Here Come The Grooms Series


1 Anne Stuart Lazarus Rising
2 Ruth Jean Dale A Million Reasons Why
3 Gina Wilkins Designs On Love
4 Elizabeth August The Nesting Instinct
5 Dixie Browning Best Man For The Job
6 Suzanne Simms Not His Wedding!
7 Barbara Boswell The Bridal Price
8 Rita Rainville McCade's Woman
9 Stella Bagwell Cactus Rose
10 Elizabeth August The Cowboy and the Chauffeur
11 Katherine Ransom Marriage-Go-Round
12 Diana Palmer September Morning
13 Annette Broadrick Circumstantial Evidence
14 Barbara Bretton Bundle of Joy
15 Naomi Horton McConnell's Bride
16 Dallas Schulze A Practical Marriage
17 Karen Percy Love Counts
18 Emilie Richards Angel and the Saint
19 Cathy Gillen Thacker Father of the Bride
20 Elda Minger Wedding of the Year
21 Betsy Johnson Wedding Eve
22 Gina Wilkins Taking A Chance On Love
23 Elizabeth Morris This Day Forward
24 Arlene James The Perfect Wedding
25 Lynn Patrick The Marriage Project
26 Marie Ferrarella It Happened One Night
27 Annette Broadrick Married?!
28 Doreen Roberts In the Line of Duty
29 Emilie Richards Outback Nights
30 Jasmine Cresswell Love for Hire
31 Curtiss Ann Matlock Annie in the Morning
32 Louella Nelson Mail-Order Mate
33 Kate Denton A Business Arrangement
34 Roseanne Williams Mail-Order Man
35 Myrna Temte Silent Sam's Salvation
36 Anne McAllister Marry Sunshine
37 Karen Leabo Runaway Bride
38 Candace Schuler Easy Lovin'
39 Stella Bagwell Madeline's Song
40 Christine Rimmer Temporary Temptress
41 Raye Morgan Almost A Bride
42 Naomi Horton Strangers No More
43 Phyllis Halldorson To Choose A Wife
44 Suzanne Carey A Most Convenient Marriage
45 Debbie Macomber First Comes Marriage
46 Carole Buck Make-Believe Marriage
47 Lucy Gordon Once Upon A Time
48 Pepper Adams Taking Savannah