Silhouette Bombshell


1 Lindsay McKenna Daughter of Destiny
2 Justine Davis Proof
3 Carla Cassidy Get Blondie
4 Judith Leon Code Name: Dove
5 Julie Beard Kiss of the Blue Dragon
6 Amy J. Fetzer Alias
7 Evelyn Vaughn AKA Goddess
8 Erica Orloff Urban Legend
9 Maureen Tan A Perfect Cover
10 Katherine Garbera Exposed
11 Doranna Durgin Exception to the Rule
12 Vicki Hinze Body Double
13 Nancy Bartholomew Stella, Get Your Gun
14 Meredith Fletcher Double-Cross
15 Natalie Dunbar Private Agenda
16 Cindy Dees Killer Instinct
17 Evelyn Vaughn Her Kind of Trouble
18 Catherine Mann Pursued
19 Erica Orloff Knockout
20 Kate Donovan Identity Crisis
21 Lindsay McKenna Sister of Fortune
22 Debra Webb Justice
23 Katherine Garbera Night Life
24 Patricia Rosemoor Hot Case
25 Nancy Bartholomew Stella, Get Your Man
26 Carla Cassidy Deceived
27 Sheri Whitefeather Always Look Twice
28 Crystal Green The Huntress
29 Sylvie Kurtz Personal Enemy
30 Evelyn Vaughn Contact
31 Cindy Dees The Medusa Project
32 Wendy Rosnau The Spy Wore Red
33 Debra Webb Silent Weapon
34 Harper Allen Payback
35 Sandra K. Moore The Orchid Hunter
36 Stephanie Doyle Calculated Risk
37 Lindsay McKenna Wild Woman
38 Ruth Wind Countdown
39 Sharron McClellan The Midas Trap
40 Stephanie Feagan Show Her The Money
41 Nancy Bartholomew Sophie's Last Stand
42 Cindy Dees Target
43 Katherine Garbera The Amazon Strain
44 Kate Donovan Parallel Lies
45 Vicki Hinze Double Vision
46 Doranna Durgin Checkmate
47 Maggie Price Trigger Effect
48 Peggy Nicholson An Angel In Stone
49 Michele Hauf Once A Thief
50 Kathryn Jensen Hot Pursuit
51 Carol Stephenson Courting Danger
52 Stephanie Doyle The Contestant
53 Rachel Caine Devil's Bargain
54 Connie Hall Rare Breed
55 Stephanie Feagan She's On The Money
56 Lori A May The Profiler
57 Julie Beard Touch The White Tiger
58 Erica Orloff The Golden Girl
59 Doranna Durgin Beyond The Rules
60 Cindy Dees Medusa Rising
61 Shirl Henke Finders Keepers
62 Michele Hauf Flawless
63 Olivia Gates Strong Medicine
64 Ellen Henderson Ultra Violet
65 Judith Leon Iron Dove
66 Nancy Bartholomew Lethally Blonde
67 Kate Donovan Exit Strategy
68 Jackie Merritt; Lori Myles Her Best Defense
69 Vicke Hinze Double Dare
70 Sylvie Kurtz Ms. Longshot
71 Cate Dermody The Cardinal Rule
72 Debra Webb Silent Reckoning
73 Rachel Caine Devil's Due
74 Natalie Dunbar A Model Spy
75 Erica Orloff Trace of Innocence
76 Terry Watkins The Big Burn
77 Evelyn Vaughn Something Wicked
78 Vicki Hinze Bulletproof Princess
79 Cindy Dees The Medusa Game
80 Olivia Gates Radical Cure
81 Shirl Henke Sneak and Rescue
82 Carla Cassidy Hell On Heels
83 Ruth Wind The Diamond Secret
84 Sheri Whitefeather Never Look Back
85 Doranna Durgin Survival Instinct
86 Justine Davis Flashback
87 Stephanie Feagan Run for the Money
88 Tess Pendergrass Missing Incorporated
89 Wendy Rosnau The Spy With The Silver Lining
90 Meredith Fletcher Look-Alike
91 Judy Fitzwater No Safe Place
92 Mary Buckham Invisible Recruit
93 Nancy Holder Daughter of the Flames
94 Katherine Garbera Exclusive
95 Cate Dermody The Firebird Deception
96 Debra Webb Past Sins
97 Evelyn Vaughn Lost Calling
98 Carla Cassidy Pawn
99 Nancy Bartholomew What Stella Wants
100 Sandra K. Moore Dead Reckoning
101 Cindy Dees Haunted Echoes
102 Doranna Durgin Comeback
103 Erica Orloff Trace of Doubt
104 Sylvie Kurtz Detour
105 Kate Donovan Spin Control
106 Lorna Tedder Dark Revelations
107 Michele Hauf Getaway Girl
108 Maureen Tan Too Close To Home
109 Harper Allen Dressed To Slay
110 Carol Stephenson Shadow Lines
111 Judith Leon Captive Dove
112 Crystal Green Baited
113 Harper Allen Vampaholic
114 Sharron McClellan Hidden Sanctuary
115 Peggy Nicholson A Serpent In Turquoise
116 Stephanie Doyle Possessed
117 Nancy Holder Daughter of the Blood
118 Jenna Mills Veiled Legacy
119 Cate Dermody The Phoenix Law
120 Meredith Fletcher Storm Force
121 Evelyn Vaughn Seventh Key
122 Cindy Dees The Medusa Prophecy
123 Harper Allen Dead Is The New Black
124 Debra Webb Staying Alive