Love and Laughter Series


1 JoAnn Ross I Do, I Do...For Now  
2 Lori Copeland Dates and Other Nuts  
3 Kasey Michaels Five's A Crowd  
4 Jennifer Crusie Anyone But You  
5 Vicki Lewis Thompson Stuck With You  
6 Ruth Jean Dale The Seven-Year Itch  
7 Judy Griffith Gill There's Something About The Nanny...  
8 Carrie Alexander The Madcap Heiress  
9 Tiffany White The 6'1" Grinch  
10 Leandra Logan Santa and Son  
11 Jacqueline Diamond Punchline  
12 Tracy South The Fiance Thief  
13 Marie Ferrarrella My Phony Valentine  
14 Stephanie Bond Irresistible?  
15 Ruth Jean Dale A Royal Pain  
16 Suzannah Davis Heatcrazed!  
17 Vicki Lewis Thompson One Mom Too Many  
18 Bonnie Tucker Hannah's Hunks  
19 Carolyn Greene The Wedding Deception  
20 Valerie Kirkwood Accidentally Yours  
21 Cheryl Anne Porter A Man In Demand  
22 Lisa Bingham Runner-Up Bride  
23 Jule McBride Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?  
24 Trish Jensen The Harder They Fall  
25 Judy Griffith Gill Lady On Top  
26 Colleen Collins Right Chest, Wrong Name  
27 Kristine Rolofson Pillow Talk  
28 Carrie Alexander The Amorous Heiress  
29 Charlotte Maclay Accidental Roommates  
30 Gwen Pemberton Wooing Wanda  
31 Vicki Lewis Thompson Going Overboard  
32 Jacqueline Diamond Sandra and the Scoundrel  
33 Alyssa Dean Mistletoe Mischief  
34 Debbie Rawlins I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus  
35 Stephanie Bond Kids Is A 4-Letter Word  
36 Sharon Stewart Love For Sale  
37 Stephanie Bond Wife Is A 4-Letter Word  
38 Judy Griffith Gill The Cinderella Search  
39 Cathie Linz Too Sexy For Marriage  
40 Kristin Gabriel Bullets Over Boise  
41 Lori Copeland Fudgeballs adn Other Sweets  
42 Valerie Kirkwood Rent-A-Friend  
43 Renee Roszel There Goes The Bride  
44 Cheryl Anne Porter The Great Escape  
45 Cathie Linz Too Stubborn To Marry  
46 Jule McBride How The West Was Wed  
47 Vicki Lewis Thompson Operation Gigolo  
48 Lois Greiman Counterfeit Cowgirl  
49 Gwen Pemberton Regarding Rita  
50 Kimberly Raye Gettin' Lucky  
51 Cathie Linz Too Smart For Marriage  
52 Bonnie Tucker Stay Tuned: Wedding at 11:00  
53 Patricia Knoll Delightful Jones  
54 Colleen Collins Right Chapel, Wrong Couple  
55 Jenna McKnight The Wedding Knight  
56 Kristin Gabriel Monday Man  
57 Renee Roszel Gift-Wrapped Baby  
58 Stephanie Bond Naughty or Nice?  
59 Liz Ireland The Hijacked Bride  
60 Barbara Daly Home Improvement  
61 Charlotte Maclay Courting Cupid  
62 Kristin Gabriel Send Me No Flowers  
63 Cheryl Anne Porter Right Stork, Wrong Address  
64 Lois Greiman His Bodyguard  
65 Julie Kistler 50 Ways To Lure Your Lover  
66 Kate Hoffman Sweet Revenge