Harlequin Crosswinds Keepsake Series (YA)


1 Dorothy Brenner Francis The Right Kind of Girl
2 Janice Harrell Starring Susy
3 Beverly Sommers Starting Over
4 Elaine Harper Love At First Sight
5 Josephine Wunsch Lucky In Love
6 Ofelia Lachtman Campfire Dreams
7 Dorothy Brenner Francis Vonnie and Monique
8 Elaine Harper Be My Valentine
9 Janice Harrell They're Rioting in Room 32
10 Brenda Cole Three's A Crowd
11 Janice Harrell Love and Pizza To Go
12 Elaine Harper The Mystery Kiss
13 Nicole Hart Robin's Reward
14 Sydelle Voeller Merry Christmas Marcie
15 Elaine Harper Bird of Paradise
16 Dorothy Brenner Francis Special Girl
17 Tessa Kay My Funny Valentine
18 Jeffie Ross Gordon Nobody Knows Me
19 Elaine Harper No Easy Answers
20 Sheila Schwartz Most Popular Girl
21 Emily Hallin Wanted: Tony Roston
22 Barbara Cummings Playing Games
23 Janice Harrell BJ On Her Own
24 Ann Herrick Practice Makes Perfect
25 Becky Stuart Last Summer
26 Joyce McGill Love Song
27 Bebe Faas Rice Boy Crazy
28 Ann Ferguson Getting It Together
29 Janice Harrell Masquerade
30 Bebe Faas Rice Spring Break
31 Brenda Cole Foreign Exchange
32 Janice Harrell The Gang's All Here
33 Emily Hallin A Dark Horse
34 Janice Harrell Dear Dr Heartbreak
35 Judith Blackwell Just Like Jessica
36 Janice Harrell Your Daily Horoscope
37 Brenda Cole Alabama Nights
38 Janice Harrell So Long Senior Year
39 Emily Hallin Queen Bee
40 Tessa Kay Confessions of Abby Winslade
41 Elizabeth Stanley The Edge of a Dream
42 Josephine Wunsch Between Us