Harlequin Gothic Romance


1 Alison Quinn The Satyr Ring
2 Marian Martin The Ravens of Rockhurst
3 Helen B Hicks Castle At Jade Cove
4 Dulcie Hollyock An Innocent Madness
5 Jane Toombs Restless Obsession
6 Dulcie Hollyock Double Masquerade
7 Alison Quinn The Fourth Letter
8 Helen B Hicks Legacy of Raven's Rise
9 Helen B Hicks Return To Shadow Creek
10 Dolores Holliday The Blue House
11 Marilyn Ross Shadows Over Briarcliff
12 Marilyn Ross Castle Malice
13 Irene M Pascoe Lord of High Cliff Manor
14 Carolyn Hart The Devereaux Legacy
15 Margaret M Scariano Island of Mystery
16 Mary Kistler Mirage On The Amazon
17 Irene M Pascoe Shadow Over Bright Star
18 Patricia Werner Secret At Orient Point