To Have and To Hold Series


1 Robin James The Testimony
2 Jennifer Rose A Taste of Heaven
3 Ann Cristy Tread Softly
4 Elaine Tucker They Said It Wouldn't Last
5 Jenny Bates Gilded Spring
6 Candace Adams Legal and Tender
7 Nuria Wood The Family Plan
8 Mary Haskell Hold Fast 'Til Dawn
9 Melanie Randolph Heart Full of Rainbows
10 Vivian Connolly I Know My Love
11 Jennifer Rose Keys to the Heart
12 Elaine Tucker Strange Bedfellows
13 Katherine Granger Moments To Share
14 Jeanne Grant Sunburst
15 Cally Hughes Whatever It Takes
16 Lee Damon Lady Laughing Eyes
17 Mary Haskell All That Glitters
18 Elissa Curry Playing For Keeps
19 Marilyn Brian Passion's Glow
20 Tricia Adams Between The Sheets
21 Vivian Connolly Moonlight and Magnolias
22 Kate Wellington A Delicate Balance
23 Elissa Curry Kiss Me Cait
24 Ann Cristy Homecoming
25 Cally Hughes A Treasure To Share
26 Claudia Bishop That Champagne Feeling
27 Jennifer Rose Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
28 Jeanne Grant Trouble In Paradise
29 Adrienne Edwards Honorable Intentions
30 Vivian Connolly Promises To Keep
31 Petra Diamond Confidentially Yours
32 Jasmine Craig Under Cover of Night
33 Cally Hughes Never Too Late
34 Hilary Cole My Darling Detective
35 Cassie Miles Fortune's Smile
36 Claudia Bishop Where The Heart Is
37 Mary Haskell Anniversary Waltz
38 Charlotte Hines Sweet Nothings
39 Jacqueline Topaz Deeper Than Desire
40 Delaney Devers The Heart Victorious
41 Jeanne Grant Cupid's Confederates
42 Katherine Granger Private Lessons
43 Lee Williams Home Fires
44 Jeanne Grant Conquer The Memories
45 Joan Darling Tyler's Folly
46 Jennifer Rose Pennies From Heaven
47 Kate Nevins Memory and Desire
48 Jane Ireland Love Notes
49 Vivian Connolly Sweet Country Music