Silhouette Yours Truly Romance Series


1 Debbie Macomber Wanted: Perfect Father
2 Lori Herter Listen Up, Lover
3 Tiffany White Male For Sale
4 Lass Small Not Looking For A Texas Man
5 Cait London Every Girl's Guide To...
6 Toni Collins Unhappily Unwed
7 Dixie Browning Single Female (Reluctantly) Seeks...
8 Kasey Michaels Husbands Don't Grow On Trees
9 Laurie Paige Christmas Kisses For A Dollar
10 Hayley Gardner Holiday Husband
11 Janice Kaiser Just The Way You Are
12 Christie Ridgway The Wedding Date
13 Marie Ferrarella The 7 lb 2 oz Valentine
14 Lori Herter How Much Is That Couple In The Window?
15 JoAnn Ross It Happened One Week
16 Martha Schroeder What Engagement Ring?!
17 Cait London Every Groom's Guide To...
18 Kathy Marks Seducing Sydney
19 Marie Ferrarella Let's Get Mommy Married
20 Jo Ann Algermissen I Do?
21 Carolyn Zane Single In Seattle
22 Carla Neggers The Groom Who (Almost) Got Away
23 Lass Small The Case of the Lady In Apartment 308
24 Celeste Hamilton When Mac Met Hailey
25 Lori Herter Blind-Date Bride
26 Renee Roszel Brides For Brazen Gulch
27 Leandra Logan The Education of Jake Flynn
28 Jennifer Drew Dear Mr Right
29 Carolyn Zane How To Hook A Husband (and a Baby)
30 Samantha Carter Dateless In Dallas
31 Beth Henderson A Week 'Til The Wedding
32 Patricia Hagan Boy Re-Meets Girl
33 Alexandra Sellers A Nice Girl Like You
34 Jo Ann Algermissen A Marry-Me Christmas
35 Lori Herter Me? Marry You?
36 Maris Soule Heiress Seeking Perfect Husband
37 Carla Cassidy Pop Goes The Question
38 Christie Ridgway Follow That Groom!
39 Marie Ferrarella Traci On The Spot
40 Diane Pershing First Date: Honeymoon
41 Toni Collins The Almost-Perfect Proposal
42 Lynda Simons Marrying Well
43 Alexandra Sellers Not Without A Wife!
44 Connie Flynn Only Couples Need Apply
45 Hayley Gardner The One-Week Wife
46 Laurie Paige Only One Groom Allowed
47 Hayley Gardner The One-Week Baby
48 Mary Anne Wilson Strictly Personal
49 Marie Ferrarella Mommy and the Policeman Next Door
50 Diane Pershing Third Date's The Charm
51 Christie Ridgway Have Baby, Will Marry
52 Alice Sharpe If Wishes Were Heroes
53 Muriel Jensen The Heart of the Matter
54 Lynn Miller Is There A Husband in the House?
55 Alexandra Sellers Shotgun Wedding
56 Sandra Paul Baby on the Way
57 Marie Ferrarella Desperately Seeking Twin...
58 Beth Henderson Seducing Santa
59 Lori Herter Right Husband! Wrong Bride?
60 Jennifer Drew The Prince and the Bogus Bride
61 Marie Ferrarella The Offer She Couldn't Refuse
62 Christie Ridgway Ready, Set...Baby!
63 Samantha Carter The Emergency Stand-By Date
64 Karen Templeton Wedding Daze
65 Alexandra Sellers Occupation: Millionaire
66 Kelly Jamison The Bride Was A Rental
67 Maris Soule The Bachelor, The Beauty and the Blizzard
68 Mary Starleigh The Texan and the Pregnant Cowgirl
69 Shawna Delacorte Much Ado About Marriage
70 Linda Lewis Cinderella and the Texas Prince
71 Marie Ferrarella Fiona and the Sexy Stranger
72 Karen Templeton Wedding Belle
73 Christie Ridgway Big Bad Dad
74 Lynda Simons The Wedding and the Little White Lie
75 Marie Ferrarella Cowboys Are For Loving
76 Patricia Hagan Groom On The Run
77 Jennifer Drew The Bad-Girl Bride
78 Krista Thoren The Accidental Fiance
79 Marie Ferrarella Will and the Headstrong Female
80 Kelly Jamison The Law and Miss Lamott
81 Jo Ann Algermissen A Husband For Christmas
82 Linda Lewis Secret Agent Santa
83 Marie Ferrarella The Law and Ginny Marlow
84 Christie Ridgway The Millionaire and the Pregnant Pauper
85 Karen Templeton Wedding? Impossible!
86 Robyn Amos Bachelorette Blues
87 Marie Ferrarella A Match For Morgan
88 Lynn Miller Did You Say Baby?!
89 Leslie Davis Guccione Borrowed Baby
90 Melissa McClone Fiance For The Night