Crosswinds Series (YA)


1 Arlene Erlbach Does Your Nose Get In The Way, Too?
2 Glen Ebisch Lou Dunlop: Private Eye
3 Joan Oppenheimer Toughing It Out
4 Glen Ebisch Lou Dunlop: Cliffhanger
5 Arlene Erlbach Love, Dating and Other Disasters
6 Stuart Buchan All Our Yesterdays
7 Peter Nelson Sylvia Smith-Smith
8 Ann Gabhart Gifting
9 Sheila Schwartz Bigger Is Better
10 Susan Dodson The Eye of the Storm
11 Glen Ebisch Shock Effect
12 Candice Ransom Kaleidoscope
13 Ann Gabhart Kindred Spirit
14 M K Kaufman The Right Moves
15 Kathlyn Lampi Lighten Up, Jennifer
16 Joan Hess Red Rover, Red Rover
17 Merrill Joan Gerber Even Pretty Girls Cry At Night
18 Glen Ebisch Angel in the Snow
19 Susan Fletcher The Haunting Possibility
20 Arlene Erlbach Dropout Blues
21 R L Stine Broken Date
22 Stuart Buchan Love and Lucy Bloom
23 Tracy West The Butterflies of Freedom
24 Carrie Lewis Smart Guys
25 Beverly Sommers Cat and Mouse
26 Josephine Carr My Beautiful Fat Friend
27 Susan Rubin The Black Orchid
28 Janice Harrell Stu's Sone
29 Margaret Mary Jensen The House With The Iron Door
30 James Deem Frog Eyes Love Pig
31 Phyllis Green Bummer Summer
32 R L Stine How I Broke Up With Ernie
33 Harriett Trueblood New Boy In Town
35 Judith Blackwell Just Like Jessica
36 Janice Harrell Your Daily Horoscope
37 Brenda Cole Alabama Nights
38 Janice Harrell So Long Senior Year
39 Emily Hallin Queen Bee
40 Tessa Kay Confessions of Abby Winslade