Hard Case Crime Series


1 Lawrence Block Mona/Grifter's Game
2 Max Phillips Fade To Blonde
3 Erle Stanley Gardner Top of the Heap
4 Richard Aleas Little Girl Lost
5 Max Allan Collins Two For The Money
6 Domenic Stansberry The Confession
7 Day Keene Home Is The Sailor
8 Allan Guthrie Kiss Her Goodbye
9 Donald E Westlake 361
10 David Dodge Plunder of the Sun
11 Wade Miller Branded Woman
12 Peter Pavia Dutch Uncle
13 Stephen King The Colorado Kid
14 Lawrence Block The Girl With The Long Green Heart
15 Ed McBain The Gutter and the Grave
16 Donald Hamilton Night Walker
17 Charles Williams A Touch of Death
18 Richard Powell Say It With Bullets
19 Seymour Shubin Witness To Myself
20 Ken Bruen Bust
21 Madison Smartt Bell Straight Cut
22 Richard Stark Lemons Never Lie
23 Max Allan Collins The Last Quarry
24 Pete Hamill The Guns of Heaven
25 David Dodge The Last Match
26 John Lange Grave Descend
27 Richard S Prather The Peddler
28 Lawrence Block Lucky At Cards
29 Russell Hill Robbie's Wife
30 Gil Brewer Vengeful Virgin
31 David Goodis The Wounded and the Slain
32 George Axelrod Blackmailer
33 Richard Aleas Songs of Innocence
34 Cornell Woolrich Fright
35 Robert Terrall Kill Now Pay Later
36 Ken Bruen, Jason Starr Slide
37 Mickey Spillane Dead Street
38 Max Allan Collins Deadly Beloved
39 Lawrence Block A Diet of Treacle
40 Christa Faust Money Shot
41 John Lange Zero Cool
42 Robert Bloch Shooting Star/Spiderweb
43 Shepard Rifkin The Murderer Vine
44 Donald E Westlake Somebody Owes Me Money
45 Steve Fisher No House Limit
46 John Farris Baby Moll
47 Ken Bruen, Jason Starr The Max
48 Max Allan Collins The First Quarry
49 David J Schow Gun Work
50 Carles Ardai Fifty-To-One
51 Lawrence Block Killing Castro
52 Roger Zelazney The Dead Man's Brother
53 Donald E Westlake The Mercenaries/The Cutie
54 E Howard Hunt House Dick
55 Peter Blauner Casino Moon
56 Jason Starr Fake ID
57 Robert B Parker Passport To Peril
58 Peter Rabe Stop This Man!
59 Russell Atwood Losers Live Longer
60 Lester Dent Honey In His Mouth
61 Max Allan Collins Quarry in the Middle
62 Jonny Porkpie The Corpse Wore Pasties
63 A C Doyle The Valley of Fear
64 Donald E Westlake Memory
65 Jack Clark Nobody's Angel
66 Brett Halliday Murder Is My Business