Silhouette Shadows Series


1 Heather Graham Pozzessere The Last Cavalier  
2 Elise Title Who Is Deborah?  
3 Lee Karr Stranger In The Mist  
4 Carla Cassidy Swamp Secrets  
5 Jane Toombs Return To Bloodstone House  
6 Helen R Myers Night Mist  
7 Terri Herrington Flashback  
8 Evelyn Vaughn Waiting For The Wolf Moon  
9 Anne Stuart Break The Night  
10 Rachel Lee Imminent Thunder  
11 Carla Cassidy Heart of the Beast  
12 Jane Toombs Dark Enchantment  
13 Barbara Faith A Silence of Dreams  
14 Amanda Stevens The Seventh Night  
15 Lee Karr Footsteps in the Night  
16 Jane Toombs What Waits Below  
17 Patricia Simpson The Haunting of Brier Rose  
18 Maggie Shayne Twilight Phantasies  
19 Cheryl Emerson Treacherous Beauties  
20 Allie Harrison Dream A Deadly Dream  
21 Regan Forest Bridge Across Forever  
22 Carrie Peterson The Secrets of Sebastian Beaumont  
23 Helen R Myers Whispers In The Woods  
24 Amanda Stevens Perfect Kiss  
25 Carla Cassidy Silent Screams  
26 Jeanne Rose The Prince of Air and Darkness  
27 Lindsay McKenna Hanger 13  
28 Lori Herter The Willow File  
29 Lindsay Longford Lover In The Shadows  
30 Maggie Shayne Twilight Memories  
31 Diana Whitney The Raven Master  
32 Sharon Brondos Kiss of Darkness  
33 Sharon Pope The Portal  
34 Marilyn Tracy Sharing The Darkness  
35 Jane Toombs The Volan Curse  
36 Vivian Knight Jenkins By Love Possessed  
37 Rachel Lee Thunder Mountain Conard County
38 Maggie Shayne Kiss of the Shadow Man  
39 Evelyn Vaughn Burning Times  
40 Allie Harrison Dead Reckoning  
41 Marilyn Tracy Memory's Lamp  
42 Val Daniels Between Dusk and Dawn  
43 Barbara Faith Dark, Dark My Lover's Eyes  
44 Sandra Dark Sleeping Tigers  
45 Mary-Anne Wilson False Family  
46 Sally Carleen Shaded Leaves of Destiny  
47 Maggie Shayne Twilight Illusions/Wings in the Night  
48 Amanda Stevens Dark Obsession  
49 Helen R Myers Watching For Willa  
50 Jane Toombs The Woman In White  
51 Marilyn Tracy Something Beautiful  
52 Evelyn Vaughn Beneath The Surface  
53 Lindsay Longford Dark Moon  
54 Rebecca Flanders Secret of the Wolf  
55 Jeanne Rose Heart of Dreams  
56 Jane Toombs The Abandoned Bride  
57 Rebecca Flanders Wolf In Waiting  
58 Vella Munn Navajo Nights  
59 Rebecca Flanders Shadow of the Wolf  
60 Kimberly Raye Til We Meet Again  
61 Carla Cassidy Mystery Child  
62 Charlotte Moore Trust Me  
63 Sandra Dark Old Flames  
64 Jeanne Rose Good Night, My Love  
65 Kimberly Raye Now and Forever  
66 Evelyn Vaughn Forest of the Night