Silhouette/Harlequin Nocturne


1 Lindsay McKenna Unforgiven Warriors of the Light
2 Kathleen Korbel Dangerous Temptation Daughter of Myth
3 Michele Hauf From The Dark  
4 Maureen Child Eternally Guardians
5 Caridad Pineiro Death Calls The Calling
6 Lisa Childs Haunted Witch Hunt
7 Karen Whiddon Cry of the Wolf The Pack
8 Caridad Pineiro Devotion Calls The Calling
9 Erica Orloff Blood Son  
10 Maureen Child Nevermore Guardians
11 Vivi Anna Blood Secrets Valorian Chronicles
12 Karen Whiddon Touch of the Wolf The Pack
13 Pamela Palmer The Dark Gate  
14 Lisa Childs Persecuted Witch Hunt
15 Linda Howard Raintree: Inferno Raintree
16 Caridad Pineiro Blood Calls The Calling
17 Linda Winstead Jones Raintree: Haunted Raintree
18 Lori Devoti Unbound Unbounds
19 Beverly Barton Raintree: Sanctuary Raintree
20 Lindsay McKenna Dark Truth Warriors of the Light
21 Michele Hauf Familiar Stranger  
22 Lisa Childs Damned  
23 Cynthia Cooke Rising Darkness  
24 Michele Hauf Kiss Me Deadly  
25 Nina Bruhns Night Mischief Dark Enchantments
26 Vivi Anna Dark Lies  
27 Pat White Saving Destiny Dark Enchantments
28 Lisa Jones The Beast Within  
29 Maureen Child Christmas Cravings/Fate Calls Holiday With A Vampire
30 Bonnie Anne Vanak Empath  
31 Patrice Michelle Scions: Resurrection Scions
32 Lori Devoti Guardian's Keep Unbounds
33 Lindsay McKenna Quest Warriors of the Light
34 Kathleen Korbel Dark Seduction Daughter of Myth
35 Rhyannon Byrd Last Wolf Standing Blood Runners
36 Lisa Renee Jones Beast of Desire Knights of White
37 Merline Lovelace Mind Games  
38 Rhyannon Byrd Last Wolf Hunting Blood Runners
39 Rhyannon Byrd Last Wolf Watching Blood Runners
40 Patrice Michelle Scions: Insurrection Scions
41 Lori Devoti Wild Hunt Unbounds
42 Pamela Palmer Dark Deceiver The Esri
43 Lisa Jones Beast of Darkness Knights of White
44 Michele Hauf His Forgotten Forever Bewitching After Dark
45 Karen Whiddon Dance of the Wolf The Pack
46 Nancy Holder Son of the Shadows  
47 Kathleen Korbel Deadly Redemption  
48 Anna Leonard Night Serpent  
49 Sharon Sala; Janis Hudson; Debra Cowan Aftershock: Penance/After The Lightning/Seeing Red  
50 Vivi Anna Veiled Truth  
51 Bonnie Vanak Enemy Lover  
52 Michele Hauf; Vivi Anna Winter Kissed: A Kiss of Frost/Ice Bound  
53 Patrice Michelle Scions: Revelation Scions
54 Merline Lovelace; Lori Devoti A Christmas Kiss/The Vampire Who Stole Christmas Holiday With A Vampire
55 Michele Hauf Devil To Pay Bewitching After Dark
56 Linda Johnston Alpha Wolf  
57 Maureen Child Vanished  
58 Denise Lynn Dragon's Lair  
59 Lisa Childs Immortal Bride  
60 Caridad Pineiro Fury Calls The Calling
61 Vivi Anna Vampire's Quest  
62 Lori Devoti Dark Crusade Unbounds
63 Lisa Jones Captive of the Beast  
64 Doranna Durgin Jaguar Night Sentinels
65 Rebecca Brandewyne From The Mists of Wolf Creek  
66 Linda Johnston Back To Life  
67 Karen Whiddon Wild Wolf The Pack
68 Michele Hauf Highwayman Wicked Games
69 Lindsay McKenna The Seeker Time Raiders
70 Doranna Durgin Lion Heart Sentinels
71 Cindy Dees The Slayer Time Raiders
72 Michele Hauf Moon Kissed Wicked Games
73 P C Cast The Avenger Time Raiders
74 Bonnie Vanak Immortal Wolf  
75 Merline Lovelace The Protector Time Raiders
76 Livia Reasoner The Vampire Affair  
77 Linda Jones Sundown/Nothing Says Christmas Like A Vampire Unwrapped Holiday With A Vampire
78 Jenna Kernan Dream Stalker  
79 Linda Jones Last of the Ravens  
80 Doranna Durgin Wolf Hunt Sentinels
81 Linda Thomas-Sundstrom Red Wolf Wolf Moon
82 Lori Devoti The Hellhound King Unbounds
83 Linda Thomas-Sundstrom Wolf Trap Wolf Moon
84 Lisa Childs Mistress of the Underground The Secret Vampire Society
85 Lindsay McKenna Reunion Warriors of the Light
86 Anna Leonard The Hunted  
87 Lindsay McKenna The Adversary Warriors of the Light
88 Alexis Morgan Vampire Vendetta  
89 Lindsay McKenna Guardian  
90 Michele Hauf Angel Slayer  
91 Lori Devoti Zombie Moon  
92 Vivi Anna The Vampire's Kiss  
93 Nina Bruhns Lord of the Desert Immortal Sheikhs
94 Zandria Munson Heiress To A Curse Hearts of Stone
95 Kendra Leigh Castle Renegade Angel  
96 Cynthia Cooke Black Magic Lover  
97 Heather Graham The Keepers Keepers
98 Stephanie Draven Poisoned Kisses Mythica
99 Alexandra Sokoloff The Shifters Keepers
100 Nina Bruhns Shadow of the Sheikh Immortal Sheikhs
101 Deborah LeBlanc The Wolven Keepers
102 Linda O Johnston Alaskan Wolf Alpha Force
103 Karen Whiddon Lone Wolf The Pack
104 Janet Elizabeth Jones Incubus  
105 Nina Bruhns Vampire Sheikh Immortal Sheikhs
106 Lilith Saintcrow Taken  
107 Theresa Meyers The Truth About Vampires Sons of Midnight
108 Connie Hall The Guardian The Nightwalkers