Harlequin Everlasting Series


1 Linda Cardillo Dancing On Sunday Afternoons
2 Kristi Gold Fall From Grace
3 Margot Early The Depth of Love
4 Eleanor Jones A Heartbeat Away
5 Georgia Bockoven If I'd Never Known Your Love
6 Tara Taylor Quinn The Night We Met
7 Judith Arnold The Marriage Bed
8 Tessa McDermid Family Stories
9 Lynnette Kent The Scrapbook
10 Joan Kilby When Love Is True
11 Elizabeth Blackwell The Letter
12 Pamela Browning Snapshots
13 Roz Denny Fox A Secret To Tell You
14 Karen Rose Smith The Bracelet
15 Ken Casper Upstairs At Miss Hattie's
16 Ann DeFee Summer After Summer
17 Holly Jacobs The House On Briar Hill Road
18 Judith Raxten The Secret Dreams of Emily Porter
19 Linda Barrett The Soldier and the Rose
20 Geri Krotow A Rendezvous To Remember
21 Janice Kay Johnson Christmas Presents and Past
22 Margot Early A Spirit of Christmas
23 Anna Schmidt This Side of Heaven
24 Rebecca Winters The Vow