Series Name


1 Barbara Kaye Deep In The Heart
2 Margot Dalton Cowboys and Cabernet
3 Bethany Campbell Amarillo By Morning
4 Sharon Brondos White Lightning
5 Margot Dalton Even The Nights Are Better
6 Barbara Kaye After The Lights Go Out
7 Kathy Clark Hearts Against The Wind
8 Bethany Campbell The Thunder Rolls
9 Cara West Guitars, Cadillacs
10 Kathy Clark Stand By Your Man
11 Margot Dalton New Way To Fly
12 Barbara Kaye Everybody's Talkin'
13 Margot Dalton Mustang Heart
14 Penny Richards Passionate Kisses
15 Bethany Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy
16 Margot Dalton Southern Nights
17 Sandy Steen Shameless
18 Barbara Kaye Let's Turn Back The Years
19 Margot Dalton Never Givin' Up On Love
20 Bethany Campbell Gentle On My Mind
21 Penny Richards Unanswered Prayers
22 Sandy Steen Somewhere Other Than The Night
23 Margot Dalton The Heart Won't Lie
24 Bethany Campbell Lone Star State of Mind