Bachelor Auction Series


1 Susan Wiggs Husband For Hire  
2 Lynn Erickson Courting Callie  
3 Vicki Lewis Thompson Bachelor Father  
4 Jule McBride Hitched By Christmas  
5 Muriel Jensen His Bodyguard  
6 Gina Wilkins It Takes A Cowboy  
7 Heather MacAllister The Rancher and the Rich Girl  
8 Ruth Jean Dale Shane's Last Stand  
9 Cathy Gillen Thacker A Baby By Chance  
10 Day Leclaire The Perfect Solution  
11 Judy Christenberry Rent-A-Dad  
12 Margot Dalton Best Man In Wyoming  
13 Janelle Denison Nick of Time  
14 Jo Leigh The $4.98 Daddy  
15 Kristin Gabriel It Happened One Weekend  
16 Patricia Keelyn Reclaiming Jake