Harlequin Kimani Romance Series


1 Brenda Jackson Solid Soul
2 Gwynne Forster Her Secret Life
3 Marcia King-Gamble Flamingo Place
4 Gwyneth Bolton If Only You Knew
5 Donna Hill Love Becomes Her
6 Karen White-Owens Someone To Love
7 Deirdre Savoy An Innocent Man
8 Altonya Washington A Lover's Pretense
9 Brenda Jackson Night Heat
10 Adrianne Byrd She's My Baby
11 Michelle Monkou Sweet Surrender
12 Wayne Jordan Embracing The Moonlight
13 Sonia Icilyn Rapture
14 Francine Craft If Love Is Good To Me
15 Lisa Harrison Jackson Finally You and Me
16 Loure Bussey Secretly In Love
17 Donna Hill Saving All My Lovin'
18 Shirley Hailstock My Lover My Friend
19 Candice Poarch Sweet Southern Comfort
20 Dara Girard Sparks
21 Elaine Overton Fever
22 Angela Weaver A Love To Remember
23 Maureen Smith A Legal Affair
24 A C Arthur Love Me Like No Other
25 Brenda Jackson Beyond Temptation
26 Marcia King-Gamble All About Me
27 Michelle Monkou Here and Now
28 Yahrah St John Never Say Never
29 Donna Hill If I Were Your Woman
30 Adrianne Byrd When Valentines Collide
31 Deborah Fletcher Mello In The Light of Love
32 Kim Shaw Forever For Always For Love
33 Gwynne Forster One Night With You
34 Francine Craft The Way You Make Me Feel
35 Altonya Washington A Lover's Mask
36 Ann Christopher Just About Sex
37 Brenda Jackson Risky Pleasures
38 Dara Girard The Glass Slipper Project
39 Tamara Sneed At First Sight
40 Pamela Yaye Other People's Business
41 Marica King-Gamble Down and Out in Flamingo Beach
42 Maureen Smith A Guilty Affair
43 Robyn Amos Enchanting Melody
44 Lisa Harrison Jackson Can't Stop Loving You
45 Candice Poarch His Tempest
46 Deborah Fletcher Mello Always Means Forever
47 Elaine Overton Daring Devotion
48 Angie Daniels The Second Time Around
49 Donna Hill After Dark
50 Melanie Schuster Working Man
51 Angela Weaver The Very Thought of You
52 Wayne Jordan One Gentle Knight
53 Brenda Jackson In Bed With Her Boss
54 Yahrah St John Risky Business of Love
55 J M Jeffries Virgin Seductress
56 A C Arthur A Cinderella Affair
57 Jacquelin Thomas The Pastor's Woman
58 Candice Poarch Then Comes Love
59 Michelle Monkou Straight To The Heart
60 Kim Shaw Soul Caress
61 Elaine Overton His Holiday Bride
62 Francine Craft Never Without You...Again
63 Linda Walters Let Me Love You
64 Pamela Yaye The Trouble With Luv
65 Gwynne Forster Forbidden Temptation
66 Marcia King-Gamble Sex On Flamingo Beach
67 Altonya Washington Pride and Consequence
68 Wayne Jordan To Love A Knight
69 Adrianne Byrd To Love A Stranger
70 Linda Hudson-Smith Forsaking All Others
71 Tamara Sneed At First Touch
72 Devon Vaughn Archer Christmas Heat
73 Anita Richmond Bunkley Suite Embrace
74 Robyn Amos Lilah's List
75 Dara Girard Taming Mariella
76 Ann Christopher Sweeter Than Revenge
77 Donna Hill Sex and Lies
78 Angie Daniels The Playboy's Proposition
79 Deborah Fletcher Mello To Love A Stallion
80 Yahrah St John Playing For Keeps
81 Adrianne Byrd Two Grooms and a Wedding
82 Francine Craft Designed For Passion
83 Kim Shaw The Foreigner's Caress
84 Maureen Smith A Risky Affair
85 Gwynne Forster Drive Me Wild
86 Melanie Schuster Model Perfect Passion
87 Simona Taylor Dear Rita
88 Michelle Monkou No One But You
89 Brenda Jackson Irresistible Forces
90 Carmen Green This Time For Good
91 Linda Hudson-Smith Indiscriminate Attraction
92 Pamela Yaye Her Kind of Man
93 Carla Fredd The Perfect Man
94 Deborah Fletcher Mello Tame A Wild Stallion
95 Shirley Hailstock Wrong Dress Right Guy
96 Devon Vaughn Archer Destined To Meet
97 Brenda Jackson Just Desserts
98 A C Arthur Guarding His Body
99 Dara Girard Power Play
100 Gwyneth Bolton Protect and Serve
101 Adrianne Byrd Her Lover's Legacy
102 Marica King-Gamble Meet Phoenix
103 Wayne Jordan Always A Knight
104 Altonya Washington Rival's Desire
105 Anita Richmond Bunkley Suite Temptation
106 Robyn Amos Sex and the Single Braddock
107 Maureen Smith Secret Agent Seduction
108 Gwyneth Bolton Make It Hot
109 A C Arthur Second Chance Baby
110 Dara Girard A Gentleman's Offer
111 Michelle Monkou Gamble On Love
112 Ann Christopher Tender Secrets
113 Brenda Jackson The Object of His Protection
114 Elaine Overton Seducing The Matchmaker
115 Angie Daniels The Player's Proposal
116 Pamela Yaye Love T K O
117 Donna Hill Seduction and Lies
118 Marcia King-Gamble Tempting The Mogul
119 Gwyneth Bolton The Law of Desire
120 Melanie Schuster Trust In Me
121 Rochelle Alers Bittersweet Love
122 Adrianne Byrd Sinful Chocolate
123 Melanie Schuster A Case For Romance
124 Dara Girard Body Chemistry
125 Donna Hill Temptation and Lies
126 Deirdre Savoy Forbidden Games
127 Yahrah St John This Time For Real
128 Ann Christopher Road To Seduction
129 Gwynne Forster Private Lives
130 Linda Hudson-Smith Romancing The Runway
131 Altonya Washington Hudsons Crossing
132 Michelle Monkou Only In Paradise
133 Robyn Amos Cosmic Rendezvous
134 A C Arthur Defying Desire
135 Shirley Hailstock Nine Months With Thomas
136 Elaine Overton Sugar Rush
137 Brenda Jackson Temperatures Rising
138 Angie Daniels For You I Do
139 Candice Poarch Loving Spoonful
140 Devon Vaughn Archer Kissing The Man Next Door
141 Anita Richmond Bunkley Spotlight On Desire
142 Celeste O Norfleet Sultry Storm
143 Carmen Green The Perfect Solitaire
144 Shirley Hailstock The Right Wedding Gown
145 Brenda Jackson Intimate Seduction
146 Carmen Green Sensual Winds
147 Dara Girard Round The Clock
148 Kim Shaw Romance Backstage
149 Gwynne Forster Finding Mr Right
150 Pamela Yaye Games of the Heart
151 Linda Hudson-Smith Destiny Calls
152 A C Arthur Full House Seduction
153 Sandra Kitt RSVP With Love
154 Simona Taylor Meet Me In Paris
155 Ann Christopher Campaign For Seduction
156 Celeste O Norfleet When It Feels So Right
157 Brenda Jackson Bachelor Untamed
158 Jacquelin Thomas Teach Me Tonight
159 Gwyneth Bolton Sizzling Seduction
160 Maureen Smith Touch of Heaven
161 Gwynne Forster Holiday Kisses
162 Pamela Yaye Passion Overtime
163 Melanie Schuster Picture Perfect Christmas
164 Devon Vaughn Archer Christmas Diamonds
165 Rochelle Alers Sweet Deception
166 Adrianne Byrd Tender To His Touch
167 Geri Guillaume Kiss Me Twice
168 Elaine Overton His Perfect Match
169 Anita Richmond Bunkley Vote For Love
170 Carmen Green The Perfect Seduction
171 Altonya Washington The Doctor's Private Visit
172 Candice Poarch Safe In His Embrace
173 Kayla Perrin Island Fantasy
174 Jacquelin Thomas Chocolate Goodies
175 Pamela Yaye Love On The Rocks
176 Michelle Monkou Trail of Kisses
177 Rochelle Alers Sweet Dreams
178 Linda Hudson-Smith Kissed By A Carrington
179 Angie Daniels Before I Let You Go
180 Dara Girard Words of Seduction
181 Donna Hill Longing and Lies
182 Gwynne Forster Destination Love
183 Elaine Overton Miami Attraction
184 Kim Shaw Lift Me Higher
185 Beverly Jenkins/Elaine Overton Rhythms of Love: You Sang To Me/ Beats of My Heart
186 Ann Christopher Redemption's Kiss
187 Celeste O Norfleet Cross My Heart
188 Deborah Fletcher Mello Lost In A Stallion's Arms
189 Brenda Jackson Hidden Pleasures
190 Anita Richmond Bunkley First Class Seduction
191 Linda Hudson-Smith Promises To Keep
192 Maureen Smith Recipe For Temptation
193 Adrianne Byrd Body Heat
194 Sandra Kitt Promises In Paradise
195 Janice Sims Temptation's Song
196 Altonya Washington As Good As The First Time
197 Brenda Jackson Star of His Heart
198 A C Arthur Summer Heat
199 Gwyneth Bolton Make It Last Forever
200 Deborah Fletcher Mello Promises To A Stallion
201 Donna Hill Private Lesson
202 A C Arthur Sing You Pleasure
203 Yahrah St John If You So Desire
204 Farrah Rochon Huddle With Me Tonight
205 Rochelle Alers Twice The Temptation
206 Ann Christopher Seduced on the Red Carpet
207 Wayne Jordan Midnight Kisses
208 Michelle Monkou The Millionaire's Ultimate Catch
209 Adrianne Byrd Lovers Premiere
210 Dara Girard Pages of Passion
211 Gwyneth Bolton Rivals In Paradise
212 Pamela Yaye Pleasure For Two
213 Brenda Jackson Bachelor Unleashed
214 Kimberly Kaye Terry Hot To Touch
215 Celeste O Norfleet Flirting With Destiny
216 Maureen Smith Tempt Me At Midnight
217 Kayla Perrin Freefall To Desire
218 Anita Richmond Bunkley Boardroom Seduction
219 Robyn Amos Romancing The Chef
220 Yahrah St John Two To Tango
221 Donna Hill Spend My Life with You
222 Jacquelin Thomas You and I
223 Altonya Washington Every Chance I Get