Serenade Saga Series


1 Sandy Dengler Summer Snow
2 Jeanette Gilge Call Her Blessed
3 Karen Kletzing Ina
4 Brenda Knight Graham Juliana of Clover Hill
5 Sandy Dengler The Song of the Nereids
6 Elaine Watson Anna's Rocking Chair
7 Susan C Feldhake In Love's Own Time
8 Jane Peart Yankee Bride
9 Kathleen Karr Light of My Heart
10 Susan C Feldhake Love Beyond Surrender
11 Jeanette Gilge All The Days After Sunday
12 Elaine Anne McAvoy Irresistible Love
13 Mary Harwell Sayler Hand Me Down The Dawn
14 Jane Peart Rebel Bride
15 Kathleen Yapp Speak Softly Love
16 Kathleen Karr From This Day Forward
17 Jacquelyn Cook The River Between
18 Jane Peart Valiant Bride
19 Maryn Langer Wait For The Sun
20 Peggy Darty Kincaid of Cripple Creek
21 Kay Cornelius Love's Gentle Journey
22 Jean Conrad Applegate Landing
23 Mary Harwell Sayler Beyond The Smoky Curtains
24 Elaine Watson To Dwell In The Land
25 Maryn Langer Moon For A Candle
26 Jeanne Cheyney The Conviction of Charlotte Grey
27 Sandy Dengler Opal Fire
28 Maryn Langer Divide The Joy
29 Peggy Darty Cimarron Sunset
30 Sandy Dengler This Rolling Land
31 Jacquelyn Cook Wind Along The River
32 Suzanne Ellison Sycamore Settlement
33 Irene Brand Where Morning Dawns
34 Donna Winters Elizabeth of Saginaw Bay
35 Elaine L Schulte Westward My Love
36 Jane Peart Ransomed Bride
37 Elaine L Schulte Dreams of Gold
38 Kathleen Karr Chessie's King
39 Molly Bull The Rogue's Daughter
40 Jacquelyn Cook Image in the Looking Glass
41 Carolyn Ann Wharton Rising Thunder
42 Jane Peart Fortune's Bride
43 Susan Kirby Cries of the Wilderness Wind
44 Irene Brand Come Gentle Spring
45 Susan C Feldhake Seasons of the Heart
46 Maryn Langer Ride With Wings
47 Jean Conrad Golden Gates