Family Secrets Series


1 Maggie Shayne Enemy Mind  
2 Anne Marie Winston Pyramid of Lies  
3 Evelyn Vaughn The Player  
4 Cindy Gerard The Bluewater Affair  
5 Virginia Kantra Her Beautiful Assassin  
6 Jenna Mills A Verdict of Love  
7 Beverly Bird The Billionaire Drifter  
8 Linda Winstead Jones Fever  
9 Myrna MacKenzie Blind Attraction  
10 Joan Elliott Pickard The Parker Project  
11 Ingrid Weaver The Insider  
12 Beverly Barton Check Mate  
13 Vickie Taylor Ripple Effect  
14 Linda Castillo Uncharted Waters  
15 Judith Lyons Close Quarters  
16 Lilian Darcy Racing Hearts