Adventures In Love


1 Hermina Black Dangerous Masquerade  
2 Hermina Black Bitter Honey  
3 Janet Caird The Loch  
4 Mary Ann Taylor Bon Voyage My Darling  
5 Kristin Michaels To Begin With Love  
6 Lynna Cooper My Treasure My Love  
7 Kristin Michaels Make Believe Love  
8 Maxine Patrick The Abducted Heart  
9 Lynna Cooper The Hired Wife  
10 Lynna Cooper An Offer of Marriage  
11 Lynna Cooper Substitute Bride  
12 Maxine Patrick Love At Sea  
13 Hermina Black Who Is Lucinda?  
14 Hermina Black The Lordship of Love  
15 Katherine Newlin Burt A Very Tender Love  
16 Heather Sinclair The Remembered Kiss  
17 Julia Alcott Island of Love  
18 Erika Vaughn Allen Voices In The Wind  
19 Janet Caird The Shrouded Way  
20 Julia Alcott The Key To Her Heart  
21 Claire Cameron Amythyst Summer  
22 Lynna Cooper Stars Cry Love  
23 Cathryn Ladd Centennial Summer  
24 Sharon Wagner New Dreams For Kendra  
25 Kay Kirby Summertime Love  
26 Kristin Michaels Love On Course  
27 Anne Starr A Time For Loving  
28 Sharon Wagner Jaquelle's Shadow  
29 Lynna Cooper Deep Water Deep Love  
30 Cathryn Ladd Island Autumn  
31 Kay Kirby Autumn Beginning  
32 Cathryn Ladd Tapestry of Love  
33 Kendall Rivers Master of Hearts  
34 Sharon Wagner Journey To Paradise  
35 Marcia Miller Second Choice  
36 Kay Kirby Winter Interlude  
37 Marilyn Marshall The Turquoise Talisman  
38 Sharon Wagner Tour of Love