Dragonlance Series

The Chronicles Trilogy
21526 The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles
887780000 The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles (trade paperback)
TSR21574 Dragons of Autumn Twilight (paperback)
962060000 Dragons of Autumn Twilight (hardback)
TSR21609 Dragons of Winter Night (paperback)
TSR21589 Dragons of Spring Dawning (paperback)
N.A. Chronicles omnibus (hardcover)
8326 Chronicles omnibus (paperback)
88394000 Chronicles Trilogy Gift Set

The Legends Trilogy
TSR21804 Time of the Twins
TSR21805 War of the Twins
TSR21806 Test of the Twins
N.A. Legends omnibus (hardcover)
8327 Legends omnibus (paperback)
88610000 Legends Gift Set

Heroes Trilogy
8323 Legend of Huma
8324 Stormblade
8325 Weasel's Luck

Heroes II Trilogy
8334 Kaz, the Minotaur
8335 The Gates of Thorbardin
8336 Galen Beknighted

The Elven Nations Trilogy
8337 Firstborn
8338 The Kinslayer Wars
8339 The Qualinesti

Preludes Trilogy
178540000 Darkness and Light
178800000 Kendermore
8330 Brothers Majere

Preludes II Trilogy
8331 Riverwind, the Plainsman
8332 Flint, the King
8333 Tanis, the Shadow Years

Meetings Sextet
8340 Kindred Spirits
8341 Wanderlust
8342 Dark Heart
8343 The Oath and the Measure
8344 Steel and Stone
8345 The Companions

Tales I Trilogy
8314 The Magic of Krynn
8315 Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes
8316 Love and War

Tales II Trilogy
8346 The Reign of Istar
8347 The Cataclysm
8348 The War of the Lance

Villains Series
8352 Before the Mask
8353 The Black Wing
8354 Emperor of Ansalon
8355 Hederick the Theocrat
8356 Lord Toede
8357 The Dark Queen

Dwarven Nations Trilogy
8349 The Covenant of the Forge
8350 Hammer and Axe
8351 The Swordsheath Scroll

Defenders of Magic Trilogy
8360 Night of the Eye
8361 The Medusa Plague
8362 The Seventh Sentinel

Warriors Series
8366 Knights of the Crown
8367 Maquesta Kar-Thon
8368 Knights of the Sword
8375 Theros Ironfeld
8370 Knights of the Rose
8377 Lord Soth
8383 The Wayward Knights

Lost Histories Series
8363 The Kagonesti
8364 The Irda
8365 The Dargonesti
8371 Land of the Minotaurs
8373 The Gully Dwarves
8374 The Dragons

Lost Legends Series
388 Vinas Solamnus
8384 Fistandantilus Reborn
8387 Tales of Uncle Trapspringer

"Dragons" Anthologies
8359 The Dragons of Krynn
8378 The Dragons at War
8382 The Dragons of Chaos

Dragons of a New Age Trilogy
882100000 The Dawning of a New Age
882600000 The Day of the Tempest
882700000 The Eve of the Maelstrom

Tales of the Fifth Age Anthology Series
8386 Relics and Omens
21346 Heroes and Fools

The Chaos War Novel Series
8380P The Doom Brigade (paperback)
8393 The Last Thane
8389 Tears of the Night Sky
21324 The Puppet King
21345 Reavers of the Blood Sea
21381 The Siege of Mt. Nevermind

The Bridges of Time Series
8390 Spirit of the Wind
8392 Legacy of Steel
21368 Dezra's Quest
21336 The Rose and the Skull
21315 The Silver Stair

Art and Oversized Books
8447 The Art of the Dragonlance Saga
8443 The Art of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game
8441 The Worlds of TSR (hardcover)
8441P The Worlds of TSR (paperback)
8446 Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
TSR21516 More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
8372 The History of the Dragonlance Saga
886170000 Master of Dragonlance Art

Classics Series
21565 Dalamar the Dark
21683 The Citadel
21587 Murder in Tarsis
WTC21861 The Inheritance

Battle Lines Adventure Series
11329 The Sylvan Veil
11396 Rise of the Titans

The Readers Companion Series
11446 The Odyssey of Gilthanas

The Raistlin Chronicles
8379 The Soulforge (hardcover)
8379P The Soulforge (paperback)
21429 Brothers in Arms

Barbarians Cycle
21391 Children of the Plains
WTC21873 Brother of the Dragon
886140000 Sister of the Sword

Adventures in Krynn
8387 Tales of Uncle Trapspringer

Terror of Lord Soth
8057 Knight of the Black Rose
21333 Spectre of the Black Rose

Lost Gods Trilogy
8576 Finder's Bane
8384 Fistandantilus Reborn
8577 Tymora's Luck

Kang's Regiment
21678 Draconian Measures

Dhamon Saga
21572 Downfall
TSR21814 Downfall (paperback)
WTC21860 Betrayal
885560000 Betrayal (paperback)
886090000 Redemption

Crossroads Series
21610 The Clandestine Circle
21681 The Thieves' Guild
WTC21877 Dragon's Bluff
886260000 The Dragon Isles

War of Souls Trilogy
21564 Dragons of a Fallen Sun
TSR21807 Dragons of a Fallen Sun (paperback)
21817 Dragons of a Lost Star
885490000 Dragons of a Lost Star (paperback)
886020000 Dragons of a Vanished Moon
178810000 Dragons of a Vanished Moon (paperback)

Best of Tales
21567 Best of Tales, Volume One
885460000 Best of Tales, Volume Two

Age of Mortals
WTC21949 Conundrum
886060000 The Lioness
178780000 Dark Thane

Kingpriest Trilogy
WTC21902 Chosen of the Gods
886200000 Divine Hammer

Icewall Trilogy
TSR21571 The Messenger
885420000 The Golden Orb
178500000 Winterheim

Tales from the War of Souls
WTC21899 The Search for Magic: Tales from the War of Souls
178530000 The Players of Gilean: Tales from the War of Souls

Bertrem's Guides
21437 Bertrem's Guide to the Age of Mortals: Everyday Life in Krynn of the Fifth Age
WTC21882 Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume One

Other Book Titles
8358 The Second Generation (hardcover)
885430000 The Second Generation (paperback)
8369 Dragons of Summer Flame (hardcover)
885510000 Dragons of Summer Flame (paperback)
8656 Murder in Tarsis (hardcover)
TSR21587 Murder in Tarsis (paperback)
8380 The Doom Brigade (hardcover)
8379 The Soulforge (hardcover)
Game Books, Etc.
8951 Prisoners of Pax Tharkas (Super Endless Quest Adventure Gamebook 1)
8954 The Soulforge (AD&D Adventure Gamebook 4)
8960 Lords of Doom (AD&D Adventure Gamebook 10)
8470 Dragonwand of Krynn (1 on 1 Adventure Gamebook 10)
8966 Shadow over Nordmaar (AD&D Adventure Gamebook 16)
8421 Gnomes 100, Dragons 0 (Catacombs Books Solo Quests 2)

Maps/Map Books
8448 Atlas of the Dragonlance World
9400 TM3, The World of Krynn Trail Map

This list is complete through the end of April 2003. The number to the left of each title refers to the TSR or Wizards of the Coast stock number.