The Coltons Series


1 Kasey Michaels Beloved Wolf  
2 Linda Turner The Virgin Mistress  
3 Sharon De Vita I Married A Sheik  
4 Judy Christenberry The Doctor Delivers  
5 Victoria Pade From Boss To Bridegroom  
6 Ruth Langan Passion's Law  
7 Laurie Paige The Housekeeper's Daughter  
8 Carolyn Zane Taking On Twins  
9 Karen Hughes Wed to the Witness  
10 Sandra Steffen The Trophy Wife  
11 Carla Cassidy Pregnant In Prosperino  
12 Kasey Michaels The Hopechest Bride  
13 Maggie Price Protecting Peggy  
14 Jean Brashear Sweet Child of Mine  
15 Donna Clayton Close Proximity  
16 Cara Colter A Hasty Wedding