Harlequin Duets Romance Series


1 Christie Ridgway/Vicki Lewis Thompson The Bridesmaid's Bet/With A Stetson and A Smile
2 Jacqueline Diamond/Bonnie Tucker Kidnapped?/I Got You Babe
3 Patricia Knoll/Laurie Paige Meant For You/The Cowboy Next Door
4 Ruth Jean Dale/Kimberly Raye One In A Million/Love Texas Style
5 Liz Ireland/Victoria Pade The Best Man Switch/Downhome Darlin'
6 Alyssa Dean/Cheryl St John 50 Clues He's Mr Right/For This Week I Thee Wed
7 Jennifer Drew/Kristin Gabriel Taming Luke/Annie Get Your Groom
8 Jacqueline Diamond/Tracy South The Bride Wore Gym Shoes/Maddie's Millionaire
9 Marissa Hall/Cathie Linz An Affair of Convenience/The Rancher Get Hitched
10 Colleen Collins/Renee Roszel Married After Breakfast/Bride on the Loose
11 Kimberly Raye/Eugenia Riley How Sweet It Is/Second-Chance Groom
12 Sandra Paul/Cheryl Anne Porter Head Over Heels/Puppy Love
13 Barbara Daly/Meg Lacey Great Genes!/Make Me Over
14 Liz Ireland/Susan MacLand Sex and the Single Cowpoke/Lovestruck
15 Lori Copeland/Kimberly Raye Fruitcakes & Other Leftovers/Christmas Texas Style
16 Tracy South/Vicki Lewis Thompson Frisky Business/Bringing Up Baby New Year
17 Cathie Linz/Isabel Sharpe Cowboy Finds A Bride/The Way We Weren't
18 Jennifer Drew/Kate Thomas Baby Lessons/Too Lucky For Love
19 Connie Flynn/Julie Kistler The Wedding Dress Mess/Calling Mr Right
20 Liz Jarrett/Charlotte Maclay Darn Near Perfect/Not Exactly Pregnant
21 Patricia Knoll/Cheryl Anne Porter Calamity Jo/Drive-By Daddy
22 Colleen Collins/Liz Ireland Rough and Rugged/The Love Police
23 Lori Foster/Cathy Yardley Say Yes/The Cinderella Solution
24 Lois Greiman/Diane Pershing From Caviar To Chaos/Hot Copy
25 Carrie Alexander/Kristin Gabriel Custom-Built Cowboy/The Bachelor Trap
26 Cathie Linz/Isabel Sharpe The Lawman Gets Lucky/Beauty and the Bet
27 Kay David/Kristin Gabriel Too Hot For Comfort/Bachelor By Design
28 Jennifer LaBrecque/Jill Shalvis Andrew in Excess/New and...Improved?
29 Kristin Gabriel/Gwen Pemberton Beauty and the Bachelor/Counterfeit Daddy
30 Colleen Collins/Julie Kistler In Bed With The Pirate/In Bed With The Wild One
31 Kate Hoffmann/Sandra Paul Three Babies and a Bargain/Baby Bonus?
32 Carrie Alexander/Isabel Sharpe Couterfeit Cowboy/Tryst of Fate
33 Liz Ireland/Jane Sullivan The Sheriff and the E-mail Bride/Stray Hearts
34 Barbara Daly/Tina Wainscott Never Say Never!/The Wrong Mr Right
35 Liz Ireland/Cheryl Anne Porter The Deputy's Bride/Sitting Pretty
36 Carol Finch/Selina Sinclair Fit To Be Tied/The Lyon's Den
37 Jacqueline Diamond/Charlotte Maclay The Bachelor Dads of Nowhere: Designer Genes/Two For One!
38 Carrie Alexander/Liz Ireland Keepsake Cowboy/The Cash-Strapped Cutie
39 Colleen Collins/Darlene Gardner She's Got Mail/Forget Me? Not!
40 Cara Summers/Lori Wilde Mistletoe & Mayhem/Santa's Sexy Secret
41 Kate Hoffman Undercover Elf/Unexpected Angel
42 Jill Shalvis Kiss Me Katie!/Hug Me Holly!
43 Jamie Denton/Holly Jacobs Making Mr Right/I Waxed My Legs For This?
44 Jacqueline Diamond/Isabel Sharpe Excuse Me? Whose Baby?/Follow That Baby!
45 Jennifer Drew/Carol Finch Mr Right Under Her Nose/A Regular Joe
46 Debbi Rawlins Whose Line Is It Anyway?/The Swinging R Ranch
47 Lori Foster Messing Around With Max/Annie Get Your Guy
48 Cathie Linz/Jane Sullivan Between The Covers/The Matchmaker's Mistake
49 Lisa Bingham/Susan Peterson Call of the Wild/Everything But Anchovies
50 Bonnie Tucker/Lori Wilde Going In Style/I Love Lacy
51 Natalie Bishop/Darlene Gardner Two Across Two Down/The Cupid Caper
52 Jennifer LaBrecque/Sandra Paul Kids + Cops = Chaos/Moonstruck
53 Ruth Jean Dale The Purrfect Man/Something About Ewe
54 Barbara Dunlop/Tina Wainscott The Mountie Steals A Wife/Dan All Over Again
55 Jacqueline Diamond/Charlotte Maclay More Than The Doctor Ordered/A Hitchin' Time
56 Jacquie D'Alessandro/Cara Summers Naked In New England/The Life of Riley
57 Jill Shalvis Blind Date Disasters/Eat Your Heart Out
58 Dianne Drake/Candy Halliday The Doctor Dilemma/Lady and the Scamp
59 Jennifer Drew One Bride Too Many/One Groom To Go
60 Anne Gracie/Gayle Kaye How The Sheriff Was Won/Kiss That Cowboy!
61 Kristin Gabriel Operation Babe Magnet/Operation Beauty
62 Carol Finch/Molly O'Keefe Mr Predictable/Too Many Cooks
63 Lori Wilde Bye Bye Bachelorhood/Coaxing Cupid
64 Jennifer LaBrecque/Bonnie Tucker Jingle Bell Bride?/A Rosey Little Christmas
65 Jacqueline Diamond/Stephanie Doyle The Doc's Double Delivery/Down-Home Diva
66 Kathleen O'Reilly/Nikki Rivers A Christmas Carol/A Snowball's Chance
67 Holly Jacobs Ready Willing and ... Abel?/Raising Cain
68 Darlene Gardner/Elise Title The Husband Hotel/Naughty or Nerdy
69 Barbara Daly Are You For Real?/You Call This Romance?
70 Cheryl Anne Porter/Kate Thomas Daddy By Design?/Her Perfect Wife
71 Liz Jarrett Catching Chase/Nabbing Nathan
72 Jennifer Drew/Carol Finch Stop The Wedding/The Family Feud
73 Julie Kistler Stand-In Bride/The Sister Switch
74 Patricia Knoll/Jennfier McKinlay Perk Avenue/To Catch A Latte
75 Isabel Sharpe Two Catch A Fox/One Fine Prey
76 Wendy Etherington/Sandra Kelly My Place or Yours?/Suiteheart of a Deal
77 Dawn Atkins/Darlene Gardner Anchor That Man!/Anything You Can Do...!
78 Jacqueline Diamond/Nancy Warren Heaven Scent/Shotgun Nanny
79 Lori Wilde Sexy Single and Searching/Eager Eligible and Alaskan
80 Jennifer Drew/Susan Peterson Just Desserts/Green Eggs & Sam
81 Carol Finch Restaurant Romeo/Lonesome Ryder?
82 Candy Halliday/Tina Wainscott Winging It/Driven To Distraction
83 Carrie Alexander Once Upon A Tiara/ Henry Ever After
84 Holly Jacobs/Bonnie Tucker How To Catch A Groom/The Great Bridal Escape
85 Jill Shalvis Her Knight To Remember/A Royal Mess
86 Samantha Connolly/Dorien Kelly If The Shoe Fits/Designs On Jake
87 Liz Jarrett Meant For Trent/Leigh's For Me
88 Stephanie Doyle/Kate Thomas Baily's Irish Dream/Czech Mate
89 Jacqueline Diamond Cindy and the Fella/Calling All Glass Slippers
90 Jennifer Drew/Barbara Dunlop Hitched For The Holidays/A Groom In Her Stocking
91 Dawn Atkins Tattoo For Two/Wedding For One
92 Natalie Bishop/Holly Jacobs Love On Line One!/Not Precisely Pregnant
93 Wendy Etherington Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love/Can't Help Falling In Love
94 Delores Fossen/Dorien Kelly The Deputy Gets Her Man/The Girl Least Likely To...
95 Molly O'Keefe Kiss The Cook/Cooking Up Trouble
96 Hannah Bernard/Tanya Michaels Catch and Keep/The Maid of Dishonor
97 Nancy Warren A Cradle For Caroline/A Hickey For Harriet
98 Toni Blake/Barbara Dunlop Mad About Mindy...and Mandy/The Wish-List Wife
99 Pamela Browning Life Is A Beach/A Real-Thing Fling
100 Jennifer Drew/Holly Jacobs You'll Be Mine In 99/The 100-Year Itch
101 Darlene Gardner Twice Shy/Once Smitten
102 Delores Fossen/Katie Gallagher Truly Madly Briefly/Tried and True
103 Candy Halliday Are Men From Mars?/Venus How Could You?
104 Samantha Connolly/Jennifer McKinlay A Real Work of Art/Thick As Thieves
105 Carol Finch Mr Cool Under Fire/Fit To Be Frisked
106 Dianne Drake/Jennifer Drew Isn't It Romantic?/Desperately Seeking Sully
107 Colleen Collins Let It Bree/Can't Buy Me Louie
108 Holly Jacobs/Bonnie Tucker How To Hunt A Husband/A Baby...Maybe?