House of Romance Series


101 Donna Baker Saffron  
102 Christine Wilson Broken Vows  
103 Eileen Turland Desert Quest  
104 Judy Gill The Other Side of the Hill  
105 Edna Dawes Pink Snow  
106 Renee Farrington Silver Sound  
107 Olga Sinclair Never Fall In Love  
108 Doris Rae Flame of the Forest  
109 Sara Vern Woman of Ice  
110 Susan Sallis Troubled Waters  
111 Eileen Turland The Rocking Stone  
112 Doris Rae Awake To The Dawn  
113 Beverly Marshall Orchids For Heather  
114 Christine Wilson The Doubting Heart  
115 Doris Rae Echo of Romance  
116 Angela Gordon Stranger In The Shadows  
117 Kathleen Bartlett Deception of the Heart  
118 Juliet Gray The Crystal Cage