Joe Gall Contract Series


Philip Atlee  
1 The Green Wound
2 The Irish Beauty Contract
3 The Silken Baroness Contract
4 The Death Bird Contract
5 The Paper Pistol Contract
6 The Star Ruby Contract
7 The Rockabye Contract
8 The Skeleton Coast Contract
9 The Ill Wind Contract
10 The Trembling Earth Contract
11 The Fer-de-lance Contract
12 The Canadian Bomber Contract
13 The White Wolverine Contract
14 The Judah Jion Contract
15 The Kiwi Contract
16 The Spice Route Contract
17 The Shankill Road Contract
18 The Underground Cities Contract
19 The Kowloon Contract
20 The Black Venus Contract
21 The Last Domino Contract
22 The Makassar Strait Contract