Battletech Series

1 Ardath Mayhar Sword and the Dagger  
2 William H Keith Jr Decision at Thunder Rift Saga of the Grey Death Legion Bk 1
3 William H Keith Jr Mercenary's Star Saga of the Grey Death Legion Bk 2
4 William H Keith Jr The Price of Glory Saga of the Grey Death Legion Bk 3
5 Michael A Stackpole Warrior: En Guarde Commonwealth Bk 1
6 Michael A Stackpole Warrior: Riposte Commonwealth Bk 2
7 Michael A Stackpole Warrior: Coupe Commonwealth Bk 3
8 Robert N Charrette Wolves on the Border  
9 Robert N Charrette Heir to the Dragon  
10 Michael A Stackpole Lethal Heritage The Blood of Kerensky Bk 1
11 Michael A Stackpole Blood Legacy The Blood of Kerensky Bk 2
12 Michael A Stackpole Lost Destiny The Blood of Kerensky Bk 3
13 Robert Thurston Way of the Clans Jade Phoenix Trilogy Bk 1
14 Robert Thurston Bloodname Jade Phoenix Trilogy Bk 2
15 Robert Thurston Falcon Guard Jade Phoenix Trilogy Bk 3
16 Robert N Charrette Wolf Pack  
17 James D Long Main Event  
18 Christopher Kubasik Ideal War  
19 Michael A Stackpole Natural Selection  
20 Michael A Stackpole Assumption of Risk  
21 Andrew Keith Blood of Heroes  
22 Victor Milan Close Quarters  
23 Peter L Rice Far Country  
24 James D Long D R T  
25 William H Keith Jr Tactics of Duty  
26 Michael A Stackpole Bred For War  
27 I am Jade Falcon Robert Thurston  
28 Donald G Phillips Star Lord  
29 Blaine Lee Pardoe Highlander Gambit  
30 Victor Milan Hearts of Chaos  
31 William H Keith Jr Operation Excaliber  
32 Michael A Stackpole Malicious Intent  
33 Victor Milan Black Dragon  
34 Blaine Lee Pardoe Impetus of War  
35 Loren L Coleman Double Blind  
36 Loren L Coleman Binding Force  
37 Blaine L Pardoe Exodus Road Twilight of the Clans Bk 1
38 Michael A Stackpole Grave Covenant Twilight of the Clans Bk 2
39 Thomas S Gressman The Hunters Twilight of the Clans Bk 3
40 Robert Thurston FreeBirth Twilight of the Clans Bk 4
41 Thomas S Gressman Sword and Fire Twilight of the Clans Bk 5
42 Thomas S Gressman Shadows of War Twilight of the Clans Bk 6
43 Michael A Stackpole Prince of Havoc Twilight of the Clans Bk 7
44 Robert Thurston Falcon Rising Twilight of the Clans Bk 8
45 Loren L Coleman Threads of Ambition The Capellan Solution Bk 1
46 Loren L Coleman The Killing Fields The Capellan Solution Bk 2
47 Thomas Gressman Dagger Point  
48 Stephen Kenson Ghost of Winter MechWarrior
49 Blaine Lee Pardoe Roar of Honor MechWarrior
50 Blaine Lee Pardoe/Mel Odem By Blood Betrayed MechWarrior
51 Loren L Coleman Illusions of Victory  
52 Loren L Coleman Flashpoint  
53 Blaine Lee Pardoe Measure of a Hero  
54 Randall N Bills Path of Glory  
55 Bryan Nystul Test of Vengeance  
56 Loren L Coleman Patriots and Tyrants  
57 Blaine Lee Pardoe Call of Duty  
58 Robert N Charette Initiation To War MechWarrior
59 Thomas S Gressman The Dying Time MechWarrior
60 Loren L Coleman Storms of Fate  
61 Randall N Bills Imminent Crisis MechWarrior
62 Blaine Lee Pardoe Operation Audacity  
63 Loren L Coleman End Game  
64 Michael A Stackpole Ghost War MechWarrior Dark Age
65 Loren L Coleman A Call To Arms  
66 Robert E Vardeman The Ruins of Power  
67 Martin Del Rio A Silence in the Heavens  
68 Martin Del Rio Truth and Shadows  
69 Martin Del Rio Service for the Dead  
70 Loren L Coleman By Temptations and By War