Serenade Sonata Series


1 Elaine L Schulte On Wings of Love
2 Susan C Feldhake Love's Sweet Promise
3 Susan C Feldhake For Love Alone
4 Lydia Hermann Love's Late Spring
5 Mab Graff Hoover In Comes Love
6 Velma S Daniels Fountain of Love
7 Linda Herring Morning Song
8 Peggy Darty A Mountain To Stand Strong
9 Judy Baer Love's Perfect Image
10 Yvonne Lehman Smoky Mountain Sunrise
11 Donna Fletcher Crow Greengold Autumn
12 Sandy Dengler Winterspring
13 Lurlene McDaniel Eternal Flame
14 Linda Herring Windsong
15 Barbara Bennett Forever Eden
16 Madge Harrah Call of the Dove
17 Donna Fletcher Crow The Desires of Your Heart
18 Judy Baer Tender Adversary
19 Nancy Johanson Halfway To Heaven
20 Lurlene McDaniel Hold Fast The Dream
21 Mary Lapietra The Disguise of Love
22 Sara Mitchell Through A Glass Darkly
23 Yvonne Lehman More Than A Summer's Love
24 Jeanne Anders The Language of the Heart
25 Suzanne Ellison One More River
26 Karyn Carr Journey Toward Tomorrow
27 B J Hoff, Amanda Clark To Love and To Honor/Flower of the Sea
28 Judy Baer Shadows Along The Ice
29 Cathie Lenoir Born To Be One
30 Susan Kirby Heart Aflame
31 Nancy Johanson By Love Restored
32 Mary Reid Karaleen
33 Lurlene McDaniel Love's Full Circle
34 Mab Graff Hoover A New Love
35 Susan Phillips The Lessons of Love
36 Molly Bull For Always
37 Sara Mitchell A Song in the Night
38 Donna Fletcher Crow Love Unmerited
39 Brenda Willoughby Thetis Island
40 Marilyn Austin Love More Precious
41 Elaine L Schulte Echoes of Love
42 Sara Mitchell With All Your Heart
43 Judy Baier Moonglow
44 Lurlene McDaniel A Gift of Love
45 Jan Seabaugh The Wings of Adrian
46 Elaine L Schulte Song of Joy
47 Annetta Hutton Island Dawn
48 Carol Blake Gerrond Heartstorm
49 Margaret Johnson After The Storm
50 Shirley Cook Through The Valley of Love