Harlequin Regency Romance Series


  Phyllis Taylor Pianka Topaz
  Lelie Reid The Grand Style
  Alberta Sinclair A Hint of Scandal
  Phyllis Taylor Pianka Emerald
  Clarice Peters Contrary Lovers
  Toni Marsh Bruyere Man About Town
  Phyllis Taylor Pianka Amethyst
  Dixie McKeone The Winter Picnic
  Janice Kay Johnson The Imperiled Heiress
  Mollie Ashton Debt of Honor
  Rosina Pyatt To Catch An Earl
  Jasmine Cresswell Traitor's Heir
  Patricia Wynn The Parson's Pleasure
  Dixie McKeone Daughters Four
  Dinah Dean The Country Gentleman
  Jean Reece The Primrose Path
  Sara Orwig Revenge For A Duchess
  Mary Butler Deception So Agreeable
  Sara Orwig The Fairfax Brew
  Deborah Lynne A Gentlemen's Agreement
  Rachel Cosgrove Payes Lady Alicia's Secret
  Phyllis Taylor Pianka Midnight Folly
  Pauline York The Torpid Duke
  Phyllis Taylor Pianka Dame Fortune's Fancy
  Margaret Westhaven Miss Dalrymple's Virtue
1 Eva Rutland Matched Pair
2 Clarice Peters The Marquis and the Miss
3 Phyllis Taylor Pianka The Tart Shoppe
4 Coral Hoyle Midsummer Masque
5 Alberts Sinclair Cousin Nancy
6 Margaret Westhaven False Impressions
7 Dinah Dean The Cockermouth Mail
8 Ann Hulme The Unexpected American
9 Dixie McKeone Sweet Doro
10 Jean Reece The Devil's Dare
11 Clarice Peters Vanessa
12 Patricia Wynn Sophie's Halloo
13 Sydney Ann Clary Misfit Match
14 Jacqueline Diamond A Lady's Point of View
15 Coral Hoyle The Virgin's Heart
16 Gwyneth Moore Men Were Deceivers Ever
17 Elizabeth Michaels Tollin's Daughter
18 Lucy Muir The Imprudent Wager
19 Blanche Chenier Lucinda
20 Eva Rutland The Vicar's Daughter
21 Barbara Neil Lessons For A Lady
22 Margaret Westhaven Spanish Coin
23 Clarice Peters Prescott's Lady
24 Patricia Wynn Lord Tom
25 Carola Dunn A Susceptible Gentleman
26 Linell Anston Lady Elizabeth
27 Gwyneth Moore The Dirty Frog
28 Eva Rutland Enterprising Lady
29 Coral Hoyle A Merry Go-Around
30 Barbara Neil The Celebrated Miss Neville
31 Emily Dalton A Country Chit
32 Judith Stafford The Lemon Cake
33 Lucy Muir Sussex Summer
34 Phyllis Taylor Pianka The Calico Countess
35 Margaret Westhaven Widow For Hire
36 Petra Nash Lady Harriet's Harvest
37 Blanche Chenier The Wayward Heiress
38 Patricia Wynn Jack On The Box
39 Carola Dunn A Poor Relation
40 Ann Hulme A Scandalous Bargain
41 Barbara Neil Lucy's Scoundrel
42 Irene Northan The Marriage Brokers
43 Lucy Muir Highland Rivalry
44 Emily Dalton An Infamous Sea Bath
45 Eva Rutland The Willful Lady
46 Winifred Witton Lady Elmira's Emerald
47 Catherine Reynolds A Thoroughly Compromised Bride
48 Phyllis Taylor Pianka The Lark's Nest
49 Ann Hulme False Fortune
50 Beth Bryan What Lucinda Learned
51 Judith Stafford A Hero's Welcome
52 Carola Dunn A Lord For Miss Larkin
53 Clarice Peters The Heart's Wager
54 Winifred Witton The Denville Diamond
55 Elizabeth Lowther Love's Parole
56 Jeanne Carmichael A Touch of Blackmail
57 Gwyneth Moore Love's Lady Lost
58 Elizabeth Michaels The Fabric of Love
59 Emily Dalton Beauty and the Beastie
60 Gail Mallin A Most Unsuitable Duchess
61 Margaret Westhaven A Cheltenham Comedy
62 Judith Stafford Cupid and the Vicar
63 Carola Dunn The Fortune-Hunters
64 Beth Bryan A Managing Female
65 Clarice Peters Belle of Portman Square
66 Janeanne Jordan The Scheme of Things
67 Jeanne Carmichael Quest For Vengeance
68 Emily Dalton A Heavenly Houseguest
69 Alicia Farraday The Suitable Suitor
70 Brenda Hiatt Gabriella
71 Janet Grace A Most Unusual Lady
72 Barbara Neil Bella
73 Carola Dunn The Road To Gretna
74 Winifred Witton The Mased Marquis
75 Jeanne Carmichael A Moment of Madness
76 Janeanne Jordan Kenton's Countess
77 Vivian Keith Wayward Angel
78 Gail Whitiker Bittersweet Revenge
79 Coral Hoyle The Art of the Hunt
80 Phyllis Taylor Pianka A Coventry Courtship
81 Brenda Hiatt The Ugly Duckling
82 Clarice Peters The Absentee Earl
83 Elizabeth Michaels The Cynic
84 Annette Summers The Surprising Lady Rochdale
85 Emily Dalton Lily and the Lion
86 Carola Dunn My Lord Winter
87 Barbara Neil Mask of White Satin
88 Winifred Witton The Spectre of Spadefield
89 Eva Rutland Gretna Bride
90 Jeanne Carmichael Madcap Johnny
91 Brenda Hiatt Lord Dearborn's Destiny
92 Gail Whitiker The Blade and the Bath Miss
93 Petra Nash Mr Ravensworth's Ward
94 Elizabeth Bailey Sweet Sacrifice
95 Sylvia Andrew Perdita
96 Paula Marshall Cousin Harry
97 Judith Stafford Becca's Independence
98 Carola Dunn Thea's Marquis
99 Jeanne Carmichael Match Made In Heaven
100 Elizabeth Lowther, Janet Grace, Gwyneth Moore, Gail Mallin Regency Quartet: A Singular Elopement/Frozen Hearts/Pride House/The Eccentric Miss Delaney
101 Elizabeth Michaels Lord Barton's Honour
102 Brenda Hiatt Daring Deception
103 Barbara Neil Gentleman Rogue
104 Winifred Witton The Green Fox
105 Julie Tetel The Temporary Bride
106 Gail Whitiker Letters To A Lady
107 Paula Marshall An Improper Duenna
108 Carola Dunn Ginnie Come Lately
109 Catherine Reynolds The Highwayman
110 Patricia Wynn Mistletoe and Mischief
111 Judith Stafford Sarah's Angel
112 Brenda Hiatt A Christmas Bride