Rapture Romance Series


1 Nina Coombs Love So Fearful
2 Lisa McConnell River of Love
3 Jeanette Ernest Lover's Lair
4 Charlotte Wisely Welcome Intruder
5 Stephanie Richards Chesapeake Autumn
6 Nina Coombs Passion's Domain
7 Jennifer Dale Tender Rhapsody
8 Joan Wolf Summer Storm
9 Diana Morgan Crystal Dreams
10 Ellie Winslow The Wine-Dark Sea
11 Francine Shore Flowers of Desire
12 Jeanette Ernest Dear Doubter
13 Deborah Benet Sweet Passion's Song
14 Charlotte Wisely Love Has No Pride
15 Laurel Chandler Treasure of Love
16 Lisa St John Gossamer Magic
17 Jennifer Dale Remember My Love
18 Leslie Morgan Silken Webs
19 Joan Wolf Change of Heart
20 Diana Morgan Emerald Dreams
21 Estelle Edwards Moonslide
22 Francine Shore The Golden Maiden
23 Deborah Benet Midnight Eyes
24 Elizabeth Allison Dance of Desire
25 Ellie Winslow Painted Secrets
26 Sharon Wagner Strangers Who Love
27 Jennifer Dale Frostfire
28 Kathryn Kent Precious Possession
29 Joann Robb Stardust and Diamonds
30 Laurel Chandler Heart's Victory
31 Elisa Stone A Shared Love
32 Nina Coombs Forbidden Joy
33 Marianne Clark Apache Tears
34 Leslie Morgan Against All Odds
35 Kasey Adams Untamed Desire
36 Francine Shore Love's Gilded Mask
37 Katherine Ransom O'Hara's Woman
38 Tricia Graves Heart On Trial
39 Ellie Winslow A Distant Light
40 Charlotte Wisely Passionate Enterprise
41 Marianna Essex Torrent of Love
42 Bree Thomas Love's Journey Home
43 Diana Morgan Amber Dreams
44 Deborah Benet Winter Flame
45 Lisa Moore September Song
46 Megan Ashe A Moutain Man
47 Estelle Edwards The Knave of Hearts
48 Melinda McKenzie Beyond All Stars
49 Joann Robb Dreamlover
50 Marilyn Davids A Love So Fresh
51 Francine Shore Lover in the Wings
52 Kathryn Kent Silk and Steel
53 Eleanor Frost Elusive Paradise
54 Ellie Winslow Red Sky at Night
55 Jillian Roth Bittersweet Temptation
56 Nina Coombs Sun Spark
57 Kasey Adams Winter's Promise
58 Joan Wolf Beloved Stranger
59 Laurel Chandler Boundless Love
60 Lisa St John Starfire
61 Joann Robb Sterling Deceptions
62 Melinda McKenzie Blue Ribbon Dawn
63 Kathryn Kent Reluctant Surrender
64 Deborah Benet Wrangler's Lady
65 Katherine Ransom Wish on a Star
66 Maggie Osborne Flight of Fancy
67 Rosalyn Carroll Enchanted Encore
68 Eleanor Frost A Public Affair
69 Carla Neggers Delinquent Desire
70 Joann Robb A Secure Arrangement
71 Jillian Roth On Wings of Desire
72 Diana Morgan Lady in Flight
73 Joan Wolf Affair of the Heart
74 Kasey Adams Purely Physical
75 Francine Shore Lover's Run
76 Deborah Benet Riptide
77 Kathryn Kent Orchid of Love
78 Melinda McKenzie Romantic Caper
79 Valerie Zayne Silver Dawn
80 Anna McClure Chanson D'Amour
81 Joann Robb Tender Betrayal
82 Kasey Adams An Unlikely Trio
83 Megan Ashe The Lightning Touch
84 Andra Erskine Priority Affair
85 Laurel Chandler Shades of Moonlight
86 Diana Morgan Ocean Fires
87 Jeanette Darwin A Cherished Account
88 Marianne Clark Here There Be Dragons
89 Joan Wolf Portrait of a Love
90 Kathryn Kent An Affair of Interest
91 Melinda McKenzie A Gentle Diplomacy
92 Marianna Essex Love Came Courting
93 Joann Robb Touch The Sun
94 Deborah Benet A Dream To Share
95 Diana Morgan Hidden Fires
96 Jillian Roth Broken Promises
97 Kathryn Kent Love and Lilacs
98 Anna McClure Passion's Hue
99 Barbara Blacktree Ariel's Song
100 Joann Robb Wolfe's Prey
101 Ellie Winslow Roman Candles
102 Joan Wolf A Fashionable Affair
103 Nina Coombs Before It's Too Late
104 Kasey Adams Reach For The Sky