Raven House Mysteries


1 Mary Challis Crimes Past
2 Mary Ann Taylor Red Is For Shrouds
3 Robert B Gillespie The Crossword Mystery
4 James A Howard Murder Takes A Wife
5 Anne Burton Dear Departed
6 John Wolfe Drilling For Death
7 Richard Moore Death in the Past
8 Dell Shannon Rain With Violence
9 Margaret Leek The Healthy Grave
10 Henry Kane The Midnight Man
11 George Ogan To Kill A Judge
12 Christina Blake A Fragrant Death
13 Mary Challis Burden of Proof
14 Wynn Williams Take the Money and Die
15 William Campbell Gault The Bad Samaritan
16 Harold Q Masur Send Another Hearse
17 Anne Burton Where There's A Will
18 Rebecca Holland Danger On Cue
19 Hugh Zachary To Guard The Right
20 Gary Paulsen The Sweeper
21 Sara Woods The Knavish Crows
22 Russell Mead The Moses Bottle
23 Mary Ann Taylor Return To Murder
24 Charles Fleet A Place Like Hessburg
25 C Burke Block Art For Keeps
26 HIllary Waugh The Glenna Powers Case
27 K Arne Blom The Limits of Pain
28 Maxine O'Callaghan Death Is Forever
29 Margaret Leek We Must Have A Trial
30 Peter Levi The Head In The Soup
31 Ron Goulart Ghosting
32 George Ogan Murder in the Wind
33 James M Fox The Wheel is Fixed
34 Robert B Gillespie Little Sally Does It Again
35 Bernard St James April Thirtieth
36 Claire Taschdjian Classified Death
37 William Campbell Gault The Cana Diversion
38 Richard Moore Death of a Source
39 Irma Walker Murder In 25 Words or Less
40 William Wise The Amazon Factor
41 James A Howard Death Audit
42 Robert Julian Murder In Focus
43 Russell Mead The Nightingale Trivet
44 Carter Wick Dark House Dark Road
45 James M Fox A Shroud For Mr Bundy
46 Maxine O'Callaghan Run From Nightmare
47 Gary Paulsen Clutterkill
48 Sara Woods They Love Not Poison
49 Hugh Zachary Top Level Death
50 Dell Shannon Case Pending
51 Hillary Waugh The Doria Rafe Case
52 Christina Blake Deadly Legacy
53 Mary Challis The Ghost of an Idea
54 Margaret Maron One Coffee With
55 George Ogan Murder By Proxy
56 Willo Davis Roberts The Face at the Window
57 Anne Burton Worse Than A Crime
58 Russell Mead The Third One
59 J R Pici The Papa Legacy
60 Mark Sadler Touch of Death
61 James M Fox The Coven
62 Harold Q Masur The Mourning After
63 Sinclair MacKellar Prompt For Murder
64 Dell Shannon Ace of Spades
65 James A Howard Friday is a Killing Day
66 Margaret Leek Voice of the Past
67 Irma Walker The Man in the Driver's Seat
68 Hillary Waugh The Billy Cantrell Case
69 Mary Challis A Very Good Hater
70 Susan Dunlap Karma
71 Nick O'Donohoe April Snow
72 Cornell Woolrich The Bride Wore Black