Harlequin Next Romance Series


1 Susan Mallery There's Always Plan B
2 Jennifer Greene Lucky
3 Ellyn Bache Riggs Park
4 Jennifer Archer Sandwiched
5 Joan Hohl Cutting Through
6 Rexanne Becnel Old Boyfriends
7 Lisa Childs Taking Back Mary Ellen Black
8 Mary Schramski What To Keep
9 Charlotte Douglas Pelican Bay
10 Sandra Steffen Life Happens
11 Nancy Robards Thompson Out With The Old In With The New
12 Cindi Myers My Backwards Life
13 Ellyn Bache Daughters of the Sea
14 Jennifer Archer The Me I Used To Be
15 Kristen Robinette Hell's Belles
16 Patricia Kay Come October
17 Marie Ferrarella Starting From Scratch
18 Tanya Michaels Dating The Mrs. Smiths
19 Mary Schramski The Lighthouse
20 Diane Amos A Long Walk Home
21 Charlotte Douglas Holidays Are Murder
22 Cheryl Reavis Blackberry Winter
23 Leslie LaFoy Grin and Bear It
24 Kate Austin Dragonflies and Dinosaurs
25 Rexanne Becnel The Payback Club
26 Nancy Robards Thompson What Happens In Paris (Stays In Paris?)
27 Peggy Webb Driving Me Crazy
28 Elise Lanier Treading Lightly
29 Sandra Steffen Ex's and Oh's
30 Stevi Mittman Who Makes Up These Rules, Anyway?
31 Dorien Kelly Off The Map
32 Kate Austin The Sunshine Coast News
33 Charlotte Douglas Spring Break
34 Jennifer Archer My Perfectly Imperfect Life
35 Tanya Michaels The Gook Kind of Crazy
36 Donna Fasano Where's Stanley?
37 Ellyn Bache Over 50's Singles Night
38 Cindi Myers The Birdman's Daughter
39 Liz Wood The Single Life
40 Miriam Auerbach Dirty Harriet
41 Mary Schramski Falling Out of Bed
42 Peggy Webb Flying Lessons
43 Elda Minger The I Hate To Date Club
44 Lynne Hugo The Unspoken Years
45 Marie Ferrarella Finding Home
46 Nancy Robards Thompson Sisters
47 Doreen Roberts The English Wife
48 Nikki Rivers Window Dressing
49 Debra Webb Never Happened
50 Jennifer Greene Sparkle
51 Jane Graves Mood Swing
52 Kate Austin Awakening
53 Jennifer Archer Off Her Rocker
54 Stevi Mittman What Goes With Blood Red, Anyway?
55 Lisa Childs Learning To Hula
56 Nancy Pinard Butterfly Soup
57 Rexanne Becnel Leaving LA
58 Susan Crosby The Merry Widow's Diary
59 C J Carmichael Her Better Half
60 Donna Birdsell Suburban Secrets
61 Patricia Kay Which End Is Up?
62 Nancy Robards Thompson True Confessions of the Stratford Park PTA
63 Lynne Hugo Graceland
64 Lenora Worth Once In A Blue Moon
65 Tanya Michaels Motherhood Without Parole
66 Peggy Webb Confessions ofa Not-So-Dead Libido
67 Kate Austin The Gossip Queens
68 Shirley Jump The Other Wife
69 Charlotte Douglas Wedding Bell Blues
70 Mary Schramski, Stevi Mittman, Kate Austin Holiday Wishes: The Perfect Christmas/Who Needs June in December, Anyway?/If I Make It Through December
71 Nikki Rivers The Christmas Strke
72 Leigh Riker Change of Life
73 Marie Ferrarella The Second Time Around
74 Stevi Mittman Whi Is Murder On The Menu, Anyway?
75 Sandra Steffen Slightly Psychic
76 Renee Roszel Sex Lies and Cellulite
77 Rexanne Becnel Blink of an Eye
78 Peggy Webb Lat Bloomers
79 Patricia Kay Wish Come True
80 Connie Lane Knit Two Together
81 Merline Lovelace Ex Marks The Spot
82 Ellyn Bache Raspberry Sherbert Kisses
83 Kate Austin Last Night At The Halfmoon
84 Peggy Webb, Nancy Robards Thompson, Jennifer Greene Like Mother, Like Daughter (But In A Good Way): The Long Distance Mother/Becoming My Mother, and Other Things I Learned From Jane Austen/Born In My Heart
85 Hank Phillippi Ryan Prime Time
86 Donna Birdsell Madam of the House
87 Charlotte Douglas Storm Season
88 Stevi Mittman, Jennifer Greene, Kate Austin Summer Dreams: Who's That In The Itsy-Bitsy, Anyway?/Kokomo/Summertime Blues
89 Stevi Mittman Whose Number Is Up, Anyway?
90 Miriam Auerbach Dirty Harriet Rides Again
91 Marie Ferrarella Doctor In The House
92 Nancy Robards Thompson Beauty Shop Tales
93 Hank Phillippi Ryan Face Time
94 Kate Austin Seeing Is Believing
95 Susan Crosby I'm Your Man
96 Peggy Webb The Secret Goddess Code
97 Lisa Childs, Donna Birdsell, Susan Crosby Christmas Presence: Secret Santa/Christmas Presence/You're All I Want For Christmas
98 Jennifer Archer Annie On The Lam
99 Merline Lovelace Risky Business
100 Stevi Mittman Who Creamed Peaches, Anyway?