Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme Romances


1 Heather Graham Tempestuous Eden
2 Barbara Andrews Emerald Fire
3 Donna Kimel Vitek Warmed By The Fire
4 Prudence Martin Lovers and Pretenders
5 Megan Lane Tenderness At Twilight
6 Jo Calloway Time of a Winter Love
7 Nell Kincaid Whisper on the Wind
8 Betty Jackson Handle With Care
9 Donna Kimel Vitek Never Look Back
10 Heather Graham Night, Sea and Stars
11 Samantha Hughes Politics of Passion
12 Prudence Martin No Strings Attached
13 Anna Hudson Body and Soul
14 Eileen Bryan Crossfire
15 Nell Kincaid Where There's Smoke...
16 Jackie Black Payment In Full
17 Heather Graham Red Midnight
18 Ginger Chambers A Heart Divided
19 Elise Randolph Shadow Games
20 Emily Elliott Just His Touch
21 Donna Kimel Vitek Breaking The Rules
22 Samantha Scott All In Good Time
23 Barbara Andrews Shady Business
24 Jo Calloway Somewhere in the Stars
25 Eileen Bryan Against All Odds
26 Shirley Hart Suspicion and Seduction
27 Lori Herter Private Screenings
28 Jackie Black Fascination
29 Samantha Hughes Diamonds in the Sky
30 Margaret Dobson Eventide
31 Linda Randall Wisdom Caution: Man at Work
32 Amii Lorin While The Fire Rages
33 Nell Kincaid Fateful Embrace
34 Emily Elliott A Dangerous Attraction
35 Alice Morgan Man In Control
36 Alison Tyler Playing It Safe
37 Heather Graham Arabian Nights
38 Rebecca Nunn Another Day of Loving
39 Lori Copeland Two of a Kind
40 Candice Adams Steal Away
41 Jo Calloway Touched By Fire
42 Donna Kimel Vitek Asking For Trouble
43 Ginger Chambers Harbor of Dreams
44 Sandi Gelles Secrets and Desire
45 Nell Kincaid Silent Partner
46 Betty Henrichs Behind Every Good Woman
47 Hayton Monteith Pilgrim's Soul
48 Eileen Bryan Run for the Roses
49 Diana Blayne Color Love Blue
50 Shirley Hart On Any Terms
51 Betty Jackson Horizon's Gift
52 Lori Copeland Only The Best
53 Emily Elliott Autumn Rapture
54 Alison Tyler Tamed Spirit
55 Prudence Martin Moonstruck
56 Jackie Black For All Time
57 Eleanor Woods Hidden Maneuvers
58 Linda Randall Wisdom Love Has Many Voices
59 Joanna Brandon All The Right Moves
60 Candice Adams Finders Keepers
61 Jackie Black From This Day Forward
62 Blair Cameron Boss Lady
63 Lily Dayton Caught in the Middle
64 Josephine Charlton Behind the Scenes
65 Lee Magner Tender Refuge
66 Paula Hamilton Lovestruck
67 Heather Graham Queen of Hearts
68 Alison Tyler A Question of Honor
69 Joanne Bremer Flirting With Danger
70 Jo Calloway All The Days To Come
71 Donna Kimel Vitek Best-Kept Secrets
72 Emily Elliott Season of Enchantment
73 Barbara Andrews Reach For The Sky
74 Hayton Monteith Lotus Blossom
75 Linda Vail Prized Possession
76 Lori Copeland High Voltage
77 Tate McKenna A Wild and Reckless Love
78 Blair Cameron Bright Flame, Distant Star
79 Alison Tyler How Many Tomorrows?
80 Alice Morgan Stolen Idyll
81 Anne Silverlock Aphrodite's Promise
82 Dallas Hamlin Another Eden
83 Donna Kimel Vitek Players in the Shadows
84 Anne Stuart Against The Wind
85 Jackie Black A Little Bit of Warmth
86 Lee Magner Hidden Charms
87 Lynn Patrick Double or Nothing
88 Emily Elliott The Best Reason of All
89 Lori Copeland More Than She Bargained For
90 Tate McKenna Man of the Hour
91 Kathy Alerding Bending The Rules
92 Eleanor Woods Just For The Asking
93 Antoinette Hale Island of Desire
94 Heather Graham An Angel's Share
95 Emily Elliott Dangerous Interlude
96 Linda Vail Choices and Chances
97 Kit Daley Sweeter Tomorrows
98 Blair Cameron Million-Dollar Lover
99 Alison Tyler A Glimmer of Trust
100 Ginger Chambers Too Close For Comfort
101 Donna Kimel Vitek One Step Ahead
102 Betty Henrichs Fire in Paradise
103 Anne Silverlock An Invincible Love
104 Margaret Malkind A Lust For Danger
105 Beverly Wilcox Hull Spanish Moon
106 Joanner Bremer To Love A Thief
107 Linda Vail Night Shadow
108 Heather Graham Dante's Daughter
109 Alison Tyler Perfect Charade
110 Diana Blayne Tangled Destinies
111 Kathy Alerding With Open Arms
112 Tate McKenna Partners In Peril
113 Amii Lorin Night Striker
114 Joanna Brandon The World In His Arms
115 Caitlin Murray Risking It All
116 Emily Elliott A Very Special Lover
117 Hayton Monteith Desert Princess
118 Linda Vail Treasure For A Lifetime
119 Barbara Andrews A Different Kind of Man
120 Melanie Catley Hired Husband
121 Eleanor Woods Beyond A Doubt
122 Lee Magner Torch Song
123 Ginger Chambers Cupid's Dilemma
124 Jane Atkin A Fragile Deception
125 Melanie Catley Moonlight and Magic
126 Linda Randall Wisdom A Love To Last Forever
127 Heather Graham Handful of Dreams
128 Kit Daley This Night and Always
129 Linda Vail Shadows of the Heart
130 Cathie Linz Continental Lover
131 Blair Cameron A Man For Amy
132 Eleanor Woods A Forbidden Refuge
133 Joanna Brandon Suspicion and Desire
134 Pat West Under The Sign of Scorpio
135 Dallas Hamlin Surrender To A Stranger
136 Terri Herrington Tender Betrayer
137 Sabrina Ryan The Fire In Her Eyes
138 Linda Randall Wisdom Splendor At Dawn
139 Erin Dana Footprints in the Sand
140 Megan Lane Reckless Abandon
141 Deborah Sherwood Winds of a Secret Desire
142 Lynn Patrick Mystery in the Moonlight
143 Hayton Monteith Endless Obsession
144 Linda Vail My Darling Pretender
145 Sydney Ann Clary Undercover Affair
146 Paula Hamilton The Wanderer's Promise
147 Donna Kimel Vitek Laying Down The Law
148 Betty Henrichs Roman Fantasy
149 Alison Tyler Today and Always
150 Blair Cameron The Night of His Life
151 Linda Randall Wisdom Murphy's Charm
152 Anne Silverlock In The Heat of the Sun
153 Sue Gross Jewel of India
154 Eleanor Woods Breathless Temptation
155 Tate McKenna A Man To Remember
156 Kit Daley Danger In Paradise
157 Jackie Black Dark Paradise
158 Linda Vail Shattered Secrets
159 Heather Graham Liar's Moon
160 Barbara Andrews Escape From The Storm
161 Alison Tyler Runaway Lover
162 Dallas Hamlin Prisoner In His Arms
163 Eleanor Woods Texas Wildfire
164 Hayton Monteith Silver Love
165 Donna Kimel Vitek Adventure With A Stranger
166 Deborah Sherwood Lovers and Liars
167 Andrea St John The Perfect Exchange
168 Lynn Patrick The Gentleman Farmer
169 Lee Magner Night of the Matador
170 Becky Barker Captured By A Cowboy
171 Linda Vail A Secret Arrangement
172 Kit Daley Dangerous Hideaway
173 Linda Randall Wisdom A Perilous Affair
174 Alison Tyler Double Masquerade
175 Tate McKenna Callahan's Gold
176 Barbara Andrews Summer of Promise
177 Alice Morgan Bedroom Magic
178 Hayton Monteith Sapphire Heart
179 Linda Vail Loving Charade
180 Lynn Patrick The Mermaid's Touch
181 Kit Daley Orchids of Passion
182 Erin Dana For The Love of Jade
183 Eleanor Woods Reckless Encounter
184 Tate McKenna Island of Secrets
185 Deobrah Sherwood Gypsy Lover
186 Margaret Malkind One More Night of Love
187 Alison Tyler Tempting Angel
188 Jan Oliver The Perfect Love Test