Cathy Gillen Thacker A Family To Cherish Once A Cowboy...
46 Lindsay McKenna Texas Wildcat Once A Cowboy...
47 Susan Fox Not Part of the Bargain Once A Cowboy...
48 Ann Major Destiny's Child Once A Cowboy