Coventry Romance Series


  Jasmine Cresswell The Reluctant Countess
  Caroline Arnett Clarissa
  Joan Smith An Affair of the Heart
  Claudette Williams Jewelene
  Sylvia Thorpe Tarrington Chase
1 Nora Hampton The Heartbreak Triangle
2 Mary Ann Gibbs The Tulip Tree
3 Mollie Chappell The Romantic Widow
4 Margaret Sebastian Dilemma In Duet
5 Norma Lee Clark Megan
6 Leonora Blythe Helene
7 Pauline D Marrs Second Season
8 Mira Stables Friends and Relations
9 Sylvia Thorpe The House at Bell Orchard
10 Joan Smith Aunt Sophie's Diamonds
11 Freda Michel The Machiavellian Marquess
12 Claudette Williams Lacey
13 Maggie MacKeever Lady Bliss
14 Rebecca Baldwin The Matchmakers
15 Marion Chesney Regency Gold
16 Rachelle Edwards Wager For Love
17 Audrey Blanshard The Lydeard Beauty
18 Patricia Veryan The Lord and the Gypsy
19 Jennie Gallant Lady Hathaway's House Party
20 Sarah Carlisle Cleopatra's Carpet
21 Rebecca Danton The Highland Brooch
22 Joan Smith Babe
23 Georgina Grey Franklin's Folly
24 Helen Tucker A Mistress to the Regent
25 Blanche Chenier A Lady of Fortune
26 Elizabeth Chater The Elsingham Portrait
27 Maggie MacKeever An Eligible Connection
28 Norma Lee Clark Fanny
29 Miriam Lynch A Regency Rose
30 Rebecca Baldwin Peerless Theodosia
31 Barbara Hazard Kathleen
32 Sylvia Thorpe The Devil's Bondman
33 Audrey Blanshard The Fearns of Audley Street
34 Mira Stables High Garth
35 Phyllis Ann Karr My Lady Quixote
36 Sarah Carlisle Mlle Cecie
37 Jennie Gallant The Moonless Night
38 Madeleine Robins My Dear Jenny
39 Georgina Grey Both Sides of the Coin
40 Margaret Sebastian Byway To Love
41 Claudette Williams Naughty Lady Ness
42 Blanche Chenier Love in Exile
43 Elizabeth Chater The Gamester
44 Leonora Blythe Miranda
45 Tania Langley Dawn
46 Patricia Veryan Love's Duet
47 Joan Smith Endure My Heart
48 Sylvia Thorpe Dark Enchantress
49 Marion Chesney Lady Margery's Intrigue
50 Denice Greenlea The Masquer
51 Rachelle Edwards Lord Heathbury's Revenge
52 Elizabeth Neff Walker The Nomad Harp
53 Freda Michel A Curious Proposal
54 Helen Tucker An Infamous Attachment
55 Maggie MacKeever The Misses Millikin
56 Norma Lee Clark Zandra
57 Georgina Grey The Last Cotillion
58 Barbara Hazard Beth
59 Mira Stables No Impediment
60 Audrey Blanshard Sir Ranulf and the Runaway
61 Joan Mellows Letty Barlow
62 Sandra Wilson Jessica
63 Claudette Williams Mary Sweet Mary
64 Sally James A Clandestine Affair
65 Caroline Arnett Christina
66 Jennie Gallant Minuet
67 Sarah Carlisle Daphne
68 Vivian Connolly The Counterfeit Bride
69 Joan Smith Rose Trelawney
70 Darrell Husted Courting
71 Rachelle Edwards Debt of Love
72 Miriam Lynch Regency Ball
73 Nancy Fitzgerald Chelsea
74 Helen Tucker The Halverton Scandal
75 Rebecca Danton The Ruby Heart
76 Georgina Grey Fashion's Frown
77 Blanche Chenier The Defiant Heart
78 Elizabeth Neff Walker A Curious Courting
79 Maggie MacKeever Fair Fatality
80 Freda Michel Requiem for a Rake
81 Margaret Sebastian The Plight of Pamela Pollworth
82 Barbara Hazard Dangerous Lady
83 Marion Chesney The Constant Companion
84 Anna James Kissing Cousins
85 Jean Merrill Seraphina
86 Sally James Petronella's Waterloo
87 Audrey Blanshard An Affair of Dishonour
88 Mary Ann Gibbs Dinah
89 Jennie Gallant Olivia
90 Enid Cushing Maid-At-Arms
91 Lillian Cheatham The Saxon Inheritance
92 Darrell Husted Chastity's Prize
93 Joan Smith Aurora
94 Meriol Trevor The Wanton Fires
95 Elizabeth Chater Milady Hot-At-Hand
96 Sara McCulloch Not Quite A Lady
97 Veronica Heley The Tarrant Rose
98 Mollie Chappell Serena
99 Claudette Williams Lady Brandy
100 Vivienne Couldery The Swans of Brhyadr
101 Sheila Bishop Honora Clare
102 Elizabeth Carey Twist of Chance
103 Georgina Grey The Reluctant Rivals
104 Rachelle Edwards The Merchant's Daughter
105 Joan Smith Perdita
106 Marion Chesney Quadrille
107 Sally James Heir To Rowanlea
108 Sarah Carlisle Penny Wise
109 Barbara Hazard The Tangled Web
110 Mira Stables Miss Mouse
111 Joan Smith Lace For Milady
112 Patricia Veryan Mistress of Willowvale
113 Elizabeth Neff Walker The Lady Next Door
114 Elizabeth Chater Lord Randal's Tiger
115 Rachelle Edwards The Outrageous Lady Caroline
116 Karen Blake A Question of Honor
117 Claudette Williams Hotspur & Taffeta
118 Rebecca Baldwin A Sandition Quadrille
119 Sylvia Thorpe Three Loves
120 Audrey Blanshard Catherine
121 Maggie MacKeever Jessabelle
122 Georgian Grey The Bartered Bridegroom
123 Joan Smith Valerie
124 Freda Michel Lady Valiant
125 Eleanor Anne Cox Pegasus
126 Grace South Merrie
127 Mira Stables A Marriage Arranged
128 Ann Stanfield The Golden Marguerite
129 Mary Ann Gibbs Renegade Girl
130 Claire Lorel Lord Brandsley's Bride
131 Eileen Jackson Dance for a Lady
132 Sarah Carlisle Kit and Kitty
133 Rachelle Edwards The Smithfield Bargain
134 Leonora Blythe Carolina
135 Claudette Williams Sweet Disorder
136 Mira Stables Simon's Waif
137 Sheila Bishop Consequences
138 Phyllis Ann Karr Meadowsong
139 Elizabeth Chater The Random Gentleman
140 Vivian Connolly Cecilia
141 Joan Smith The Blue Diamond
142 Elizabeth Neff Walker In My Lady's Chamber
143 Rebecca Baldwin A Season Abroad
144 Georgina Grey The Queen's Quadrille
145 Marion Chesney My Lords Ladies and Marjorie
146 Elizabeth Chater Gallant Lady
147 Eleanor Anne Cox Intermezzo
148 Barbara Whitehead Quicksilver Lady
149 Rachelle Edwards Fortune's Child
150 Miriam Lynch Fair Imposter
151 Helen Tucker A Wedding Day Deception
152 Barbara Hazard Caroline
153 Margaret Sebastian Miss Keating's Temptation
154 Denice Greenlea A Friend of the Family
155 Madeleine Robins The Heiress Companion
156 Leonora Blythe Sally
157 Georgina Grey The Belle of Brighton
158 Darrell Husted Visitor From Vienna
159 Joan Smith Delsie
160 Claire Lorel Miss Miranda's Marriage
161 Meriol Trevor The Sun With A Face
162 Georgina Grey The Silver Shilling
163 Marion Chesney The Ghost and Lady Alice
164 Elizabeth Chater A Season for the Heart
165 Elizabeth Carey Marriage By Bequest
166 Barbara Hazard The Covington Inheritance
167 Elizabeth Chater Angela
168 Helen Tucker The Double Dealers
169 Maggie MacKeever Lady Sweetbriar
170 Margaret Sebastian A Keeper For Lord Linford
171 Joan Smith Reluctant Bride
172 Georgina Grey Lingering Laughter
173 Rebecca Baldwin A Very Simple Scheme
174 Maggie MacKeever Lady in the Straw
175 Madeleine Robins Lady John
176 Elizabeth Chater Milord's Liegewoman
177 Rebecca Danton French Jade
178 Phyllis Ann Karr Perola
179 Jennie Gallant Friends and Lovers
180 Alix Melbourne Double Wedding
181 Mira Stables Summer at Dorne
182 Joan Smith Reprise
183 Norma Lee Clark The Tynedale Daughters
184 Barbara Hazard Dangerous Deceits
185 Veronica Heley Kate
186 Rachelle Edwards The Marriage Bargain
187 Mira Stables Golden Barrier
188 Jasmine Cresswell The Danewood Legacy
189 Maggie MacKeever Strange Bedfellows
190 Phyllis Ann Karr The Elopement
191 Elizabeth Chater A Delicate Situation
192 Georgina Grey The London Ladies
193 Charlotte Grey Golden Butterfly
194 Rosalind Foxx Reluctant Ward
195 Joan Smith Wiles of a Stranger
196 Rachelle Edwards Fleet Wedding
197 Denice Greenlea Distant Relations
198 Mary Ann Gibbs Kitty
199 Jasmien Cresswell Lord Carrisford's Mistress/Caroline
200 Cissi Miller Tish
201 Rebecca Baldwin The Dollar Duchess
202 Edna Maye Manley Final Season
203 Millie J Ragosta Gerait's Daughter
204 Elizabeth Carey Debt of Honour
205 Janet Templeton Lover's Knot
206 Helen Tucker Season of Dishonor