Harlequin Flipside Series


1 Millie Criswell Staying Single
2 Stephanie Doyle One True Love?
3 Dorien Kelly Do-Over
4 Natalie Stenzel Forget Prince Charming
5 Jill Shalvis Natural Blond Instincts
6 Tanya Michaels Who Needs Decaf?
7 Mary Leo Stick Shift
8 Samantha Connolly I Will Survive
9 Holly Jacobs Hung Up On You
10 Cindi Myers Life According To Lucy
11 Dawn Atkins A Perfect Life?
12 Natalie Stenzel Pop-Up Dating
13 Stephanie Rowe Stress and the City
14 Bev Katz Rosenbaum An Interesting Life
15 Molly O'Keefe Pencil Him In
16 Dianne Drake Lilly's Law
17 Nikki Rivers Finding Mr Perfect
18 Mary Leo For Better or Cursed
19 Carly Laine When Size Matters
20 Cindi Myers What Phoebe Wants
21 Millie Criswell Suddenly Single
22 Barbara Dunlop Out of Order
23 Stephanie Doyle Who Wants To Marry A Heartthrob?
24 Natalie Stenzel All Shook Up
25 Elizabeth Bevarly Undercover With The Mob
26 Holly Jacobs Found and Lost
27 Dorien Kelly In Like Flynn
28 Tanya Michaels Not Quite As Advertised
29 Wendy Etherington If The Stiletto Fits
30 Sandra Kelly The Big Scoop
31 Cheryl Kushner She Said He Said
32 Dianne Drake Playing Games
33 Nikki Rivers Random Acts of Fashion
34 Trish Jensen Without A Clue
35 Cindi Myers Detour Ahead
36 Mary Leo A Pinch of Cool
37 Molly O'Keefe Dishing It Out
38 Natalie Stenzel Seeking Miss Scarlet
39 Jennifer McKinlay Keeping Up Appearances
40 Tracy Kelleher The French Connection
41 Tanya Michaels Spicing It Up
42 Nikki Rivers Crime and Engagement