Love & Life Series


1 Nancy Bacon Champagne and Roses
2 Carol Sturm Smith Renewal
3 Irma Walker Her Decision
4 Carol Sturm Smith The Right Time
5 Candice Adams Fascination
6 Nancy Bacon Country Music
7 Carole Nelson Douglas Her Own Person
8 Jessie Ford Searching
9 Irma Walker A New Tomorrow
10 Carol Sturm Smith Partners
11 Candice Adams Going Places
12 Nancy Bacon Winter Morning
13 Stephanie Austin Only A Housewife
14 Cynthia Blair Commitment
15 Mary Ruth Myers A Private Matter
16 Bryn Chandler Ambition
17 Irma Walker Surrender
18 Fern Michaels All She Can Be
19 Jennifer Allyn Forgiveness
20 Cynthia Blair Beautiful Dreamer
21 Nancy Bacon Candles and Caviar
22 Mary Ruth Myers Insights
23 Carole Nelson Douglas The Best Man
24 Fiona Harrowe Separate Ways
25 Nancy Bacon Honeysuckle Moon
26 Ginny Haymond Someone Special
27 Candice Adams Heartstrings
28 Irma Walker The Next Step