American Regency Romance Series


1 Marilyn Carter The Reluctant Debutante
2 Theresa Grazia The English Bride
3 Eileen Witton A Lady No More
4 Luanne Walden Delicate Dilemma
5 Marjorie DeBoer A Duet For My Lady
6 Leslie Reid Letter of Intent
7 Emma Harrington Love's Gambit
8 Nancy Richards-Akers Philadelphia Folly
9 Holly Newman Gentleman's Trade
10 Jean Paxton Divided Loyalty
11 Theresa Grazia A Capital Match
12 Joan Overfield The Cabinetmaker's Daughter
13 Emma Harrington Fair Exchange
14 Karla Hocker A Daring Alliance
15 Emma Harrington Hearts In Disguise
16 Nancy Richards-Akers A Season Abroad
17 Eileen Witton Racing Hearts
18 Marjorie DeBoer Beloved Adversary
19 Joan Overfield Charleston Tangle