Modern Love Series


  Kelly Hunter Bedded For Diamonds  
  Heidi Rice The Millionaire's Blackmail Bargain  
  Trish Wylie At The Billionaire's Bidding  
  Nicola Marsh Mistress To The Tycoon  
  Susan Stephens The Tycoon's Virgin  
  Kate Hardy The Pregnancy Ultimatum  
  Nicola Marsh Purchased For Pleasure  
  Julie Cohen Mistress In Private/All Work and No Play  
  Kate Hardy In Bed With Her Italian Boss  
  Robyn Grady Hired For The Boss's Bed/Dream Job Hot Boss!  
  Heidi Rice Bedded By A Playboy  
  Natalie Anderson All Night With The Boss  
  Julie Cohen His For The Taking  
  Susan Napier Price of Passion